Psychotronic Weapons Letter To Senate Committee – real or imagined? has anything gotten better?worse!

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real of fake? who knows. has it changed? worse!

Psychotronic Weapons Letter To Senate Committee

(The following letter is alarming and vital to the understanding of how far the issue of psychotronic weapons and projects aimed at controlling American citizens and people everywhere has progressed.

This letter is dated February 9, 1994.

The organization involved is no longer available at this address below.

Ms. McKinney is said to be occupying a much lower profile these days.

Nevertheless, this is an important document to consider)

Association of National Security Alumni Electronic
Surveillance Project P. O. Box 13625
Silver Spring, MD 20911-3625

February 9, 1994


Chairman John Glenn
Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs
340 Dirkson Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Attention: Mr. Chris Kline

Subject: Involuntary Human Experimentation with Non-Ionizing Radiation

Dear Mr. Kline:

Senator Glenn’s publicly-expressed outrage that this government has (once again) been found to be engaging in brutal forms of involuntary human experimentation, and his demand, in effect, that any and all forms of this type of experimentation be exposed was heartening.

A large and growing number of people in this country hope that the Senator’s expressed outrage was sincere, and that your Committee’s investigations are not simply a means of diverting attention from complaints centering on this government’s long-term role in involuntary human experiments with non-ionizing forms of radiation.

Now that the Departments of Defense, Energy and Justice have openly admitted that directed-energy weapons systems do indeed exist, complaints of experimentation with these systems can no longer be ignored.

As stated to you during our telephone conversation last week, this Project is focused on complaints concerning experiments with non-ionizing, so-called “non-lethal,” directed-energy weapons, surveillance and psychotronics systems. In bringing this to your attention, I am representing the interests, currently, of some 100 U.S. citizens, who are the subjects of both vicious forms of overt harassment and concurrent directed-energy harassment.

The enclosed copy of Microwave Harassment and Mind-Control Experimentation is a preliminary investigative finding, only. The accompanying Supplement furnishes an update on the current status of this Project.

I am also enclosing copies of letters exchanged with, and directed to the Department of Defense, the Department of Justice, and the Food & Drug Administration, which are self-explanatory. I am also enclosing copies of two articles concerning John Alexander, of the Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Nonlethal Weapons Division, which I will address below. Also enclosed is a letter to a woman in contact with this Project which addresses some of the effects of long-term exposure to these so-called “non-lethal” systems. Just as a matter of interest–DoD-sponsored “hy’e” in the media to the contrary notwithstanding–non-lethal weapons systems can be incredibly lethal.

They are not gentle systems, as this government would like for the public to believe. Questions which need to be asked by the Committee on Government Affairs, as a preliminary, are as follows:

1. By what formal means are U.S. Government agencies, to include the


2. By what formal means are U.S. Government contractors and sub-contractors prevented from testing “non-lethal”, directed-energy weapons, surveillance and psychotronics systems on U.S. citizens under involuntary circumstances?

3. Why does the Energy Policy Act of 1992 fail to prohibit involuntary human experimentation with non-ionizing forms of radiation?

4. How many members of Congress and of the Administration have investments in firms which are engaged in the development and testing of directed-energy systems?

5. Why is Los Alamos National Laboratory, a Department of Energy agency, engaged in the development of “non-lethal”, directed-energy systems?

6. Why is John Alexander–a 30-year US Army Special Forces veteran with a long-term interest in the “psychotronics” (mind-control) aspects of directed-energy systems–regarded as being particularly qualified to direct the Non-Lethal Systems Division of Los Alamos National Laboratory?

>7. Why is the Department of Energy (and John Alexander in particular) in the business of promoting “non-lethal” systems as tools for law enforcement, and as weapons systems for the military?

8. Why are these “non-lethal” systems being kept classified?

9. Where is the test data on the efficacy of these directed-energy weapons, surveillance and psychotronics systems being obtained, and who in Congress, specifically, is overseeing those experiments?

10. Why is the Department of Defense pushing for an increase in the numbers of Ground Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) towers in this country?

11. How many satellites launched under the auspices of DoD, the National Reconnaissance Office, and the Central Intelligence Agency are engaged in the surveillance of U.S. citizens” And how many of those satellites qualify as directed-energy emitters; i.e., as “amplified communications” satellites?

12. What federal constraints have been placed on the construction of microwave towers and other antennae arrays in this country; and what assurances do U.S. citizens have that emissions from those towers and antennae arrays are not being used for involuntary human experimental purposes?

14. Who in Congress is overseeing the construction and use of microwave towers and antennae arrays in this country?

15. Why is it that complaints by U.S. citizens concerning directed-energy harassment and experimentation are being ignored?

16. Since Ms. .Susan Patrick Ford, of the Department of Defense, appears to be unable to answer the questions posed in my letter to her dated November 18, 1993, can you answer these questions?

In sum, Mr. Kline, this is a problem which Congress can ill afford to ignore. There are many angry people in this country who are fed up with these experiments. (Not all experimentees are kept effectively isolated.) A number of experimentees recognize the rapidly burgeoning numbers of microwave towers and antennae arrays in this country are a part of the problem–a level of recognition which, indeed, may have prompted the destruction of two major “communications towers” in Chiapas, Mexico, shortly prior to that government’s decision to close the borders to that state.

A lawless government spawns a lawlessness, generally. It is apparent to me that this country is merely “testing its wings”, so to speak, where lawlessness and chaos, at this stage, is concerned. Creating more prisons and hiring more police is not the solution.

The U.S. Congress–and Senator Glenn’s Committee, in particular,–is in a position to ensure that no government agency, surrogate or otherwise, has a license to run rampant over the human and civil rights of citizens of this country, and that this government, once again, learns to adhere to the principles which were the basis for this country’s creation.

Please do let me hear from you concerning the foregoing.



Director, Electronic Surveillance Project


About Timothytrespas

I am a victim of human experimentation MK-ultra mind control Morgellons nanotechnology syndrome & remote neural connectivity. I am an artist, inventor, musician, thinker, lover, human being who cares for all humanity & all life. I believe people should endeavor to live in peaceful cooperation rather than brutal waring survival of the most brutal. We live in a forced false-paradigm and I desire to wake people up from the 'trance hypnotic mind control programming' to the 'TRUTH of light and love'! Blessing and peace. Justice to all who suffer under tyranny. Compassion for all beings. May GOD have mercy on us all.
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1 Response to Psychotronic Weapons Letter To Senate Committee – real or imagined? has anything gotten better?worse!

  1. Cameron says:

    I have suffered psychotic symptoms for the past 14 years now. I am 36. 5 years ago I woke up deaf and with tinnitus. Over the past year now my thinking has deteriorated due to paranoia and voices. Yet these voices seem to originate inside my left ear where I am deaf and hear a ringing noise. Sometimes I can even feel my eardrum vibrating with the talking. I’ve been on medication for 10 years now. The chatter can either originate from my deaf ear or it comes from ambient noises. For instance, if I am agitated I will hear the television in the back room start to have dialogue or a radio in the background will seize my attention and ability to think and go into a dialogue with my subconscious. It’s as though it goes from being a simple radio broadcasting to an audience changing it’s frequency so that I hear subconscious messages aimed at me, complete with jingles, and advertisements, all extremely negative and satirical and not the actual words and sounds that are truly being broadcast. It’s like that with the ambient sounds as well,,, they will turn into fast rhythms and start talking to me through my subconscious. The voices I hear feel very much to be manufactured. I remember sensing one time that a young technician had a machine and was making me hear tonal frequencies as I tried to sleep. My medication the psychiatrist prescribes also trigger these drug like stupors. I feel like I am drifting furthur away from reality. I feel very strange around friends. I feel alone and I am very afraid of that. I suffer a psychospiritual dilemma: I had finished a year in jail in spring 2001. I remember getting out and moving into my old room at my dads house and feeling as though I was in someone else’s room wearing someone else’s clothing and was no longer the person I thought I was. This went on for a year or 2. I was struggling for answers and was not finding any. I felt like I was handicapped actually. My wit and color was gone that much was certain. One night in 2002 I took 2 pills that said “zoloft” on them and the next thing I knew light was filling my vision,, like the light that sits in your eyes after a camera flash hits your stare. This light was filling my vision making it very hard to see. All the sudden these cartoons took control of my thoughts and everything was a satire. Even the jazz music we were listening to seemed to be setting up punch line after punch line. I saw myself as a black and white image running from all these cartoons. I tried to calm myself and regain my thoughts but it was another huge joke. I honestly feel as though I experienced something from the 2nd dimension. What else could it be. Anyway,, my life has never been the same after that night. Everything seems to be a big joke. Except where I’m spending eternity. Nothing can save me it seems. Not even Christ. In fact he was laughing at me in 2d telling me how stupid hell is going to be, ie. this cartoon 2d realm I’m going to when I die. Also all my LSD trips I took when I was 17 18 and 19 always ended up in what I understood to be “outer darkness.” Infinite sorrow and misery. Reflecting on my wasted life for eternity. And it seems like I am already half way there. From my understanding, apparently I want to go to this place as a subconscious desire because thats the pattern my subconscious creates. Yet it’s also my own free will. Nothing ever corrects itself. Everything is folley. It’s my karmic vision taking me there and it’s as though there is nothing I can do to stop it.


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