I an a victim of Covert Drugging with Millitary LSD like drugs… by TIMOTHY TRESPAS

I an a victim of Covert Drugging with Military LSD like drugs.

As crazy as it may sound to those of you who are as yet still unfamiliar with what counterintelligence and new world order torture and mind control actually involve, this is the ‘honest-to-gods truth’, as I recall it (with the help and recollection of my girlfriend, Petra Schiller)…

The drugging went on for years, and, surprising as it may seem,  it took us well over a year before I realized I was being drugged!

I imagine that the dose was slowly increased over time.  But I do believe that we was given HUGE doses of these drugs.

I believe the drugging was done to us for several reasons:

  • Primarily,  to test the efficacy of these newly developed military drugs.
  • to test the upper dose limit, or possibility of overdose.
  • to test the long-term survivability of the drug.

The effects seemed to go on for months and months and months. But I guess that would be the case even if one had been dosed with plain old LSD, every day, at really high doses.

The effects mimic those of mental illness. Especially in anyone who has no experience with the hallucinogenic class of drugs, and especially if the target does not realize they are being drugged.

For this study, it seemed that FEAR played an important role. Using technology that allowed the WATCHERS to read my inner dialog directly from my brain they could test my reactions to the different drugs administered to us. Because one of the effects of the drug was acute suggestibility, almost like being in a hypnotic trance, after dosing us, the WATCHERS then set about making varied suggestions to us as they would walk by, and waited to see how we would react.

They made many threats to me while I was under the powerful influence of their military weaponized hallucinogenic drugs.

  • They told me they were going to blow me up using explosives they had placed in my back-pack.
  • They claimed they were about to set me on fire using an explosive accelerant device.
  • They claimed they were going to shoot me with a gun.
  • They told me they were going to turn me into a woman.
  • They told me that any food I got was tampered with and had been poisoned, or that the nutrition was removed from the food somehow.
  • They told me that Petra, my girlfriend and partner, was somehow involved in, or responsible for, the horrible abuse I was forced to endure.
  • They told me that they were aliens, and/or vampires.
  • They told me they were going to “eat my entrails“.

The list goes on.


12 Responses to I an a victim of Covert Drugging with Millitary LSD like drugs… by TIMOTHY TRESPAS

  1. andy says:

    It’s a godless world, everybody lies. Everybody will claim this. Everybody will claim to be a victim.
    The guy running naked in the cemetary in Jesus’s day would have been here on your site, would have claimed to have been a government experiment.
    But worse is the liars that would be here, lying about stuff, fibbing and lying because the godless earth fears no God, fears no punishment, believes in nothing but lies.
    Although Jesus said every idle word a man shall speak he shall give an account to on judgement day , and by your words you will be justified or condemned , no one cares because no one believes it and it’s come down to evolution and science.
    Most of the earth is liars, fornicators, adulterers, false accusers, jealous, haters, whoremongers, intoxicated, full of the wrath of the abomination.


    • I am a target individual and remote neural monitor drugged every day I have a chip in my rectum and they use that chip to drug me 24/7 they use different drugs the fill my testicules with some unknown drugs I am not sure what kind (No word of a Lie) they wait for me til Get fucked and then they use that and they inject back in to me and this is in St. Catherine’s Ontario Canada I used to live in Fort McMurray for 6 Years I got tagged there and gangstalked by bunch of Druggies and Junkies and Low lives they hired bums from the street to gang stalk me my neighbors and run to Ontario and it got worse and starting to hypnotize me more and more drugs I don’t know how to deal with this any answers would very much appreciated………


  2. Matthew says:

    I was abused recently In the city jail. I was complaining of not having my Suboxone. Next thing I knew they locked me up in the drunk tank, fed me a balogna sandwich and a glass of water. It came on like acid, about an hour in, but this was no lsd.. for I estimate 15 hours I endured fear and agony I cannot give words to. I even managed to get metal and start cutting my arm on camera begging for the hospital. Nothing was done. They were watching me.


  3. fahdebrahim says:

    i know so many other hints that i m being monitored and drugged remotely. but i cant reveal it here. controlling sleep pattern is also one of those things. i wont let those bastards do it nymre on me. but i cant do nything. i m helpless. they read your thoughts, know what m i thinking. please let me know how to avoid or ny counter measure to prevent the effect of drug on my brain.


  4. fahdebrahim says:

    currently i m a target too. they drug me covertly which produces hallucination, fear, lonelyness, mental pain and migraine. i feel it only when the drug is covertly released in my brain through remote devices. i hv been experiencing this for long and know abt it since almost a year. but i cnt help it.
    i m as helpless as you are. i m also a target of remote neural monitoring. they read my thoughts. see live streaming of images, visuals, videos going on in my brain on their computer and cell phone. they hv put microphone in my ears too. they manipulate my dreams. release drug in my brain and see my reactions when i speak to people.


  5. LEAH says:

    Hi i’m not sure if this is the right forum, but I believe I am a targeted individual, I have all the signs and symptoms however things aren’t always what they seem. I’ve been to psychics, ENT., and of course it feels like a curse but a little more severe. However, my question is if this thing is hereditary, and where would I be able to get information on this horrendous experience..



  6. etcoagula says:

    Sleep Tim please


  7. etcoagula says:

    R u tweaker? Do u sleep?


  8. carley says:

    i know they exist or something does im being followed every day ..


  9. etcoagula says:

    You mention you take other drugs too(as do I no big deal). When you say “test my reactions to the different drugs given us” .

    Prolonged methamphetamine use led to the real problem, sleep deprivation of a super stimulated brain forced to carry out conditions it cannnot.

    I believe at the least it leaves you open to the demons of destruction and delight.

    If you get one and you acknowledge its presence and power it will make a deal to keep you always on that drug and out of jail on one condtion. Euphoria is sustained.

    When you let yourself go you begin to deteriorate and slide towards the decay of death primarily through failure to eat and sleep. No eating no sleeping means brain unable to feel the effects and slowly as your muscles eat themselves from insomnia and constant movement its clear your body is far from pleasure.

    So people who don’t know about the workings of different basically predatory beings of a higher, more galactic or rather being in a state that is neither “being”, nor “in a state” but comes from I dont know where.

    Like all life it feeds. These so called demons seem selectively symbiotic, once you no longer feed them joy they
    Fill you with fear , as I had the voices always mocking every move, second guessing everything and when I was in the deeper states of attentiveness to the hurtful bullying they dished out the intensity would build to a place where I could easily kill myself. I know better than to destroy my brains high or low complexity or heck any cerbral structures which I often guess modern demons have found to make the death process go wrong , likely the way some beings (buddhisms hungry ghosts?) are made to be stuck here.

    Anyway if deep inside you are a tweaker who is smart and socially intergrated ( as it appears you are a student at the least and maybe a minor or major academic
    Or just an autodiadact like Myself) and you have posted this blog to either make people who’ve witnessed you saying “thats impossible im in a large field no place for speakes… I must be nuts not actually being talked to.

    Read my blogs. Or not.

    Etizolam will stop the voices without negative effects of usual major tranx like thorazine.

    If you use cocaine, columbia is again poisoning their product that is passed through mexico and letting pure coke in through like the d.r to create an anti mexican sentiment on street and mid level.
    Just being real.


  10. M says:

    I would like to discuss with you about your experience and what you know of this drug. I experienced something similar and had issues with I guess the mafia. The police won’t do anything for me. I have no sufficient proof.

    I would be very pleased if you could e-mail me so that we can chat about it.


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