Email between timothytrespas ( a targeted individual dying from morgellons, microwaves, gmo mite attacks, systemic disease, nanotechnology, etc) and my adoptive mother…

No summery of someone’s life does justice to the facts but here we try to get a drop if background so you may glimps my intent
Just so you know, I am 48 years old.
I have discovered I have been used as a human subject in a life long program of trauma based mind control, covert drugging, hypnotic programming, and recently, infection with mites and morgellons disease as well as Lyme disease
I have brain damage from being born with my umbilical cord in a knot, from whatever was done to me during 5 months of foster care, a week if missing time at age 4, over 20 years of drug addiction ((“due to hypnotic induction and trauma programming whip under powerful sodium pentathol. I was programmed using powerful drugs and techniques to be an addict and anti social person, then via a series of tricks and traps I fell rite into I was thrown out of school and labeled by experts forever tainted and trying to stop the pain and get away from the people interfering in my life) and treatment with methadone, an opioid replacement and blocking medication, several strokes I had when exposed to morgellons, toxins, electromagnetics, remote neural monitoring, gangstalking, torture, covert drugging with ultra high dose LSD for more than a year(along with other unknown drugs given covertly) electrocution, exotic genetically modified life forms (mites chiggers bedbugs etc anything that can transfer RNA viral material or that rewrites genetic code as mine was tampered with to enable the synthetic biology the nanotechnology and no the time release murder weapon, a spirochete like Lyme disease like creature that lives in your every cell
Mine refract/diffract light and microwaves at various frequencies yielding a unique rf fingerprint as well as biologically implanted quantum for transducers that respond to rf energy beaned at me and allow a full duplex link up between my brain and some control station somewhere
The technology allows monitoring of my senses, sight hearing taste smell feel as well as. access to my thoughts and also allow a subliminal control input for hypnotic mind control as well as a high power level ringing in my head that can be used to torture and kill causing pain and vomiting and eventually death
The things living inside me are eating or destroying the fat cologne and muscle in my face and body
The mites live inside under my skin and create tunnels the travel in shit mate have babies and toxicity me
They only appear to bite Petra and I not the others we live with nor are we able to kill them entirely
I am covered with them
I have black things in every cell
I am sick, dying, forced to live again and again, anytime Petra and I get a few dollars in the bank or begin to try to better out health or our selves, someone comes and breaks in and deposits more gmo targeted life forms
They multiply by millions seemingly overnight jump and climb and bite every inch of your body mostly eyes mouth neck face chest legs any exposed area leaving dark brown to black scars and skin leathers and falls of with lesions scabs and the pain of a 3rd degree burn
Each bite causes fever and sickness and possibly contains more Lyme and morgellons and other parasitic creatures designed to destroy the body via natural causes over time
A horrible way to go
Chronic fatigue
Headache body aches
These are impossible to clean and we end up sick broke and exhausted looking insane and. Aged 20 years in a month

So with all this going on( my family still thinks that all the problems I have MUST be my fault and claim to have no idea about what is happening to me and Petra nor do the want to talk about it
The hang up
Don’t want to know)
Landlord telling us to move out
Petra screening at me to ‘call my Freemason family and get some contribution out of them because I have been carrying us for 7 years and I need help!”
(Note targeted individuals have the ability to make money destroyed I lost 2 businesses and several jobs befor I realized I was being blacklisted) benifits are also messed with as is health care housing health relationships everything)
So I wrote my family.
They live on cape cod Massachusetts in a nice condo community
They sold there house for 1/2 million paid off mortgage and sold uncles house when he died and my fathers sistersister sister left him money when she passed
I can’t say because they never reveal it but I would guess approx 1-3 hundred thousand put into an anuity that paid over time plus small investments
Granted condo maintenance is 1000-1500 mont
I was only looking for a few hundred dollars to help us move
A months rent possibly at $550-600
So here is the letter I wrote:

Thank you for reading this email
I hope this message finds you happy and well.
I apologize for not replying to your earlier email
I have been doing my best to deal with the exceedingly difficult situation we find ourselves living through.
Because of my physical health, the trauma experienced, and our apparent inability to retain stable housing( not entirely our fault), my emotional self has been twisted about and at times I find it difficult to see the good through all the pain, anxiety, fear, etc.
Without going into great detail, as you have stated that this is just too much for you to bear, I will try to express my self clearly and succinctly without too much accompanying emotion baggage.

Please. We need assistance desperately.
We are slowly working to find and apply for assistance with and/or information about programs that help provide supportive housing.
A changing political outlook here in ny appears to be dealing with housing and more programs are starting.
I have a possible lead on a program that may help us apply for and hopefully obtain, some sort of affordable supportive housing, but as you well know, there are many barriers and hurdles that must be correctly navigated to qualify and there is always a waiting period to obtain services once a program is found.

First, let me state clearly and honestly, I am not using any medications or drugs that are not prescribed by my doctors.
You stated in the past that if this were true I would proudly announce it.
I have little pride these days about much, but bi weekly testing at my program confirms my statement.

I am attempting to navigate a system that has seemed recently to actively deny me assistance. (Who knows…)
Regardless, I require health care, dental care, mental health care, financial assistance, and clean safe affordable housing desperately because of my health issues.

I have been trying to find doctors that will take my condition and story seriously enough to actually diagnose and help me.
As my health rapidly declines and damage is becoming apparent I am beginning to get some help however a comprehensive exam is required.
I have tentatively scheduled to be admitted to NYU hospital for EEG seizure monitoring, neurological testing, and other health testing, but with our housing crisis I have put it off twice simply because Petra can not deal with everything herself as she had been exposed to the same things as me and is also doing poorly and stressed beyond her limits.

I know that you have no obligation to help me, nor to even care about our troubles.
I can only ask and hope and pray that you will consider our situation desperate and possibly find reason in your hearts to assist us in our attempt to survive.

Petra has been basically my sole support through these years of insanity and she is tired and sick and stressed and I am afraid that if we can not obtain safe clean housing at least until we can work out supportive housing ( can take several months-we have started the process) I may loose her.

Because of everything we have been and are again being exposed to and forced to endure, We are not in good health

Without going into details, we have been forced to spend our meager savings battling a renewed infestation if biting microscopic creatures, possibly mites.
The pain and suffer caused is horrible
We need to move from here ASAP
We are looking for a room but we do not have enough to put our belongings in storage, nor pay a security deposit nor realtors fee nor pay the movers.

We can not even plan what the best course of action should be because we need help to accomplish much.

Thankfully, there is a dr who referred me to a friend who may have a room for us in the Bronx.
We are also looking here in Bushwick and around Brooklyn.

I am doing everything possible to the best of my ability to obtain long term affordable housing Medical care for my illness/ condition and supportive mental health and social worker case management and assistance applying for and obtaining disability.
The neuro cognitive deficits I have developed prioritizing and memory make functioning normally difficult.

I know that you live on a limited budget and I do not wish to cause difficulty for you in any way.
I honestly have no one else to turn to for assistance.
The system may or may not help us
If I loose Petra my chances of survival drop considerably

Please help me to save my life and Petra’s

I am not going into details about all the many problems we face and suffer from, nor try to explain the truth I have learned about myself and all this because, as much as I have a need to tell someone so as to not feel totally overwhelmed I understand that the reality is simply too much for most people to deal with as many components reside outside the normal range of experience.

I am sorry to be always having problems and always needing help
I pray every day for forgiveness and guidance and strength and to be able to manage my life without needing help.

I have been sick for quite a number of years without knowing it and it has effected my mood my reasoning my behavior my emotions and my physical body organs and brain.
Please help us be able to relocate to a more stabile place to enable me to work toward the assistance and entitlements I require now and in the future.

I don’t know what else to say other than thank you, I am sorry, and please.

With much love,
Your son

I included some photos of Petra’s wounds and myself sick









And here is her compassionate reply
It should be obvious from her reply that she has no intention of helping us

Personally I find it painful that someone how could easily care about our plight but chooses to not care and not communicate leaving us the trauma suffered one less resource to turn to for love understanding and possible support
Like cancer morgellons is painful and fatal

Her reply:

I apologize for not answering sooner. I have explained our financial circumstances to you before. We live comfortably in our old age (as we are fortunate to be able to do)’ because of your father’s pension, my pension, and social security. We have worked hard for these benefits. We do not live extravagantly by any means. What comes in goes out for living expenses, condo fee, car, etC., etc. We have some left over to go out to lunch, dinner a play or movie. We haven’t taken a trip in years. I have my own account for emergencies. I have to have cataract surgery soon and Medicaid pays 80 percent and I’ll have to come up with the rest. EMERGENCIES! They happen. You have to prepare for them. If I knew where to send you a check now and then, I probably could do that. Also to send a package. But I don’t know if you’ve gotten our packages and/or gift cards. I’m not sending a check to some amorphous box or that you depend on someone else to retrieve for you.
Your main purpose now is to get disability. You can’t postpone appointments, even if Petra asks you to. GET DISABILITY, TRY AS HARD AS YOU CAN. Then maybe you can get housing. It is all very hard, I know, but you have to take control of this, using all the resources open to you and all the professionals willing to help you. Don’t send me any more pathetic photos. I hurt enough. Love, mom

Sent from my iPad
(She has an iPad! I can’t afford dinner nor a movie nor a play
She returned from Florida recently
It just hurts to be do soundly and coldly refused and diss missed and made a nonperson
Just like the perps do while gangstalking

To his credit, my father has helped out when he can and for quite some time
He is a good man
May god bless him for not abandoning me
She abandoned and belittled me since I was a child
I believe they choose her as an adoptive mother because of her particular set of strengths and weaknesses
I know I should not complain
So people have no one and nothing
I have still a great many blessings to be thankful for and I try to remember to be grateful to god

But it still hurts to be in such a difficult situation in life because people decided to do horrible things to you and you were incapable of resisting these techniques and technologies and drugs and you were changed and blamed and even believed it

My god forgive me for my mistakes and sins
May he bless me and all those who suffer and need his love
And may he help me to forgive those that hurt and murder me and those I live
And allow me peace and healing
And care for me and love me and show me how to live him

Thank you
Blessings and peace

About Timothytrespas

I am a victim of human experimentation MK-ultra mind control Morgellons nanotechnology syndrome & remote neural connectivity. I am an artist, inventor, musician, thinker, lover, human being who cares for all humanity & all life. I believe people should endeavor to live in peaceful cooperation rather than brutal waring survival of the most brutal. We live in a forced false-paradigm and I desire to wake people up from the 'trance hypnotic mind control programming' to the 'TRUTH of light and love'! Blessing and peace. Justice to all who suffer under tyranny. Compassion for all beings. May GOD have mercy on us all.
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18 Responses to Email between timothytrespas ( a targeted individual dying from morgellons, microwaves, gmo mite attacks, systemic disease, nanotechnology, etc) and my adoptive mother…

  1. Joanna Corlett says:

    I hear where you are coming from now here what I say. On 29/02/16 I was going through a really really tough time, 2 years previously my partner and I were arrested and accused of prostitution. Where I live is the 8th richest place in the world, its also where the CIA funded women’s rights to have the vote. I was targeted by black ops from a very early age after my brother and I experimented on remote viewing, I will never forget seeing a man dressed in all black with black make up around his eyes looking at me through a first floor window way before I new what a Ninja could do. After that my family were targeted by sexually abusing one of my older brothers who was taught to abus another brother who was taught to abuse me at just age 7 and he was only 10. Thank God I learned not to hold him accountable but now those 2 brothers are dead as is my father who set up a newspaper he had no shares in to expose the Island where he was born and where we as a family moved to when I was 10 years old. At 24 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and around 4.5 years ago I started dating a prison officer not realising he was of course my handler and he convinced me to become sexual to help pay for his need and to pay for his daughter to go to university. He ruined my going out clothes when I became bedridden with my illness but on that fateful day 29/02/16 when I had recently caught those interdimential beings when I woke fuming and in my mind I was screaming how dare you, my room was filled with blue light and about a week previously a black op helicopter, a very silent one tracked a red beam into my bedroom. As soon as I screamed at them in my mind they disappeared. I got books on how to protect myself and my daughter as I recognise they have been taking her too, we both suffered migraine and nose bleeds which are common signs on those being tracked and I have Morgellons disease which is how I found your blog. Well on that fateful morning a few months later on the 29th of feb they must of decided to try and switch me off as apparently I collapsed with no warning. My partner who was now no longer my partner but was supposed to be my carer only he did nothing, I was lucky to get 2 meals a week and I had to stay under my duvet as I had no clean cloths and couldn’t afford to heat the house because my handler was taking all my money and now I was bedridden from both the illness and the stress of being arrested which the police leaked to everyone so I couldn’t even leave the house without people pointing the finger. On that morning when I collapsed my handler called the emergency services. In A & E they quickly moved me into the ICU unit as I had caught swine flu even though I had no fever, I had caught it from my partner. My belief now is that they are controlling his thoughts they can’t control mine and they know that because I see them for the true evil they are and I have God and the Angels on my side. When put on life support they had to put me in a coma. In the coma I was given the choice to live or die and believe me if I could I would of said I have had enough of this life but I refuse to give up on my daughter. It was a long road back to being well enough to go home even though I had lost my hair, I have nerve damage in both legs, I couldn’t walk and I had no balance so would easily fall over. I also have a thing called bronchiectisis which makes me cough all the time and leads to heart failure. The island I live on is called the isle of man and it is where a lot of money gets hidden, here the Police don’t have to answer to anyone. One person the police interviewed at the time of my arrest was told that the Police keep a large file on me, a large file!!! when I had never been arrested in all of my 50 years ever before!!! The police rebailed me 8 times in 10 months, they even arrested me a second time on trumped up charges even though they hadn’t even charged me for the first offence that they had accused me of . On this island its ruled by the Masons, an organisation my father left when he realised their true intentions. When I came home i caught a chest infection from my daughter who was at the time working in a government internship (all the other Uni students were put in private companies except my daughter who doesn’t believe what i tell her about the new world order and chip implants (My younger brother new, he told me about it when he was 11 and I was 8 or thereabouts. My brother even told me the twin towers would be hit by 2 planes, and this was back in the early 70’s. He died a year before the twin towers). I was put on steroids for my chest and while some might say i developed psychosis others would say that the steroids actually opened up the veil and helped me see the total truth for the very first time in my life and seeing Aliens watch you from the sky is pretty darn scary I can tell you but that is what they deed on, they feed on fear. I remembered thinking I beat dying so God is still wanting me to do his work and I must stay strong. My partner had gone into full time nasty, he wasn’t the same man that I once new, something had changed him during my time in hospital and he was very unkind. I knew if there was any hope of getting better I needed to get him out of my life because my daughter still needs me and I need to get better for her sake as well as mine. I waited till my daughter left the island to sort out her student digs and I asked him to leave, he refused so I called the Police who acted very strangely and told me it wasn’t an emergency and to call back on the Police main line rather than the emergency line so I called the other line and the very same woman answered, very strange. The Police eventually came and asked him to leave. My daughter was very worried about me being on my own because I couldn’t get out of the hose as my walking was very difficult and she asked me to let my ex back in to take care of me just till she got back. I tried but after a day or 2 I just couldn’t take it anymore and kicked him out by locking the doors when he went to during the daytime and I refused him entry. He called my daughter and said I had flipped out and wasn’t mentally stable and needed sectioning, the Police rammed my door down after my daughter called the emergency services because my line was jammed, my phone line which has never been jammed like that but has had a listening device at times (even my family said they thought I was being bugged) It was jammed for 5 hours!!! After this was all sorted, with me getting a lot of threats about being dragged out of the house by the Police who were using intimidation tactics my daughter and I found a house phone hidden in my porch in a basket, the one my ex must of had and because he couldn’t get in the house he had to dump it. My social worker had already gone awol because in order to get help and a carer I had to be on income support and she tried to make out that my ex was still my boyfriend even though we hadn’t slept with each other in over 2 years after I caught him cheating having bareback sex with a man. So there I was stuck in a hospital bed in my living room with no helpers and just enough money to pay my rent and utilities but not enough for food so what did I do. I got myself some protein drinks to keep my muscles strong, I researched what suppliments where cheap and that really work by taking one week on and one week off (Artemisinin, Black walnut, clove, Liv 52 & punamava). I went on charity site and recycle online and I looked for free or cheap gym equipment and threw out my dining room furniture so I can turn it into a home gym. Don’t get me wrong life is still very tough, I still don’t have proper support but I refuse to give up and there is nobody to bail me out as both my parents have passed away as have my brothers. But even on the darkest of days there is always that silver lining. I said no more was I going to take this crap lying down, I am first going to make my body strong and healthy, save some money and then watch out. I can’t say here what my plan of action is as I know they spy on me. They won’t find anything because I am careful what I say and how but you cannot give into fear or come at this with a victim mentality. If you like me truley believe that you are a targeted person then you are being targeted because they are more scared of you and what you can do then you are of them, do you understand!! Keep a light on at night, those alien critters hate light and get strong again because there is a God, a universal creator full of love and its there if you just tap into it rather than living from a fear base. Read the bible, it does help and I am in no way a religious person. Pray and believe, have faith my friend and God bless, stay strong, the mind is much stronger than the body but its time to build some muscle and get yourself healthy ready for the future fight. gentle hugs to you and your lady 🙂 xxx


  2. someone else says:

    as a disclaimer …….. i am not a perp, ‘troll’, or a claiment of any religion. i do not believe or agree with all claims or actions of any targeted individual . i do not believe that all those claiming to be targets actually are and that some do have emotional issues and misconceptions that may lead them to believe falsely that they are or may be. i do not have enough knowledge or evidence to have any firm religious belief about the situation . i do feel that if anyone is religious and thinks that participating in such activities is ok in any way , should make an attempt to see the hypocrisies in the situation stop going to church , take a good in depth look at them selves and whats going on and try multiplying 70×7, i think that was some kind of standard or something. don’t be down on people at least trying to make an effort it you were never taught with sympathy or empathy . different people learn in different ways , some take longer than others and treating everyone equally doesnt mean treating them all the same. be thankful and kind to the planet because without it you wouldn’t be here and be kind to animals because they have feelings too, all of them , even the ones nobody likes , just like people . to any ‘t.i.’ that may be out there , i know you may be hurt ,broke , losing you mind , heart broke and feel alone . i’m not going to lie and tell you it will be ok or that some will help you , or that you are going to find away to rise above this, because i don’t know your situation or if there even is away . i’m not going to tell you that there is nothing wrong with you or that if you take some pills or pray or accept any religion good or bad that it will improve things . what i will say however is that many people are making an effort to understand without being judgemental(purposely spelled incorrectly for the religious people )and no matter what reason you wound up in this situation or what you did in the past or even if you are just completely insane and are unaware , i care , empathize and hope things improve for you . its ok when you can’t hang in there sometimes . try to get up when you fall . if you can’t seem to do it . i won’t hate on you for it. having a pet may help . any kind of pet (please don’t acquire a non domesticated animal unless it willing comes )


  3. someone else says:

    tim, i noticed your page on a different site. i have seen some of your videos , and simply felt compelled to say hello and that someone understands and hopes that you are well


  4. Suzanne says:

    At a point in your life, ya gotta be responsible for yourself. Your whining about your adopted parents and their nest egg, etc. is pathetic. I bet they have helped you MANY times, but finally said enough. If things got tough for them, they damn sure could not turn to you for support. Why are you so unwilling to accept the fact that perhaps you need antipsychotic meds? I know of a guy who swears the antipsychotics kill the morgellons. I can’t remember the name of the meds.
    But, I digress. . . .NYC has plenty of resources. Instead of walking around babbling to “no one” put some effort into procuring help for yourself and Petra. You let her lay around with bronchitis or whatever until she almost died. Look after your woman. That’s what a man does


    • someone else says:

      I used to think like you , and have the same kind of responses. what you said was heartles , cruel , and immature. if you’ve never been a target or had any real experience with substance, then perhaps you may want to do some research before attacking people on this subject. …….1 masons are known for supposed charitable actions and it is said to be one of the staples of their many organizations. 2 it didn’t seem he was asking much. 3 as far as the’whining’ or whatever , as a target or any other person , it is inherently difficult to explain or emote ones feeling or legitimacy of any given perceived peril when there is a lack of given care or support. 4 if your not adopted , then i wouldn’t presume to deny anyone free speech or opinion , but on this area will flex mine by say shut up. when an individual makes an adoption they are taking that person as part of the family and should respond accordingly , as should the rest of the family. often no one does. they didn’t chose to be born or pick the family in most cases. also adoption often leaves deep traumatic scars. 5 anyone with decent amounts of money that is not charitable is simply unempathetic and selfish . 6 anyone who makes an effort to improve to any point , no matter how long it takes , how many times they mess it up , or even if it doesn’t completely work , deserves credit , empathy , and commended for trying. many times the ones who succeed at any given thing , is only due to the support given by others , seen or unseen. …………….. on a side note having nothing to do with this specific individual, some people are said to have been put in the program due to past crimes or negative perspectives that contradict the beliefs of groups or majorities . anyone that has commited a crime or ‘hurt’ a community , should absolutely be confronted with the situation on a non bias level to a point where the grasp fully the accused negatively of their way. and given the proper time and means to accept and make a change ‘ pay their due, i.e. do their time’ without excessive hindering stigmatism to follow after. when instigation is prevoked as coerce one to any action , complaints are futile to any negative reaction . i do not agree with the actions of myron may or any excessive violent response to being prevoked in such ways but do understand how one could be lead to feel that way. when all of your friends and family turn on you and you chase away anyone that may have been trying to help because of confusion or perhaps being misinformed, then lose all support, stability , see all personal achievements destroyed and any good reference taken stress and emotion , morals and opinion are no longer properly understood and can change and be altered unintentionally . i can see the program from the point of veiw that one may be conned into believing how it is a good way to keep thing safe and help free law abiding citizens rights to stay procured . however everyone is born with rights , law are ment to protect them. gang stalking and all other areas of the program while maybe even working in minute instances ,is simply an immature degraded form of non compassionate false justice designed to suck ignorant people in to participate by those of whom have already outwitted them at almost everything else already. (please excuse punctuation , run on sentences, and improperly spelled words, this has been typed on a console with a video controller ,old glasses, and no spell check)

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      • someone else says:

        tough love is pointless when not caringly and carefully explained . men do take care of their women but sometime cannot do so properly at the time. many times women have tenancy to turn away someone who will do anything for them including throw away their dreams and life because they love them then be told they are soft , obsessed , or crazy only to be downed on for making the effort because the female didn’t just explain what they may have wanted or needed. if one over reacts to a misconception of an instigation , the overeactions may be wrong and responsibility should be held to a point ,however it is the instigation that is the problem not the one that over reacts


  5. Dear Timothy –

    What you wrote really hit a nerve with me as I experienced something pretty similar when I was doing meth. Thankfully for me, I had a tough support team that would not allow me to wallow in self pity. It was expected of me to bring myself back up to par and at the time I hated the people around me for doing so. The friends and family I had never fed my inability to cope. Now, after all these years, I still experience health issues that are directly related to those moments. It takes time for the body to truly heal.

    The letter your mother wrote back is filled with love and caring. She has given you options, but at the end of the day it is your duty to seek out the options and opportunities – you are a grown man after all and no longer in the care of your mother. It’s funny how, as kids we can’t wait to be rid of our parents and strike it out on our own, but when things go wrong in life we blame it on the people who have cared for us.

    I don’t know what happened in your past, and honestly, it doesn’t matter. We are all given a choice and once you reach a certain age, it’s time to stop passing the buck. The fact that she has an iPad is completely irrellevant – they have worked hard to have what they have – what is it that you are doing? You say that Petra has been carrying you for 7 years. I find it terrible that she looks like she’s on the verge of death but you still look somewhat healthy. Perhaps it’s the stress and anxiety that has catapulted her health into such an intense state?

    My point is perhaps, Timothy, it’s time to stop blaming and depending on Petra, your mother, your family and friends, the governement, aliens? Be the man Petra needs you to be by standing firm and taking responsibility.

    Time for some cliches. Years ago I read somewhere that the mind is the most powerful tool we have – and I believe it 100%. I believe it because once I was lost in my own mind and because of that I have to keep my mind in check, daily. Hypnotists can only hypnotise the mind that is willing to be hypnotised – therefore a strong mind cannot be hypnotised. No one can take control of your own being, unless you allow them to. Take back what is yours by strengthening the power of you positivity and Faith, dammit. Why willingly allow control of anything? Why accept it so wholeheartedly as you do?

    I know on the surface you fight it – that’s clear. But fighting it on paper and fighting it in your heart is two different things.

    That is why I will not extend my sympathy for you today, Timothy. Love is not about allowing or accepting everything, it’s about making sure that everyone reaches their full potential. Could you imagine your gaurdian angel allowing you to cross the road when he can clearly see a bus is headed straight toward you? No. The same for the people around you.

    I’ve worked in non profits for many years now, and without fail, the people who are given things and money NEVER better their circumstances. The people who are given advice and taught how to make their own way out of their circumstances always succeed. That’s because you have to want to succeed. It’s a DAILY choice and I wish I could tell you that the choice gets easier, but some days it’s a realy drag. That doesn’t mean that it’s not worth it. It doesn’t mean that it’s not achievable. It means that you’ll have to choose everyday to be better than what you were yesterday and to take your life, your living, your choices into your own hands.

    I am so grateful that I’ve been through what I’ve been through and I NEVER look back with regret because it taught me something about myself, about what Love truly is, about my Faith and it taught me that I am, indeed, stronger than I thought I was when i simply allowed my energy to be stolen from me.

    It doesn’t matter what the vice is, and it doesn’t matter what the reason is. We all have to make the decision to live and fight for life. After all – Life was given by the source, it is our eternal gift of Love, so step and take that honor with both hands.

    Please share this with Petra – the message is for both of you.

    Warm Regards
    Someone who cares about Life

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    • someone else says:

      i see a few varied contradictions to your post to the point from what a targeted person may perceive it as . some targets have testified to having had already made their own way through assistance or not . only to have it taken from them . others before or after such instances claim to be excessively detered from accomplishing any full achievement . it is much easier to talk about continuing on and such when the full destruction of such a scenario has not been lived through . its not like being born with or acquiring a handicap . …..and for every religious person everywhere …jesus didn’t go to church or pray for people or hang out with religious people . he hung out with and surrounded himself with those that most people considered scum. so heres an idea , ya know just a thought …. how about those who claim any religion stop talking about it stop being so lovingly judgemental and practice what they preach , by not praying and actually helping non discriminatively . just sayin


  6. I’m now going thru the same thing. Have you found anything to stop the globs they’re shooting into my moving/living in my body? Thanks Tim.


  7. anne says:

    Dear Timothy do you have Skype/email by which us regular people can communicate with you?have you guys thought of moving to a different state where land could be cheaper and you could put up a shed and live self sufficiently in your most difficult years? I too suffer from mind control/patrol of bitch towers and they stand in my way of better social connections! I have alot of experience with the aliens and its advance technology, they stole my dates of time as well as the dates of time of others around me! None the less, I feel for you and Petra, it is very sad that her health has deteriated so much, I pray that mind control will be taken seriously by our constitution and you should be compensated by the government for how much of your mind, body and soul has been used by remote aliens! There should also be a center for mind control victims as well as a process for how to donate ! Sincerely, anne

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    • My research shows its darpa & USNorcom Google Nasa Norad & Black Navy Ops under the pentagon & yes they’re all sadistic luciferians, 100s of not 1000s of years in the advance kept secret from us. They’re of satan, fallen dark ones not from this estate. They declared war on Americans in 2004. There is no constitution. Bush now Obama. The US has sold its very soul to the devil.

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  9. loren daniels says:

    Timothy, the powers that be are bugs and are killing he spirit of God that lives in our immune systems in order to take away out power as a once holy nation . They are cooking the spirit out of the whole nation at one time with radiation from smart meters and haarp The GMOs are also making hard for the holy spirit as its o


  10. loren daniels says:

    Dude they will never understand unless they get it too I speak healing on you timothy trespass in the name of jesus

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  11. Noneof Yourbusiness says:

    First, how on earth could you possibly know that you lost a week of memories at age 4? Do you actually remember your entire life?
    Second, your mother is exhibiting what is called tough love.
    Third, stop blaming your problems on your imagined maladies and abuses.


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