UNUSUAL TOOTH Problems? May be caused by secret weapons experimentation. Are you a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL?

Has anyone else had problems with their TEETH since they realized they had become a Targeted Individual?
When Petra and Myself lived in Hell’s Kitchen Rooms at 330 West 51st Street in Manhattan, a known notorious government ‘safe house where innocent and unsuspecting tenants are put under data gathering surveillance and are then used as human guinea pigs in diabolical ‘science-fiction’ like ‘human exposure’ tests of deadly microwave, nano-technological, biological, social and psychological weapons and related systems and procedures.

Why would a secret black-ops faction of our military-industrial complex spend millions of dollars doing insane sounding things to and running tests on ordinary people in a top-secret training and experimentational ‘playground’ they have carved for themselves from the very fabric of ‘normal’ life in midtown New York, Hell’s Kitchen?

Why not? It appears that certain factions of our government, our scientific, our military, our intelligence, our social services and our law enforcement communities have ‘gone over to the dark side’ possibly under the spell of some ‘New  World Order’ ‘End of the World’ scenario. And where else are they gong to be able to test the effectiveness of these weapons and systems they are developing on unsuspecting people? These weapons include the human mind and imagination and the weapon holders are learning to dramatically shape the thoughts, the feelings, as well as the imaginations of the people of the World in the greatest social manipulation agenda of all time (in my opinion). And so, to test these weapons for the New World Order war against the freedom of thought and action of humanity both myself, Timothy Trespas and my friend Petra Schiller were selected to be victims of this scientific torture. We were ‘expendables’ or so it seemed from the actions of those involved in experimenting on us. And it became clear, that nothing we could say or do would change the unbelievable insanity we were forced to undergo.

In this posting I raise the issue of dental health among Targeted Individuals. I have found both Petra and myself have suffered rapid uncountable (in ‘normal’ terms) dental decay, pain, problems and tooth loss. These dental troubles and pain I correlate directly with the many elements of the devices, substances, energies, foods and situations (stress) we were forced through or exposed to.

Our small room in the hotel at 330 West 51st Street was being sprayed through the cracks in the floor around the walls (they had moved our walls!) pretty much round the clock by what appeared to the eye to be a whitish mist. This mist had the properties of stinging the skin at times. For a period this mist seemed to have turned all of our skin yellowish. It would wash off and out of our clothes and also shred our clothing (slowly) and plastic bags (rapidly).
On top of the chem-trail-like misting we were also exposed to a flood of crazy bugs and we had morgellons like fibers growing from the skin for a short period.
Also the entire room was covered in a silver-whitish-black dust. I believe this dust has the capability to be addressed speck by speck (think smart dust – which is what we called it). It covered our bodies and we breathed it in. It also collected in the mouth. Now, besides the crazy tiny barnacle like insects that latched onto our teeth (and did what?) we also had the smart dust.
I saw black decay looking stuff within a few weeks and all my back teeth became rotten while they were covered with this dust. As I mentioned the dust can be addressed and moved with considerable force using some type of technology. The effects feel like a huge static field.
(Petra called it the ‘vandergraph generator’.)
The hair on  your body stands straight-up and you could feel the air charged with the energy and a tension, that also made you feel nervous, tense and angry increasing in that order depending on the strength of the field. There seemed to be a resistance in the air indicating the presence of some kind of magnetic field, that made it hard to breathe or to move through it. It was infinitely more difficult to manipulate objects while this energy field was present. For example while bending wires one had to literally wrestle with them to get them to move.
(Once the machine that generated this field ‘blew up’ in the night. I heard a klaxon siren downstairs and two large explosions, then the field went away. I breathed a huge sigh of relief feeling, that I would be tortured considerably less that night)
Using both the ‘vandergraph’ and the ‘smart dust’ (it was every where!!!) our tormenters were able to move the walls in our room back and forth.
This was accompanied by a large resounding wu wu wu wuuuuu sound, that seemed to shake the entire building.

At least part of the objective of this treatment was to scare us and to make us believe we had lost our minds, especially when these absurd scenarios were combined with covert drugging using high doses of psychoactive LSD-like compounds or exposure to some kind of electric stimulation of the nervous system capable of mimicking the effects of such  a drug. In such a situation Petra would best-case-scenario laugh it all off and tell related stories from her life. The Grimm’s Brothers fairytale of the moving bed rolling noisily down the stairs accompanied by howling ghosts in the haunted hotel was one and then there was her favorite: the story of her father daring her and her sister to take a ride on the “Geisterbahn” with him at the carnival when she was a little girl. During the ride he explained exactly how the ghost effects are done, which one would come up next and when – “surprise!”- a brand new ghost hit from out of left field he would exclaim: “Oh my, I don’t remember that one from last year!” To understand how even the most bizarre effects are created and that they are orchestrated and manipulated by human beings and not supernatural in origin was very reassuring and reduced the mystery, the confusion and the scare effect to a fraction of their initial impact. And drugs, well they all wear off after a while, you just ride them out! Most satisfying was to her the knowledge of having frustrated our malevolent tormenters, when they could see, that their scare tactics had failed miserably. However, this triumph of having figured out a complicated scenario was mostly short-lived. The long term effects of stress, our declining health due to exposure to multiple toxins, biting and boroughing insects, other disturbances of all kinds and the mental and physical pains they caused did finally wear us down.
The smart dust could move objects in the room. It could pull plugs out of their sockets, cause me to ‘wrestle’ with wires as though they were alive.
This nano-technology smart dust was also put inside our mattress. The mattress ‘lumps’ would literally ‘move’ underneath us as we tried to get to sleep and throughout the night, which made it almost impossible to find a comfortable position and caused many aches and pains in the back.
Petra and I called it ‘the Kraftmatic Adjustable Bed’. She would try to go with the flow and ‘ride the wave’ of mattress movement while it would make me so crazy.
In the case of our teeth this smart-dust-vandergraph combination could wiggle our teeth around in their sockets and cause REAL PAIN!

decayed teeth with blood

smart dust nanotech rotted my teeth!

Petra would  scream nightly!
I tried to record a video of it because I thought I could SEE my teeth move. I sure felt them move.
Petra’s teeth were effected worse than mine, possibly because she had lived there 4 years longer than I had.
First all her front bottom teeth sort of broke off and crumbled out within two weeks.
(She takes daily good care, brushing after each meal, flossing and water pick, mouth wash etc.)

Then, after she was blessed to be able to have those repaired, one of the insects that would borough into the skin and lay eggs that would grow got in her mouth (these insects were put in our room by the millions and seemed to be targeted to our DNA) and all her lower front teeth (a piece of four connected crowns) fell out again.
She was blessed to have them repaired once more.
Now all of her left top back bridgework has broken loose and despite repeated repairs, she is now reduced to using Fixodent to hold in the bridge.
She has since lost another crown in the rear top right.

I just had two molars on the top left removed due to this decay-
(Video on youtube if you love gore… http://youtu.be/iO2KjJHOdrU ), and am looking at the possibility of losing many more of my teeth in the future.

My teeth seem to have been weakened by a combination of exposure to toxins, electromagnetics, sub and hyper sonics, smart dust, nano-technology, irradiation, foreign DNA, parasites, manipulation of diet, vitamins and minerals, constant drugging with unknown hallucinogenic, hypnotic and other compounds daily for years  etc.
Has anyone else had problems with their teeth under any questionable circumstances?
Blessings and peace!

Timothy Trespas and Petra Schiller

About Timothytrespas

I am a victim of human experimentation MK-ultra mind control Morgellons nanotechnology syndrome & remote neural connectivity. I am an artist, inventor, musician, thinker, lover, human being who cares for all humanity & all life. I believe people should endeavor to live in peaceful cooperation rather than brutal waring survival of the most brutal. We live in a forced false-paradigm and I desire to wake people up from the 'trance hypnotic mind control programming' to the 'TRUTH of light and love'! Blessing and peace. Justice to all who suffer under tyranny. Compassion for all beings. May GOD have mercy on us all.
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18 Responses to UNUSUAL TOOTH Problems? May be caused by secret weapons experimentation. Are you a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL?

  1. Joseph Lemehaute says:

    For years I took good care of my teeth and ate an excellent diet. Yet my enamel was eroding and no one could say why. I was radically targeted in 2020, burned so hard with DEW that even my gums were burned, along with my skin, digestive blockage, brain damage, blurred vision with black floaters, and hearing loss. The tooth decay has accelerated where pieces just break off and it hurts to eat. There’s no normal explanation for this.


  2. alyssa couture says:

    I have had extreme brusixism for 12 years now since the attacks started and I became a TI. I also have an etheric implant that they lodged in my neck with Artifiical intelligence weapons. I have worn off tooth enamlel on several teeth, and the pain and grinding happens during the day and chronically during the night. I would say if you are having these teeth problems, this does hepl, i just need to be more consistent with it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Kt9s5tY1YE&t=450s


  3. Cali says:

    Just had a tooth fly out brushing
    3 cracked


  4. Bill b says:

    Yes, horrible bunch of cowards… these Dennis professionals and endodontist orthodontist are such cowards such Hypocrites such losers are just wealthy and theyre stacking their cheese while we’re losing their teeth


  5. Anonymous says:

    Chem trails are sprayed a lot over our neighborhood. I experience the dust that you talk about. My clothes are shredding slowly, and washing them doesn’t get it off. Only mine are affected, no one else in the house has clothes with this problem. I also have the right side of my hair carved out (still there but not there) while hair on the left side gets thicker. I think it is the same thing used on your walls…something that manipulates matter.


  6. Nathaniel Cain says:

    I’ve been terrorized for 3 years now.and just recently discovered that they have been locating my position by my broken tooth with their weapon. I started chewing on a cut off finger from a rubber gloves which seems to help enormously. Going to set up a appointment with a dentist to get it removed asap. So these weapons attack infection and don’t necessarily make it better. If you think what chemotherapy does to cancer these weapons locate other infections the same way but most the time make it worse. I’m pretty sure that’s why these fucks are able to get away with this!


  7. John jay says:

    Yes I have bad problems right now with my teeth. And it has to be the weapons cause I feel very dizzy sometimes pain in the brain at times. Thank you for sharing


    • Diane says:

      I agree with you that if one of the pathetic gauntlets are trying to torture you, they can heinously cause nerve pain in one or more of your teeth. We have to work on obtaining proof to launch a public awareness effort to stop the abuse. All of remote neural monitoring is arbitary detention using satellites and is torture in and of itself. The unaccountable ability to hold a victim against his or her will such as RNM does, entails greater torture as is typical when a person is being involuntarily detained which is also the effect of RNM: Involuntary detainment by being at the mercy of the invaders using RNM. House arrest with magnetic bracelets commonly enforced as legal remedies, are recognizable deprivation of liberty and that is just to know where the defendent is not who he or she is communicating with like RNM does which is stealing and causing the perpetrators to react to what he or she steals electronically and the reaction includes physical abusefrom the change in the perps brain emitting with the fields in the RNM devices. RNM assaults ALL privacy and entails torture. We have to find a way to EVIDENCE this in order to STOP it. A male who is in the habit of stalking, when his self-esteem or control is threatened his elevated testosterone emits with fields and causes nerve pain, sexual assault, and gross abuse. Let’s find a way to expose the satellite, manufacturer, distributor and so forth to END this horrific means of assault!!!

      Liked by 1 person

    • John Paul says:

      youre a fucking moron, traitor, idiot and i will pray that you get targeted soon! Remember Losers never win and youre the biggest of them all, May you rot in hell some you piece of living SHIT!!!


  8. Rastameaning says:

    Great stuff knowledge to read


  9. Michelle says:

    I found your page because I looked up tooth loss and torture.
    I lost another one of my teeth over the weekend.
    Although my teeth were never wonderfully perfect teeth most of my back molars were in fairly decent condition. But over the last 6 years of being a full blown TI the teeth grinding and torture has absolutely destroyed my back molars, I will be losing all of them…im quite sure…eventually.
    The damage to my mouth came fairly quickly and it is extensive.
    My job ached daily for years while under some of the modt intense torture.
    It is good to hear I am not the only one…especially since the stalkers have gone out of the way to laugh at me, refer to me as disgusting, trashy and hideous due to the condition of my teeth…which i do not have even half of the money that would be needed to fix my mouth.
    Seems yet again, they knew exactly what they were doing.
    Such sick sadism.
    I hope you are well.
    This article is old…I hope you have found a way to survive this.
    I walk with My God.
    He teaches me how.

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  10. Hi Timothy,
    I was googling this subject as I have experienced the same, my dentist told me that she has never in her career seen such rapid decay, especially of my back teeth. One tooth in particular was targeted and the decay and hole was created in literally two weeks. Last night my pain was so bad it put me into tears. How many guys do you know would cry from pain, it was that intense. These people doing this are truly demonic, cruel, hateful things, not even human. I just question how God has let this happen to so many innocent and caring loving souls.


  11. franty says:

    The spraying is illegal listening: it’s a conducer for frequencies/signals of sorts for electrical path mind control or communications with frequency telepathy. If you listen very closely you can hear a high pitch sound ..Hint do you live near deep woods?!!!This is all psychiatry mixed military to thwart police and illegal experimental military stolen operations system and connections! it’s an electrical covert operation illegally being done! Don’t blame military/ Police or FBI this is a” plantation” to get certain people…. or someone in trouble or forcefully move you or hurt you in a very sinsister, even poisoning. UNDETECTED way!
    They call this the system that beats the system!
    And this is getting worse in all states all over in the USA!


  12. Tammy Seay says:

    Yes…had to have all teeth pulled
    Ti for five years


  13. Harold Brown says:

    Lets have a google hangout anytime, I am going through this and we need to find a solution. https://plus.google.com/u/0/111181298769931556320/posts


  14. Harold Brown says:

    drink cold water and hold cold water in your mouth to stop the directed energy pain! Gob Bless!


  15. Joanne says:

    I am a victim too. Have a flyer/description, but of course, am having computer problems. Will resolve. There are no problems, only solutions. God Bless you!


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