SHIELDING? Get SHUNGITE mineral -STONE OF HEALTH! Neutralize high-frequency electromagnetic radiation & they reflect all possible magnetic fields


“Shungite’s absorption ability in redox reactions and catalytic properties are very active chemically and also biologically, have bactericidal effects and neutralize the high-frequency electromagnetic radiation; they also reflect all possible magnetic fields…”


Cordial thanks for authors whose materials are used: J. LIPOVSKY, B. BOKROVSKY, A. ORLOV, F. GORDEJEV, M. POLEVAYA, O. RYSKOV, G. KUBARDIN


Shungite physical properties

  • Density – 2.25 to 2.40 g / сm3;
  • Porosity – 0.5 – 5%;
  • Uni-axial compressive strength of 100 to 150 МPa;
  • Elasticity (Е) – 0.31 * 10 5 МPа;
  • Conductivity – (1 – 3) х 10 3 S / m;
  • Thermal conductivity – 3.8 W / mK
  • Average temperature coefficient of thermal expansion from 20… 600°С – 12х10 – 6 1/deg.


Shungite chemical properties

Shungite represents a certain way organized Geological age of shungite reaches more than 2 billion years (some estimates 3.5 billion years), but its origin is still unknown.

By one hypothesis shungite deposits are the remnants of the planet Phaeton that once existed in our solar system; the other is the based of the theory of hyper-old solidified oil from spores.

Shungite is mined in only one place on earth, in Zazhoginskoje deposit in Karelia.

It consists of 30% shungite carbon and 68% silicates.

Inventory amount of shungite is 35 million tons with annual production of 200 000 tons of ore which is mainly used in metallurgy and water purification needs.Ton of shungite replaces 1.3 tons of coke; in water purification shungite ensures efficient elimination of petroleum products and heavy metals.

In shungite carbon minerals are located in “globules” with a diameter of about 10 nm.

Those carbon Carbon is an integral part of life to exist.

In nature carbon werehistorically known to exist in two forms: diamond and graphite.

The recently discovered new, previously unknown carbon structure, which give high hopes for medics: hollow spherical molecules – fullerenes *[1].

The first fullerene to be discovered, and the family’s namesake, was buckminster-fullerene C60, made in 1985 by Robert Curl, Harold Kroto and Richard Smalley. The name was homage to Richard Buckminster Fuller, whose geodesic domes it resembles.

Such structures of carbon with its absorption ability in redox reactions and catalytic properties are very active chemically and also biologically, have bactericidal effects and neutralize the high-frequency electromagnetic radiation; they also reflect all possible magnetic fields.

Among the natural minerals, fullerenes are found only in shungite and that explains the effects of the treatment of various diseases, preserving youth, their beauty and freshness of human bodies and organs.



In mineral fullerite the thickness of the surface of a spherical molecule is 0.1 nm and molecular radius of C of graphite (2.3 g / сm 3) or diamond (3.5 g / сm3).

Fullerenes molecular structure with different carbon atom numbers in it.


Use of shungite to improve the living environment


From water-soluble part of Shungite ore fullerenes form 1% (solubility in water is 1.3×10 -11 mg/mL). They are unique and long-life antioxidants, which effectiveness exceeds many times other natural “rivals” (vitamins C, E). Fullerenes bind free radicals to their surface, where they lose their harmful effects by recombination. Fullerenes themselves will remain in living organism for a very long period of time while the “rivals” perish together to form harmless compounds with free radicals. Biologists and pharmacologist use fullerenes “ball” to deliver a wide variety of substances (molecules inside the molecule!) to the surface of cell membranes and into the cells: antibiotics, vitamins, hormones, and even the fragments of the genetic code for the creation of transgenic animals and plants.

Fullerenes have also antitoxic ability to accelerate the neutralization of a wide variety of poisons while maintaining their inertia. Fullerenes-catalysts accumulate in the body in the most critical points: the liver, kidney, pancreas, thyroid, lung, small intestine and rectum. Of particular importance is their accumulation into the liver, which protects liver against toxic substances and accelerates the neutralization of the latter.

Fullerenes normalize cellular metabolism, enhance the activity of ferments and increase the stability of the cell, including the genetic mechanism of resistance to external influences from overheating to viral infections. Tissues regenerating capability will increase. In critical situation fullerenes normalize the exchange of neurotransmitters in the nervous system chemistry and thereby enhance resistance to stress. Fullerenes have clearly pronounced anti-inflammatory and antihistamine effects – analgesic, anti-allergenic and immunity rising.



Preparation of shungite water


Shungite removes free radicals from water 30 times effectively than activated coal. Shungite as powerful reducer absorbs oxygen from the water: a co -operational chemical process forms atomic oxygen, which is the strongest oxidant and releases shungite surface for new absorptions. Shungite cleans water from practically all organic substances, including oil and pesticides, metals and many non-metals, bacteria and microorganisms, removes an unpleasant odor and flavor from the water. Production of shungite filters for water purification began in 1991. By using such treated water for drinking and cooking, improvements in patients with chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, biliary and pancreatic diseases, colecistite, high blood pressure, kidney stones, heart, ischemic, parodontose, different forms of allergy, even eczema had followed – and all those effects just from the using shungite filter purified water. People with diabetes have received effective assistance; shungite is also an ideal material for oncological prophylaxis. There is no form of the disease that can’t be healed by the treatment with fullerenes. Fullerene’s contact with water causes water restructuration: each fullerene molecule ball forms multilayer cover of orientated water molecules around him (about 10 layers) that excess fullerene molecule weight by 1000 times. Restructured water does not freeze at 0 degrees, but at -2.8. In this way fullerenes stabilize and protect the surrounding biomolecules, thereby helping us to activate our DNA segments. Astonishing is how fullerenes control microelement balance in water “by eliminating” unnecessary and adding the missing!

The simplest yet sufficient way is to dump 30-60 kg crushed shungite (macadam) into well. Longer filter life and better purification quality can be achieved by following technologies: the aggregate thickness of 5.0-15.0 mm, which is dumped into the pre-cleaned (also from gravel) well to form 20-50 cm thick layer (about 200-500 kg).

For treating water in apartment pour 3 liters of filtered (also brought to boiling point) water over 200-300 g shungite leaving the container open. After 30 minutes the water has already acquired the above-mentioned bactericidal activity. Complete mineralization occurs after 2-3 days. Then pour the treated water into separate container and consume it during 3 days. For finer gravel it is advisable to replace shungite after half of the year treatment. Filter life may be prolonged up to one year if after every couple of months wash gravel with saltwater or bicarbonate of soda dilution. Using coarse aggregate or larger pieces can significantly increase filter’s useful life if after using for a couple of months clean stone surfaces (e.g. with sandpaper). Shungite water is recommended to drink on an empty stomach 1-2 glasses at a time (small draughts) and to use for cooking.

Water, which has been treated with shungite filter, has strengthening and rejuvenating impact on the body: it cleanses the facial skin, reducing wrinkles, rashes, skin becomes more elastic and springing. Such water will strengthen the hair roots, reduce the formation of flakes, gives hair a healthy shine. Shungite water heals kidney-, liver- and gallbladder diseases, relieves heartburn. It is also effective in case of gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal and the vegetative nervous system disorders; reduces allergic reactions and improves the body’s overall tone.

Shungite bath, spilling with shungite water and just his normal usage instead of the untreated water affects positively virtually to all body organs and systems. For bath just add to ca 36-degree C° water a pouch of comminuted shungite (~ 500 g for bath). The duration of procedure is 10-15 minutes not often than every other day. Such bath calms, reduces stress, strengthens the body and normalizes sleep. Small cracks and wounds on the skin will improve. Regular shungite bathing will cause heal post-operation wounds faster; furfuration, eczema, fungal diseases and allergic rashes will disappear.


Shungite pyramid – water activator


In water shungite pyramid toroid field activates the structure of water in unique way. One can use Shungite pyramid together with shungite gravel (3-15mm). Place shungite pyramid in bottom of the 3-liter glass jar and fill it with filtered water. Put a jar with water for two nights and days to the light and the water is ready for use. Do not keep it in the refrigerator!

The doctor and bioenergy therapist M.V. Glazkov, who tested water quality, wrote: “… tests have shown that in 48-72 hours shungite pyramid improved quality of water” and “…during this period maximum water structure and mineralization takes place. Upon further storage of water activity will decrease accordingly keeping time. For therapy purposes it is recommended to consume pyramid water 100-150 g three times a day regardless of meals.


Energetic treatment with shungite stones


The human body has quite a number of different energy systems. One of the easiest ways to describe them is the system of the seven energy centers, which consists of three inner and four outer power centers.

Interior ones: I one is located 3.5…5 cm below belly- responsible for the physical body (controls cortex), II is located in the middle of the sternum – the responsible for the emotional energy body (controls the limbic system of the brain), III is located between the eyebrows (third eye) and is responsible for aspects of human mental aspects (controls digestion, breathing and blood circulation, affecting all three centers and linking them to one). Exterior ones are situated on the palms and soles of the feet – place one of these stones there and you will increase your body’s capabilities. Blockages of energy centers are ever-threatening medical emergency you must deal with. By placing shungite stone (may also be a warm-wet), just above the body inner energy centers improves your brain performance. In case of insomnia put the stone under the pillow, for knee pain fasten stones to them during the night, for pains in lumbar vertebrae for daytime. However one can achieve relief by stand-step on shungite macadam during the 3-5 min – very effective for athletes and older people before falling asleep. Arterial blood pressure normalizes. Works well in case of polyarthritis and osteochondrosis etc. If you’re going to meet someone “uncomfortable”, hang shungite over your solar plexus and you will be pleasantly surprised. And you will wear this magic stone with joy everywhere you’re going! Try to recognize that shungite helps you every possible way- miracles will take place. You lose a snatch of harmful habits. Research has shown that the shungite fullerenes balancing the nervous system processes and have positive impact for the exchange of neurotransmitters those increasing operational ability and resistance to stress. Shungite is a rock with higher “Intellect”: it works with you; just feel your individual differences and you’ll find the most effective way it cooperates with your body.



Shungite pyramid – Your health counsel


Pyramid is a word of Greek origin and is etymologically related to the word “PIR”, which means “fire, energy, internal heat,” referring to symbolist imagination of a single divine flame, existing force of life in all the creatures.

The usual defensive shungite pyramid is not just a souvenir or a geometric form, but solid and effective shield against geopathogenetic radiation. Shungite pyramid absorbs negative energy and “wipe” away any bad “impression.” A good therapeutic effect of pyramid can be explained by the characteristics of pyramid energy both inside and around it. Pyramid reflects back and absorbs geopathogenetic “beams”. Being close to the pyramids or in direct contact with him human immunity improves and the negative impacts on him from its surroundings decrease. Thanks to its unique shape and properties of shungite pyramid creates around itself a torsion field reflecting an neutralizing geopathogenetic influence. Pyramids have healing effects on the body: they decrease nervous tension, headaches and insomnia; improve human energy and the overall tone. Shungite pyramid on car dashboard reduces the number of critical situations and keeps driver awake while driving. The verification revealed a surprise – it saves the fuel!



General Terms of Use

Protection is optimal when the pyramid is well-oriented in accordance with cardinal points.

Shungite pyramid have infinite possibilities of use: offices, industrial plants, schools, institutions, sanatorium, sanatoriums, homes, transport, etc.

You should locate yourself north to the pyramid. Place the pyramid on where you spend the most hours during the day. Place the pyramid on your side (on the distance of not more than 50 cm) and lower than you.

Place the pyramid between yourself and the source of radiation (computer, TV, instrumentation); on the bedside, not below; on a desk, job, car, recreational zones. Don’t point top of the pyramid to a patient or yourself unless you are qualified healer!

More than three thousand years man has used colored stones and crystals in particular to treat and stabilize his body. During enormous medicinal drug development it is time for mankind to return to and recover the usage of natural resources including minerals.

As shungite, especially the pyramids, has become very popular, there are fakes. Shungite is, unlike the other minerals conducting electricity and with the battery, two wires and bulb it is easy to detect forgery.

This enigmatic rock got his name from the town Shunga on the shores of Oneega Lake in Karelia. In 1887, a black rock called shungite was found there, while wondrous properties of the local waters welling up from rock layers were known much earlier.

In recent history, information on shungite healing properties goes back to more than 3 centuries.The first officialannouncement is from the beginning of the 17thcenturyand is related to czarevna (czar’s wife) Marfa Ivanovna (Baroness Ksenja Romanov).After being sent to exile in the village Tolvuya on the northern shore of Oneega a Russian gentry’s woman was close to death with her illness.Local habitants guided the baroness to the miraculous source where from thelayersof black stone the magical healing water welled up.This water of lifehealed the baroness who had lost seven newborns before the exile, and gave birth to a son – Mikhail Fedorovich Romanov – founder of the Russian czar’s 300-year dynasty. Local habitants named this miracle spring Czarevna, but it was soon forgotten with time. In the meantime, while the popularity to broader public of this healing water was lost, local peasants remained loyal to the magical spring.

It was not until a hundred years later the interest in the miracle water was renewed. In 1714, Peter the Great founded there a copper-smelting industry.There is a legend how one employee, suffering from a serious disease, discovered in Revboloty, where ore was sourced for the industry, a spring of water which regained his full health in three days. These rumors came to the ears of Czar Peter, who gave the order to carry out investigations.Water that sprang from shungite deposits proved to be a powerful instrument for healing from anemia, hydropsy, liver disease and many other diseases.Ordinary people began to be treated in all sorts of diseases.Relief was foundusually during 2…3 weeks of treatment.

Peter, whose health was not strong, tried the water and gave the order to build a spa close to the source.It became the first medical institution Russia’s history called “Martsialniye Vody “- in honor of the god of war particularly since Peter’s sick and wounded soldiers got there effective treatment.A variety of diseases were treated there but mainly hypochondria, bile tract disease, gastrointestinal dysfunction, vomiting, constipation, kidney stones (with sand or small stones), epilepsy, and water was also used to drive out intestinal worms.Peter the Great told all his soldiers to carry a piece of shungite (also known at that time as aspidian stone) in their backpacks.By placing a shungite piece in water-filled vessels soldiers got fresh and clean water.There are many historical records which indicate that the Emperor has issued a special order (ukazs) with such prescriptions.Historical sources also tell us about the battle of Poltaava in the hot summer of 1709 when the Russians, who drank their shungite water, were victorious, but the Swedish army suffered from an epidemic of dysentery, including the king himself.

Between 1717-1719 two medics, R.Areskin and L.Blumentrost studied the composition of spring waters, and confirmed its therapeutic qualities.Order (czar’s ukazs) was issued to build the resort along with instructions for use of the magical water.Also an article appeared regarding the waters of healing effect, in which 9 disease cases and their treatment with magical water were briefly described.

In the twenties of the XVIII century Peter the Great healed himself in the spa.Palaces were built for Czar and his family there, but they emptied quickly after Peter’s death and the spa “Martsialnyie Vody” ceased to exist.

Ten years later, in the middle of the XVIII century, Jelizaveta Petrovna tried to revive Russia’s first resort, but sent to region of Olonetsi czarevna’s private doctor Bugajev concluded that local spring had no therapeutic effect.Historians affirm that this research was so-called “ordered” by merchants, who then imported expensive mineral water.Activities in the resort stopped for more than one and a half century. Most of the buildings and palaces collapsed. It was not until the 1910when forthe celebration of the 300-year anniversary of Romanov’s house, a wooden Czarevich spring facility was built.

The official closing of the spa did not misled local habitants, who continued to use the water from the healing spring.Time by time, magical waters there were also of interest to researchers.In one of the works the water was compared to the world-renowned Spa and Marienbad health spas.

The resort began a new life in the thirties in the XX century, thanks to actions of Dr. Med. S.A. Vishnevski. He organized an expedition to study of the waters and restored the reputation of local healing waters.

fullerenes (c60)


Shungite is a medicine of 21st century


Shungite (shungit) is the unique in the world the natural mineral containing fullerenes (opened in 1985) – special type of the molecular form of carbon. About importance of opening of fullerenes, speaks that 9 October 1996 The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has decided to award the Nobel Prize in Chemistry to Professor Robert F. Curl, Jr., Professor Sir Harold W. Kroto and Professor Richard E.Smalley for their discovery of fullerenes.


Chemical compound of shungit is:

Carbon – 20 – 95 %,

Silicon – 5 – 60,

Aluminium – up to 4 %,

Iron of-3,5 %,

Magnesium – up to 3,5 %,

Kaliy – up to 12 %,

Sulfur – up to 1,2 %,

Calcium up to 0,58 %, 4

Phosphorus – up to 0,34 %, and many other macroelements and microelements.


The scientists that have investigated Shungit rock have declared unanimously, that it is a miracle mineral! This stone eliminates and absorbs all that imposes a hazard on people, and living beings, but concentrates and restores all that are healthy for a human being. Shungit pyramid is a revolutionary shielding device for harmful electromagnetic radiation from computers, microwave ovens, TV sets, mobile phones and other creations of modern civilization.


Peter I has based the well-known first Russian resort named Marsial waters. Resort water gets curative properties, passing through thickness of Shungite crust layers .The Shungit water helps to struggle with various illnesses: the general condition improves, nervous pressure is removed, and the inflow of energy is sensed. It is easier to obtain a steady remission of some chronic diseases of gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys, and metabolic processes. With the help of the Shungit water skin diseases are cured much more easily and water sprinkling of the head decreases falling out of the hair. Hair is resilient and healthy looking. Face skin rejuvenates, wrinkles smooth down and skin elasticity restores.


But the most important thing for us, people, living under constant stress, strain and unfavorable ecological conditions is regeneration characteristics of the Shungit, which restore vitality in the human. They relieve headaches, backaches, rheumatism, remove neuralgic states, normalize sleep, stabilize blood pressure, clear respiratory tract, increase activity, including the sexual one.


Numerous investigations of the unique properties of Shungit allow it to be rightfully named as a medicine of 21st century.

Source: Shungite! Shungit rock! Wholesale and retail sales!



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  1. TB says:

    I first heard about shungite from your dad email and started doing my own research also. Finally, I purchased some and began working with it. Immediately I began to feel my world quieting down and was able to work through many of my own obstacles that have kept me from moving forward and feeling healthy. Needless to say, I purchased more and now have my entire house protected. I also wear a pendant and carry a pyramid in my car while traveling. It has taken a couple weeks to feel optimum benefits, but it’s definitely working and I’m hopeful it will just get better from here. So, I really felt the need to THANK YOU! And to share with anyone else who is feeling bombarded by the world we live in, whether targeted or (not so) simply sensitive! I have tried just about everything else to no avail, but this is the real thing! I like to use it along with citrine as advised by a fellow shungite user and who I like to refer to as the “shungite guru” (shout out to Jim! :)). And to anyone who is feeling like it’s just too much, please know that you are not alone! Don’t lose hope! We all deserve to be loved, respected and live fulfilling wonderful lives! You will find your own way through the labyrinth, and each of us does have their own path. PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP!!!
    Love, Light and Blessings – T.


  2. iam also a victim of all of the above t he info u write has been very helpful to me I feel very alone and scared to even return my email address to u please continue to give info thank you I am in need of medical help and do not know where to go I am sabotaged every where I go


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