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Quantum dot technology science: censored by HTML hacking. Please try to read it anyway. This stuff may be what is inside of me/others. Once I get internet again I will try to clean it up.

Semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) are nanoscale semiconductors that exhibit size dependent physical properties. For example, the color (wavelength) of light that they absorb changes dramatically as the diameter decreases. Graphene is an atomically thick sheet of carbon atoms, arranged in a hexagonal lattice pattern. In this work, QDs have been combined with graphene to develop nanoscale photonic devices that can dramatically improve our ability to detect light.

Quantum dots can absorb light and transfer it to graphene, but the efficiency of the transfer depends on how far the QDs and the graphene are separated from each other. This study demonstrated that the thickness of the organic molecule layer that typically surrounds the QDs is crucial in attaining sufficiently high efficiency of this light/energy transfer into the graphene. In other works, the thinner the organic layer, the better.

This transfer can be further optimized by engineering the interface between the two nanomaterials, specifically optimizing the thickness of the organic capping molecules on the quantum dots. Based on this work, further improvement of the performance of these nano-photonic devices can be expected.
We examine the time-resolved resonance energy transfer of excitons from single n-butyl amine-bound, chloride-terminated nanocrystals to two-dimensional graphene through time-correlated single photon counting. The radiative biexponential lifetime kinetics and blinking statistics of the individual surface-modified nanocrystal elucidate the non-radiative decay channels. Blinking modification as well as a 4× reduction in spontaneous emission were observed with the short chloride and n-butylamine ligands, probing the energy transfer pathways for the development of graphene-nanocrystal nanophotonic devices. Continue reading

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Tiny FM Transmitter uses Voltage Controlled Graphene Resonator. Nano-scale biological electronics inside human beings powered biology or incident background radiation(radio,TV, satellite, WiFi, cell phone heart beat,calcium channeling etc.

A team of Columbia Engineering researchers, led by Mechanical Engineering Professor James Hone and Electrical Engineering Professor Kenneth Shepard, exploring the properties of graphene have demonstrated a new electro-mechanical resonant component.

The resonator’s structure consists of a 2-4 micrometer long strip of graphene suspended over a metal gate electrode. The strip of graphene has a natural resonance governed by its physical dimension and is used in the demonstration as the frequency determining element in an RF feedback oscillator circuit. Applying a voltage to the gate electrode stresses and deflects the graphene strip changing its resonant frequency. The team applied baseband audio and tones to the gate electrode to produce a 100 MHz FM signal.

This tiny resonant element looks set to dramatically reduce the size of mobile RF equipment. Traditional discrete quartz crystals have a relatively large PCB footprint but this resonator design will allow it to be integrated within the chip. To test it under extreme conditions the team played the now classic K-pop song ‘Gangnam Style’ on an iPhone and fed it into the graphene FM oscillator. It didn’t break although many wished otherwise. They were able to pick up the signal on an FM radio that Hone had brought in from home.
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