I, Timothy Trespas, and my girlfriend, Petra Schiller, became victims of gang-stalking, microwave weapons, covert drugging with LSD, horrible insects, break ins, gas lighting , torture, electrocution, irradiation, remote neural monitoring, and continual mind control…

contact me anytime via email: timothytrespas@gmail.com

or by Google voice: (347) 560-3134

or phone: (917) 992-3236

timothy trespas in New York during hardcore torture and LSD covert drugging

timothy trespas in New York during hardcore torture and covert drugging with LSD like military drugs. It took me over a year before I realized I was being drugged. Eventually they seemed as though they were trying to over-dose us on these drugs. The effects lasted for months and months. They were so intense at times it was all i could do to lie in a fetal posistion on our bed rocking back and forth. I had regressed to being a small child around the age of four. I wouldn't wish this kind of mind-control covert drugging and torture on almost anyone. (I have always wondered if I should forgive the people who secretly tortured me and are using me for human experimentation, or if I should hate them, or what. What do you think?

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  1. senthil says:

    sir,,,i think i too also tourched….i want to come out from that…in the past 17 years….and they projected me as sczho[henic patient because of the hearing aspects….they made it professionally…. and i lost my life….but now i wants to come out…even they give a white color powder mixed with drop of solution…then i got mani problems like memory…and many system as you said here…. i expreenced in the last 17 years….i wants to come out… can any one help me pls….


  2. maegan wright says:

    please send any literature or case studies to me please.


  3. James Wellman says:

    Hello Timothy I seen and shared your story from the new york post. My name us James Wellman. I am constantly followed wherever I live. They mess with my cars and have been poisoned many times. Things stolen from my place and changing locks doesnt help. I hear ringing in my ears now. I can feel an electrical feeling seemingly comung from above. I have experienced this for years now.


  4. angelo says:

    Hi all i can say i concur with you people,cars following me,people in shops,shopping mall wherever i go following me,watching what i buy etc,cars flickering their lights at me (brighting) car with 1 light on and 1 off (some of these perps might be affiliated to freemasons) from what ive read,bullying at work,people treating you differentlly from what they would normally etc i can related much more and more and i think some1 closest to me is the nr1 perpertrator,my things are always hidden away from me in my house,my clothes get torn and broken even if its still new….anyway
    feel free to connect with me…angelo.felix101@gmail.com
    If i perceive you come across as a perp i wont respond tx i live in NEW ZEALAND.


  5. Targeted NYC says:

    The problem is that we are all isolated and all of the voices of reason on the web turn out to be perps in the end. I cannot believe that in all of New York City that there is no recourse. There must be a lot of good people out there who would be horrified if they knew what was going on and would help. I have to believe that.


  6. I need a solution,the NSA is using military weapons on me causing me insomnia.I totally cant sleep.I will die soon if no solution is offered.


  7. Cheryl Welch says:

    3 yrs ago I was an activist and was told by a woman that they were microwaving activists in the US. That sounded completely crazy to me but the woman appeared very normal and the torture started about 3 months after our conversation. I know a bit about these nutters but am too scared to talk as it would be pointless and get me killed. Today has been a noise torture day. I am followed and watched 24/7. what nutcase would do that to me as Im a completely powerless person. A nobody really. I guess my isolation makes me an easy target. Search for Barrie Trower microwave weaopns
    He is an expert and worked for the Royal Navy in England. He has a lot of videos online about various aspects of microwaves in everyday life ie cellphones through to their use as weapons. Hes pretty credible.


  8. Angela Oliver says:

    I’m also a victim of this with a microchip. Please help!,


  9. Bradley says:

    Send me your email address now, I know the truth and you are right but you don’t know how far this tech has gone and how high up the people are involved or what they have in mind for us. Hiding it behind religion.


  10. Adele says:

    I seem to be the target of gang stalking from vehicles, repeat entrants to my house and car. Items being taken from the rubbish I throw out and
    Placed back in house. I have police sitting waiting for me to return home at end of street, and my child has even been harassed at school by the teachers.
    We are both coming up with pimples and are very tired at times.
    We live in NZ. What is going on?


    • It would appear from your description,that you and your family are being TARGETED, harassed,survailed,infected with nanotechnology,MORGELLONS,microwave mind control, gangstalking, and worse. NZ police have admitted to a victim that they ‘learned’ these techniques from the USA police. The NWO is depopulating and mind reading and control is NOW A REALITY. WHY they are targeting us? WHO CAN SAY.
      genetics? May GOD bless you and protect you.
      evil has shown itself. we must not allow evil to rule.
      Please inform the world of your experience. more people NEED to realize the truth.


    • chris says:

      do u have a number im from nz wif the same shit hapenin


  11. Masonically Disenfranchised & Targeted says:

    Try the new product called ‘QuWave’. These are shielding devices specifically tuned to block out harmful frequencies.. Just go to http://www.QuWave.com and you’ll see where each application is attuned to specific Solfeggio frequencies. I was targeted (and still am) when I lived in the U.S. I now live in New Zealand. Thanks for putting on the microwave demo on You Tube; the frequencies that I hear are somewhat higher. BTW I am a Disabled Veteran. Other ways to protect yourself is to line your walls w/ grounded plating, and paint w/ shielding paint. You can also purchase shielded curtains / drapes, and put a lock on your pantry and refrigerator to keep the gaslighters out of your food. While I may have PTSD as a result of military service, I was also a disenfranchised professional pilot, flight engineer and I hold a master’s degree. Also, check out Jordan Maxwell, Bill Cooper, and Anthony J. Hilder. We read Alex Jones every day, along with Michael Rivero.


  12. joe says:

    help. i have been validated. attempted suicide and woke in icu. all i got were lies and thrown in shelters and mental hospitals across the country only to be told i am a genious and put back on my meds. no answers, freedom or compensation.


    • Cheryl Welch says:


      Im a kiwi and have been tortured with what I believe are microwave weapons for nearly 2.5 years.I am pretty isolated as have had severe ME for most of my life. The microwaving got so bad I had to leave my home (caravan park) as I Feared for my life. They are intent on destroying me and most of us i believe. This forum might just be another of there nets. I just dont trust anyone anymore.



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