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The Tom BeardenWebsite Mind Control and EM Wave Polarization Transductions – Part I, II & III Reprinted from “Explore” magazine, 1999

To engineer the mind and its operations directly, one must perform electrodynamic engineering in the time domain, not in the 3-space EM energy density domain.

The direct engineering of time-like mind and mind operations—in all levels and all aspects—requires the use of time-polarized photons and time-polarized EM waves.

This is the rarest form of electrodynamics, almost untouched by Western physicists. One can either painfully produce such time-polarized photons and EM waves and directly irradiate a target mass with specific assemblies of them, or one can force the mass itself to iteratively transduce ordinary transverse EM waves first into longitudinally-polarized EM waves and then into time-polarized EM waves. Both will be discussed briefly. Continue reading

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