What if? A theory on STRESS & ‘Targeting’

Here is a thought I was just presented:

What if everybody else is already effected by the remote neural interconnection signals, and you, the people who have experienced enough ‘targeting’ and ‘gangstalking’ and ‘morgellons’ and ‘covert drugging’, and all the other weirdness to recognize that something is seriously wrong/going on here, are actually the small percentage of the population who, because of some genetic or spiritual or physiological ‘abnormality’ or something, did not get overwhelmed by the technology/disease?

Logically whomever was responsible for enabling the ubiquity of this remote neural interconnection system would be desirous to determine, by every means available and necessary, exactly what is is about us that causes the ‘reaction’ or lack thereof, to their technology.

Of course studies would take place and all manner of standardized testing would be done.

What those standards are, in fact, is unknown to most subjects.

In point of observation, those who discover they are ‘targeted’ are subjected to all manor of variations on stimulus and reactions monitored and reported.

Apparently, those who have been subjected long term to such experiences, if and when they are able to compare notes, as it were, with others, one begins to see a more definitive set of patterns and situations emerging.

It is my humble theory that we are being subjected to all manor of standardized reaction model tests

Covering all aspects of human psychology and behaviors under all manor of stress

In my understanding, when one has a particular genome 🧬 (plant, animal, insect, fungus, human) one desires to explore, one wishes to create environments that somehow stress the organism in the hopes that either recessive genes will express, and/or mutations to the original genetics will occur, possibly conferring on the organism some new advantages than could be exploited by those doing the experiment.

Stressing organisms for genetic engineering and experimentation has a long and successful history in scientific endeavors.

Just a few thoughts to consider.

Thank you for reading this

Blessings and peace