Information about through the wall radar, and active radio wave effects on the human body, various surveillance technologies used against unsuspecting humans

Hi all,
I should have included this ACLU page, with map, in my email to everyone. ACLU is trying to organize against police surveillance methods. There is a map on their website and the upcoming scheduled ‘organized’ events. I think it is a great way to get together in groups and fight this atrocious, heinous crime.
Look at the map and see if ACLU is already organized near you, if not, then contact the ACLU to start a group yourself in your own city or community. They are already talking about quashing abuse of surveillance powers; you should be able to feel about, to see how to talk about our surveillance and torture.
Let me know how it goes. I’ll also keep you apprised.


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From: H Cs <>
Sent: Wednesday, August 21, 2019 2:47 AM
Subject: ACLU aware law-enforcement is using INVASIVE SURVEILLANCE technologies

Hi all,

The ACLU is aware that law-enforcement is using invasive, surveillance technologies. When the power is increased for the Through-The-Wall-Sensors (TTWS), that is what can hurt, burn, vibrate, kill tissue, etc.

Click on this ACLU link and scroll down to the orange document.
I also cut and pasted a part of one of my letters, describing this through-wall RF technology bio-effects. 

………………. Part of the ACLU document ………………

The proliferation in local police departments’ use of surveillance technology, which in most places has occurred without any community input or control, presents significant threats to civil rights and civil liberties that disproportionately impact communities of color and low-income communities. The nationwide “Community Control Over Police Surveillance” effort is looking to change that through legislation mandating that local communities are given a meaningful opportunity to review and participate in all decisions about if and how surveillance technologies are acquired and used locally. 
Here is a list of costly and invasive surveillance technologies that might be recording you, your family and your neighbors right now.
This technology uses RADAR or similar technology to peer through walls of a building. Currently, the technology is precise enough to ascertain how many people are in a particular room within a dwelling unit and, overtime, the clarity of the image produced may be able to determine the identities of a building’s occupants.  The Xaver 400, the latest version of the TTWS model sold by Camero-Tech, sells for $47,500 per unit. Operational costs are additional and significant. While this technology may have beneficial uses, no uses are appropriate without a warrant. As the technology advances, this tool may increasingly be deployed as an improper tool for looking into private homes without court oversight.
LED surveillance light bulbs, which are presented as energy efficient upgrades to existing incandescent light bulbs, can actually conceal tiny cameras and microphones that can stealthily monitor their surroundings and transmit their feeds back to a central monitoring station. If these bulbs are installed on municipal streetlamps and put into widespread use, privacy would become as antiquated an idea as the old-fashioned light bulbs the LEDs are replacing. Mass adoption of the technology would throw surveillance nets of almost unprecedented scope over entire communities or cities. Though marketed as an energy efficient light bulb with built-in monitoring technology, this technology is far more akin to a mass surveillance device being disguised as a light bulb. In truth, the product has a broad surveillance capabilities and far lesser comparative utility as a lighting device.
These tools allow law enforcement officials or other government actors to gain access to a person’s personal computing equipment (including laptops and cell phones) and password-protected websites or accounts (like cloud storage or social media accounts). They can enable hacking to be performed in person and remotely without the permission of the account holder or service operator. “Hacking” technology is surveillance because a government that hacks into a private computer or account intends to surveil the private contents of the hacked computer or account without the owner’s permission or knowledge. Using hacking software or hardware is like picking a lock to break into someone’s house — the act is an integral part of the unlawful entering. Most hacking tools depend on vulnerabilities in commonly used computer software and services. When our government and police use hacking tools, which exploit these vulnerabilities rather than addressing them, they not only leave the systems open to their own intrusions but also to intrusions by hackers, criminals and foreign governments.
Also known as cell-site simulators or international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) catchers, the device mimics a cell phone communications tower, causing your cell phone to communicate with it. This communications link gives the Stingray the ability to track your location and intercept data from your phone, including voice and typed 
communications. These devices can disrupt your regular phone service, including making 911 calls.
The Hailstorm, the latest version of the Stingray, sells for $169,602 per unit. Operational costs are additional and significant. Whenever a Stingray is used to locate a phone, it also collects information about hundreds or thousands of other phones and their users. The technology is often used without a warrant, and judges are often kept in the dark about its capabilities and limitations. It is very difficult to detect when Stingrays are being used and to ensure they are not being deployed in a discriminatory manner.
Biometric technologies allow a person to be identified using a physical trait. No longer limited to fingerprints and DNA, publicly known traits such as a person’s face or voicecan now be run against Department of Motor Vehicle, social network and other databases to secretly identify and track almost every American. Biometric surveillance technology includes facial, voice, iris and gait-recognition software and databases.
Used in combination with other surveillance technologies, like CCTV cameras, this tool can completely undermine the ability of person to travel in public or gather with friends anonymously. If video data is stored, this technology can reconstruct anyone’s travel history. Technological limitations and biased engineering practices have made facial recognition technology far less accurate in identifying faces of persons of color. This produces more false positives and increases the likelihood that a person of color will unjustifiably draw the attention of law enforcement.

The TTWS (a.k.a. STTW (Sense-Through-The-Wall technology)) devices use pulsed microwave (MW) radiofrequency (RF) to detect any motion, no matter how tiny, through multiple walls. With filters, the TTWS MW RF RADAR device can eliminate any clutter and motion that is not of interest, reading the ‘bounce back’ echo of the MW RF, called ‘back-scatter’, that returns to the device, making it possible to ‘see’ into homes and into earthquake rubble and even underground, as ground penetrating RADAR (GPR).

These TTWS radiolocator and intentional radiator devices are motion sensors, very much like the speed RADAR that most people are accustomed, which measures motion in MPH. These ‘slightest of motion’ speed detectors measure the motion at a person’s wrist, to detect heartbeat; measure the breath rate by detecting the motion of a person’s chest heaving; pick up leg, hand and arm motion for gesture and gait recognition; picks up eye motion and has gaze tracking recognition and even detects the vibration of vocal cords, to discern speech – through multiple walls.

These TTWS radiolocators and intentional radiators can read what you ‘air write’ with your finger.

When pulsed at embassies, they are specifically used for ‘listening-in’ espionage devices. There is no need to do a ‘break and enter’ to place a hidden microphone; the eavesdropping can easily be accomplished by pulsing a MW RF signal into a building, through walls, with direct line of sight. The device can pick up many conversations and locate everyone in the building.

HPM RF, RADAR is also known as a TTWS (Through-The-Wall-Surveillance). The FCC officially calls these devices ‘radiolocators’ and ‘intentional radiators’. The devices are widely available to First Responders. These MW RF TTWS RADAR devices were designed to be used during catastrophic and exigent circumstances, like after an earthquake to find the tiniest, micro-motion of a barely alive person under a big rubble or during a mud or snow avalanche or during a SWAT or hostage situation, where law enforcement has to quickly determine a building layout and the number of people in the building, their location and where the weapons cache is, if any.  
But these devices are being misused and have been co-opted and re-purposed. When the device’s low frequency power is increased (because after all, they are computers that can be reprogrammed), you have a low frequency, but high-power microwave device (HPM) to use surreptitiously, for revenge and retaliation to settle grudges. This seems to have developed into a VIRTUAL REALITY belly laughpastime. It is ‘CRAZY-MAKING’.

The ACLU recognizes that TTWS surveillance devices are being used and abused by law enforcement:

The definition of the acronym RADAR, is radio detection + radio direction and ranging, so the devices can locate a person and lock on to them and track them. The TTWS RADAR devices can precisely lock onto a certain body part of a person and ‘pulse’ and ‘vibrate’ that body part. 
If the MW RF power is increased and is pulsed, through walls at a target, the RADAR TTWS device delivers ‘shockwaves’ or ‘pressure waves’, that bashes the brain up against the inside of your hard skull-bone which causes concussions; the MW RF causes burns; incredible bone crunching pain; RF Ablation (necrosis or destruction of tissue); RF Anesthesia; causes auto-immune diseases and neurological deterioration, cataracts and cancer. All are well known biological effects of microwave. 
When the pulsed HPM is directed at a specific body part it can stimulate that body part. If the beam focused, MW RF is directed at your nostrils, you will sneeze uncontrollably; if a portion of your body is pulsed (stimulated) where the nerve endings are close to the surface of the skin, like your toes or feet, the nerve ending synapses will rapid fire, which will feel like electrocution; dial back the MW RF power and you will feel a phantom touch. Hit a nerve reflex point, you will experience restless leg or involuntary extremity movement. The burning and stinging is a well known affect of RADIO WAVE SICKNESS; it feels like thousands of pin-pricks or bee stings; pulsed vibrating stimulation directed at our lower intestine causes involuntary defecation; pulsed ‘stimulation’ directed at our bladder causes you to pee our pants; if the pulsed, stimulation is beamed at our genitals; it is rape. 
When the MW RF pulse is directed at your digestive tract, you will feel nauseous or will downright projectile vomit. If your gag reflex or esophagus is pulsed and stimulated, you will feel choked to near asphyxiation. If your heart and lungs are pulsed and vibrated, you will have a panic attack or pass out. 
This is a bullying andintimidation device tomodify behavior and to force compliance by terrorizing and hurting.


If you want a copy of my entire letter, let me know and I will send it to you.


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I am a victim of human experimentation MK-ultra mind control Morgellons nanotechnology syndrome & remote neural connectivity. I am an artist, inventor, musician, thinker, lover, human being who cares for all humanity & all life. I believe people should endeavor to live in peaceful cooperation rather than brutal waring survival of the most brutal. We live in a forced false-paradigm and I desire to wake people up from the 'trance hypnotic mind control programming' to the 'TRUTH of light and love'! Blessing and peace. Justice to all who suffer under tyranny. Compassion for all beings. May GOD have mercy on us all.
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3 Responses to Information about through the wall radar, and active radio wave effects on the human body, various surveillance technologies used against unsuspecting humans

  1. Thank you for sharing those insights and technological details, even in writing, Helena. An excellent reference (I point my TI facebook friends to).
    ==> Are you familiar with technology behind those attacks continuing even if moving houses / city / country? It must be related to pulses / drops falling all around and carrying signals (onto target and luggage).
    Would be interested to work with you, Helena.
    facebook anni.neufeld.5


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  3. Tammie Loretta Matthews says:

    Please keep me updated! I just had a heart rate of 130 after sitting down they are doing all of your last paragraph and more. They have destroyed our home. They are trying to destroy my 26 years of marriage. Put through this because of Captain of my county Sheriff department. I turned drug dealer in. I’m on my on no one closer than 4 he’s away. Put me in a institute last year. Phones hacked.


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