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SUICIDE! Issues, thoughts, & theological objections! Do we have the right to end our own lives?

Targeted individuals, as well as terminally ill patients, the elderly, the mentally ill, and others, sometimes have so much pain, suffering and trauma in their lives that they can see no way out but suicide. One must consider carefully the implications of such a thought, the deed, and its consequences. Do we believe in GOD, the afterlife (heaven/hell) ?
as we are being pushed and tortured and made too sick with toxins, stress, microwaves, and morgellons, forced into homelessness and isolated, we may consider suicide. when we look for help and none is found, only more torture, one may consider suicide.
But REMEMBER: 1.) THEY WANT you to kill yourself- they win!
2.) did GOD give us permission to take our own lives?
these issues require discussion and thought.
and also we must help each other to survive with support and love Continue reading

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It is our DUTY to VIDEO RECORD all human rights abuses by authorities- Targeted Individuals will be RECORDING all perpetrator activity…

It is our DUTY to VIDEO RECORD all human rights abuses by authorities – Targeted Individuals will be RECORDING all perpetrator activity… http://youtu.be/urbtbvG0Fhk Above is the link to a disturbing video of police savagely and brutally beating unarmed, sometimes restrained  … Continue reading

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