In sickness and in… Timothy Trespas suffers from targeting and torture.

  •  My name is timothytrespas: I am a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL…

 ‘timothytrespas: I am a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL PART-1 Government Morgellons Insect infestation safe house torture’ is a video I am creating to shed some light on the targeting/drugging/torture of myself and Petra Schiller. photos of the MORGELLONS genetically modified insects we were exposed to as well as photos of what effect this torture has had on us(look into our eyes…). we were cooked with microwave weapons, connected via remote neural connectivity to an artificial intelligence, drugged out of our minds with hypnotic trance inducing LSD like drugs every day for years. exposed to various poisons, gasses, toxins, molds, insects, creatures, radiation, smart-dust, nano-technology and an insane above top-secret program of torture and mind control.
The New World Order or whatever they wish to call it,  is Falling into place.
These statements are facts, as every other TARGET knows.
IT IS REAL and THEY ARE PERFECTING IT FOR USE ON EVERYONE as you watch this.So, if there is no false flag alien innovation (BLUE BEAM), the creek don’t rise, and there ‘ain’t no meltdown, WAKE UP WORLD because FREEDOM of THOUGHT is nothing but a fond memory (until they discover how to remove even that memory from your brain, then what?) Remote neural connectivity with an artificial intelligence used for brain mapping and mind control, covert drugging , 330 west 51st street is a government safe house and some tenants are being used for non-consensual human experimentation. Highest levels of government, military, academia, scientific, medical, law enforcement, and intelligence communities are working to END FREEDOM. YOU will be the next enemy, the next insurgent, the next TERRORIST!Authors note: It is 3 years later and I am quite sick with what may be Lyme’s disease like symptoms possible infection with spirochetes or other organisms. as well as mogellons or whatever they did to us. I suffer greatly in pain.
I understand the difficulty many have in understanding how this could be happening. I, too, had difficulty believing what was happening, even as it was happening to me. eventually, you reach a stage where it is so incredibly insane you simply can not deny the reality that there are a group of people targeting you and doing strange things and attacking you in ways that are difficult if not impossible to prove without expensive technology and experts. Then there are the cover stories, the other reasons that the people and doctors refuse top believe you.
Many statements I make are my opinion based on assumptions based on observations based on projected reality. some may be fantasy. some correct, some wrong. Those who have experienced this reality understand.
Others perhaps not. u keeping an open mind for possibility is better than a closed mind full of half truths and misconceptions.
IMHO, This would have to be a huge well funded and complicated but well planned and executed operation.
what the goal is, I can not say. there may be many. does it even matter?
I thought human beings have a god given right not to be used, enslaved, made sick, murdered, programmed, brainwashed, etc.
But who will enforce these rights?
If not our GOD, then us?
how do we reconcile reality with the matrix like fantasy built up around us.
compartmentalized so that so one on the lower end of the pyramid sees the entire plot.
Thank you for reading watching and please, pray for each other and for me and petra and all victims. everyone. Blessings and peace
Thank you.
Timothy trespas
I have turned my life over to Yeshua, the Christ, as best as I am able.
I pray not only for myself, for the other victims of these crimes, others who suffer and for the people who choose to do evil rather than follow the will and law of our creator.
This is the real crime and I pray humanity will survive log enough to awaken to its own promise of compassion and togetherness.
Together we may thrive.
If we stop believing in lies and always look for truth.
If we can trust in each other and our creator.
that would be a world I wish I could live to see.

  • Timothytrespas: Targeted Individual: SICK! After 3 days of vomiting I look closer to death

 I am a targeted individual. I am being used as a non-consensual subject in terminal human experimentation into mind control and microwave coercive technologies.
After 3 days vomiting, headache and high frequency microwave radiation, parasites, and who knows what else, I look and am closer to death,.
we have been attacked nonstop for years and this secret torture is killing us both. There may be thousand of people around the world being murdered like us. Many do not yet even realize they are being targeted yet. Mind control technology is REAL and they are testing it on us! Depopulation agenda is going as planned.


  • Timothytrespas: Magnet-head! MIGRAINE HEADACHE Microwave attack attempted mitigation: 2x 20lb magnets on my head!

IMHO, As I am being murdered and vomiting and migraine and pain and sickness of death and fever and everything cause by morgellons sickness, nanotechnology, lyme’s disease like infectious agents, and/or  microwave energy weapons used to torture! It feels as though some sort of  No-touch electromagnetic torture is being tested on me 24/7/365. varying degrees of death and pain. my attempt at stopping the energy based weapons by diverting or disrupting the signal with large heavy duty speaker magnets from 14″ woofers. they are so strong if the magnet together they are hard to break apart. however, although it works to mitigate attacks at LOW LEVELS at HIGH LEVELS it does little to help!
It goes away for a second or a few. Then it feels as though the magnetic field that momentarily reduced the pain and ringing is somehow compensated for and the ringing gets louder in ,y head and the pain keeps going. One day it will be my time to go meet my creator. i PRAY he may forgive me for my sins and confusion and fear and insecurity and selfishness and pride and anger and greed and hate and fear and all the rest.
Blessings and peace to those being murdered by the New world order evil technology you are in my prayers. Please pray for me, Petra,my love and friend and partner, for all the victims everywhere and all humans and animals and plants who suffer and die because of the secret takeover of humanity.
May Yeashua come back to help us all. at this point if this lovely world ended., It would not shock me at all!
  • Timothytrespas:Sick nausea shaking sweating freezing headache LOUD frequency attack incapacitates. Morgellons? Lyme’s? Microwaves?

     IMHO, Watch a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL (myself) suffer from sickness caused by MORGELLONS, electromagnetic mind control attacks, and “we-will-murder-you-remotely-over-time-so-you-suffer-a-lot” attack
I was sick all night and in the morning vomiting, defecating, sweating, shaking freezing, headache, pain everywhere, and the LOUDEST high frequency I have EVER heard in my Left ear.
I thought my head would explode.
I took my medicine for sleep, and some medicinal natureopathic plant medicine, and my narcotic-replacement-therapy medicine, and my anti-anxiety medicine, and suffered until I fell (mercifully, Thank you lord) asleep.
I awoke somewhat better but still weak and sickly.
I pray for everyone who is suffering from sickness, disease, and pain.
I pray for all who suffer that they may find relief from their pain.
HEALTH is an issue that many ignore until they are dying or sick.
Health is a BLESSING!
PLEASE Please pray for one another.
It does help, even if the person has no idea.
I am a victim of New World Order secret mind control program, the newest MK-ULTRA.
I am suffering from morgellons syndrome which I believe to part of the mind control agenda by building nano machine radio parts inside of us, and messing with our DNA. DEPOPULATION comes to mind.
Global mind control. Or a pandemic of infected human beings. Lyme’s? Morgelons? Nanotechnology? What are they doing to us all?
Hey, to those who have not yet suffered and do not believe the facts, WAKE UP!
this is the 21st century and lots of the stuff from past science fiction may NOW BE SCIENCE FACT!


About Timothytrespas

I am a victim of human experimentation MK-ultra mind control Morgellons nanotechnology syndrome & remote neural connectivity. I am an artist, inventor, musician, thinker, lover, human being who cares for all humanity & all life. I believe people should endeavor to live in peaceful cooperation rather than brutal waring survival of the most brutal. We live in a forced false-paradigm and I desire to wake people up from the 'trance hypnotic mind control programming' to the 'TRUTH of light and love'! Blessing and peace. Justice to all who suffer under tyranny. Compassion for all beings. May GOD have mercy on us all.
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  1. I’ll have you know that I’m working on this issue and I have been since the start of my life because of what I know happened against me at a very young age involving the same things targeted individuals including myself have had put against us including mkultra, v2k, cointelpro and actually billions perhaps trillions more projects procrastinating what to call it to further confuse people about who’s people are really who’s assuming we belong to them and their entire false judiciary system no matter what our beliefs are. Christ had our true ancestors prophecy such things in the end times in which is only a pre-tribulatory practition to only cover up where the next major attacks will be. What I mentioned just destroyed their satanic yolk. There is no such thing as fearing the man with the money it is fearing that one that just won’t do whatever more they can think of and that is Christ. There is no need to worry about anything. There is us official prayed up Christians just ready to die knowing what we know and that is just that unlike every/all/any others. We can really make the anti Christ furious by fixing the entire world before Christ instructs us all to move out the way of his wrath surely meant to be poured out.


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