A targeted individuals story: do not listen to the mind control voices in your head!

Here is an additional targeted individual who wrote a nice basic description for the non targets to better understand our problem.
I liked his honesty and I felt I should share this with you, the reader.
I know that targeted individuals know this info but I felt it may be a useful description for sone who are new to this understanding.

Personally I feel gregs conclusions are correct, mainly that his substance use is only a decoy reason they are targeting him.

My wife, Petra, and I are both taking powerful prescription medication now as a direct result of the targeting, torture and covert LSD drugging for years.
Adrenal burn out, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, anxiety, panic attacks all require treatment

We have had our torturers tell us they were torturing us to get us to stop using the medication doctors prescribed us to treat the results of the torture and sickness

So clearly claiming that the mind control program is here to help anyone get off drugs is a lie meant only to manipulate a class of individuals who are already vulnerable!

Do not fall victim to anything these monsters say into your head.

They are evil and raping our minds souls and bodies with secret technology using us as experimental humans without our consent.

Who is worse, someone who takes medication to stop the pain caused by their torturers, or the tortures themselves who caused the pain in the first place?

Blessings and peace

My name is Greg Giles, and I am a targeted individual.
The term ‘targeted individual’ may be new to you today, but in the days to come millions on this planet will become intimately familiar with what a targeted individual is and what we endure on a daily basis, as this show is coming to your town very soon.

A targeted individual, or T.I. as we are known, are those who are tracked, monitored, harassed, sickened and even tortured by microwave radio signals being sent through our homes and work places deliberately. This is known as ‘electronic harassment’.

Who is behind this?

There are currently several different groups reportedly utilizing this technology through secret programs. Some are agencies or departments within the U.S. government, and others are U.S. military organizations.

What is the purpose of these programs?

It appears some of these groups are experimenting with this technology, and others are well beyond the testing stage and are using this technology to control the target, or large groups of targets.

How does this technology work?

It’s quite simple really, yet brilliant at the same time. After an individual is selected for targeting, his or her unique brain signature is mapped using wireless technology. Then, radio signals, not unlike a simple cell phone signal, is sent from a cell phone tower directly into an individual’s brain. This technology is known by several terms, one of which is V2K, which stands for ‘voice to skull’.

What does this signal sound like?

It depends whether the group sending the signal is using a technology that produces audio sound in the target’s brain by way of the inner ear canal, or whether the sender is using a technology that overrides an individual’s inner monologue, thus the signal feels like you are talking to yourself in your head, but the thoughts are coming from somewhere else.

What does a T.I. hear?

A targeted individual can hear a ringing in the ear, words, music, or even receive images.

Is this a painful experience?

It can be pleasurable, annoying, frightening, or even extremely painful, depending on the intentions of the sender.

What is the goal of some of these groups using this technology?

It all comes down to control. The only difference between some of these groups using this technology is the amount of control they seek. At least one group feels they are helping others, by deciding for themselves what is best for someone else, then forcing their beliefs and lifestyle choices on them. This group believes the end justifies the means, and this is certainly a very dangerous philosophy.
This group also believes that torture is okay in certain situations.
The most distressing part of this is that I believe this group to be one of the least malevolent, that’s least evil, groups possessing this technology.

Have I been tortured?

Yes. I was tortured for about a day and a half until I finally relented and went to the emergency room. Many readers of my blog may recall a few days of inactivity on my blog just about a month ago. I was recovering from this torture session.

How did they torture me?

They sent radio signals through my body, causing intense pain from my feet to my head as they moved their way up. They then focused on my stomach, causing me intense pain for hours on end. They then caused me to throw up over 20 times.

Why did they do this?

They believe they can dictate what substances I choose to put in my body. They feel they are doing me a favor, that all this is for my own good. This is their plan for everyone that dares choose a different path than they feel is acceptable. I feel though it is at least possible this ‘drug intervention’ may be a smoke screen, and they were only using me as a lab rat to experiment with this technology.
One of the greater problems I see in all of this is that I made it absolutely clear that I refuse any interference into my life by this group and that they are not permitted to try to contact me in any way. They simply chose not to honor my wishes.

Do I know who this group is that tortured me?

No, I really do not know who this particular group is. They have refused to identify themselves, though I believe they are also using proxies.

What are proxies?

A proxy is a person or group who is monitoring or harassing or even torturing a targeted individual for someone else, for another government organization. This allows the group implementing the program to remain anonymous and to also protect their agents. These proxies may not even know who they are ultimately working for. These proxies are told they are helping others, that they are helping others overcome drug addictions or some other personal challenge. Some of these proxies may be church groups or actors or actresses that answered ads or were recruited by friends or relatives. Some of these proxies though are reported to be sadists, recruited for their talent and passion to cause another grief or pain.

Is what they are doing legal?

There is currently only one U.S. state that has passed anti-electronic harassment law. That state is Michigan.

Greg Giles

Billboard in Michigan warning of electronic harassment.

About Timothytrespas

I am a victim of human experimentation MK-ultra mind control Morgellons nanotechnology syndrome & remote neural connectivity. I am an artist, inventor, musician, thinker, lover, human being who cares for all humanity & all life. I believe people should endeavor to live in peaceful cooperation rather than brutal waring survival of the most brutal. We live in a forced false-paradigm and I desire to wake people up from the 'trance hypnotic mind control programming' to the 'TRUTH of light and love'! Blessing and peace. Justice to all who suffer under tyranny. Compassion for all beings. May GOD have mercy on us all.
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23 Responses to A targeted individuals story: do not listen to the mind control voices in your head!

  1. patty says:

    I think you should see a psychologist


  2. Truth is says:

    I have a brother that faked this


  3. Talways says:

    I could comment about mine although I’d think it would be boring. Leaving out my story we understand something higher from our expentation might be operating.
    Sometimes peoples minds get screwed and they end up verbally assualting their own minds. It’s just that thier minds are struggling to compute right observation.
    But that is not the whole picture most of us are emotionally expressed what we see something beyond us. It’s like when you die and see alternative reality, and returning you don’t understand this reality, it could be heaven it could be hell, 8it’s part of the picture it controls everything.


  4. dawn says:

    i am a victim of a satan worshipping group using a man they call god and a man they call satan claiming to use the mkultra. please respond if you have heard of this


  5. El says:

    Jackie….from turning point. I’m not sick…if you’re reading this find me on Facebook. I love you.


  6. Jonathan Wilcox says:

    My name is Jonathan Wilcox. Either drones or a satellite have been controlling me. They use something to mimic depression and anxiety and hangs the way I feel. I also hear voices. Lead and tin foil will block the feelings but I still get the voices. I am in Valdosta, ga on the Brooks county side. They have drones all over my house that resemble stars. Please help…I believe they are using a satellite….idk.


  7. I have experienced something like this and have a different theory of how it is done.
    For me, this turned out to be a symptom of discard programming, which mind-control cults do to people they are discarding from the cult. I believe the cult has inadvertantly created financial incentives so that some unethical families will give their children discard programming and tell the rest of the cult that those children are “unaware” of the cult. from my experience, I am pretty sure that other cult members are encouraged to harass and rape those who are unaware, because they are not in a position to ever fight back or be believed if they try to report what is happening to them. Being never believed and hurt in this way for decades reinforces the discard programming. From what research I have done, i believe most people who leave cults do so because their families gave them discard programming without the cult’s permission. Once that happens, it is practically impossible to find help within the cult because the cult does not recognize the symptoms of their own programs which they use on people.

    Discard programming consists of torturing a child until she or he will willingly agree to torture oneself. Specifically, they train the child to mentally torment herself to punish herself if she ever ever suspects that she is in a cult or tries to remember her abuse or tries to gain self-awareness. The child is taught to tell whatever lies necessary to keep herself ignorant. This includes lying to herself in order to confuse, scare, and discredit herself, and lying to others in order to prevent them from helping her.

    In my case, after I learned about the cult other parts of myself pretended to be other people talking to me telepathically. My experience felt exactly like what is written by targeted individuals believing they’ve been implanted with V2K. For people experiencing this without implants, I believe you are probably going through the same thing as me. For a long time I tricked myself into believing telepathy was real and that I was projecting my thoughts. The voices complained about me broadcasting people’s pay rates when I worked on payroll and claimed everyone now knew my passwords and pin numbers because I couldn’t help myself from thinking them when I used them. Those are just some of the things I did to myself that I am not too ashamed to write about. The entire experience has been torturous.

    Alison Miller’s book, BECOMING YOURSELF: Overcoming mind control and ritual abuse, has the best information I have found to deprogram yourself from this torturous experience.


    • I forgot to clarify; when I wrote “most people who leave cults…” I was specifically referring to the cults that heavily use mind control techniques of torturing children until they develop dissociative identity disorder. I didn’t mean most cults in general.


  8. Whitezombie1986 says:

    Im a targeted individual from perth W.A this has been aware of for approx 9 years , i have heard handlers mention they are going to kill me , i hear them 24/7/365 non stop, they are using a neurophone and they harrass in shifts, im posting this just in case something happens, criminals and citizens and authorities are involved , criminals are able to continue thier routines etc. ive witnessed it , they are getting desperate to control me as ive been stubborn and non compliant. Ive looked for support or help but everything eventually gets corrupted, i am told by recognisable voices that im going to be eliminated by the criminal element in their syndicate , it will just be written off as a suicide or accident, i even have physical threats saved , no one will help even when i have reached out to friends . They have been recruited and therefore against me. They have said they have drugged me , chipped me, made me chemically sterile, they have access to my home, turned my phone into a tracking device/ compromised microphone etc. my wifi at home has been compromised, i cant turn anywhere at all…


  9. max.... says:

    im a targeted guy needing help after 4 years of hell with people in my town with this equipment.how do i stop it…… any ideas”””’cool shit but a iant had sleep for years. max Barber…


  10. Kathh Romahn says:

    I am also a victim of this and I am now thinking that we need to work with these people inorder for our lives to reach a balance. Ive been a victim for 15 years now. It is hell .


  11. I was lured out of michigan 8 yrs ago by family.a visit to california has ended up destroing my life and taking away all friends, family, possesions & peace of mind.
    A yr ago someone told me to google “GangStalking”. Thats when every episode of so called “bad luck” in my past 7 yrs made sence. Not only , but fits like a glove.Now this old outlaw biker wants revenge. I only live for the day I take someone responsible for my demize to hell….w me.


  12. tia says:

    You are not alone show no fear stay strong believe in god and the army of soldiers will get them .I all do anything in my power god bless no fear


    • mn says:

      I have been experiencing Ti symptoms for a number of years. One main method of harassment is sleep deprivation. Just when trying to fall asleep ( the moment between awake and sleep) my house objects such as the TV set or furniture in my room makes a cracking sound. This is not coincidence as it happens at the very moment when I am just falling asleep. I have recorded this as well so I know I am not imagining it. Also the furniture is quite the other times when I am awake in bed. When this keeps happening continuously I am unable to sleep because the sleeping pattern is continuously being disrupted. So the next day I feel really miserable, sleepy and weak. I already left my job and this was a main reason for me to get fed up working. How can you work when you only get 3-4 hours of sleep everyday ? One possibility is that, they might be using microwave beams to create a pressure difference on the object area thus causing the cracking. I don’t take alcohol, cigarettes or drugs and a vegetarian. I am not a politician or activist and have no known enemies. I am of Indian origin.

      I think the public should be aware of what is going on. There could be many motives for this –

      1) Satanic groups wanting a sacrifice to please there alien gods.

      2) Mind control research being tested on civilians.

      3) Racial hate groups ( ie. white supremacy groups ) targeting-non whites just to prevent them from doing well and setting up a good example on others.

      4) Religious fanatics – countries like United Arab Emirates and oil rich countries that follow Islam have millionaires but they still have their fundamental beliefs that people who do not believe in Islam are not worthy and can be disposed of. There maybe groups of them that have access to mind control satellites.

      5) Extraterrestrials – higher intelligent species from other planets may be lurking around doing there own experiments on us. After we die, maybe our souls are extracted along with the lifetime of valuable information and traded/sold in their own worlds. The buyers might absorb the new souls and increase their knowledge/power of the universe.

      When I read Ti related articles on the internet, people are only talking about the Illuminati and the US government. What about the rest of the world ? What about Russia, UAE, Germany, China. Russia is a very corrupt country with spies all over the world. They could easily do their experiments on foreign lands. All they need are spies to monitor the individuals and satellites. They got all that.

      A good way to protect ourselves is for the public around the world to have an anonymous computer network monitoring service and check what they are doing. Their names and addresses should be exposed to the media and published on the internet. Then public will decide their fate.


  13. tredwsa3 says:

    The people that are trailing you and carrying out these brutal tortures are ISLAMISTS and europeans ghetto europeans that have joined forces with the islamists the secret undercover jihadis! once they get on board everything changes. A targeted. This is how it works, you know that your life has become strange over the years and strange things has been happening but nothing too drastic. It’s when the jihadis and the ghetto type of european find out that you are a targeted person they start to add their own to it. That’s why you are in such pain. It is not the government that is inflicting the pain it is the hateful islamists who hate christians or people from a different faith group. You were are target for years and have been experimented on but it was truly for research purposes and they were mild. Lots of targets don’t understand that its not the government inflicting the pain its the hateful groups that found out and joined up that are inflicting these unnecessary pain for their own selfish reason.


  14. Frantz says:

    I’m actually a victim since August 2013, I can share a lot info with this community how to fight against that, I would like to get in touch to this community. Please let me know how can you help me to do that


    • Thank you says:

      I have been Targetted for sure since I was under the age of 12.The voice is disgusting and reads my thoughts. IT wants me to either commit suicide quit my job and give up my religion.IT keeps saying that my sort of person meaning I am mentally ill does things like that.
      I made the mistake of being sent to the medical field, I was able to stop them from labeling me a schizophrenic by behaving normal.
      I have a psychology background.If I were mentally I’ll, I wouldn’t be able to hold it together.
      I call it the Voice of the World.Its perverted and sinful, contrary to all my values. It has forced me on most occasions to touch myself.It threatens my family and all that I hold dear and true.
      What would your suggestions be to survive this ? I am praying for all of us.
      If anyone has thoughts, please tell me.
      I am still going to the Dr and pretending all is well.No one would believe me.


  15. this bullshit what mindcontrollers do, this gross family of corrupt block watch/NWO filth rapes,gang rapes, sexaul assaut, lies and manipultes, thinks getto gross lieng derogitory thoughts of me and my family, this shit that lies to control someone is demented, and has some serios mental gross shit going on, this filth takes pictures of anyone who deciedes to shower go the bathroom, its crime what this filth does when its looking at you with technology. rights have been violated and/ are being violated. 10919-141street surrey BC and the NWO party bus on the corner of 109-141 st. BEWARE this filth on this block does all thats mentioned, and induced dreams which are getto as hell, the thoughts of a nasty getto white french gross eyeball pediphile psychopath babyfucking toilet bowl worthless trolls blech!!!!! srxaully assaulting me right this second and im on my period gross hey, some filthy criminal which i write about is pulling its dick to this crap.


  16. mstmha says:

    Reblogged this on mstmha and commented:
    I wish that this were all that they were capable of but the list goes on and on…


  17. mstmha says:

    Only one state? Wow.


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