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What Is Gang-Stalking

Gang stalking, also written as gangstalking or gang-stalking, refers to a person being followed, harassed, or victimized by others.

In other words, gang stalking is when a group of people harass, intimidate, or use other organized gang stalking methods and tactics to victimize another person or group of people.

There are many reasons why someone or a group of people can be gang stalked.

The most common reasons could be differences in their core beliefs, racism, or other differences that may be cultural or based on their lifestyle.

According to an article from the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, about 0.66% of women and 0.17% of men in the western world believe that they have been group-stalked at some point in their lives.

As such, this type of activity is more widespread than we may initially believe.

Gang Definition

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a gang is defined as follows:A group of persons working to unlawful or antisocial endsAuthor

As you can see from this definition, a gang is a group of people acting in a coordinated and organized manner for unlawful ends.

For example, you can have gang harassment or gang bullying representing an illegal activity performed by a group of people.

“Gang stalking” is also another unlawful activity performed by a “group” of people against another person or another group.

Stalking Definition

According to The United States Department of Justice, stalking is defined as follows:The term “stalking” means engaging in a course of conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to fear for his or her safety or the safety of others or suffer substantial emotional distress.Author

As you can see from this definition, stalking is characterized by:

  • A person
  • Engaging in a conduct 
  • Directed at another person 
  • Causing the other person to fear for his or her safety or that of others
  • Or suffer emotional distress

Another definition of “stalking” can be found on the Merriam-Webster dictionary indicating that stalking is defined as:To pursue obsessively and to the point of harassmentAuthor

The term stalking can also mean to obsessively “pursue” another person.

Gang Stalking Definition

Now that we have a good understanding of what a “gang” means and the specific definition of “stalking”, we can better define gangstalking.

“Gangstalking” refers to conduct or behavior adopted by a group of people against another person or group of people with the objective to cause others to fear for their safety or the safety of others or leading them to feel harassed or psychologically disturbed.

Gang performing stalking activities use group stalking techniques to achieve their end.

A member of the gang stalking another person is generally referred to as a gang stalker.

The person being the victim of gang stalking is the “victim” or if there are many people, they are the “targeted individuals”.

How Gang Stalking Works

There are various gang stalking methods and organized stalking tactics employed by gang stalkers.

Gang Stalker 

To start with, the “gang” can be composed of a few people up to a large number of people.

The moment you have over three or four people, you can consider that it’s a gang.

What’s more, you can also have gangstalking taking place within a family when the family is large enough (this can be referred to as gangstalking family members).

Organized stalking methods can take place in a public environment, at the workplace, within a community, within a family, or at any place the victim or targeted individuals conduct their personal, religious, cultural, or professional activities.

For the group stalking activity to be organized, the gang members will generally communicate to one another about who to pursue, how to pursue the targeted individuals, what type of stalking tactics to deploy, for how long, and so on.

Gang Stalking Tactics

The gang members can make use of high-tech tools and weapons to harass another or use psychological means to cause fear and emotional distress in their victim.

Some of the common stalking tactics are:

  • Repeatedly following someone 
  • Repeatedly threatening someone 
  • Making unwanted phone calls
  • Sending unwanted emails
  • Sending unwanted text messages 
  • Leaving threatening voice mails
  • Approaching the victim at his or her workplace
  • Approaching the victim in grocery stores or shopping malls
  • Leaving threatening notes for the victim to find
  • Leaving objects for the victim to find 
  • Breaking into the victim’s home 
  • Breaking into the victim’s car 

As you can see, most of the gang stalk activities and methods are covert methods used to psychologically harass the victim.

One objective that the gang stalkers may want to achieve is to harass the victims to a point where the victims lose credibility in society where they may be perceived as “crazy” or “deranged”.

If the gang stalkers are successful in their unlawful behavior, their victim may eventually be perceived as dangerous, mentally disturbed, or impaired in some ways leading them to be forced to undergo a mental and psychological evaluation.

Since the gang can operate through multiple people, the emotional distress and fear caused to the victims and targeted individuals may appear to them as more intense and grave.

Particularly, if the victims are aware that the gang members are wanted criminals or individuals with a long criminal history, they may have a heightened fear for their lives and that of their friends or family members.

Targeted Victims

The victims of gang stalking and psychological harassment can be individuals of any racial and cultural background.

The victims can be males or females, of any age, of any educational background, or within any community.

The point here is that anyone can unfortunately become a victim of gang stalking.

Generally, the gangs identify their victims based on a perceived difference of opinion, racial prejudice, jealousy, cultural differences, or other perceived differences between the “gang” and the victims.

For example, you can have a gang of white males gang stalking a group of black families.

You can have a group of educated professionals gang stalking another group of professionals at the workplace.

You can have a gang stalking family victimize another family or former family friends.

The gangstalking phenomenon, over the past 15 years, has gotten more and more attention from professionals and in the media.

The gangstalking victims are in a difficult situation as they may be harassed by multiple people, using different stalking behavior, and potentially for a long period of time.

Some of the common gangstalking tactics used and reported by the victims are:

  • The gang performs the same activities as the victim 
  • The gang enters and exists a place at the same time as the victim 
  • The gang records private conversations 
  • The gang films the victim in various private settings 
  • The gang places unwanted calls from different numbers 

Another way victims are psychologically assaulted is that the gang members frame another innocent person as the perpetrator of the stalking behavior and conduct.

For example, the gang can frame an innocent co-worker to be the person who may be repeatedly stealing the victim’s personal belongings.

With this type of technique, the victim may suspect an “innocent” co-worker to be the thief or the person causing the harassment.

Gang Stalking Consequences

Just like any other crime, gang stalking is a crime that is punishable by law.

In some states, gang stalking is classified as a misdemeanor.

However, in most states, gangstalking is a felony and will have more severe consequences such as:

  • Fines
  • Prison or jail time
  • Probation 
  • Community service 
  • Rehabilitation programs

Depending on the nature of the conduct and the gang member’s past criminal history, the court may impose a stricter sentence than a person who is a first-time offender.

There may also be aggravating factors that the court may take into consideration for the sentencing, such as the violent nature of the criminal conduct or other circumstances relating to the crime.

Gang Stalking Meaning Takeaways 

There you have it folks!

What is gangstalking?

What are the gangstalking tactics used?

What is the most common type of stalking?

We can define gang stalking to refer to a group of people coordinating their efforts to harass or cause psychological distress in another person or a group of people.

When a person is stalked, he or she is being pursued obsessively by another person to a point that the victim no longer feels safe or suffers emotional distress.

Gangstalking is essentially the same type of stalking behavior performed by a group in a coordinated and organized fashion.

The consequences of being gang stalked are much more severe for the victims (at least subjectively for them) as they are followed or harassed by many.

Generally, gang stalking behaviors are considered criminal offenses and are punishable by law.

In most states, gangstalking is considered a felony whereas in a few states it’s a misdemeanor.

The methods and tactics used by gang stalkers can be the common type of stalking behaviors, such as:

  • Repeated phone calls
  • Videotaping the person in private settings
  • Recording the person’s voice 
  • Sending many unwanted text messages
  • Showing up and random places near the victim
  • Showing up at the person’s workplace
  • Showing up at the person’s school
  • Showing up at the person’s home 
  • Breaking into the person’s car
  • Breaking into the person’s house
  • Leaving objects and notes for the person to find

And so on…

If you are the victim of gangstalking or need help, there are various stalking resources that you can contact, such as:

You can also call the National Center for Victims of Crime at 1-855-4VICTIM (1-855-484-2846).

In cases where there’s an emergency, you’ll need to contact the police authorities for immediate assistance.

Let’s look at a summary of our findings.

Gangstalking Definition

  • Gangstalking is defined as the obsessive, coordinated, and organized stalking techniques used by a group of people (a gang) against another person (victim) or group of people (targeted individuals)
  • Gang stalkers will perform unwanted and repeated surveillance of their victim causing the victim to fear for safety, feel harassed, and intimidated
  • In today’s context, stalking can be done by calling, texting, sending unwanted gifts, placing objects to be found, emailing, instant messaging, videotaping, audio recording, and so on
  • Any person can become a member of a “gang” stalker to the extent they carry out stalking activities with their fellow gang members
  • Any person can become a victim of gang stalking as well no matter their cultural, racial, professional, ethnic, sexual, or other backgrounds

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  1. My wife and myself became aware of this EVIL issue on early spring of 2020, when we lived in Phoenix, Arizona. It gradually got worse with time, so we moved to Seattle, in an attempt to escape it. Needless to say, it didn’t matter. I’m feeling as if suicide os going to be the only solution to this. The hundreds of attempts at seeking help have proven to fail, and the most evil terrorist attack ever is allowed to continue conducting as they were. Torturing of innocent people is a way of life now, I guess….

    If anyone can help, I’m all ears


  2. wolvergene10 says:

    I have been gang stalked for over 25 years. They put scramble patterns on my television. I have contacted the cable company many times and they have seen the scrambled patterns on the screen and say they can’t fix it. The cable company is Charter Communications. They call themselves Spectrum now but it is the same company. I would like to file a lawsuit against them. There is also a carwash pointed at my house. They have been harassing me from the carwash. They make noises at me all the time with machines and cars parked at the carwash. I would like to file a lawsuit against them too. If I could win a large financial settlement for the intentional harassment I could move.


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