about electromagnetic torture, mind control, and remote neural monitoring by/in The U.S.A. – by TIMOTHYTRESPAS

here is some basic information I have collected about electromagnetic torture, mind control, and remote neural monitoring by/in The U.S.A.

      1. I simply had to repost some of the best information I have seen to date about mind control.
        this is from http://mindcontrolgrid.com please visit their site.
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        “Give me the money and three months…and I’ll be able to affect the behavior of 80% of the people in this town without their knowing it. Make them happy – or at least they’ll think they’re happy. Or aggressive.” – Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher-Bise 


        Here you can read about what some individuals and groups are doing to address various aspects of organized mind control. Apart from distancing yourself from the mass media, including “educational” institutions, and adopting a lifestyle relatively unaffected by communcation technologies, there are the options of shielding materials (expensive), or electronic countermeasures that over-ride negative influences with known positive ones.
        Being affected may involve irrational shifts in attitude or behavior, or visual and auditory hallucinations, as well as a wide range of physical and psychological abnormalities. Additionally, microwaves on their own, even at “safe” levels, are documented to cause sleeplessness, headaches, irritability, depression, anxiety, disorientation, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, and memory loss.
        The key to any mitigation strategy is to be informed of the imminent dangers, and know yourself well enough to ascertain if suspected symptoms have arisen through covert interferrence or simply personal circumstances. In this regard, it helps to cultivate a no-frills relaxed lifestyle. If you don’t need it – don’t buy it. If you don’t buy compulsively – your already one foot off the treadmill.

        Clandestine operative irradiating unsuspecting victims with a microwave gun.
        Countermeasures, Shielding, Demo Projects

        Specialized sleeping bags, bed canopies, clothing, paint, and building materials shield against EMF’s.
        Magnetic Field Shielding Materials – Protection … at a price.
        Mind CountermeasuresModern communications jamming … – Google Books
        Microwave DetectionFree Electronic Attack TutorialThe Use of Psychotronic Weapons – Symptoms and effectsBasics about ElectrosmogCountermeasure and Detection ExperimentsELECTROSMOG & EMF Measuring EquipmentELF Sensor – DIY circuit to measure EMR. Connect to cheap multimeter for (uncalibrated) numercial readout.EMF Safety Protection Detection – Electromagnetic FieldsKozyrev MirrorHow Do Cell Phone Jammers Work?Cellular Phone Jammers1900MHz Jammer Circuit 
        The Jammer Store – Note: jammers are illegal in many countries.
        Medical Implants 
        EMF Meters – Measuring Your Own Magnetic FieldsRussian GPS JammerThe Structure and Properties of Liquid WaterGigaHertz Solutions – EMF exposure meters
        SpecTran – Portable spectrum analyzers, computer interfaced.

        Frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) telecom signal jammed by swept noise.
        Legal and Political
        US Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights
        Mind Justice – Home Page 
        Mind Justice – Russian Book Translation
        Militarization of Neuroscience

        “Don’t forget to vote”
        Oganizations, Forums, Victims’ Advocates
        Bioelectromagnetics Society Publications
        Mind Net Index #1- Issues 1 – 99 Earthpulse PressThe Swedish Association for the Electro HyperSensitive
        Mind Control and Ritual Abuse Information ServiceIndex of -neurobiology-labs
        Mast Sanity
        INS Website – Home Page
        Centre for the Mind – Home

        Example of portable spectrum analyzer for monitoring RF signals. Every community should get together, buy one, and learn to use it.

        Be prepared for the planned “big event” involving yet an(other) fabricated excuse for curtailment of personal freedom and propserity; this time supported by black budget hardware, psychotronic visions and mass hysteria.
        3D Holographic Display – The atmopshere is the screenProject Blue Beam

        Or this, if you prefer the religious version. Does anyone see a pattern here?

        “Paranoia is just knowing all the facts” – William S. Burroughs Jr


        Support systems…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

        Given the concerted effort toward economic and behavioral domination, it is no surprise that day-to-day sensory perception has been enlisted as a primer, or reinforcement, for aerially transmitted mind control signals. Anyone routinely exposed to TV, films, newspapers, advertising, music videos, etc., is sure to be receiving a full dose of auxilliary psychological programming courtesy of the complicit corporate sector. Television, as well as cell phones, facilitates this by inducing a passive, “alpha” brainwave state.
        To further enhance susceptibility, stress, disorientation, and uncertainty are perpetrated upon all aspects of daily life. This is achieved through systematic manipulation of social norms, including economic insecurity, fear of “others”, sustained “crisis” levels, coercive conformity, random criminalization, sanctioned corruption, gender transmutation, and repression of natural instincts. All are recognizable components of “trauma-based programming” (TBP).
        Next time you feel unduly affected by a media presentation, or fixated upon some trivial or degrading object, try this. Set aside your life-long conditioning and sense if there is a contrived opinion or motivation being implanted in your psyche at an unconscious level.
        Social Conditioning, Media Complicity, TV

        POP culture = Psy OP culture. TV = terminal volition.
        Mass Mind Control Through Network Television
        Corruption, Television, Marconi … 
        Nervous System Manipulation by Electromagnetic Fields from Monitors
        Method and Device for Producing a Desired Brain State
         – Just two examples of US Patents
        Reality TV – Documentaries, Movies and VideosEntrainment to Video Displays in Primary Visual Cortex of Macaque and HumansThe Battle for Your Mind – Brainwashing
        Digital TV: Mind Control by the Sound of Silence
        Mass Mind Control by Laura KnightThe Invisible Third World War – PDF bookCIA and the False Memory Syndrome Foundation – Set up to discredit the claims of MC victims.
        The Psychopharmacology of Pictorial Pornography Restructuring Brain, Mind & MemoryOrganized Stalking InformationThe Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind – Published 1896Warning Against Adverse Health Effects from Digital Broadcast Television StationsDigital TV mind control – Trojan horse for enhanced mind control bandwidth. 
        TV is Affecting Our Youths IntellegenceThe Effects of Violent Music on Children and Adolescents
        Fluoridation: Mind Control of the Masses – Chemically administered passivity. 
        Spectres of the Spectrum – The message is the noise. Brainwaves and TVElectronic Voice PhenomenonReverse SpeechOperation Mind Control – PDF book

        Members of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation enjoying an uneventful evening at home. That was a joke.
        Subliminal Programming

        The Marlboro man in hiding.

        Put a “Lipton” between your lips.
        To circumvent rational thinking, targeted messages may utilize conditioning and subliminal delivery techniques. One method is to incorporate familliar jingles or pop songs which go unchallenged by the subconscious mind. By slightly distorting these, an augmentative state of anxiety can be added. Shopping malls have done this for decades (with piped music) to trigger the buying impulse. The same sureptitious motives apply to visual representations, as evidenced by the image above.
        Mindlab Neuromarketing – Why you are defenseless against advertising.
        Vigilent Citizen – Mind control in the MediaHidden Sexual Messages Found In Disney Movies
        The Cargo-Cult Science of Subliminal PersuasionObama’s Use of Hidden Hypnosis Techniques – PDFHow Customers Think: Essential Insights into the Mind of the Market
        Subliminal Persausion – Inflection, repetition.
        Derren Brown – Manipulating Shopping Mall Visitors – YouTube: the power of simple suggestion.Images of the Mind: the Semiotic AlphabetBrain Impact – Neuromarketing
        The mind stores patterns of past sense impressions, particularly those associated with emotionally charged events. Hence, synesthetic or temporal modifications of these may be invoked as an avenue for subliminal influence. For example, a laugh or a scream in a movie, is sped up, slowed down, translated to shifting colors or intensity modulated light. It is overtly unrecognizable, but impacts directly upon the subconscious.
        Art and SynesthesiaSynesthetic Colors Determined… in Childhood
        Targeting, Tracking, Passive Radar

        The Celldar* passive surveillance/targeting system utilizes rising levels of ambient EMR from commercial communication networks. Who needs dedicated radar emitters when you can blanket the entire world with EMR, at the cell phone users’ expense, and then hijack it as your radiation source? Those blue dots are sheep. *Celldar is a registered trademark of Roke Manor Research Limited.
        RF Signal Surveillance SystemMaser Beams Reading Subvocalized ThoughtsThe Brain Scan That Can Read People’s Intentions
        How Mobile Phones Let Spies See Our Every Move
        Passive Radar Imaging and Target Recognition using Illuminators of OpportunitySuper-Radar, Done Dirt Cheap
        Silent Sentry – See “Fact Sheet”
        LEXID X-Ray Through-Wall Imaging DeviceThrough-the-Wall Radar Simulations for Complex Room Imaging – Better fluff up your pillows.Millimeter Wave “Fingerprinting” – And you thought all those airport scanners did was peek through your clothes.

        Do these look like airline “vapor trails”? Chemtrails contain Barium salts, and other toxic reflective substances, which function as a synthetic aperture for imaging radar, as well as globally propagated electomagnetic weather and mind altering signals. This used to be another secret.
        Chemtrail PhotosWhat Chemtrails Really AreThe Real Story Behind the ChemtrailsBariumblues.com

        “This will be the last generation in which people have control over their own minds.”



        Due to the wide scope of biophysics, seemingly innocuous discoveries and issued patents can have major implications for instigated mental and behavioral control. Given this, it is impossible for any oppressive regime to keep EVERYTHING from public view. Self-education and a healthy distrust of professional denialists are the order of the day. The more you know what to look for, and where, the more you find.
        The following documentation reveals the ways in which mind control and related signals are developed; primarily from identification of brain and physiological functions with increasingly sophisticated technology. It also helps to validate the claims of human rights activists, or those victims who are personally targeted; either as random test subjects, or due to political repression.
        Contributing to the contrived debilitation of humankind, is the all-pervasive electromagnetic radiation from power lines, appliances, wireless, and communication broadcasts. This constitutes a scientifically proven risk factor which should concern even MC skeptics.


        The yin and yang of high technology.
        Transient DNA Damage Induced by High Frequency Ele…Enhancement of the Interaction Between Low-intensity RF EM Fields and Ligand BindingResponses of Neurons to an Amplitude Modulated Microwave Stimulus
        Psychophysical Analysis of Microwave Sound Perception
        An Overview of Microwave Resonance Therapy and EEG correlates 
        Demodulation Effect is Observed in Neurones by Exposure to Low Frequency Modulated Microwaves
        Evidence of the Interaction of Weak Electromagnetic Fields in the Band of UHF Energy Absorption of the Human Body from RF and MicrowavesElectromagnetic Fields: High-level Microwave Technology ConcernsDependence of the RF Field Absorption on the Human Body DimensionsGlobal Warming and MicrowavesElectroencephalographic Changes Following Low Energy Emission Therapy

        Brain Code

        Scientists Crack Brain’s Codes for Noun MeaningsA Neurosemantic Theory of Concrete Noun Representation Based on the Underlying Brain CodesThe 1950’s Secret Discovery Of The Code Of The BrainLisitsyn: Information Channels of the Brain 
        Is Quantum Mechanics Controlling Your Thoughts?
        Magnets Can Manipulate Moral Judgement
        Extreme Low Frequency (ELF)
        Mr Beck told his Conference audience that in the early days of ELF wave research he found 182 references to the effects of ELF Electro-Static and Electro-magnetic fields on human performance, moods, etc, but later when he sent one of his students to the bio-medical library of the University of California at Los Angeles to look up some of these references, the student found that many had been sliced out of the text with a razor blade!

        Bob Beck – Six Part “Foundation” Presentation (1978)ELF Magnetic Fields and EEG EntrainmentExtremely Low Frequency (ELF) FieldsEffects of 6-10Hz ELF on Brainwaves
        A Comprehensive Review of the Psychological Effects of Brainwave EntrainmentBinaural Auditory Beats Affect Vigilance Performance and Mood
        The Effects of Alpha (10-Hz) and Beta (22-Hz) “Entrainment” StimulationShort-term Effects of Audio-visual Stimulation on EEG

        Natural magnetic field intensity distribution of human torso.
        Soviet and Czechoslovakian Parapsychology Research
        Biological Effects of EMRBibliography on the Psychoactivity of Electromagnetic FieldsPouget’s Lab In Computational Cognitive Neuroscience
        Biological Effects of Magnetic and … – Google Books
        Cellular stress EMRAbstract collection – Second World Congress for Electricity and
        Magnetism in Biology and Medicine
        Insights into Electromagnetic Interaction Mechanisms
        Bioelectromagnetics: List of Scientific Papers
        Magnetic Fields (EHC 69, 1987)Quantum BioholographyThe Neuropsychology of Everyday Life
        Studies on the Interaction Between Electromagnetic Fields and Living Matter
        Gene Expression

        Russians Change DNA with Frequency Experiments – YouTube
        Elf-pulsed Magnetic Fields Modulate Opioid Peptide Gene ExpressionDNA Phantom Effect
        DNA BioComputer Reprogramming
        Light and Sound
        Inaudible High-Frequency Sounds Affect Brain Activity: Hypersonic EffectMolecular Resonance Stimulated by Low Intensity Laser LightOptogenics: Controlling the Brain with Light

        The legendary “god helmet” developed by Stanley Koren and Dr. Michael Persinger for induction of altered states and religious-type experiences by temporal lobe stimulation. The signals, derived from brainwave recordings, are administered as rotating electromagnetic fields via quadrature coils. Later versions utilize circumcerebral stimulation.
        The Neuropsychiatry of Paranormal ExperiencesDr. Persinger’s “God Helmet” – YouTubeShiva Neural Stimulation Technology
        Mind Control Patents
        Mind Control Forum – Patent IndexSubliminal Suggestion and Mind Control PatentsApparatus and Method for Remotely Monitoring and Altering Brain Waves
        Compilation of US-issued Mind Control PatentsMind Control Patents

        Brains watching brains watching brains. Where will it end?

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    “Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electronically
    control the brain.”
    – Dr. Jose Delgado

    Applications     …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
    Since we already live under a cloud of mind control, it is often difficult to recognize the truth even when it is “hidden” in plain sight. Look no further than current and future cellular, wireless, and emergency comunication systems which are strangely engineered to coincide with well documented neuro-entrainment protocols. What better strategy than to couple this agenda with the seductive high tech gadgetry that has now become indespensible to social and financial status?
    A section of this page is devoted so-called “non-lethal” weapons, since many are easily modulated with psychoactive or debilitating signals. Additional entries refer to what is collectively termed “electro-pollution”, most sources of which are potential delivery systems for similar effects. In general terms, nearly all artificial EMR degrades mental and physical resistance to invasive programming.

    Submarine communications facility in Exmouth, Western Australia; curiously named after missing ex-Prime Minister Harold Holt, suspected of being assassinated by a submarine hit squad while SCUBA diving in 1967. Hexagonal array is capable of phased or circularly polarized signals.
    Cell Phone Network
    Mobile Phone Pulse Triggers Evoked PotentialsMobile Phone “Talk-mode” Signal Delays EEG-determined Sleep Onset
    Ross Adey’s Research: Cellphones and HealthMobile Phone Hazard 
    Mobile Phone Emission Modulates Inter-hemispheric Functional Coupling of EEG Alpha Rhythms
    Towers Stealth Microwave Mind Control 
    Microwave Harassment and Mind-Control Experimentation pt. 2

    An Overview of Microwave Resonance Therapy and EEG Correlations
    Communications Service Frequency TableMobile Protect Against Alzheimers – So they must affect the brain then.
    The Cell Phone and the CellThe Cell Tower EMF Problem – Mobile Phones/Mobile Networks/Safety
    Adverse Health Effects EMR Phone TowerMind Control by Cell Phone – Scientific American – Effect of 8.34Hz pulse on sleep.Thalamo-Cortical Interactions Modeled by Weakly Connected Oscillators: Could Brain Use FM Radio Principles? – Download the linked pdf.Electrosensitivity Uk News – Cell phones and moreUS Patent 4,889,526: Non-invasive Method and Apparatus for Modulating Brain Signals … – “Narrow band FM is therefore the logical choice which Nature evidently selected”.

    High altitude blimps to supplement cell phone towers. Sadly, not a case of “out of sight, out of mind”.

    Pine Gap Joint Defense Facility, Australia, is reputed to have the deepest well bore on the planet, 5Km. Some speculate it houses an ELF transmitting antenna. Adjoining photo, Naval ELF facility at Clam Lake WI USA.
    Psychoactive by Design
    Diagrammed above is a standard GSM pulse train, comprised of a brain-resonant 900Mhz (or 1800MHz) carrier, as disclosed on the Introduction page. It is transmitted in 0.577ms duration bursts at a repetition rate of 217 per second. Every 26th burst is omitted, thereby implementing an 8.34Hz component. Generically, this composite signal affects slow brain potentials, and impairs cognitive processing, eg. critical thinking. But there’s more … much more.

    The above translates into a 1:7 mark-space ratio (26:217), meaning that 8 bursts can fit within each time slot. Normally, one each is assigned to a separate base station tower. Within each burst is encoded, by GMSK, a single conversation or data stream. This technique is referred to as “time division multiple access”, or TDMA.
    Bandwidth is further increased through “frequency division multiple access”, or FDMA. Around the nominal 900 or 1800MHz carrier are grouped at 200KHz intervals, 124 discrete frequency channels. The transmission described in the preceeding paragraph is continually shifting between these. Thisis “frequency hopping spread spectrum” (FHSS) modulation. Originally developed for the military, it renders interecption or jamming all but impossible without access to a synchronized receiver.
    So how is a “mind control” signal be transmitted within this framework? 1) amplitude modulation of the MHz carrier, 2) frequency modulation of the TDMA pulses, 3) pulse width modulation of the TDMA pulses, and 4) phase modulations between the FDMA channels. The latter can create complex topologies resembling solitons, or 3D standing waves.
    These are nothing more than corrupt implementations of conventional signal processing. They can be applied to nearly ANY type of transmitter, including nearly ALL those represented on this page. For reinforcement, multiple delivery systems and wave structures can be applied to the same signal. Once this type of access has been implemented, all that remains is to select the appropriate psychoactive signals. For details on these, please consult the Research page.
    The HAARP ionosphere heating array in Alaska resonates the entire geosphere by radio frequency heating. It is suspected of strategic weather manipulation, triggering earthquakes (plus tidal waves), and emitting behavior altering ELF-modulations. Resulting atmospheric disturbance has far-reaching implications for all life on our planet.
    Hugh’s HAARP Info Page 
    The Unauthorized History of HAARPHAARP and Weather Engineering BlogAnd Now for the Weather … Compliments of ELF WavesWeather WarefareAngels Don’t Play This HAARP – Classic book on the subject.
    HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the … – Read some online at Google books.
    GWEN Towers, HAARP & Satellite GPS_EMF Control Grid
    HAARP – High Frequency Active Auroral Research ProgramHAARP’s Threat to the Voice of Our PlanetHAARP – New World Order Mind Control and Weather Warfare WeaponObservations of ELF Waves Injected with the HAARP HF TransmitterSimulations of ELF Radiation Generated by Heating the High-latitude D RegionDedicated HAARP pageThe HAARP ConspiracyHAARP: the Secret is Beam Steering and PulsingHAARP Over Mexico – VideoOff the Beam: Did a U.S. Radar Research Station (HAARP) Disable Russia’s Phobos Probe?
    HAARP’s lesser-known sister, the “European Incoherent Scatter” facility in Norway … and the somewhat suspcious “Norway spiral” of 2009.
    “The (EISCAT) heater is used for ionospheric modification experiments applying high-power transmissions of high-frequency electro-magnetic waves to study plasma parameters in the ionosphere. The name Heating stems from the fact that these high power electromagnetic waves, which are transmitted into the ionosphre with high-gain atennas, heat the electrons and thus modify the plasma state. To create plasma turbulence, the transmitted frequencies have to be close to the plasma resonances, which are 4 to 8 MHz.”
    Russian Woodpecker
    Infamous “Russian woodpecker”, source of intermittent 10Hz microwave pulse modulations from 1976 through the 80’s. Heterodyned on the 60Hz US power grid. A spin-off of over-the-horizon radar. The US version, still regularly heard as shifting interferrence on the radio bands, is dubbed the “American buzzsaw”.
    “Russian Woodpecker” Facility – Scary photos of defunct DUGA 3 antenna.
    “We found the Soviet signal coming in like gangbusters … right in the window of human psychoactivity.”  – Bob Beck
    “GWEN is a superb system, in combination with cyclotron resonance, for producing behavioral alterations in the civilian population. The average strength of the steady geomagnetic field varies from place to place across the United States. Therefore, if one wished to resonate a specific ion in living things in a specific locality, one would require a specific frequency for that location. The spacing of GWEN transmitters 200 miles apart across the United States would allow such specific frequencies to be ‘tailored’ to the geomagnetic-field strength in each GWEN area.” – Robert O. Becker, MD

    GWEN transmitter distribution map.
    Cover of March 2001 UK Police Federation magazine protesting, over mental health effects, issuance of TETRA handsets to officers.
    Iridium Global Coverage
    Iridium “satellite phone” constellation, operated by Boeing, overlays natural dodecahedral energy grid of the planet. Each of its 66 satellites projects 48 beams, each covering 600km. Signal strength is 10,000 times greater than GPS.
    Speaking of satellites, the INSPIRE project, based upon the Russian MIR space station, uses an electron gun to project a 10Hz modulated signal across the Earth’s surface. Strangely, this is the same psychoactive frequency broadcast by the old Soviet “woodpecker”. NASA distributed 10,000 free VLF receiver kits to high school students so as to enlist their cooperation in developing this capability.
    Synthetic Telepathy, Microwave Harassment, Brain Implants
    U.S. Mind Control Patents and Voice to Skull Technology V2K
    Weapons Implications of Project Bizarre and Microwave Hearing Voice TransmissionNonlethal Weapons Could Target Brain, Mimic Schizophrenia
    Auditory Response to Pulsed RF – Microwave hearing.
    Microwave Harassment and Mind Control ExperimentationMicrochip Mind Control, Implants And Cybernetics
    New Physics-Synthetic Telepathy and the Early Mind Wars
    Microwaving Our Planet: The Environmental Impact of the Wire
    Brain Implant Victims: Psychic Dictatorship in the USABrain Transmitters. What They Are and How They Are UsedIllustrated History of Brain ImplantsBipolar Binaural Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation – DIY circuit. Educational Only. Do not try.
    Flanagan Neurophone – Bypass the ears, and conscious mind. CIA Implanted Electrodes Microwave Ray Gun Controls CrowdsWorld’s First Brain Prosthesis RevealedAdvanced Neural Implants and Control – Glossy Industry Publication
    Japanese Mind-Controlled Cat Ear Implants – Warning: graphic depiction.
    “Nonlethal weapon which includes (1) a neuro-electromagnetic device which uses microwave transmission of sound into the skull of persons or animals by way of pulse-modulated microwave radiation; and (2) a silent sound device which can transmit sound into the skull of person or animals. NOTE: The sound modulation may be voice or audio subliminal messages.” – From the US Army’s own website … recently deleted (story)
    As evidenced by recent political upheavals worldwide, it is no longer necessary to subjugate a country through physical occupation. Simply stir up the population with electronic mind control signals, and pick up the pieces as they fight among themselves.
    HV Distribution Grids
    The 5KV electric rail systems in Austria, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland operate at 16.7Hz (1/3 of 50Hz), another well documented calcium efflux frequency. Is was probably an accidental very bad choice … but now, conveniently, there is a non-consensual behavior compliancy service on offer to stressed commuters.
    Non-lethal and Directed Energy Weapons (DEW’s)
     “Active denial” millimeter waves and hand-held thermal laser, coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

    Going up … and coming down.
    Terahertz Radiation
    Advanced Weapon Systems Using Lethal Short-pulse Terahertz Radiation – Move over microwaves, “Terror”-hertz is coming.
    Looking at Biological Systems with Terahertz Radiation – Plasma photonic weapons? No thanks, we’re just looking.
    “THz-driven resonances in proteins and other nanostructures may lead to profound technologies enabling new drug discoveries, medical therapies and the development of novel materials.” – Vermont Photonics
    “Key to exploiting terahertz technology is the production of handheld devices, and it is believed that the quantum cascade laser will allow the creation of a terahertz device that is small and portable.”
    Death Rays

    Before and after military funding. IR beam + HF longituidnal waves. Note Tesla coil on top of box.
    Psycho-acoustics, Silent Sound
    Acoustic heterodyning is now big business. Phase cancellation of audio frequency modulated ultrasound simulates localized audible “hallucinations”.
    Acoustic Trauma: Bioeffects of SoundSonic WeaponsAcoustic Weapons – A Prospective Assessment: Sources, Propagation, and Effects of Strong SoundResonant Macrosonic Synthesis – MacroSonix ultra high intensity sound generator.
    Loud Bass Music “Killed Student” – The heart attack machine.
    Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS)
    Military Use of Silent Sound – Why thousands surrendered.
    Silent Sound Appendix
    Spatiotemporal Reconstruction of the Auditory Steady-State Response to Frequency Modulation 
    Auditory FFR – Proof of audio frequency following by the brain. 
    Brainwave entrainment theory, Mind Altering Brainwave Entrainment Audio Using Binaural Beat Audio Technology For Brainwave SyncSound and Heat as WeaponsThe Science Of Binaural Beat Brainwave EntrainmentClinical Guide to Sound and LightBWGEN Software – Your own binaural beats, with screen flashing option.Binaural Beat Generator SoftwareInaudible High-Frequency Sounds Affect Brain Activity: Hypersonic EffectNow Hear This – Forbes – An hallucination at every vending machine.
    Teen Away: Teenager Repelling Software – Exploits loss of high frequency hearing by over 20’s.“The Mosquito” Youth Noise RepllentDakota Audio – Yes, anyone can buy it.
    Directional speakers, directional audio
    Directional Sound
    Audio Spotlight – Add sound and preserve the quiet 
    Plaintiff Karen L. Piper, a visiting professor at Carnegie Mellon University, was an innocent bystander on September 24, 2009, who suffered permanent hearing loss, nausea, pain and disorientation when the LRAD was activated without any warning.

    Collateral ear damage. Pittsburgh residents greet the LRAD sonic canon.

    Add a comment

    1. “Who owns your thoughts … really?”Even if you believe only 10% of the content here, your world-view will be changed forever. 



      The first step in formulating a coordinated response to electronic mind control is to determine what technological methods have been developed and tested. This is somewhat impeded by secrecy laws involving “national security”. Apart from fringe diatribes, which contain varying levels of conjecture, there are ample references in the open literature. This obviously represents only the tip of the iceberg of a well funded multi-disciplinary program, involving both military and domestic agencies, that has been underway in several major countries since the early 1950’s. The intended outcome is left to your imagination … or maybe it IS your imagination.
      The first section below illustrates the spectrum of popularly held views on the subject. This is followed by examples of next generation technology. For systems in current wide scale deployment, see the Applications page.
      Mind and Behavioral Control
      Unclassified and Commercial Technology Capable of Some Electronic Assault Effects
      Directly Accessing Every Human Brain By Electromagnetic Induction …
      Mind Control in the UK

      Electromagnetic Radiation Weapons: As Powerful As The Atomic Bomb
      Brain Waves and Alpha Rhythym – Schumann Resonance
      Microwaves and Mind Control
      Magnetic Neuromodulation
      Free Miind Control Tutorial
      Mind Control Part 4
      Is it Feasible to Manipulate the Human Brain at a Distance?
      Mind Control: America’s Secret War
      Jose Delgado’s “Physical Control of the Mind”
      Microwave Mind Control – Tim Rifat
      Electromagnetic Mind Control Frequencies Energy Radiation
      Remote Behavioral Influence Technology Evidence
      Psychotronic Mind Games
      Operation Mind Control
      ce399 Research Archive – Good selection of links.
      De-classified US Harassment Weapons Technology
      Mind Control and Electromagnetic Weapons – Lots more links.
      The Age of  Neuroelectronics
      The Mind Has No Firewall
      Hacking the Human Mind
      Mind Control Tests Causing TV Presenters’ Brains to Melt Down?Watch this.
      Mental Slavery – Science Page
      Mind Control-The Ultimate Terror
      Mind Control Information
      Tom Rifat MC Articles
      Electronic Mind Control
      From Psychotronic Warfare to Biotronic Materials
      Mass Mind Control: Psycho-Civilized Society
      Transcranial Ultrasound

      Prototype “psychiatric intervention” helmet for military personal; pulsed Doppler ultrasound for induced alertness, compliancy, memory dissolution, etc. Initial studies were done in vitro on mouse hippocampal tissue using 440KHz with a 10Hz rep rate.

      Conventional vs. phased array microwave facilities.

      Mass-propagated effects aside, the most significant development is adaptive beamforming (ABF), increasingly utilized in cell towers and satellites. In conjunction with GPS, several modes of operation are cable of targeting individuals. The most basic invokes phase steering and constructive interferrence to dump high levels of microwaves at the specified location.
      By projecting two or more of such illuminators a synthetic aperture is formed capable of resolving 3D forms. Through the addition of chirped FM beams, the absorption spectrum unique to any object or person can be extracted, thereby serving as a means of covert surveillance. By embedding this within a microwave carrier, selective targeting of distinct anatomical features, including body size and ethnicity, can be accomplished.

      Helpful hint: beamforming requires “smart phones” to be always “on”, even when you switch them “off”. That’s also why they can do this: FBI Taps Cell Phone Mic as Eavesdropping Tool. Of course, none of it would work if the phone were placed inside a sealed metal box.
      Beamforming – Wikipedia
      Advances in Bistatic Radar – Google Books
      Beam Weapons Almost Ready for battle
      Adaptive Beaming and Imaging in the Turbulent Atmosphere
      This is for the DC Madam! Mysterious deaths of GEC-Marconi Scientists
      Who’s Killing the Star Wars Scientists? – Hmm… and what technology were they working on?
      Plasma Silicon Antenna – Miniature, solid state beamformers coming everywhere soon.
      Multi-beam Cyclotron Maser Array
      Mind Control and EM Wave Polarization Transductions – More of same.
      Tropospheric Scatter Communications Systems – Capable of microwave inferometry.
      Tropospheric Scatter, “Troposcatter”
      Non-linear Resonance
      Radar Anomalies Over Australia
      Characterisitics of Electromagnetic Missile
      Localized Wave Representations of Acoustic and Electromagnetic Radiation – Abstract
      Phase Conjugation

      And the worst case scenario.
      A more exotic implementation utilizes plasma phase conjugation to orthagonally embed a causal substructure within a triangulated signal. When the carriers converge anti-phase, these hidden potentials unpack within the target. In effect, they appear out of “nowhere”. This strategy can also be used to impress lower or higher frequencies upon a bandwidth-constrained carrier, such as music, TV, a film soundtrack, or phone conversation. Here is a representive patent.

      “A process and device for generating conjugated micrometer to radio frequency range electromagnetic waves and for their amplification. The conjugated waves are generated by establishing in a plasma two waves of the desired frequency, essentially identical in wavelength at in opposite directions and by directing a third electromagnetic wave of essentially the same frequency so that this will enter the plasma at a predetermined wavelength, resulting in a fourth conjugated electromagnetic wave.”
      An Intuitive Explanation of Phase Conjugation
      Microwave Phase Conjugation Using Antenna Arrays
      Linear Phase Conjugation for Atompsheric Abberation Compensation – PDF
      The Theoretical Foundations for Engineering a Conscious Quantum …
      Scalar Wars – Overview of Col. Tom Bearden’s Theories
      List of Advanced Electrodynamics Papers
      US Patent 5845220:
      Communication Method and Apparatus with Signals Comprising Scalar …
      “Inventors like Bob Beck learned that the creation of the “A” scalar field that begins where the “B” fields cancel out is biologically active. The “A” field can’t be detected as such, but it has a biological impact. This is the active field for subliminal process.” – Eldon Byrd
      Bio-photon Emission, DNA

      The seminal Soviet experiment of Kaznacheyev involving transmission of a biophotonic death message from dying to healthy tissue cells. Occurs in UV range and transmits through quartz glass. Once replicated, these signatures can be modulated onto any light source, ie. TV, street lighting, cinema projector, or tactical laser. One aim is to increase mortality from exposure to biological warfare agents, such as anthrax and smallpox. Electromagnetic signatures also exist for each type of disease and can be similarly transmitted to sicken or increase susceptibilty.

      Biophoton Device – Disease signatures encoded within light beams.
      Photonic Disease Transmission
      Novel Electromagnetic Disease Induction and Its Weaponization
      Physicists Create a Living Laser
      Three applications of Optogenetics

      Impaired Cognition and Health

      Cognitive response as indicated by eye movement
      Behavioral abnormalities and inability to resist are favored by ambient electro-pollution, which disrupts calcium and seratonin levels. Other “dumbing” factors include fluoridation, aspartame, selenium, and many other “approved” food additives, pharmaceuticals and environmental toxins. Cell phone use is known to cause these substances to more readily migrate through the blood-brain barrier.
      EDOM: Electronic Dissolution of Memory
      The Geography of Cancer in South Australia: 1991-2000
      Mobiles Protect Against Alzheimer’s – “… demonstrates changes to the brain”.
      PEMF Environmentalist
      Tissue Healing: Clinical and In Vivo Laboratory Findings
      Effects of 60Hz on Plant Growth
      Cellphones and Cancer
      The Electromagnetic Radiation Health Threat
      Effects of Low Energy Emission Therapy in Chronic Psychophysiological Insomnia
      “Eldon Bryd even ran a small project that used magnetic fields to cause certain brain cells in rats to release histamine. In humans, this would cause instant flu-like symptoms and produce nausea. ‘These fields were extremely weak. They were undetectable,’ said Byrd.”
      Mast Cells and Histamine to Explain Sensitivity to Electric and/or Magnetic Fields

      Russian Machine That Tranquilizes People – Dr. Ross Adey with Korean War interrogation aid, the LIDA. A similar signal was observed decades later in the “Russian Woodpecker” signal.

      Emotional Wave-shaping

      Certain waveforms, applied a low frequency, mimic basic human emotions and can be broadcast electromagnetically for somatic enhancement of deterministic programming.

      Historical Test Programs
      The documented culpability of governments treating their own citizens as expendible test subjects, without their knowledge or consent. The abuse and cover ups continue to this day.
      Survey of Evidence Regarding Mind Control Experiments
      The Use of Psychotronic Weapons Against the Russian Population
      MKULTRA:Did the U.S. Government Actually Create Programmed Assassins?
      Timeline of Secret Government Projects
      COINTELPRO – Counterintelligence Program

      MCF: McKinney Classic
      Monarch Project – Edited Deli Version
      National Geographic – The Secret History CIA Mind Control (2008)
      Eldon Byrd Interview

      Dr. Jose Delgado stopping a charging bull with radio waves (circa 1965).

24 Responses to about electromagnetic torture, mind control, and remote neural monitoring by/in The U.S.A. – by TIMOTHYTRESPAS

  1. Answer to:

    Spanish is my first language. I am using a cellular phone, so I apologise for the spelling mistakes. Some years ago, I was a missionary to a native group in my country, Panama. I am 58 now. I have been threatened of death by a false apostle (# 21 of one of the lists of false apostoles). This started after he told me secretly to give him my house. I think he thought I would have said yes because I had 3 feeding centers for very poor children which I supported for 4 years with my salary (working hard) for I am a teacher,but I said “no” .He is considered to be rich. This pastor hasTV & radio stations, clinic, etc. Since then, he promised to send a cancer to my mother, and I only told a person close to me. A little more than a year after this, my mother got very sick and was diagnosed with colorectal cancer, etc. He has been using an electromagnetic feild, RFI/EMR/EMF on me and maybe on some of my family members. I feel the waves or whatever it is. Some time ago, I talked to an engineer in robotics in USA by phone ( I was trying to contact a famous engineer-book writer on this topic) and after explaining everything I was told that it was an electromagnetic feild, etc.
    This pastor told me noone would believe me for this is invisible high technology. It can cause cancer, heart attack, memory lost, allergies, body movements, voice to skoll (to make people think it’s the voice of God), bad emotions, synchronize events(as accidents, rain, etc.) homosexual desires,//// etc.
    I told the police & a pastor years ago,but they can’t believe it, so nothing was done they think he’s an apostle preaching of prosperity and to make money even if you have to forget about holiness).
    This man is not a real Christian. He only pretends and fakes.
    This has been my real experience.
    I have read and consulted about this system. It seems to be secret high technology which can be used with radio frequency (this pastor has TV and radio stations.


  2. Kim Chete says:

    I am targetted. This is my 16th year.
    I can barely comprehend this website except to note I am going to be murdered. I wish to be with Jesus anyway. I am fairly certain only Jesus can help us all.


    • Frances Dotson says:

      Don’t give up so easily. Find strength through your faith. Jesus is with us all and through him, find purpose and the strength to pursue it. I wish there was some way I could help you.


  3. Ritchie says:

    Been going through it for years. Only now getting the courage to speak out though going through lots of SEXUAL STIMULATION & PAIN

    Site below shows a few things I’ve gone through & hope to update it periodically.


  4. ACCION LEGAL ”Señor tengo el honor de dirigirme a su distinguida persona por el siguiente motivo:
    Por tener ascendencia japonesa viaje al Japón donde trabajaba.
    En ese lapso de tiempo que
    estuve viviendo en el Japón fui usado con la tecnología cibernética más
    avanzada, en contra de mi voluntad, sin mi consentimiento.
    Estos implantes tienen la capacidad de recoger, guardar, transmitir los pensamientos, sensaciones, sentimientos e inclusive pueden ver a través de los ojos de la víctima, con la tecnología cyborg mas avanzada.
    Con esta tecnología pueden hablar directamente al cerebro a la víctima, controlando hasta sus sueños. Esto significa que los seres humanos son usados como conejo de laboratorio y destruyen los cerebros, usando armas de guerra en la población civil, como el micro-ondas, armas psico físicas, psycotronicas, formando grupos, cuadrillas de asalto, stalkins se les llama a estos grupos de genocidas criminales ladrones. Se esta perpetrando ahora en la ciudad de santa cruz de la sierran, Bolivia.
    Hemos contado veinte seis delitos penales, crímenes que cometen a cada victima; entre los cuales tenemos: Amenazas, asociación delictiva, chantaje, injurias, tentativa de homicidio, daños a la salud, daños psicológicos, discriminación, allanamiento, robo,etc..
    Estudian a las victimas algunos países y universidades, como si fueran conejos de laboratorios por la novedad de esta tecnología avanzada que mucha gente ignora. Violan los derechos humanos en toda su magnitud.
    Señor como usted puede ver se trata de vejamen, lesa humanidad y estas injusticias tienen que ser sancionadas por el mundo, por la Organización de Naciones Unidas (O.N.U), y los Derechos Humanos del mundo entero, por que el ser humano tiene derecho a la vida, la libertad, y el derechos de buscar su felicidad.
    Esto no quiere decir que esté en contra de la ciencia, si no que al ser
    humano se debe respetar en su integridad física, mental.
    Esta denuncia que hago publica es pensando en las victimas que han sido acalladas inhumanamente y esos crímenes han quedado impunes.
    Señor espero usted comprenda mi situación, necesito su colaboración para hacer público este atropello y así poder llegar a un juicio internacional con justicia, pidiendo resarcimiento de daños con una indemnización justa, ejemplar a través de las vías legales.-
    Para más información mi número de teléfono es 65020144 y mi casilla de correos es: ferny515@hotmail.comtatacibor@hotmail.com
    Para mas detalles buscar en google las siguiente paginas: weapons implants
    psychotronic torture, soul catcher 2025, mind control forum, victims
    implants mind radiation, implantes cerebral voces mental – haarp chemtrail mind control
    Se despide agradecido fernando arakaki miranda


  5. Kimberly Randolph says:

    I have tried everything to be know to rid this torture from my life and others I love around me. It’s as if it’s in a cycle. When I first started hearing voices it’s was if someone was talking to 4 different people and writing a book. Then it went from that to someone investigating and they wanted to know things in my past that happen and when. They have threaten me and physically shown me that they can harm the ones I love. I received a letter from National Security Agency / Central Security Service saying I was on three exemptions of the nine, what ever that means. To get some of my medical records I HAVE to have a court order. And my psychiatrist Dr. Curtis Bryant says I have ADD, OCD, and PTSD that was in Virginia but when I had to move back to Tennessee the psychiatrist here says I out ground ADD. That’s not the only thing either. One time Dr. Grey Smith from Monterey, TN said I had COPD and gave me 4 different kinds of medicine and I took it for 30 days after being hospitalized and went back for a check up and I told him I DO NOT HAVE COPD and gave him the medicine and I it went away. I know I am not mental but What medicine does a person have to BUY? To satisfy the one producing the voices?


  6. marisa says:


    PLEASE HELP blocking remote neural monitoring



  7. marisa says:

    My name is Marisa am a victim of human minds trafficking ring operating in southers Brazil, i have an intracranial implant an i’m being tortured. I need help to save my life means to break free of this harassment. Criminals step into the human brain 24hs the connection an come from several People at the same time, reading the visual córtex through the computer brain interface using mobile phone masts and satellite. The mental grocery prison of life, torture or brain radar signature.There is a software created and based on neurosciense of the brain and humam mind that is being used to torture People. This weapons uses Neuroeletronicas brain frequency of 3hz to 50hz distance to torture victim by sending intracranial voices p try to get rid of 3hz to 50hz distance to torture victim by sending intracranial voices plague victims who be come human guinea pigs in the hands of entire gangs that are usurping these bodies victims need to try a faraday cage p try to get rid of this harassment. Please help me blocking remote neural monitoring.

    Porto Alegre -RS/Brazil

    Venho através deste registrar o pedido de busca e prisão de uma quadrilha como solução para elucidar um crime hediondo que está acontecendo nos vários estados do Brasil chamada de tortura através de uma Arma Neuroeletronica a tecnologia segue as especificações da patente 3951134 registrado no EUA como aparelho de rastreamento e monitoramento remoto de pessoas e utiliza antenas de telefonia móvel e satélite. A arma é perigosa através dela é possível inserir sons, imagens e outros barulhos na cabeça do alvo com auxílio de ondas acústicas, vibracionais, ,sonoras de rádio frequência eletromagnética com o uso de implante ou assinatura cerebral. Os elementos que compõem o bando que estão ignorando às leis são formados por quadrilhas inteiras que estão usurpando estes corpos. Os criminosos adentram o cérebro humano 24 hs a conexão pode vir de várias pessoas ao mesmo tempo, leitura do córtex visual através da interface cérebro computador. O crime organizado utiliza essa tecnologia no tráfico de drogas e a gente, para fraudar concursos públicos e vestibular ou simplesmente para torturar pessoas. Esse mecanismo de tortura moderna e eliminação dos direitos humanos e da privacidade individual visa debilitar o alvo desse assédio. Saibam mais no Google sites v2k technology, synthetic telepathy, silent weapons, gang stalking world, microwaves in remote neural monitoring, mind control an silent sound, mk ultra Brasil, voice to skull technology, Icaat org neuro revolução . Já existem inúmeras vítimas no nosso país isto está acontecendo no mundo todo. Pessoa alguma está isenta de ser conectado e se tornar uma vítima. Armas Neuroeletronicas já estão sendo usadas contra cidadãos brasileiros. O maior crime do mundo a invasão de um corpo humano, brainnet a escravidão do século XXI. Meu nome é Marisa sou vítima dessa arma e neste momento estou sendo torturada por uma quadrilha de tráfico de mentes humanas que atua no sul do país. O tratamento dispensado com as vítimas é o mesmo usado nas prisões de guantamano e abul ghraib, as vítimas são obrigados a ouvir sons altíssimos, as vozes dos perpetradores. O mantimento de cárcere mental de vidas humanas. Tortura por radar ou EEG remoto utilizando antenas de telefonia móvel e satélite.


  8. sammy says:

    8abbotsburyway lowerham Plymouth devon pl22hs go to address Calgary canad joan crcokatt mp lied to me 403-2441880 ask her why I live out side csis rcmp hounds me 24-7 sleep deprivation mind control ,tortur spine ears skin ,penis ,mind,feet



    Crimen de lesa humanidad… no a la agresión a la especie humana

    Distinguido representante de esta prestigiosa e importante organización que para nuestro entender trabajan a favor de la salud de todos los seres humanos.
    El motivo de este escrito es principalmente la preocupación por la salud mental y fisica de los seres humanos; Necesitamos que su organización investigue a fondo el tema que les explicaremos más adelante.
    Nosotros somos activistas que trabajamos por los derechos humanos y estamos en contra del uso de armas psicotrónicas, psicofísicas, microondas, porque es una agresión a la especie humana, pues esta forma de agresión electrónica causa muchas enfermedades mortales, y daños psicológicos. Estamos trabajando para hacer público estos vejámenes que se han permanecido oculto por mucho tiempo, ahora estamos buscando que gente pueda opinar sobre estas matanzas silenciosas, buscamos la opinión de todas las organizaciones que trabajan por el bienestar de los seres humanos a través de los medios de prensa, los derechos humanos, para un debate mundial sobre estos temas, contando con la justicia y la opinión de todos los seres humanos.
    El tema es que están esclavizando, enfermando, manipulando, induciendo, enloqueciendo, matando a seres humanos.
    Es así que estamos en contra de esta elite de poder que se está apoderando de este planeta tal vez con el fin de reducir la población mundial, con genocidios que están destruyendo, están dañando al planeta tierra con una nueva orden que lo manipula y controla todo sin medir consecuencias, sin saber el daño que causan a la naturaleza humana y al planeta tierra.
    Ya es hora de que los seres humanos opinen y se puedan defender de esta masacre, porque pensamos que no son dueños de este mundo, todos los seres humanos formamos parte de este planeta y todos somos responsables de proteger la vida.
    Estos señores controladores están realizando el papel de depredadores de su propia especie. Todos los seres humanos no estamos de acuerdo que nos quiten la libertad ni la vida, estamos en contra de estos crímenes, pensamos que se debería ayudar y proteger a las víctimas de estas sistema de matanza silenciosas.
    Agradecemos a las organizaciones jurídicas y científicas, prensa internacional, derechos humanos, cruz roja internacional, federación de victimas en Europa, (fedame), la Unión Europea y todas las instituciones que trabajan por los seres humanos, que han dedicado mucho tiempo para investigar sobre estos temas importantes que pueden dañar al planeta y la integridad física y mental de los seres humanos. Le invitamos para que investiguen en el Internet en la página google lo siguiente:

    – manipulación mental armas psicotrónicas — implantes cerebral agresión electrónica — haarp armas psicotrónicas implantes — mind control victims implants – implants weapons mind torture — implants psychotronic mind electronic — gwen implants mind torture –
    Estas son algunas páginas para poder investigar sobre estos crímenes.
    Mis casillas de correos son nandounico44@hotmail.comchetata1@hotmail.comanaynando5@hotmail.comfernandoarakakimiranda@yahoo.com — mi número de celular es el 57 – 3186620215 ..–
    Espero su colaboración y su opinión publica sobre estos temas de interés general. Se despide agradecido Fernando Arakaki Miranda. (Nota.- hacer público este documento)



    Tengo el honor de dirigirme a su distinguida persona por el siguiente motivo:
    Yo Fernando Arakaki Miranda porque tengo ascendencia Japonesa viaje al Japón donde trabajaba. He sido usado como experimento, con la tecnología cibernética más avanzada, armas invasoras del cerebro humano con implantes de microchips cerebral. Esto fue realizado en contra de mi voluntad, sin mi consentimiento.
    Esta tecnología es usada por inteligencia de gobierno N.S.A , Sociedades secretas, sectas religiosas, atacan a los seres humanos con el fin del dominio mundial esclavizando la raza humana. Estos crímenes no tienen excusas.
    Usan drogas para dopar a la víctima y la mentira para dañar su prestigio de donde vive o trabaja. En el intento de esclavizar a la gente cometen muchos delitos penales de los cuales tenemos : tentativa de homicidio, robo, amenazas, daños psicológicos, daños a la salud, y mucho mas y muerte.
    Por la novedad de este implante he sido estudiado por universidades de América del sur. Hemos investigado que estos genocidas se creen Dios, hablando al cerebro de sus víctimas haciendo que vean visiones, y lo más lamentable de todo que las victimas de algunos países piensan que esta tecnología es Dios.

    Como usted puede ver, se trata de vejamen, delitos de lesa humanidad, genocidios estas clases de injusticias deben de ser sancionadas por la Organización de Naciones Unidas ( O.N.U ), los Derechos Humanos en el mundo entero. El ser humano tiene el derecho a la vida, la libertad, el derecho a buscar su felicidad.
    Esto no quiere decir que esté en contra de la ciencia, o las religiones, todos somos libres y al ser humano se debe respetar en su integridad física y mental.
    Esta denuncia que hago pública lo es pensando también en todas las víctimas que han sido usadas y después acalladas inhumanamente. Estos atropellos han quedado impunes.
    Señor, espero usted comprenda mi situación. Necesitamos su colaboración para hacer público este crimen y así llegar a la justicia con un previo juicio internacional, pidiendo resarcimiento de daños con una indemnización justa y ejemplar a través de las vías legales.
    Para más información
    mi número de teléfono es el 57-318-6620215
    mi casilla de correos electrónicos son ferny515@hotmail.comnandoman9@latinmail.comfernandoarakakimiranda@yahoo.com
    Para mejor información investigar en google las siguientes páginas: haarp chemtrails mind control — weapon implants psychotronic torture – soul cátcher 2025 – victims implants mind electronic — implantes cerebrales voces en el cráneo
    Se despide agradecido Fernando Arakaki Miranda..( nota: hacer público este documento.)


  10. Sarah says:

    Hi, i read your blog from time to time and i own a similar one and i was just wondering if you get a lot of spam feedback?
    If so how do you prevent it, any plugin or anything you can suggest?

    I get so much lately it’s driving me insane so any help is very much appreciated.


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    My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up
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