thoughts on our reality, constructs, and teh present situation.



PSYCHICAL TRAITS (electronic telepathy, etc…) may also be emulated  via v2k remote neural monitoring and Artificial Intelligence supercomputer.

PSYCHICAL TRAITS (telepathy, empathic knowledge, telekinesis, bi-location, communication with other species, inter-dimensional travel, or any other form of “PSYCHIC” ability, may now be be ‘spliced’ into any set of human/non-human genetics.

Morgellons disease or syndrome, likely spread globally through chem-trails spraying via aircraft over the entire planet, has possiblyinfected‘ every life form on the planet.

Synthetic biological nanotechnology is now able, apparently, to ‘infect‘, change, and/or parasitically invade or symbiont every known life form!

73367_491224697642825_56549355_nUbiquitous SMART DUST, (computers + sensors + inter-connecting network radios, all smaller than a speck of dust) covers the globe, leaving nothing hidden from their ability to quantify, analyze, calculate, track, control and report on, anything.

antensssssnaAnything that happens (or does not happen),  anywhere on this planet or in its atmospheric space, occurring at any time, is now recorded and stored for further analysis by  a system of satellites that cover the globe, literally.

Forced mutations, occurring in any genome, may now be easily detected, immediately collected and then patented, making the resultant genetic code the ‘property‘ of powerful corporate entities.

Lets face it friends, it is likely that the Human race is now being bio-engineered.

virusSurvival of the fittest?

Let us for a moment suppose that every human being may now have been exposed to MORGELLONS DISEASE/SYNDROME.

This biological exposure through many varied infective vectors, to a set of designed pathogenic organisms, permits self-assembling interactive nanotechnology able to adapt an organisms genetic structures to the ‘better fit’ note the even spacing of tiny round mites as well as network wrapped 'worm'-like creatures as my ears ring 24/7 painfully. could it b e technology or simply parasites killing me?any stated requirements.

Monitoring and control of thoughts, actions, emotions, and consciousness allows for the entire ‘world stage’ to be controlled by those with the keys.

If Geo-engineering madmen decide to wipe the earth clean,  or break the ‘food chain’, or reprogram the planets weather cycles, or move the planets magnetic poles in differing alignments, what are we to do?

It has long been proposed that those persons now hiding in a global network of self-sustaining “deep underground bases’ may desire to engineer a global disaster as devastating as the last ‘ice age’ or ‘great flood’, in order to ‘clean the slate’ and afterwards, reemerge to re-populate and re-create a world with an order that they decide fits them better than the one laid out by our creator.

Playing ‘GOD’ has long been a goal of many of the fallen souls that seem to inhabit human vessels.

Is it possible that GOD’s creations could now be back engineered and manipulated so widely that the re-productions created are anything but god like?

Clones of human beings may now walk about unnoticed.

Spiritual entities (other dimensional vibrating beings) may now be able to utilize a clone-body or even yours or mine.

AldrichMaterialMattersVol8-No1_img_261The artificial intelligence computers are smarter than all human beings put together and they are running the show now.

They may exist. Who truly knows what is going on there.

A species that has only been around for a short time with its memories of advanced tech destroyed and wiped away,  do you think it would be difficult for any species around for billions of years to treat us any way they desire?

Farmed for food or constantly repopulating a planet full of parasitic beings intent on feeding off human emotional pain, there are theories that cover these ides and many more.

Enslaved by a race intent on working you to death to what end?

What if our “reality’ is in fact a construct created and sustained by a higher dimension and we are here in a physical dimension created by some intention/perception / mind/photonic interactions?

What happens if and when someone figures it all out?


How do we get out of this matrix?

What if we could actually effect this physical reality with our intentions and emotions?

Is it possible that this knowledge is being suppressed?

Are we being poisoned ( via fluoride,metals, nanotechnology, gmo’s, food additives, chem-trail aerial spraying with biologicals,  xenobiotic molecules, and more, all orchestrated in an effort to ensure that human beings are less able to activate these latent abilities, in the event that they were ever to discover their true potentials?

Consider that there exist those groups to whom MONEY means nothing?

Well connected powerful affiliations for whom money has no value because they create and destroy it?

record everything Artificial Intelligence creates many ‘instantiations of itself, all doing varied tasks,  all acting as differing “personalities” with which to communicate with humans.

What do you think these super-smart Artificial Intelligences talk to each other about, when there are no humans listening on?

As more people become aware of such targeting and manipulation in their own lives, what conclusions do you think they will reach, looking at the facts?

Are we victims of forced evolution along with calculated depopulation?

Shouldn’t we feel sorry that any of this horror even exists?

Why are we not yet enlightened enough to end such murder, deception and enslavement?

Consider the methods used to ‘farm’ other animals for meat and clothing, etc, do we not also ‘farm’ vegetables and plants?

Science is beginning to admit that our every cell is conscious and also part of a unified whole.Brainscan720xz480
The pain and suffering we cause other life forms must reflect on our developmental stage of consciousness.

If our ‘universe‘ ‘construct‘ has rules that govern its’ long-term energetic changes, then isn’t it possible that we could be somehow helping to bring about many of these  negative developments, considering the relative unconsciousness of our actions?

Not to say that we somehow brought on the ‘targeting’ and such, simply be virtue of anyone choosing to continue to eat meat!

Only that, in a larger sense, there may be consequences for our actions.

Consequences because of our individual and species wide levels of consciousness.

Fighting‘, ‘killing‘ and ‘enemies’, wars, poverty, good/bad, rich and poor, alive and dead, are all duality constructs created and maintained by our consciousness.

natural causes?

natural causes?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to create a world where there exists no need of negative constructs?
Perhaps if we can realize the TRUE nature of our consciousness, our being and why it all exists ,we may be able to step to the next level.

Until then there will always be those, who, though fear manifest as hate, control, etc, will strive to control the uncontrollable, and in trying to always do so, they define a system of reality for the rest of US.

Our power to create has been co-opted by the notion of outward authority.
We allow these constructs to be built up inside our minds and they reflect the outward reality we believe in and create and follow.
collectively we maybe programmed by force to see our world in only those ways that the ‘controllers’ desire us to and, therefore, we co-create the world THEY desire.

Do we live enslaved, believing we are free simply because we are overwhelmed by the number of choices available to us?

Obviously, if one has choices, one is free?




About Timothytrespas

I am a victim of human experimentation MK-ultra mind control Morgellons nanotechnology syndrome & remote neural connectivity. I am an artist, inventor, musician, thinker, lover, human being who cares for all humanity & all life. I believe people should endeavor to live in peaceful cooperation rather than brutal waring survival of the most brutal. We live in a forced false-paradigm and I desire to wake people up from the 'trance hypnotic mind control programming' to the 'TRUTH of light and love'! Blessing and peace. Justice to all who suffer under tyranny. Compassion for all beings. May GOD have mercy on us all.
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4 Responses to thoughts on our reality, constructs, and teh present situation.

  1. lasting impression says:

    I agree mankind appears to be self destructive and out of control , than there is the good stuff, cars, stores, and medicine.
    It’s true life is going to catch us surprized when we turn in time to look out at life we’ll find we’ve aged, and that the young have taken our place. we can never go back.


  2. lasting impression says:

    Of all the microbes on the planet, viruses are the most abundant, with an estimated nonillion (10^30) in the ocean alone. And of course we know viruses can be airborne – that is one of their major transmission methods.
    Previously, the USDA Forest Service established that over a trillion viruses per square metre rains down every year.
    That, as it turns out, is a conservative figure.
    “Every day, more than 800 million viruses are deposited per square metre above the planetary boundary layer – that’s 25 viruses for each person in Canada,” said University of British Columbia virologist Curtis Suttle.
    He’s one of the senior authors of a new study that, for the first time, quantifies the number of viruses being swept up into the free troposphere above the lowest layer of the atmosphere – the planetary boundary layer where all the weather happens, but below the stratosphere, where planes fly.

    Suttle and his team wanted to know exactly how many viruses were being transported to the altitude of 2,500 to 3,000 kilometres (1,550 to 1,860 miles).
    They installed two collectors on platforms above the planetary boundary layer in Spain, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, a region under the influence of a global dust belt.
    They found that there were millions of bacteria and billions of viruses being deposited per square metre per day in the free troposphere.
    The deposition rates for viruses were 9 to 461 times higher than the deposition rates for bacteria.
    That doesn’t mean the situation is dire – obviously we’ve been living with it just fine, and whether or not a virus can survive in a new ecosystem depends on whether there’s a suitable host.
    However, they can survive atmospheric transport, so there is a possibility that they can have an effect on a new ecosystem.
    Viruses also aren’t just pathogens. Recent evidence suggests they play a key role in the ocean’s carbon cycle. There are also viruses called bacteriophages that help humans by killing harmful bacteria.
    Dispersing in the atmosphere and staying there for a long time, the team writes in their paper, provides a mechanism of preserving the diversity of viruses, much like a sort of “seed bank.”
    they wrote.


  3. mypetchico says:

    Where do you reside Timothy? Angelo

    Sent on my Virgin Mobile Samsung Galaxy S® 5


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