technology for surveillance detection

technology for surveillance detection



If you are unable to afford a donation, we THANK YOU ANYWAY!

Day after day, more and more individuals contact me and report that ‘THEY TOO, ARE BEING S|GANG STALKED, TORTURED, DRUGGED, HAVE MORGELLONS, and are sick, suffering and dying.

This appears to be a global program, effecting humans of all races, social orders, nationalities, etc.

And genetics seems to play a major role in who gets targeted.

WE pray for all targeted individuals (and all who suffer unjustly) that the torture will end, that we will heal, that justice will be done, that the New World Order fails as a satanic one-world evil empire against God.

We pray that Humanity will not be entirely wiped off the planet in a forced extinction via MORGELLONS epidemic from chemtrails spraying.

We pray that humanity will awake to the truth regarding HUMAN/OTHER HYBRIDIZATION programs designed to replace US with THEM and DESTROY most humans that are not useful slaves.

If it is REAL, then we MUST work together to survive.

If it is only information FEAR warfare, we still benefit from working together to survive.

THE MUST BE A WAY TO REMOVE THE INFECTION (morgelons) and the implants it builds.

There must be a way to protect against the mind control scalar radio system being used against us for RNM and V2K!


  1. K says:

    Dear Timothy,
    I hope you and Petra are okay, and doing better. I read of your plight, and it is similar to my own.
    Please accept my donation to cover some of your basic expenses like food, toiletries, electricity, and shelter. You and Petra are in my prayers.


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  2. Nathan says:

    II was tricked into snorting a line of smart dust and also injecting myself with it. This is no joke believe me. Since the incident last year I get frequent shocks in my temple as well as other muscle twitches. But the worst of all are the voices. They really push my existing limits i can hear my voice when i think as well as theirs, when they speak. i wish this were a dream or something else I’ve been seen to by psychiatrists out of my complaints but i know for a fact that they targeted me.
    I am now very desperate as I’ve searched for answers,,, after suicide attempt I am now in a wheel chair
    and still hear the voices and shocks,,,please contact your team about this matter i didn’t know who to contact since finding answers online… thank you and please take this very seriously. I am willing to be tested on if necessary.



  3. Leslie Kampmann says:

    Brain memory numbness front and both sides blocking sensories from being felt nerves shaking body at time not able controlled
    Top and sides of brain hurt burning sensation humming creeking and feeling as if brain moves and clicks back of head direction goes in and out of sensories top of brain on fire humming in my head back flushing nervouse system hypnotised ups down freqent wake up with shaking nervousness cotton mouth confusion brain numbed no memory and cant connect sensories
    Itching of head constant. Choke hold of neck loud boom in back of head. Memory loss cant sit watch tv loss of dates ..everyone around me has a stiff neck no fight or flight response


    • Dave says:

      Hiya mate I just watch a few of your videos I no about the targeted people and the pain they go through iv set up a $5 a month for you not much but it the least I can do
      I think I’m at the start of being a targeted person I have ringing in my ears 24/7 and have voices that tell me to jump in front of cars and telling me people think I’m bad things… My health has seem to get worse over time I feel pains in my kidneys on both sides and get stabbing pain the my chest and it can be hard to breathe I feel like my skin is being zapped in different places on my body iv been in this world 17 years I do remember when I was in my very young years I had voices but it went away I don’t no why I’m target but probably because of the research I do online about the evil going on in this world that they try to hide
      Wish you the best mate feel free to drop me a email if you got time.


  4. Sony says:

    Roboun cancer Canada Government letter=Jerry Thereon=Raven= Matsqui Rednecks=missing coffee mug 7315……Solve the riddle if you haven’t already.


  5. Sony says:

    Hookers involved with the Highest end Pimps. Any authors out there that want to know exactly what has happened in the past 7 months since our separation? I’ve been full time employed for past 12 years and no drug addict who loves his 3 year old daughter to death. Drug test no problem. FUCK THE MASONS. Royal Sovereign my fucking ass.


  6. Sony says:

    I know for a fact this is government involved because I took off on 2 police officers in Kamloops when I was young on my racing motorcycle and have been given messages to why this is happening to me Subliminally but can’t prove it in court. The company I I’ve been working for the past 5 years is also involved in what’s happening in my life I can’t prove it if I could I would fuck them over Royally. I met my ex-wife online and believe the Government of Canada or there associates placed her evil conniving family in my life. I just can’t prove it. She always talked so proudly of Freemason. If they have a message to say it to my face not subliminally. It’s like they say the law will always catch up to you. But really through this woman I married. Government corruption freemasonry and illuminati to the fullest. 2pac said it best Killiminati.


  7. Sony says:

    Hey I’m going through the exact same thing I don’t know what my ex-wife and brother are involved in. I’ve been living in hell for past 7 months stalked followed and observed they usually wear florscent green and red and black and she has talked about those colors to me on numerous occasions before. I’m having headaches and pulsating feeling in my head feel like I’m going to have a seizure from the colors and LED lights her and her brother talked to me about. They also relay messages to me in these coloured vehicles through license plates and bumper stickers. They use subliminal messaging. I have a beautiful 3 year old daughter that means everything to me I need this shot to stop.


  8. Joseph Zann says:

    They tell you your taking pictures and blame it on you .I went through this for 16 years and still till this was like being attacked by the fallen demons only in my mind its a crystal skull l Vulcan statue radio fortress busting down bloodlines .I’ll explain there breaking down our past through the four ages we walk around two eyes like flashlights feet made of clay as they scan through our vision of mind and eyes of ancestors. Hoping to make abomination of desolation its a super computer radio space time travel ..I went through the whole thing I literally felt ground shake and all planets blow up as the lord put crown of solar system on head .then we become saints angelsv then after that had feeling that they want to steal your life cut off your head steal your spirit power to fly with through time and space no feet glowing eyes like cronos ..I live in bham I can tall so much more but can’t stand computers or technology pray for talents from the void as stones to pulverize these damn things from ten nations don’t have phone but feel free to track me down in bham 117 16 th ave ne bham al apt 202


  9. Helpful says:

    The answer is it is terrorist human trafficking, or human trafficking by a criminal group. One of your relatives has to be in on it, although rarely the ones you would expect. They run some of the domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, and human trafficking shelters. So anonymously report yourself as a victim of human trafficking to crimes stoppers or an anonymous group that accepts tips. You can include other victims if you know any to make it more anonymous. Do not call the the human trafficking hotlines, some and only some are run by traffickers or the volunteers are trafficked humans that have been made to work there. Do not sound like a schizophrenic mental patient when you try and get help. Just stick to the facts that can be prosecuted. Example: Stalking, break ins, prank calls, fraud. Understand they want you to look drugged delusional and crazy. In fact they might be drugging you if you are female. Have you seen the movie taken.
    Just like any abusive relationship it is dangerous to escape. If it were me I would go to a Fed ex Office rent a computer and report myself as a human trafficking victim as if I was not me. Example: John Doe seems to be having issues with some person abusing him or trafficking him. I have noticed home break ins and whatever else keep it basic, nothing that sounds too loony. There are people who have no idea it exists and you will sound crazy. There are others who know all about it and have heard worse things … Stick to the facts and anonymously report yourself as a human trafficking victim with other victims for more anonymous reporting and to help them too.
    I actually argued with law enforcement when they told me that three years ago. It was a case if victimization AND human trafficking with a mistaken identity and trust me if I thought my life was bad the other victims was horrible torture and enskaved enforced unwilling sex trafficking aspfter a life of abuse. The stalking CAN get worse unexpectedly, do not wait to get help.
    Report yourself, get your papers together, and try to save up some secret emergency money.


    • Blanka says:

      Timothy, I am very sorry about what is happening to you. I am in the similar position. I don’t have much money but would like to donate. I could not see donate button – you should put it everywhere.


  10. I’m willing to donate and full assist with what’s going on… Remember the name


  11. tredwsa3 says:

    Be very careful of the olive skinned indian muslims, and very dark skinned black african muslims in my short space of time spent with them, they were the most violent, strict, and antogonising ones. They enjoy putting their bodily fluids in food and drinks and give to their targets. Don’t eat from them. Also the indians will hurt you so be careful. They work with mobs and I mean plenty mobs from every city you can think of. I am talking indians from india not the american indians. I’ve been a target for so long but within no time of being with olive skinned muslim indian perps my food was poisoned very short space of time. The europeans also poison your food within short periods too, the english whites never poisoned my food and I’ve spent many years with them as a target, but the olive skinned muslims I dont know why but they spit in your drinks and tea, put bodily fluids in your food until you start to get sick. I was never sick nor unhealthy around the english perps maybe because those perps were posh people. Maybe if they were ghetto english I would be writing a different story. Because I’ve noticed the ghetto ones act different from the posh ones so maybe if I had spent time with ghetto english people they would’ve done the same things as the muslims. The black african negroid muslims like to spread rumours that targets are peadophiles so they are very dangerous. They also go as far as plant images on your pc without you even realising manipulating your searches and you end up in places with child images, not child porn just a todler fully clothe or baby advert pics. If that don’t cause you grief they start to spread rumours that you are gay or a lesbian, they like to attach themselves in your computers so be careful. The olive skinned and the black muslims have inferiority complexes so they do extreme things to their targets. I don’t know but the very near white skinned muslims never poisoned my food and they were my handler for a while, time spent with them was good but the olive skinned indians, hindus, christians or muslims and the black muslims these are very radical and always try to hurt you.


  12. tredwsa3 says:

    The islamists use their own drones and do their own thing so do the europeans and the government did not tell these people to cause you pain, they are acting out and doing it for their own reasons. The men who buys these drones to terrorise the targets are arab shop owners, arab business men, arab professors who lectures at universities, lawyers, doctors, etc and the rich europeans. The american and uk government been running these experiments on you for years without you ever realising it, but the arabs and europeans are just in it to get you killed. That’s the reason why they are going around undercovering joining up as perpetrators its not to help the government with their experimentation, they are simple in it to get as much people killed as possible. As some people are natural psychopaths and have a taste for blood.


  13. tredwsa3 says:

    The government don’t have any reason to give you pain as they do not have anything personal against you, it’s groups of people from certain parts of africa and europe that has been gravely damaging your skin and your life, Don’t even ask how I found this out.


  14. tredwsa3 says:

    They are islamists and ghetto europeans. They are the ones giving you the horrible dreams and using all sorts of drones on you. The government is part of it they are in it for research and experiment. When the islamists and ghetto europeans jump on board that’s when your life has become unbearable they live for it as they are naturally sadistic and enjoys abusing people for no reason whatsoever. They could or can carry out the experiment without causing you unnecessary pain, as these things has been going on for years, but when a murderer has joined in god help your soul.


  15. Jacqueline says:

    Dear, dear Timothy,
    I feel so sorry for your pain and suffering. I came across your site for I am suffering from some kind of skin mite myself. I am dutch and live in Holland. Please be assured that Jehovah God, the Creator and Almighty God, who will destroy everyone who is destroying this world according to Reveletions 11:18, will soon end all this in Armageddon, remove bad individuals and restores Paradise on this earth. Then the diseased will get a resurrection, and everyone who is righteous will get a perfect new body, no diseases anymore, and will be able to live forever! Please visit to see how this can be your future soon!


  16. theren aldrich says:

    Its started with my ears getting that plugged feeling like when you fly in a plane. people talking was shortly after. people asking one person what I said or what I was thinking. when I ackknowleged them they said they where a non profit organization with government funding. They said they could get my thoughts by the vocal cord movement in my throat that is involuntary when you think. They know cause a lot of pressure in my ear and nasal cavities when I get angry with them cause they wont leave or I call them terrorist and that they should be in prison. pain is emidiatley after. They threaten me with prison and pain. because I am a recovering addict they seem to think they have the right to study me like a lab rat. I am not paranoid or mentaly ill. but this is becoming very painfull. I believe they are pushing for me to break down and kill myself to rid the chance of me talking. not gonna happen. I am a fighter, Iraqi vet, and former police officer. please someone at least tell me how to block the signal. so I can get a minuite without pain.


  17. Rhonda says:

    my story began a year ago with the video taping of what i called the dancing star. 5;30 am 2 days before shoulder surgery , i filmed this not so sure what it is after seeing this thing zigzag go in and out had a huge pulsating light all around it. 11;30 pm 2 weeks after surgery (all kinds of strange things happening in between)i see what i call blurs, they are very fast i cannot see shape, color or damage or hurt to anyone or anything, just really strange to wittness. i no longer have fear , wish for some way of comunication.well a few months back i started to hear a very high pitched sound the more i try to focus on it the louder it gets i mostly hear it at home but here it randomly when going anywhere. sometimes it is so consistent and loud makes me very ill. i am wittinesing either something beyond this world or is it gvmnt? i also feel like i have been watched from very beginning and there are new weird stars, lights? , in the skys on all sides of house, swear a helicopter or some weird thing follows me home from work, i literally have pulled of road and parked under trees and there it was in limbo above , it has me asking so many questions. i also here mostly at night a small aircraft of some sort flying around house, i have never seen it only hear it. i will leave e-mail but here is my # also if your still out there. 5307989870 thank you for letting me write this.


  18. I am a holy person under the most haness nsa CIA no touch torture started in 1963 and continues to this very second.why these elites tfs desided to choose a child to torture is beyond the comprehension of any human being! I have a wealth of experience in surviving these attacks .call if you have any questions or need support.san Luis Obispo ca.8058889459 Peace to you. ,faraji out!!!

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  19. chris says:

    Do’s and donts, how to detect with android mobile device?


  20. chris says:

    What are some useful android options for countermeasures of long standing attacks…. n whos the number contact for a line of defense…… pls respond asap!


  21. Dr. Allison Ashley says:

    please contact me at your earliest convenience


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