Trauma based Neuro-linquistic programming-How it works: a real life example from Timothy Trespas in New York City

Trauma based Neuro-linquistic programming-How it works:

Here is a real life example that happened to me the other day.

Now, in this example, we are going to remove from consideration any possible direct-to-brain influences, such as remote neural monitoring (that I am under) and try to view this as purely a trauma-based neuro-programming technique.

I have been drugged with LSD like drugs for several years by a group of secret human experimenters in the usa.

During this time, one of the many things they did to traumatize me was to have people “BUMP INTO ME” as I would walk down the street. Over and over and over again people would look me right in the eye and then bump into me with enough force to let me know that this was being done on purpose, not by accident.

This was setting an anchor, something that SETS itself in your mind.

Years later I am at a doctors office, where I must go 6 days a week for treatment. When I walk in the door, I notice a man I have never seen before, speaking to a woman. He points me out to the woman and they both have a small laugh.

I am already on notice because I am hyper-vigilant from all the psychological and psychical torture that I have been subjected to. Then, a few moments later, out in the street as I am walking by, I see this same man and he walks across the sidewalk as I am walking closer on my way to pass him and go on down the sidewalk. as I approach, I see the man he is speaking with look at me and say something to the other man. At that moment, the other man walks with long strides back across the side walk, in a way that ENSURES that HE WILL BUMP INTO Me. And although I tried to avoid contact with the man, he did bump into me.

Great. So now I am nervous and on alert for trouble from anyone in the crowd, and since I live in New York City, with a population of millions, there are allot of people in the crowd to watch out for. I am feeling angry, afraid, anxious, etc. These are all feelings from the original torture experience and they come flooding back the moment that the anchor is triggered.

It just so happened that Petra was feeling weak and tired, and because I was feeling so anxious and afraid, I found it difficult to comfort and care for her. We went to the supermarket to buy some food. she was walking farther behind me than I realized. By the time I picked up cereal. eggs, bacon, and juice and walked to the counter, she was no where to be found.

So I am angry and frustrated and looking for her. I put down the food and begin to walk out of the store. I am approached quickly and on all sides by the manager the security guard and several other black guys. They ask me to look in my bag. I comply. They ask for the receipt, and before I even open my mouth, this guy walks up and tells me “I am a lying!” Of course, I am already triggered by the bumper and I go off on the “you are lying” guy.

Needless to say, they got me. I fell for it.

The angry accusation that a person is lying is an interrogation tactic as old as the hills. It is done to throw the target off balance, to anger the target, etc, because when people are angry, frustrated or afraid, they don’t think as clearly, and the hope is that they will make a mistake that can then be exploited by the interrogators.

Anyway I fell for it. I thought about this for a while and I realized that almost every thought I have is based on information I have been programed with in the past. This is why television, books, magazines, movies, etc are used to program the masses so effectively. We build our beliefs and understanding by building on the concepts and information we already have . This is one form of learning.

Do you really believe that in an industry that has such power to convey information, an industry that is increasingly under the control of a small group they do not think about these things? Clearly advertisers are working to make the most convincing message that they can make, a message that causes the viewer to be moved to the state of thinking and emotions that the creator wants them to. And because of the vast jumps forward with technology, broadcasting in all forms is increasingly becoming an industry where the people who create the programming are able to create the reaction they want with scientific precision.

3 Responses to Trauma based Neuro-linquistic programming-How it works: a real life example from Timothy Trespas in New York City

  1. Ted Waverley says:

    My name is Ted from Waverley I think this is all bullshit which is at the lowest level of life to even be part of these facts I reckon if your thick you will always be thick because thick is ……………


    • Jennife says:

      To those contributing their fear and disbelief in the face of our struggle,
      May you never be forced to question your reality. May you never wake with something tearing through the tissue under your skin as you can only watch it swell and bruise. I pray you are never left alone with your demons sir, as you have made it obvious just how many you have and how easily they control your closed mind. May God keep you safe.


  2. anne daniel says:

    For novices in the subject of neurolinguistic programming, Directed Energy Weapons, electronic assault, covert harrassment and surveillance, google and read everything you can on this subject. What is typically viewed as science fiction is billed as such so that the global population dismisses dehumanizing realities occurring right under our noses! We are not just humanizing robots, we are robotosizing humans. Wake up world! The human significance of Mind Control which started under Project Paper Clip in 1947 must be brought back into public awareness as it did in the congressional hearings of the seventies before going into black operations. The media must be pressed to help create a public forum. I suffer harrassment of two or three kinds every day. Time does not heal as it does in a death since every day presents several new assaults on the already wounded psyche. “Mental illness” can be designed and assigned to any person at any moment. Afterall, isn’t our economy really more dependent on sick individuals than well individuals?


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