MORGELLONS is a man made-nanotechnology, a bio-weapon created with form & functions from all 3 branches of life.

Well thought out.

Nice try.

HOWEVER, as a victim of morgellons, given to my wife & I as part of targeting & human experimentation at 330 west 51st st, a hotel we lived in, I can tell you from experience that MORGELONS is WAY MORE than just “BUGS UNDER THE SKIN”!

You see, we had a ‘mist’ pumped in to our hotel room that stung the skin and created unlimited “bugs” everywhere in everything we had.

we had creatures of all types & sizes biting, stinging, burrowing under skin, coming out of skin, etc.

It is clear to us, after living with morgelons & learning whatever we could about it that MORGELLONS is a man made!

This is nanotechnology, a bio-weapon created with form & functions from all 3 branches of life.

The Morgellons ‘system’ has more abilities than you would first imagine, mostly because it is being thought of only as a disease model.

This technology is capable of ‘building’ ‘semiconductor‘ ‘radio-parts‘ into your body, interfaced with the nano bio-sensors it also builds,it allows one to become “linked” to the remote neural connection system, and A.I. run ‘mind control‘ system with synthetic telepathy, and electromagnetic torture

Complete intercepted monitoring of everything you see with your eyes, hear with your ears, touch, taste, speech, and EVEN YOUR INNERMOST THOUGHTS are available for monitoring, display and computing and output to a video screen.

with this technology you become a human transmitter and everything you think, see, say, feel or do may be recorded and displayed in real time.

This is no joke.


You can see why the powers that be want to keep this ultimate human being tracking and thought/action control system a secret for as long as possible.

Once the entire human population becomes ‘activated‘ via morgellons, and is connected to the mind control ‘matrix’, it will be too late.

Do you ever wish to have a private thought again? or a secret?

How about being arrested and re-educated by the THOUGHT POLICE because you are having thoughts and dreams that are OUTLAWED by the controlling powers.

Using remote electromagnetic torture, you WILL FOLLOW THE RULES,or you will be tortured and reprogrammed, over the air,just like a phone or computer.

Morgellons fibers are ferromagnetic.

It can sample any DNA and replicate it with programmable mutations .

morgelons can deliver GNA and integrate it into the human genome.

This is forced trans-humanism, human experimentation, & depopulation all in one.

Responsible for many fatal diseases, morgellons is earning billions for the companies selling symptom relief, etc.

Please, dear friends, do not be fooled by such misinformation. Clearly, this is a conspiracy, one that has been skillfully orchestrated from the very top.

“Morgellons” is deadly, as it removes ferros2 from hemoglobin and creates ferros3(a stronger ionic bond) so that red blood cells can no longer carry oxygen in & WASTE CO2 OUT. suffocation results in death.

Morgelons is SYSTEMIC, it destroys your bodies healthy functioning and causes disease.

Keep in mind that it is also being sprayed on all plants, animals,water & land.

It may even break the food chain soon, what, with all the heavy ionic metal salts.

Humanity is looking at a man-made, premeditated pandemic!

Remember, if our observations are correct, through continual atmospheric spraying of the morgellons bio-weapon, by including it along with ‘cloud seeding’ & ‘weather modification’ programs, it would appear reasonable to believe that almost  EVERYONE on the planet must have been exposed to MORGELONS by now! (except those that receive the antidote regularly)

Take the red wine test to see your exposure to morgellons.

Bugs under the skin is the least OF THE WORRIES OF MORGELONS SUFFERERS.

About Timothytrespas

I am a victim of human experimentation MK-ultra mind control Morgellons nanotechnology syndrome & remote neural connectivity. I am an artist, inventor, musician, thinker, lover, human being who cares for all humanity & all life. I believe people should endeavor to live in peaceful cooperation rather than brutal waring survival of the most brutal. We live in a forced false-paradigm and I desire to wake people up from the 'trance hypnotic mind control programming' to the 'TRUTH of light and love'! Blessing and peace. Justice to all who suffer under tyranny. Compassion for all beings. May GOD have mercy on us all.
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  1. Desiree says:

    OK I’ve read thru the comments and I don’t see what I’m about to ask anywhere. I have a black light and around my room and in my towels and stuff are these small fivers that glow blue under the black light. You can not see them without a black light. Is this morgellons or something else? I don’t feel like I have any symtoms of these things. They don’t move or anything. Today I was cleaning my ear with a q tip and a red fiber was on it. I put the black light on it and nothing. I watched it for a minute no movement. It wasn’t in my skin or anything. Least not like I had to I pull it out… they have been spraying all the time here. Just questions I haven’t been able to find the answer to. The blue fibers under the black light really bother me as I don’t understand where they could have come from or why they are here all over my carpet even tho I vacuum. If anyone has a answer it would be appreciated


    • Terry Adams says:

      My experience has been that the colors change every so often – perhaps monthly.. It will be neon orange, then neon green, etc..etc…. What really blew me away was when I found them growing out of the walls of my home. By using a strong flashlight, you can lay a beam down the length of a hallway and see them poking, looping out of the paint. When I find them and grab them with my tweezers to remove them, it’s like opening a fwd-ex envelope. They pull up through the layer of paint under which they have burrowed – these appear to be nothing but “husks” – like a shed exoskeleton. Strange indeed..
      I have found fibers in all my pre-packaged foods – especially cereals and TV dinners. Back some twenty of more years ago i had a listener send me a few images of a purported operation titled “Operation Domestic Quell”. These documents outlined a specific threat to Americans via artificial nanotechnology intentionally placed in our food and drinks. These documents even listed the precise brand of soft drinks (interestingly enough, these are/were the same ones used aborted baby kidney cells as taste enhancers) that were infused with this nano. Judging from the name – especially the last word “quell” this was intended to cause massive apathy among Americans to the point where they would not just allow, but accept the insanity that we are seeing today in our republic. Ah – I talk too much – sorry


  2. Freckles says:

    They are putting aborted fetus parts in many of our foods so maybe that’s what it lives off of or morphs with in our bodies. What an evil world we now live in.

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  3. melissahartwickfowlergmailcom says:

    I’m trying to leave a comment but they probably they wouldn’t allow it they knocked me off. If you do get this please contact me melissa
    I left a long comment and explain so much but I’m going to try to do this very fast so it won’t kick off.


  4. Autumn Keller says:

    I had mystery mites for 3 months non stop in2014? Then again for another 3 months in 2015? The doctor said it wasnt scabies the miticide didn’t work at all either. I had to constantly change sheets, vacuum, use oils and vapor rub, I even ingested the correct amount of otc ivermectin for horses (syringe was marked for weight in lbs) took all kinds of immune boosting and anti parasite supplements. When I first applied vapor rub i saw blue threads coming out of my pores. I also saw black specks. I think one of them jumped off me in shower. I also had v2k start in 2006. Maybe my body is immune to them sometimes but not other times? Even though I’m not currently experiencing morgellons, since I’m still hearing v2k I’m considering using magnets to kill the nanobots. There is a guy in TX who claims to cure morgellons using magnetic pulses combined with supplements and treating the environment in house as well. I think his website is


    • Terry Adams says:

      While I believe that using magnets and precise frequencies can kill or disable ANYTHING, I question people who try to get rich by peddling contraptions that purportedly do so. If it were me I would ask for the names and emails of satisfied former morgellons victims who had success with the product. I fear you won’t find many. I looked into this a decade ago and couldn’t find anyone I knew from any of the dozens upon dozens of morgellons message boards who had done it and seen success…..


  5. Carly says:

    Please stop calling it “morgellons” like that is a physical thing. They are spraying us with bio nano, in all of it’s forms. I have studied the chemtrail/bio nano since 2009. I have millions of pics and videos, unlike anything you will ever see online, which is deliberate. None of this nano shit is for medical research, as that is just to dupe the kids getting the grants. This shit is beyond twilight zone, and they have a full Internet of Bio Nano set up in our bodies. You are right. Tx/Rx via the bio cyberspace on Wifi.
    But lately, I have seen the black goo, which destroys the nano, and comes from inside the tubes somewhere. I have videos and images of it doing this to the fully assembled systems, but I doin’t know what to do with them. I am a TI too. I think if I post them they will just drop me dead. This is insanity and it’s real.


  6. Michaek says:

    I completely believe this I feel like I’m 100% it’s being done to me right now,I’ve tried to talk to people about and as a resault I’m getting divorced a and no friends and people think I need meds from a shrink and I can’t see my daughter alone


  7. davidhuber3 says:

    I lived in the San Francisco bay area. I am a Morgellons and targeting sufferer for more than 10 years. Please see my free PDF:



  8. John R langley says:

    These units attack and work symontainoisly and are relentless. I have had repeated exact attacks on each side of body/head at the same time. Ive been thru doctor and there
    B S antibiotics. There is only one way to outrun them. Depending in the severity you may have to use Smiles PRID drawing salve
    Pulling to surface and smothering. Then applying Neem oil tea tree oil cut with high grade coconut oil, baths with borox plus
    Antibacterial soap. Constant application of
    Peroxide durning any sign if movement .
    Religiously. These thing are thinking taking orders and the suspected directive is to
    Demotivate and consume your mind and
    Appearance. Good luck contact me if you
    Are losing the war. BEST. The Langley


    • Klickie Ira says:

      I am aware that a polypharmacy approach neutalized it for 5 years (until they got to my Dr. at the time. It was composed of doxecycline, bactrim, diflucan, acyclovir, & Omeprazole (a proton-pump inhibitor, because the doxecycline gave me GERD).


  9. Johnrlangley01 says:

    I concur i think i have found a cure


  10. Chris d says:

    Iam to a another victim of the morgellons operation/ a link to me for others who need imput/ my email add. (5thavenuepenthouse) .


  11. Shaman Chris Gaylord says:

    LMAO! No, I don’t have Morgellons because I know the cause and the cure. Just as I know scurvy can be cured with vitamin C and cancer can be cured with vitamin B17. Oops! Did I lose your attention already? Cancer can’t be cured with Vitamin B17. Wrong! You are so wrong! Would you sell your soul for a cure? Would you sell your soul for a cure for your family? Would you sell your soul for a cure for this entire user’s group? Or even for a cure for the whole world? What if I told you-you already sold your soul? Well, we’ll get back to that question at the end.

    You are obviously looking for a cure in all of the wrong places. Oh, trust me your illness is real. Let me see if I can’t point you in the direction of the path for a cure, but to do that we will have to play a little wordplay. Let’s start simple and go on from there.

    1. Do you understand the meaning of Soldier? Sure, you’ll say he’s a patriot who is willing to die for me and my country. Wrong! That is the Tavistock meaning you are supposed to have, but the real meaning is “Soul to die.”

    You have to understand this is a freewill planet filled with Karma and deceptions and “Truth hidden in Plain Sight.” Think Bush, Obama and Clinton are mass murderers? Well, they signed the bill that started so many wars, but they avoid the Karmic effect of their actions. How you ask? Because they passed those Karmic effects on the persons wearing the uniforms, throwing the grenades, firing the guns, etc. If there were no “Souls willing to die.” None of that would be happening?

    Okay, will skip the lecture on loser and go onto a term that is most dear to your heart. “Delusional Parasitosis.” Of course, you think that means that people and doctors are telling you that these bugs are just in your mind. And to the Tavistock brainwashed like your friends, family and doctors it may very well be. but let’s explore further and find out what this Illuminati Rockefeller owned and finance Tavistock Institute really means shall we? Did I lose you again? Of course, I did. You would rather go back to your high powered but not high powered enough microscopes. Wouldn’t you? The Tavistock brainwashed are so predictable. Let me save you some time. There are 4 different strands all colour coded and trademarked from 4 different company spread in 4 different countries. There, that is all the best microscopes in the world will tell you. Oh, and they are a form of AI just like nano-bots.

    Well, I’ll go on anyway. Head of the Tavistock Institue is a Nazi child torturing psychiatrist / psychopath who created such terminologies as “Manufactured Consent”, “Shock and Awe”, “Collateral Damage.” Now, if you don’t understand the real meanings of those terms by now. Stop reading now. You are beyond help and I do not have the time to explain them to you and you wonder why you are diseased.

    The real Tavistock meaning of “Delusional Parasitosis” is you have parasites because you are delusional, you live in a delusional world, everything you have ever been taught or told is a lie. Truth be told you already sold your soul to our medical industry owned Tavistock Institute.

    All the colloidal silver, magnets, fake science, fake Illuminati Rockefeller medicine, magic, etc in the world won’t help you until you turn off Morgellons by removing your consent. But, 1st you must learn how the Tavistock Institute (of manufactured consent) got that consent or you will keep activating Morgellons over and over again and you will never heal. And of course, you are saying to yourself, “Bull Shit, what a waste of my time reading this shit.” That is the standard Tavistock pre-programmed response. Truth is you have already sold your soul via “Manufactured Consent.” That is just a taste of the depth of this psychopath’s brainwashing. Good Day.

    — Shaman Chris Gaylord
    (970) 425-6066.

    BTW: Whether you are a loser or not does not depend on the end score of the game. The only thing that makes you a loser in this life is to give up.


  12. Shaman Chris Gaylord says:

    Doesn’t any form of AI require your consent?


  13. Gregory says:

    Google more about how important copper for our health how our ancestor helping to evolve primate with their dna which containts copper which essential for annunaki. And they found on earth containts a lot of coppers and placing there and needs human to help them to mine them from under earth. But what greys does they extract it from living beings and use humans as their experiments and multilate many living beings. After annunaki fled back.


  14. Gregory says:

    In human body containts element of copper that keep balance of living being and human health. What those greys aliens did they try to extract those coppers elements in your body by putting the moggleons and extract them out from your body that they capture through air that’s when they collect them. And we began ill and unbalance. Remember open your palm and with your mind extract that elements back when they does it when you feel they does it with their fingers twitch with their thumbs.


  15. Gregory says:

    Once you start listening from tv, movie or songs, Internet and all numbers they deliberately place it everywhere as symbolism, and resonance in your thought, it means they try to do mind control on you pretend to be a guidance but trust me all the information you digest strangely relavant to your thought it means they try to do the mind control on you. They are demonic earth aliens try to play god by using technology and Artificial intelligence and bending your faith to forget your true yourself by believing in our 1 god our creator almighty that can’t be explain. But when the nature resonance to you from nature, animals and weather it means our creator speaks to you through our soul and not by technology. Keep the faith that’s what will keep up survive and be strong together as human beings or any good beings without manipulate each other. I am catholic so Jesus save me but for other religions believe in our 1 creator only god almighty. The rest of light deities are the same as angels and your balance spiritually guidances.


  16. Gregory says:

    The moggelons are the fiber parasite that extract the Essences of human life mostly those parasites are cloacking in human form or invinsible entities that floating like white mushroom which can be detected as orbs in camera and in human physical form they uses their fingers connect to their thumbs to attract our essences and connect to moggelons they spread in our body. When they do that my eyes twitching.They are shape shift grey and tall aliens and has demonic agendas. When they do that try put your palm open and with your mind extract back your energy and absorb them back instead. I have done that in years now it make me stronger each days and FYI they have done this in centuries to avoid us to evolve to be better and connect to universe and our spiritual guidance and our nature. Fight back guys we are evolving and stronger do not let fear to be your hindrance. We have our only god and our ancestors now also helping us and punishing those entities who wants to create chaos. They are earth aliens who already in earth for centuries maxing experiment on us.


  17. Gregory says:

    The moggelons are the fiber parasite that extract the Essences of human life mostly those parasites are cloacking in human form or invinsible entities that floating like white mushroom which can be detected as orbs in camera and in human physical form they uses their fingers connect to their thumbs to attract our essences and connect to moggelons they spread in our body. When they do that my email eyes twitching.They shape shift grey and tall aliens and has demonic agendas. When they do that put your palm open and with your mind extract back your energy and absorb them back instead. I have done that in years now it make me stronger each days and FYI they have done this in centuries to avoid us to evolve to be better and connect to universe and our spiritual guidance. Fight back guys we are involving and stronger do not let fear to be your hindrance. We have god and our ancestors now also helping us and punishing those entities who wants to create chaos. They are earth aliens who already in earth for centuries maxing experiment on us.


  18. Melanie says:

    I have video evidence of the nanofibers coming out of and going back in my skin… and yet still am labeled crazy 💔


  19. Carol says:

    I am disgusted w our fellow man who sold us out to aliens. We need to fight them. All of it. We need to plead for help and healing from the acromedia or whatever they r called. All the beings helping us. The ones not wanting to interfere. WE NEED HELP NOW. RIGHT NOW. IT IS AT THE DESPERATE HOURS MY BROTHER AND SISTERS. I don’t care what u look like as long as u r humanoid and a known defender of earth and humans u need to help us beat this attack from within. I am something. I matter. I am alive because u have alllowed it so I can deliver this message. Morgellons is real. It is taking us over. Making us AI. ONLY THE STROBG CAN FIX IT SND RESIST. we r strong. We r survivors and we don’t have long to wait. Help is on the way. Healing. Back up. But we have to get the grail. And connect together and pray. And fight. To be human again. We r not. Our existence is for them. We r slaves. We r being consumed. Band together. Save my daughter. Our daughters. Our sons. Save their future. Ours doesn’t look so great but their could if we band together and connect together. To protect each other.


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  21. gregory says:

    Hey im one of the victim they have been doing that becsuse i have rare genetically i think they have done that since 25 yrs please check they lab in micronesia USA colony island that i found out connected with my ex. Also i found few strange bites these days, some mark in my body i did not remembered also, taken my finger nails while i was drug sleeping or awake


  22. Tortured in FL says:

    I believe these married pigs get off on raping and torturing young children all the way into adulthood until death possibly! That their ‘significant’ others is a cover story for people to fall for their lies, that their children are stolen. Also that all these catastrophes are made to wipe us off the planet. Like Earthquakes are really bombs and drilling. That sinkholes are purposely caused to make the ground sink easier.


  23. Sharon says:

    It’s a fungus that’s is spread they the air heating and ac vents.
    The fungus attract the bugs.
    The fungus is what makes ur hair changed color. It consumes the keratin found naturally in hair. It also creates the fibers. The glitter u see is fungus. The more you talk about nano tech the less people are goinng to want to help you. Yes. It’s makes us very very very sick. It ruins our lives it is invisible destruction.
    But you are not helping yourself talking like this. We will never get the help we need talking about being targeted.
    You were in a sick building overrun with fungus and bugs. It’s everywhere!!
    EVERYWHERE. the government or other secret societies are not attacking people. They are not attacking you on purpose. They don’t even KNOW you exist.
    GET GRIP. START READING ABOUT FUNGUS. Start eating as healthy as u can. Quit using towels and wash clothes to dry off. Start using paper towels. You r only reinfecting your body. Then clean up your surroundings. Throw some shit away. I know your living conditions are not the best. You are not healthy.
    Get your home dried out. Beg barrow a big air purifier or look up how to make one on YouTube using a 20.00 box fan.
    Get a dehumidifier.
    Quit smoking.
    Quit eating carbs. Go on a pure high protien diet for a month.
    You are not helping yourself.


    • Jenny Wren says:

      If that was true, why is this fungus only a problem in the USA?
      We have fungus everywhere, but nothing like these fibers coming out of peoples skin in the USA ONLY.


      • Not just in America.It is a global problem.I had morgellons.And i think it is the cause of mind control.I am doing detox for Morgellons.I am better now.I don’t hear voices anymore.


      • It’s not only in the US. I have had personal communication with Australian, Korean, Japanese and Russians sufferers. If the practical side of treating for fungus is addressed instead of focusing on the paranoid aspects of thinking the problem has a chance to be cured.

        Focusing on gang-stalking, Illuminati and nano-bots takes away any focus on health and makes you sound crazy. It makes all sufferers sound crazy.

        There are anti-fungals used for fish aquariums that are just as safe as all other anti-fungals and they are cheap to use long term. The addition of SSKI iodide will deal with bacteria involved. Fungus and bacteria Timothy! Stop surrounding yourself with crazy.


      • Melanie says:

        Who said this was just in the USA? I’m speaking to many people across the world afflicted with this.


        • Shaman Chris Gaylord says:

          You are looking at this the wrong way. You have to look out of the box. It is not country limited. What do all the suffers have in common?


    • el schism says:

      LMFAO !!! , … U Said..”The Government and other Secret Societies are not attacking PPL ??? /””
      Yea,,,,right,,,,my Government would never do that !!

      hahahahhah….hHAHAHAHHAHAHAH !!!!



  24. Tim speaksspeaks says:

    Morgellons is also triggered through smart meters which will activate the RFID chips in the planned EMP attacks that will leave billions dead and I’m not wrong


    • You are wrong Timothy. I am sorry. It is a delusion. Your mind is playing tricks on it and you are playing along by believing it. If you do not consider this to be possible, there is little hope. Start working on cleaning out fungus and bacteria from your body through oral treatments and topical. Posting ethereal photos of yourself is indulging in the “mystery” and not mentally or emotionally healthy behaviour. This practise and focus needs to change. I am sorry to be blunt, but someone needs to encourage you to face the truth as you are man who respects the truth.


  25. Pierre daragon says:

    Check at the crfs .You are victim of the rf eye spectrum inttelligence .The gangstalking with neurophones teck . Look the movie control factor . Listen the song by cheap trick,the dream police. My brother work canada government since 30 years .I know my ennemi.Its him. I understand them perfectly the style of language . They dont want set me free .They do it for money 24 h by days all my way untill my death for 500thousands dollards by years .Its a crazy world. You can phone me at 418 542 8190 .My adress is .Pierre daragon, 4009 rue girard,ville de jonquiere, qc for quebec. Canada, postal code g7x 3z4. I can sen you a documents of the rf eye deteck . This radar tool can look and where the spys are on the map . Yes you can find them. Check sysdyne.Co.Kr . Good chance to you .Im a french victim. I think to change the nation for find my freedom .And going to be solder signal intelligence .One of these days . Im going to be ready to the people victims and my sons.


  26. Brian says:

    Dunno if this will be usefull in an important way but using ferro magnets can block RF and other frequencies. the natural propertiesa make it flexable and can be woven into fabric but be careful with magnets around your head. use a cowboy or tilly style where you can seperate the ferromagnet sheets at least 2 inches or better from the top or periferal of your head. THis stuff will be a new body armor but I fear it is a produsc which will soon dissapera. Using ordinary fridge magnets accomplishes the same so try to find thick ones and save them up for this usage. Get on this NOW.


    • Brian says:

      I would like to caution against improper use of magnets as a cure all. before using them please do intensive research regarding + or – polarity affects, placing too close to vital areas of our brain, heart etc. However, ceramic magnets are fairly weak and if you research its natural properties you will discover that it truly may be used safely as a shield which reduces the intensity of various frequencies including microwave. Read, read, read please.


  27. Ruth Lyons says:

    Timothy, I too, have morgellons. I see the chemtrails. Colors appear when they microwave. I feel as I may internally combust! I watch as orbs appear as holographic planes spraying these…the sound appears to be from the Gwen towers. Taking down these towers is what needs to be done. They use these, no sattelites exist. Just these transmission towers! I will probably pay for this comment for solution.


    • Ruth Lyons says:

      In response to my comment, Looks like they use Milstar planes now as satellites! Anyways, what a mess!


    • el schism says:

      U are correct about the GWEN towers,but satelittes do exist,just not in the manner they try to make us believe they do,
      the supposed satelites in outer space?
      Is straight B.S….we cannot leave earth..its a closed system,n a flat plane.
      But they apparently have been using high altitude balloons as satelites n theyve been doing that for many decades w/ da “drag net/genetrix program”
      or da corona /or / discoverer program,but yea,GWEN towers is the cause of everything …what is this milstar planes u speak of…thats sumtin i need to look into.


  28. Cindy says:



  29. vigilante says:

    In 2007 I heard a song playing in my head loud and clear. I told family. I wrote it in my journal. I was loading groceries at the time. 2 years later it happened again. I heard it loud and clear inside my head, not with my ears. They 3 months later a friend emails me that song. I had no idea who sang it and never liked it. I told my friend how I heard that song in my head twice years before. She ignored my email. Worried she thought I was crazy, I emailed her that people with metal filings hear music in their mouth. No response. What is wrong with people that you can’t talk about this wild stuff? You could have multiple witnesses and they’ll act like a weird event never happened even after admitting at first that something really happened. How can people evolve when they are conditioned not to talk about it. The elite got us terrified of each other. A literal witch hunt and attack on those who dare to speak the truth.
    Timothy; God bless you for coming forward with courage and telling your story. The bioweapon can be used against your attackers. I suggest you find ways to do so. Spread your successes. These tiny alien drones could work for you to get those evil corrupt satan worshipping lower life forms who are crucifying the masses.

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    • Tim speaksspeaks says:

      I have at least 3 radio stations playing in my head and one saying over and over I’m going to kill you I tell to come on and try it they seem to be cowards


  30. A concerned person says:

    @Timothy Trespas. I’ve watched your blog and Youtube with interest over the past few years. And I noticed you were trying to catch the voices played in your head. I might be able to offer you some useful advice as regards catching them.

    You can use a spy pen camera that is actually rather bad at picking up clear sounds and filtering them out. In fact what it does do is pick up every sound, peripheral sound in particular and amplifies it massively.

    The model of spy pen that should be used, is this one that can be bought on –

    – Portable HD 720P AV Recording Ball-point Pen Hidden Camera with 8GB Memory USB Built-in and MIC by SOUESA

    It costs just under $18.00. And the thing is this: it makes sound, and particular ordinary sounds seem very, very loud. So say a key in a lock, sounds like chains dragging along a floor or footsteps down some stairs, sound like a herd of stampeding wildebeest or something similar.

    It should help you to pick up the voices at ordinary frequencies unwittingly. But they’re also played at ultrasound frequencies, outside the human range of hearing or sometimes below it. The brain makes sense of the V2K. But what this ‘bad’ spy pen does is pick up all the peripheral sounds in a room. And when there is very aggressive psychotronic/microwave attacks, you will pick up with this pen very clear radio inteference sounds or radionic type sounds – they’re like a frenetic buzzing. That’s the V2K or voice to skull.

    So when sound is outside the human range of hearing, and you may know this, to get it to human audible levels you need to slow it down and sometimes change the pitch. The resulting voices will sound like computerised borg type ones, and will be somewhat slow and disjointed, and won’t always be crystal clear – but there will be discernable words or sentences you can pick up with then kind of a jarring sound in between. But this pen does pick up the voices at normal frequenices too!

    To slow down the frequencies and the recordings, you will need to use free internet software such as Audacity. It should come up after a google search, and other ones like it. And you need to create audio files from the videos you take and then process them and slow them down in increments and change the pitch until something starts to appear. It can take some time. But note each change you make and video it for concrete evidence of the V2K.

    All this V2K and psychotronic technologyy is related to electronic warfare and the global intelligence grid and the missile defence network. Some of this is talked about at length on the site of TI, Todd Giffin and on his Obama’s weapon website. He can be found at togiff on Youtube. He’s got lots patents, publications and so forth listed on his site about all this tech. He’s filed numerous complaints in court recently – and hasn’t got very far surprisingly. But he knows a lot and maybe you could help each other.

    You can also check out the website of a Dr Nick Begich (google his name and mind control and it should come up as earthpulse something) and he has an article on Mind Control where he lists the history of MK Ultra, and mind control technology with all the patents aswell!

    If you check out the websites of these weapons manufacturers, you might also pick up some more useful information – Lockheed Martin, Rohde and Schwartz, Roke Manor Research, BAe Systems, Cobham Antennas – the list is endless unfortunately. There’s a lot of evil companies out there developing this stuff and testing it on ordinary people.

    What else proves targeting beyond all doubt, is a spectrum analyser. You can hire them or buy them on the net. You’ll need to get one that tests frequencies of between 30 MHz to 6 GHz. The frequencies used often correlate with cell phone towers and TETRA. So V2K is often between 30-500 MHZ (megahertz). And readings of around -40 dBm (decibel milliwats), that’s high, will indicate you’re being targeted. Wifi and other cell phone frequencies can be used against you. You should be able to find military or telecom charts for America and correlate the frequencies you pick up with military ones. You need to look out for words like radiolocation, which means searching and targeting. Direction finding and beam forming phased array antennas are the directed energy weapons or psychotronics that are used on people, from either satellites, or cell phone masts and GWEN towers. Apparently, these antennas share the same apparatus as cell phone masts and software allows them to be used for finding people and zapping them. They like antennas to have multiple purposes.

    What will stop targetting is a signal jammer – a military grade one that disrupts the megahertz and low gigahertz range of frequencies they use to target people. They’re not easily available, they’re meant to be illegal to own, and can be quite expensive. But if you’re being targeted illegally, I don’t think you should care. Maybe you would know of someone who could help you create something to break up the signals. Also extreme soundproofing and very, very thick, absorbent wall padding can dull the waves that are sent you’re way. An electric toothbrush gripped in between your jaw or on your tongue can dissipate the effects of V2K. You may need a few. And a electric head massager or anything that distorts the waves hitting your body can also provide relief. Strong fans can help too, and just a cold compress on your head can dull the headaches.


    • Tim speaksspeaks says:

      Pulsed sound waves from the dinging of my 2002 chevy suburban key switch have gave me great relief from the guantum strings and the voices

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    • Shaman Chris Gaylord says:

      The 1st thing you should do. Is throw out your microwave. Micro-waves have been outlawed in every country except the USA, because outside of the US their hazards are well known. Also, you should know X-boxes radiates a microwave signal as long as it plugged into the wall. Also, 5G will be the death of us all. It is all about frequency. You need to keep your body high frequency as much as possible and as Alkaline as much as possible. I recommend Cayenne Pepper the Cadillac of hot.


  31. Michael gonzales says:

    And yes, what you wrote is only the jumping off point to the more bizarre, twisted truth that is out there. I’m talking, inter dimension worlds, “aliens”, ghosts, dreams, remote vision etc.

    I have been through some serious life altering visions and interacted with all kinds of beings all in the uncomfort of my own bed. It was some scary shit and I’m a survivor. More as the hermit of the tarot.

    I hope everyone who endures can know this isn’t the end for you. Its only the beginning. You could even call this the mark of the beast. The triple hex. Crossed out mind, crossed out body and crossed out life. 666 xxx.

    Though, if you read the end of the book, they all get locked up in a box. That box is this program. However, that’s just what they want us to believe. It because they believe it even if they don’t. We can believe it but, we have the choice.

    You get it? We are already on ” the other side”. They must “cross over” because of what they spent their whole lives living in secret and denying the truth.

    Once, the truth is exposed, and it already has been, we are all considered dead. That’s why these bugs are so easily able to invade the body. We live as right now. Our bodies live as almost but, not quite right now. That’s why it gives out, eventually.

    The same goes for these assholes. They must run the gauntlet as we have before their body gives out or else, they will be trapped as ghosts the way everyone used to be. Only, this time its for good.

    Before, the truth was not exposed to the body in the way were being fucked over. It was all in belief. Its real now. Its doesn’t matter if you live or die. Living and dieing are simply words without meaning. We are and they aren’t. We know they are there and they still think were same as we ever were.

    Well, the ironic twist is they saved us by doing what they thought was going to making them eternal gods. Life is full of ironies. This is travesty.

    So, people…don’t worry. It sucks having to deal with this at your own pace but, you will make it through. Its costly but, do what is within your reason and budget. You will learn about all sorts of new ways to help your body and expand your mind exponentially. You will get it under control and then, you can help others around you without even having to go into detail about what is really happening.

    The less you scare people, the better off they are. Its a process. Its a transition.

    Love you all….see you when I see you.


  32. Michael gonzales says:

    You have confirmed my suspicions. However, the way I have understood it came from the schizophrenic side a decade ago up until now. And boy what a trip it was. Yes, there is a thought matrix integrated into this. The network you speak of is called BRYNN. Biological remote youth national network. Good luck researching that. You won’t find anything. I was told this by the bastard tormenting me and forcing me to write encryptions. The gang stalking, the ritual magic, the fear programming, all of everything people go crazy on the internet trying to prove, I fell victim to every trick in the book.

    It has taken me a long time to fully grasp this part of it. I get it now. I overcame all the black magic and mental torture. I did it all while refusing to take the meds. I knew something was going on and now, its time to finish the job.

    There is a way around this. I know there is. Since, they like to have complete control and watch you run frantically around in complete paranoia, you have to do it. Its good practice and you gain a lot of wisdom to how it can be done. Eventually, you burn out and realize, what am I doing? I’m doing exactly what they want me to do. Its fear…

    Its like reading the bible. People read it to bring peace to the state of fear they live in. They trade fear for scripture. Scripture is and act. Its fake. It causes the person to trade their very understanding and ability to conquer that fear that controls them and reprace it with another feeling.

    Here’s the trick. These nanobots and whatever are structured in a form of science. A form that very few people know and could ever understand. It sound crazy that this could even be possible but, it is. While, the mass consenses is that this is delusional paracitosis, well it is. “DP” is the state of fear and the emotional mental state of this very real situation. As, you process all of this, you figure our how all of it works. The fear becomes anger and anger is motivation.

    We all know, we can’t call anyone to express our grievances. Its all left to us as individuals to take care of this ourselves. Irony becomes to populate the play field. If, this technology can be used then, it can also be unused. Because, there is so much miss information then, the truth exposes itself to us by the people using this programing. Knowing were being programmed causes us to seperate from those who don’t know or reject the truth. Our own mind become a force more powerful than the programming.

    The longer you suffer and find new ways to problem solve your way out of thus mess, the stronger you become. Since, these fools only know what they know and don’t suffer the way we do, they won’t know how to fix what we will continue to break.

    The walls are crashing in on themselves. This is our lives too. We have the ability to adapt and find ways to survive. They don’t. They must follow the program. In reality, they are the ones who are trapped and programmed. They live in fear. We can rid ourselves of the fear and conduct ourselves as normal people while, they have to be afraid of this ever going public.

    So, in other words, the more we understand what’s happening to us and problem solve our way out of it, the more they will watch and learn how they will never be able to touch us. Their focus is on this physical world of matter and “science”. They ate basing all thought as a tangible element. They force us to believe what they teach us. They want us to be just like them but, what they are doing to us contradicts everything about their purpose.

    All they have done by doing this to us is made us better than them. There is a point where this stops working and we will have won. The reason for it all is about our birthright, our eternal state of being. They already lost theirs by doing this. Their existence is based of emotions and this ” mind” is being used as program. They must deny what I’m writing because than they are subject to what we go through. The guilt, shame and regret will overun the emotions they feed on. As we, become less afraid, they loose more of what they think. As, they try to think in this network, they can’t.

    It will become absolute hell for them as they try to reach where you and I are. We ate free from the guilt. We are free to understand who we are outside of the physical realm. We are eternal. We are not a body. Its obvious since this body is being taken over. Our thought are not our own. So, our mind isn’t ever real.

    Well, then….wtf are we? We are .

    If, nothing can exist then, nothing cannot exist. If, nothing cannot exist then, nothing can exist.


  33. j says:

    Something going on…nano getting out of a lab …or a weapon released and brought back via soldiers…..illness is there fir sure..doctors in denial…but what you suggest is way out there… would effect everyone nothing left who profits…


  34. Alex says:

    Hi if you suffer from this, please contact me, I’m researching a documentary about morgellons to spread awareness. Email alex at
    God bless you all


  35. Jacob says:

    Happen to believe to be genetic descendant of nephelim. Not outright born into generational witchcraft, but later in life found that I slipped thru cracks of the MONARCH/BEAST system. Well not entirely. I do have handlers, I do have nano-tech built Bluetooth (official MONARCH hard/software) chip in my brain that does allow access to my thoughts and can manipulate my actions. Everybody in the MONARCH system also has an etheric red cube in the center of brain i.e. HIVE MIND. I’m a Christian, slowly unveiling all of this piece by piece. To sum it up, when I think about life, it parallels the movie THE MATRIX.


    • Jacob says:

      And yes 24/7 access to thoughts, nerve responses, they can see through your eyes, all through bio-chip sensors. You are known as a “bot” and the mystical Android (GOOGLE) operating system is integrated into your being. It all goes back to GOOGLE! You are nothing more than a cellular device to SATAN!


  36. kandy says:

    Its got me and my family to . It remained dormant for 7 yrs before being activated. We contracted it in the silicon valley in 07′ Try to explain to a 12yr old girl why she’s different. I’ve reservations about treating my children with magnetic pulse therapy. Its a double edged sword. I’ve been killing it over the last few months. Only for it to replicate even faster and bed down deeper n harder. Its extremely painful and these kids are already in agony with no Real help of any kind. Our affliction actually comes with 24 hr 7 day a week 365 days a yr remote surveillance. Crazzy?? Damn straight Crazy. I need some insight to help me better understand the logical purpose of this particular American Freedom/Choice. I see it kills the sick, the unhealthy, the weak. It works For the utmost healthy of
    lifestyles. Its logical function, among many, it creates a protective exoskeleton around all the major organs to protect and preserve, in all ways, human life. We are distructive and this Is designed to combat damage from occurring. Now my entire family are viewed by those familiar as less than human. There is the culture who view those with activated morgellions as “robots” as tho anybody said Morgellons??? Sounds great I’ll take ten please. Doctors would Let us die before educating themselves to better serve and save lives. I’ve examined this highly intelligent affliction.its not just an accident. They will make sure Everone gets itThey are translucent spider web like strings. Technologies far Above our current ability. Iv seen these thes do Weird things. Retract, mechanicaly out of my hair tips. I’m just a mother I’m not scholar. We now have altered DNA only seen in plant life. We are Not even the same people we were before. In addition to fighting for our lives against an illness that’s most assuredly A Mass Delusion…uh OK Riiight. We will have to Fight the ones who believe we are less than Human now. The community who Knows also knows exactly what we are becoming. Just A.I. and closely E.T We are Now highly contagious and people do not Want To become sick. Even transform into into forms we can’t even recognize ourselves. So there is a whole big world full
    Of EMF monitors who can take us out anytime. And after I learned the truth about wat me n my kids have become, I don’t blame them. If the A.I disease doesn’t cut our lives short the people who need to protect their families and their health Will kill us instead. I’m 35. Children ages 12 and 16. Proud Fighters since 07′ we were never inlisted. But I assure you we have become unwilling soldiers. Fighting and dieing for a country that’s killing us.


    • Vctim says:

      I feel your pain. I had an MRI at a place where attendants were infested with Morgellons along with the clients. I was so itchy I could have screamed. Afterwards there was a big reduction in the activity. But people at work and the family had it so it becomes just as bad again. It’s in the streets from Chemtrail spraying and in water. Keep your drains plugged. The nanobots come up through drains. did you heard about Bible Code? This is spiritual warfare believe it, or not. People that do not feel pain from this sold out to the Devil. Maybe I’m wrong. Bible says if you sin against God you get lesions in the skin. This plague confirms that God’s word is real. I read Shungite meteor is the cause of this plague. All these meteors hitting the earth in recent years, it makes sense. God provided everything we need. It’s in the Bible. That means there is a cure. After I officially got this painful nightmare I was stalked by people. I’d see vans parked with people in them at all hours like they were watching my house. I’d see them follow me. This was for the first year. I got a feeling they wanted to make sure it took. I’ll bet there are people that beat it. Then the monitor their credit card purchases to figure out how they did it and take whatever it was off the market.


      • Flo says:

        Hey, I found this for some reason… are you sure shungite has todo with it? There are remarkable studies about its healing properties and electric conductivity also in terms of Elimination of EMF. To tell my story short I got diagnosed with heavy metal poisoning and Borrelia Burgdorferi and other stuff and shungite appeared in my life shortly after. For me there is only 2 possibilities it’s either the cure or cause of morgellons…


        • Brian says:

          I will say cure but he could be correct. I love Shungite but I will always know Truth is stranger than fiction. I buy as much Shungite as I can get.


    • Apryl says:

      Do u ever feel like people cough or itch because of you? Or react via telephone by coughing?


  37. Bethany says:

    I’m a targeted person bethanymanis@gmail


  38. DeadPool1980 says:

    I’m with all of you who are infected. Approx 5 months ago I to started experiencing symptoms of this nasty margellons shit which I believe was put into my system by a free- mason disguised as a homeless fuck claiming never to be connected to the US military as I was yet for a homeless man his shit was neatly folded and pressed and sorted out in military fashion. This fucker said his name was Robert but he looked a lot like our ex president piece of shit George Bush and sounded like him to. He also had a military issue duffle bag and gave me an 82/101st airborne jump pin he claims he found as a thanks for my service yeah thanks my ass cause that pin is probably what infected me with the margellons virus. Oh and I Dont just hear high pitch noises in my ears, it sounds like motherfuckers playing supper Mario bros up in my shit and the noise isn’t coming from our ears because I put drops in both sons of bitches and could still hear the noise so whatever causes the noises is planting the sounds directly into our brains and lately I been having strange thoughts but I wanna see our government and the so called alumanatee brought to there fucking knees and begging for mercy because I’m looking for who’s responsible and when I catch them there will be no such thing as mercy. This is what America gets for electing a terrorist as our president and allowing treason to control us. I about ready to start a fight and if it requires me to ask for help so be but this country is not on track and I feel that nobody is to trust. My family and friends all think I’m crazy my fiancee thinks I’m nuts . And doctors on top of scientists are not talking about this like they are afraid to say something. I Dont think this is man made. This is alien tech and I learned that the day I went to dematoligy at the VA. The nurse looked and acted completely normal but the doctor which was disguised as human but right when she entered the room I new she was no Asian woman she glided as though floating toward me in the room and the inside of her nose looked like glass and there was a blueish ring under her left eye that resembled a cheekbone to something else. Around the same time this all started a UFO appeared during a live NASA Space walk over the ISS and NASA cut the live feed video signals so nobody could see the UFO. We are not alone and whatever it is is hostile and I intend to find them and makem wish they never came. They came in peace but they are going back in pieces. I’m fucking done with this bull shit whatever the fuck it is somebody is gonna pay the piper and suck my pipe while I bleed them out and let the swift sword of god strike them down for what they have done. They wanna see the devil and worship him good let’s send them to hell for ever. I’m done

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    • check your ears… and by that I mean scrape the skin in and around your ears with a pair of tweezers.. What I am finding is the same white (glows like freaking crazy under UV light) “stuff” that is forming all over my skin. I thought it was bio-film but I am not so sure anymore. As crazy as this may sound (boy have I written that opening line a few hundred times since 2009) it appears that some type of very small insect is living inside our ears. I use Kleen Green to wash out my ears.. it helps but doesn’t eliminate them for long…


    • faircloth13 says:

      Please get dawn blue soap, wash every thing in it your took a long time but I’m not tormented any more, mint alcohol and eucalyptus oil on a cleaning face cotton pad helps a lot..coconut oil, is good …Take 20 minuet sauna every day and get into a pool or ocean…all help a lot. Cera gem infrared bed pad let me get my 1st nights sleep after 2 years but one. Magnetic bracelets. Help kill it in your blood stream…hope this helps….some one who cares

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    • Robert Ciano says:

      Dude, I am so with you. You could not have put it into better perspective. I’m a veteran also and was disrespected by their head of Dermatology at the VA and every doctor I have ever sought help from. They say delusional, and anymore I grab my balls and tell em I got your delusional right here you devil serving Fuck. I have been suffering with it for almost 16 years, but as of late it’s amplified 10 fold. I know more things about this disease than most. I have been cataloging samples of my skin, blood, saliva, hair follicles and even fecal matter for some time now with a decent microscope that has a camera attachment. The photographic still shot and video data is like something out of this world. It is so systemic at this point I’m not sure I could ever recover. I only wish there was someone with enough respect and charisma that could rally the people to take a stand, Someone that the people would follow. But a good amount of the population here in the US anyway are Sheeple. You are 100% correct about that Fucking traitor Hussein Obama and the Illuminati. They may think they have changed America, and to some extent they have. But I am willing to BET MY LIFE, that the American people have 2 wonderful qualities that remain constant. Firstly we are for the most part a loving, giving and generous people that would do anything within our power to help our fellow man when they are in true need. That is the reason why this is still the best country in the world. Not gauged by it’s Government or it’s Gross National Product percentage, but by it’s people. But let me tell you what, with that same level of compassion and love, comes the strength to be as vicious and committed to eliminating those that blatantly show their desire to hurt, maim or kill us and our family. Like Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto said when his Naval fleet attacked Pearl Harbor, ” I feel we have awoken a sleeping giant”. And they had. So my friend remain diligent, turn the hate into directed energy when the time comes. For now your and my job is to educate the masses and solicit they commitment to support revolution. Many will judge you and dismiss your words as gibberish paranoia. Those are the ones that cannot be saved. They will sit on their small throne (the toilet) and remain clueless right up to the day where they are whisked away by UN Troops in an attempted Martial Law action by the puppet government under the direction of Illuminati elitists that are quite insane. But that action to try to place the country in lock down will again spark the spirit of the sleeping lion. That will be the day you will need to take a position of leadership and rally the ones that are saveable. In my heart, I don’t believe that American Military forces will fire on Americans. And take some time out to pray that if UN Forces do, the American military will then take them out. Be vigilant my suffering friend. I am suffering as well, but you need to make good on your promise to take out these evil forces that think they can Fuck with America. I do also agree with your point of alien technology at work here. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that knowledge and achievements displayed by the ancient Mayans and Egyptians just came to them because the had some all knowing motherfucker that smoked killer ganja. That knowledge was provided. Had to be. Look at the the countless technologies used in the design and construction of the Pyramids and that should be enough proof of concept. But let me give you some advice if I may, (Cause I need you when the time comes). All be it the truth about non-human technology at work behind this devastating Morgellons pandemic, when you feel compelled to speak about it or rally support by mentioning that fact, turn you head and mumble. Cause many people simply cannot fathom the concept and otherwise you might have been able to solicit their support to rebel when the time comes, but the moment you talk about something outside their comfort zone, you’ve lost them. (And we need them too!). Every able body that believes in the freedoms they and their family have come to know and love will be needed to take back what is ours. Freedom. Many of our American men and women haven sacrificed their lives in the name of Freedom. Let’s not let that be in vain. Many of us will also perish in this insane, unfortunate war on humanity that is already underway. But stay vigilant, keep your mind sharp and NEVER NEVER give in. Good luck to you and all the many other Americans that are willing to stand and fight to the end. To all that may read this post, stay calm, cool, collected. Until the day the SHTF, and then do not even think twice about being ruthless, calculating and swift. Spare no one that is considered our enemy. We cannot afford to lose this fight it will be close but will will put them down. Good Luck to us. God bless the good people of America. We will never sell our souls to the devil. Robert C.


    • I emailed the new president after the election in 2009. I decided not to send the email. Back spaced and then exited the website. Just weeks later I have dreams where I’m talking with the President. He asks very boring non interesting questions, much like an employer. I couldn’t believe it. Someone dressed as a mail carrier that looked exactly like the president was at the mailboxes 3 hours early. I’m driving in his direction and he steps into the street as if on purpose or someone whose stupid. I saw him face with a big smile, just like in the trillion of ads he poses for. It looked identical to the president. One month later I’m working with a guy who flys into town on the ‘board of chambers’ or something. He said he was a government employee. Doing what I asked? He protected presidents. There is no way this was a coincedence. Could I have seen a clone of him? They have the technology now. This technology allows telepathic communication. They are able to know ‘everything’ about you, every thought. No more free will, or privacy. I can’t be the only person. Did you see video’s of the Bush familiy? They are shape shifters with serpent eyes. Reptilians are extremely clairvoyant, telepathic, usually smart, dangerous, powerful. They have diseases that normal humans can’t handle and VS versa. Too bad people won’t use their weapon against them. People are lazy!!



  40. Terracer says:

    Using a very bright light, go into your bathroom, flip off the light, and rake a pair of tweezers against the inside of your ear(s). You will find dozens of ultra small white “insects” streaming out of your ears – does THIS explain the high pitched buzzing?
    The under skin crawling sensation is caused because these things build a layer of bio-film over your skin, so your hair has nowhere to go.. so it grows up, hits the hard bio-film, then grows laterally under your skin. So you feel something crawling under your skin because something IS crawling under your skin: your hair.
    Speaking of hair – mine have the dark black bulbs on the submerged ends.. the nerve endings are dead, and the bulbs seem to contain some type of bizarre entities. Weird.
    I have found that you cannot trust the bigger laboratories.. I have lost three samples to these places.. they seem to be in the loop with the bad guys.. One was an MME – micro-mechanical-electronic device.. basically a nano-bot.
    One last thing – RFID chips? Old fashioned.. self replicating nano-bots can build an entire network beneath your skin and you will never know it. What about FREE WILL???

    hang in there Timothy-

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    • Red Dawn says:

      The white hairlike things are fullerenes. They can be dissolved. Look it up. They are from shungite russian meteor. They eat viruses, diseases and you. They are carbon,chlorine, and petroleum based. Petroleum is in mountain dew (vegetable oil) and your supplements. They learn, they are intelligent, so teach them right from wrong. Your mind is a weapon. Think defender, and kill the aliens with visualization. Make your body an unwelcome home. Evil things love fear, so fear not. Get angry at it. How dare the crap destroy your life. Before being infected I seen cotton crap falling from the sky. It acted like a drone and hovered in front of me for 45 seconds not moving. It was impossible. I visited Sedona years back and past Bell Rock seen cobweb strands flying horizontally, thousands of them. The other people in the car didn’t want to stop to let me get my camera. They saw it too. This is alien and there is some agreement with our government. Everything can be defeated. Do you care enough to try?


    • evelynjean1956 says:

      Your thoughts on this issue are very helpful…Thanks. I follow you on YT. My channel name is, evelynjean1956. I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts on this and other topics…


  41. Sadly, I think you are right. I came to similar conclusions when I extracted a pseudo-hair from my chin, accidentially dropped it, and watched in sheer horror as it flew back to it’s original spot! These fibers are clear or opaque white with bronze and blue rings on them.. They are in and on EVERYTHING… Every plant, every insect, and every animal is infested – only the ones with altered immune systems have the “morgellons” manifestations.. We SHOULD be the proverbial canary in the coal mine – giving humanity warning – yet they dismiss us as crazy. They will fogure it out, but it will be too late…
    I have found that a natural enzyme cleanser “Kleen Free” (amylase, lipase, cellulose -) actually kills the fibers. (NO I am not selling anything – I detest nutrasilver pushers)..

    hang in there man-


  42. suzishotnps says:

    I have morgellons also and am a ti. timothy you are pretty much right on the money with ur deduction. I have done alot of research on the morgellons n contacted the cdc. They say they dont have the funding to research it. Yea right! Here is another thing i discovered.. all have metal bars in them do yours? I have felt being electricuted in my apt. When i was only touching the bathroom counter with no water on it. I know the morgellon spread out thru your body like a road map n all connect. Its a clear goo that can manifest or morph into anything it comes in contact with. Next time u have a sore gently rub lemon on it with the rind still on the lemon. Use a magnifier and pook while u rub lemon over skin. U wont believe how much u can ectract . Im working on what it doesnt like . So far it doesnt like consistant electrical pulses. Go figure.


    • suzishotups – That is a great discovery! How did you apply these consistent electrical pulses? I mean, what device did you use?
      I have a very good friend, one of the best humans I’ve ever met, who’s been battling this for years. He’s very logical but not science literate so I’ve helped him somewhat.
      He has another symptom I’ve never hear mentioned. When he gets cut, there’s almost no bleeding and there is no scab and no actual scar. The white wormy stuff clogs the wound, then, there’s a whiteish residue where you’d expect a scab to be.

      Thank you.

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      • max says: is Rife and other technology/frequency.
        Thousands of folks researching frequency
        go to website, they have a forum also with much informatoin about Morgellon, Lyme, cancer.


        • Does the ultra sound pest control work? Cell towers activate it. They eat the rubberized pavement and make cracks by the cell towers. They eat the glue that holds water pipes together. they leak and cause sinkholes. They are bringing major highways down. That’s why cell towers are being added by them every 1/2 mile and the sound makes my head feel like it’s going to explode or it hurts my body where the signal penetrates.


  43. suzishotnps says:

    I have morgellons also and am a ti. timothy you are pretty much right on the money with ur deduction. I have done alot of research on the morgellons n contacted the cdc. They say they dont have the funding to research it. Yea right! Here is another thing i discovered.. all have metal bars in them do yours? I have felt being electricuted in my apt. When i was only touching the hathroom counter with nobwater on it. I know the morgellon dpread out thru your body like a map n all connect. Its a clear goo that can manifest or morph intpbanything it comes in contact with. Next time u haveba sore gently rub lemon on it still the skina


  44. I could not comment at the blogspot- site according to the video With the millitaryman who stood upright against “the actor/ muslimhater” – video you put on there, because of the redirection- hacks and cracks put in my system (blog) so I say it here: I am not fond of exessiv millitary or police- abuse or use, good to see an example of the opposite. Blessed be all peaceful people @ Star


  45. Karen says:

    Thanx so much for sharing the truth with us. I have morgellons too & it’s getting worse. I’ve done extensive research online & got a handheld celestron microscope (150xmag) & posted my findings on youtube (karen johansen) At first I found multi-colored filaments & black specks, but now I’m finding bright colored crystals, tubes & other bizarre items. My doctor sent my samples to the Lab & they returned NEGATIVE stating it was only ‘fibers’ . I went to a dermotologist who said, “I’ve heard of morgellons & WE do not believe it’s an ENTITY” & he directed me to psychological help for my ‘sensitive issues’..another closed door. Next, I’m going to demand some blood, urine & fecal work, because I KNOW the filaments have invaded my whole body. Maybe when the specialists SEE for themselves, the filaments in my bloodstream, they’ll know it’s NOT manmade.
    Anyway…I appreciate all your research & hard work…YOU ROCK ! God bless you.


    • I have a friend who went to a “live blood” specialist who takes blood and looks at it under the microscope.
      I need to find one as well.
      They keep telling us we are either crazy or not sick yet anyone can clearly see I am dying from this.
      When you look at my blood under magnification you clearly see burst cells, black goo, various strange geometrically shaped ‘objects’ that refract light like a prism, small clear round cells, hemoglobin, and other strange stuff.
      My blood LOOKS sick, dirty, filled with science fiction creatures, and something is breaking open my hemoglobin cells to extract the iron 2 from them.
      Then the hemoglobin is broken open and dies and floats around my blood like sludge.
      Memory loss, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, migraines, pain, neuropathy, and a bevy of scary painful and unpleasant neurological symptoms leading to tonic clonic seizures, blackouts, dizziness, confusion, loss of train if thought, loss of short term memory, loss of sone long term memory, tremors, insomnia( I am NOT able to sleep any more without medication) and more.
      Getting anyone who does not experience the pain and sickness of the progressive and fatal ‘disease’ is either part of the problem, a fool, or one of the perpatrators of global depopulation and mind control.
      If you and I can clearly see something wrong, why does the CDC keep denying morgellons exists?
      Because they created it and sprayed it all over the planet?


    • loren daniels says:

      Satan is in everyone and using morgellons to destroy where the holy spirit lives in us at , our blood and our immune system and he is replacing them with things the spirit is not familiar with such as GMOs and disease so when Antichrist is released he will enter us and enslave those of us that have the spirit of Christ in us ,. This is what this is all about is the enslavement of the saints and the body of Christ. The bugs are little transmitters that overtake our cells and bacteria in our body to take over the digestive system the pain recepters , every part of our body while the elf/Gwen towers send such a strong signal through the bugs it will vibrate what little bacteria and good blood cells the holy spirit has to live in us in . This is second thesselonians being full filled and the restrainer being taken out of the way so that the Antichrist can be released .


      • Jacob says:

        A saint amongst saints. The fight is now. He is fallen. By the way, Prince William is antichrist. He’s my most top handler under Satan Lucifer (we call him Pap, ya know cause he’s our Pappy) yup half-human half-angel, that’s me. I can hear William in my head continually harrasing me for about the last 3 months. I am the first witness of Revelation 11.


        • Btruth says:

          May the Lord have mercy on your soul. You are not a witness from Revelations. Shalom


        • A concerned person says:

          No Tony Blair, former UK prime minister, is the anti-christ. Prince William is just a major part of the Illuminati that have been working on mind control and eugenics and population control since time immemorial.


    • It’s fullerenes and they are in the city water. Don’t use Shungite to purify your water because this is where morgellons came from. There are a bunch of new videos where they are fiercely pushing people to buy it and put in their drinking water and plants. Read that russia forced their army to drink it for 300 years. they know that people can be controlled and forced to do things they don’t want to with this taking over their bodys. Just like in the movie World War Z. Testing is world wide and tied to the frequencies that activate it like cell towers.Prayer is the only thing that could stop it. Repent sins. Why do you think prayer is removed from schools and government facilities, and crosses taken down at memorials. It’s a threat to satanic agenda’s. Maybe they used fullerenes to eat the Tsnumai debris from 9.0 quake in Japan and the oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico. maybe the oil spill was on purpose to test this bioweapon. Eats petroleum and then people.


  46. @Star says:

    Reblogged this on AVMAKTEN ~ Linda West / Norge and commented:
    Timothy Trespas ~En helt ❤

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  47. Gama Xul says:

    But nano-tech doesn’t like higher voltages or pulse microwave transmissions. Neutralize the nano-tech with similar methods. It’s expensive or requires a lot of science research and engineering, but it will wipe out nano-tech exposure.


  48. Marie says:

    How do you know of an antidote? And please, what is it?


    • loren daniels says:

      This is what Christ comes back for the saints are about to be overcome and the beast and false prophet will be coming on the scene . We will all be weakened as the spirit is taken out of the way , black people are about to rise to power and enslave the white race . The beast race is black . FREDDY BUSH IS THE ANTICHRIST AND THE POPE IS THE FALSE PROPHET. WHEN THE SPIRIT IS TAKEN OUT OF THE WAY WE ALL GET VERY WEAK AND THOSE WHO HAVE ANTICHRIST VERY STRONG . THEY WILL ENSLAVE US ALL .As we all are weakened the mind control and morgellons body control will be able to control us without the spirit s help , this will go on for a many years until we all overcome all the demons with the blood of Christ , this is what tribulation is all about and it starts now in 2015 and goes on for 60 years . The pope will do many good things and so will the black Antichrist to make people believe they are good they will save us from invadind armies by calling down fire from space that they have satellites rigged up and people will believe the black man is God and the pope is his prophet , they will make him king and Babylon will be back for years until Christ is revealed and burns them both with fire upon his return . Anyone for fried monkey.PRAISE GOD !


  49. L H says:

    Timothy and friends,

    Your research and experience resonate with my own, but not in the exact details. I was guided to your blog from another person’s and it linked me to a different post on your additional experience with other aspects of Electronic harassment and possible multistalking. I can’t seem to find that post any longer. It had several replies to it (as do many of your others) with people’s faith in the power of God to help guide us through this unreal experience. I have newfound resolve in the power of God. (That is Good that only needs one “o” ; ) I would welcome contact with others if only for sanity checks. Tim, you sound relatively sane and intelligent to me. And I am grateful for your bravery in posting your experience and research. I am having a challenging time having people that I am close to take me seriously. I am glad to know you are out there. I am a triple “winner” with Morgs, Lyme and Covert Harassment. (with possible EMF, haven’t figured that out yet.) But I can see and feel and collect samples of the fibers and worms (vs. bugs, although I think I just found a larvae the other day.) I do not know the genesis of the ambient abuse (breakins, thefts, objects moved, “hurt”, or cut) I have some ideas, but it now seems so pervasive it’s hard to point the finger. L. Han


  50. Tina says:

    Thanks for this article, I also agree that it is a man made disease. As far as the bugs, I think it could be halograms, making you think that you have bugs. I have morgellons and I beleive the stinging sensations are from the microchips and nano material that they get implanted on people. That way when people go to the Dr. they can get labled as crazy with delusional parasitosis. I have actually have seen a couple of bugs come from my person, but I beleive it to be some form of hologram. Just my opinion. May God Bless You & Keep You Safe


    • then we have jars full of holographic insects my friend! collect some of the samples. but in some way you are correct because remote neural connection via morgellons can input holographic virtual reality to your brain, and also around you. this is part of blue beam like projects. also cloaking technology being tested as well. light and bio-photonics is an important science now. cheers


      • vigilante says:

        It loves electricity. It grows with it fast. It loves quartz crystals with it’s piezoelectric propertys. It doesn’t grow with inert rocks that don’t have piezoelectric properties. Might even short the nanobots wiring. It loves red iron based rocks and herbs.

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        • The cross-domain nano and micro critters feed off the iron in our blood… I personally believe this explains “chronic fatigue syndrome” .. as we all have iron poor blood. So do we take supplements to increase our iron or does that simply act like steroids to pump up these little bastards? I often wonder about that…
          Timothy, for the past few weeks I have started feeling these spots of intense warmth around my mid section and..ahem.. private area. Out of the blue I will start feeling heat in one specific spot.. and to me it feels like a spot the diameter of a nickel.. if not smaller. It lasts for a few seconds then stops… and it’s never in the exact same spot as I recall. I think I am being microwaved but HOW? Can these nanobots assemble an internal EMF generator themselves?

          hang in there buddy,



  51. evelynjean1956 says:

    Thank you for your comprehensive work on this life and death as well as cruel place we find ourselves…

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    • This is @STAR from Norway- the cleanest and riches country in the world calling out: You are all victims of SCIENTHOLOGY, (including myself) They are predators, scammers and vigilants- they do not care abouth poor People, as of my knowledge (which is not big at the matter) they actually want the world to collaps so they can og to another planet called Xenu. They have “agents”/ employees in every brances of life- they have slavecamps all over the world, they are masters of fearmongering, fooling innocents, “advising” and manipulation. They OWN Public media. They are in every main “protection” like police and army worldwide. They will do anything for Money.

      I hope you are not “in it yourself” Mr Trespass, but I doubt it…
      My bellygut says you are not the type, like “the winners in the game called life” are. But they are preying on you because of Your restilliance…. It`s just like that With those people- they are so wired into theire sucsess- stories, I Guess most of them even do not know what they are involved in.

      Belive me- I am a minus- 8- variation captured in a “set- up” for a “the survival of the fittets”- game. Restrained, fooled, made a fool of- chained in false economic debt- restrained from my loved ones. All over the world they do the same. IT MIGHT BE BECAUSE THEY DO NOT WANT US TO FOCUS ON THE REALITY OF THE STATE OF THE WORLD: tepco accident/ japan/ isotop in atmosfere/ dying Pacific Ocean/ bad-impossible clean- up in japan. Victims in JAPAN need everybodys attention. Same for Phillipines that has been sacrificed. What did the typhoon do regarding spreading radioaktive materials globally? YOU DO THE MATH!

      Wake Up, World.

      All my love-

      Linda West/ Avmakten/ Norway/
      Victim/ Surviver/ just another regular person

      I can NOT be reaced by e- mail (restrained) by real or set-up- facebook- account, by Telephone (restrained/ redirected/ by any means it looks like. PRAYES FOR ALL VICTIMS OF EVERY RELIGION AND ALL OVER THE WORLD- IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST.

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