BRAIN PAIN TO DRIVE ANYONE INSANE! or Remote Neural Monitoring microwave quantum dot resonance brain/cellular attack via energy based non-kinetic weapons- or what it looks and feels like to be murdered by new microwave weapons, a victims viewpoint.

BRAIN PAIN TO DRIVE ANYONE INSANE! or remote neural monitoring microwave quantum dot resonance brain/cellular attack via energy based nonkinetic weapons– or What it looks and feels like to be murdered by new microwave weapons, a victims viewpoint.

By Timothytrespas, an innocent human targeted individual

here are some videos from youtube of me being tortured and murdered over time via new energy based weapons.

timothytrespas:SICKNESS after ATTACKS w/ DIRECTED ENERGY MICROWAVE! A targeted individual speaks
Here I am after a night of horrible attacks with directed energy mind control loud high frequency sound ringing in your head you can not hide, not block your ears, nor turn it off, nor sleep,  you vomit, defecate, headache, nausea, weakness, dizziness, etc. confusion, sickness. I THOUGHT THIS WOULD BE THE MOMENT GOD WOULD TAKE ME FROM THIS EARTH! WHY? well when vomiting i heard the LOUDEST RINGING SOUND EVER! It came from everywhere inside my head and was a high pitched ringing that sounded like my brain stroking out or something. I survived the vomiting/head ringing with dizziness & confusion. Thank the lord I was not hurt more. I am getting a migraine headache as I am writing this.
My prayers and thoughts go out to all those who are suffering on this earth, and anywhere else in the universe.
Especially to those suffering under tyranny & injustice, sickness, depopulation, murder, starvation, insanity, morgellons, warfare, targeting, human slavery, etc.
Here we have the most amazing technology able to do great things for mankind. and what do THEY choose to use it for?
To HURT and cause suffering in humanity. & in secret no less.
It should be clear to all involved by now that those using & in possession of this technology must be evil.
how else could anyone justify the wholesale depopulation program involving morgellons infection in the entire human population, as well as disruption & infestation of the food chain, all animal & plant life will be effected by 20 years aerial spraying of toxins & morgellons. This,coupled with the mind control semiconductors & crystalline Radio Frequency technology the morgellons nano-machines are building into the human species, it seems we have no even a chance.
This is all being done to us in secret. most people do not even believe it is real despite having morgellons exposure themselves without their knowledge.
Is the human race being FORCED to FEED an electromagnetic telepathic species with their PAIN, FEAR, SUFFERING, HATRED, VIOLENCE & PASSION?


Timothytrespas:Remote.Neural.Monitoring.MICROWAVE ATTACK SICKNESS/PAIN/MURDER
Targeted individual timothytrespas under attack via microwave ‘no-touch’ torture technology being deployed covertly and used on innocent human victims globally.
This is the most painful headache and loud ringing inside of the head. caused by microwave induced resonance to the brain/body, and possibly I have been implanted/infected with nano-crystalline quantum dot technology which is highly tunable to particular microwave frequencies and small enough to be deployed as weaponized to go into every pore and lungs and through the bloodstream through blood/brain barrier an into the brain/body/organs/skin/etc.
once energized via electromagnetic (or possibly scalar) energy transmission, they would receive the frequencies transmitted and act as a transducer and ‘transfer’ the frequency energy into ones body/brain/etc.
possibly the material also reflects incident radiation so that via sophisticated technology is able to read the reflected incident energy and through complex interferometry algorithms and computers can read brainwave/brain-state information as well.

I am being murdered slowly. cooked and vibrated to death.
look up ‘royal rife’ and rife frequencies. he found he could vibrate any cell to destruction.
Migraine head pain ringing in ears ,and head
Like a stroke
Or aneurism
Electronic harassment
high frequency ringing inside of the ears and head.
microwave resonant radar weapon
quantum dots

Timothytrespas:microwave Attack? Pain sickness targeted individual

Timothytrespas:microwave Attack? Pain sickness targeted individual being murdered and suffering
Morgellons microwave
Help me please lord

Timothytrespas: Microwave ATTACK! Housing court today! Prayers requested! After 3-4 days of continuous high frequency microwave resonance ringing in my ears and ringing in my head I am desperate, sick, dying, crying, puking, and worse.
Targeting and torture using new ‘non-lethal’ energy based (non-kinetic) weapons I am a victim/target suffering horribly
more pain than you can even imagine without cutting or shooting or leaving any marks.
sick evil new world order satanist must be at the controls because I have no idea how any human being cold even live with themselves after doing such things to other humans unless they are damaged, programmed or evil.
I pray for those that torture and murder others that they will not suffer forever in hell, and I pray for the victims, that they will be granted relief and peace and justice

I am a targeted individual I am Sick vomiting nausea headache high frequency ringing in head
Sick and dying
enduring the WORST high frequency microwave ringing in my head pain vomiting for hours for days. headache so bad I can not HELP but scream in pain.
enough medicine to knock a horse out cold and I am still in PAIN!
this is being used to kill and torture me and others.
microwave no-ouch torture, quantum dots, Remote neural monitoring technology used to torture disable and kill innocent human beings.
in a few hours we have to go
Off to housing court to face eviction by landlord
Please pray for us.

I hate being in so much pain and so sick
it is evil to do this to an human being!
Please make it stop!
Thank you


Timothytrespas: sick afraid angry. graphic suffering.

timothytrespas:Dear god in heaven help us please (Attention: graphic human suffering and sickness)  What do you do when the system fails you, hurts you, does not help you?
leaves everyone out in the cold hungry tired sick and leave them to die?
What a world they bash in your head and complain you cant think!
Thank you for watching.
Blessings and peace


timothytrespas MORGELLONS = DEATH! Sick morgellons vomiting retching spitting death…
Feels like death
I awoke this morning nauseous and began to vomit again.
this ‘sickness’ occurs at least once a month, sometimes several episodes per month
at times I get so weak I can hardly walk or even stand.
I have to be careful NOT to take my medication until AFTER I get sick so as not to vomit up again and waste it.
The BEST remedy for the feelings of nausea is cannabis.
However medicinal cannabis is not yet legal in NY state.
At some point I will be TOO SICK to continue dealing with the torture, mind control, housing, money, survival issues. what will I do then? I was not allowed to be a ‘normal’ person and my work, and business have been destroyed again and again despite my attempts to hold it together.  So I have no retirement, no disability, no accounts, no private insurance and there are FEW options for housing and health care through the system here in nyc. at least in my personal experience.
when the system fails us and we begin to loose function from illness, what will we do?
I imagine there are others out there wondering what they are going to do if ‘America’ continues or worsens.
who will care for you?
for me?
for us?
could we care for each other?
blessings and peace

Timothytrespas:Brain PAIN! High Frequency ringing in ears NOT tinnitus! It is a weapon!
IMHO: it is a weapon designed to track us via DNA(scalar radio waves & biophotonics).GNA.MORGELLONS, bio-telemetry, (eyesight, hearing, sub-vocal speach, thoughts, biological parameters, etc) Remote Neural Monitoring and frequency energy transduction to human biosystems. setting up resonant frequency energy ‘attacks’ on nervous systems, organs, bone, hearing, cellular function, etc. also include microwave ‘active denial’ type weapons focused to a laser fine point causing heating and pain and cellular dysfunction.
Morgellons activation/data signals- a synthetic biological organism, unkillable, morphing, capable of ‘bio-geneses’ (think creative design) fully grown organisms created from genetic radio information or GNA/DNA seeding and genetic treatment to change the host (target) organisms genetics to allow for hosting bio-geneses creatures through gestation.
Loud ringing in the head magnets only stop it until they tune around them or raise the level of power
I need to try to build a magnetic vortex rotator creator device to attempt to interfere with the sub-atomic spin relaxometery being used to gleen bio-informatics data. energizing the target atoms (or sub atomic particles) to induce spin and excitement to next quantum level, upon stopping the external added energy, the ataom (or sub-atomic) relaxes back to its original resting state releasing photons and spin ratio information.
Interferometry interacts this spin energy with our brainwave energy yielding information at a distance.
Morgelons nano-assemblers building transduction electronic npn pnp semiconductors carbon nanotubual magnetic radios and crystal parts (vibration rate, timing, frequency) inside of the human body.
Blessings amnd peace

Timothytrespas: pain microwave targeting and induced ringing in the head/ears
Targeted individual timothy trespas speaks about his life and experience as a targeted individual and victim of morgellons.
high frequency sound loud inside of my head is an attack and it is painful and disabling.It is not tinnitus. It is a whistling, ringing, hissing, static like, loud, tonal, 10khtz,radiator, refrigerator, sound that does not get any quieter no matter what you do. fingers in the ears no matter. it comes from inside of your head. moving the jaw or pressing on the temples changes the loudness at times.
It is loud and painful enough to make me vomit
headache and weakness and nausea
they beem me with the high frequency 24/7/365 wherever I am at times it is less then they turn it up.
a crime against humanity
Is it possible that those doing this are not fully human?
Blessings and peace

Timothytrespas: T.I. attacked High frequency microwave brain zap

It hurts
I’m sick
Need rest
This is how you destroy and murder people
F with everything until we have nothing then we get sick
I desire Helpers and angles and fellowship
love community compassion sharing Healing friendship light

After jail release I vomit up morgellons worms? T.I. timothytrespas

Morning after release vomiting baby
Morgies? I was arrested and locked up for 3 days because my landlady falsely accused me of beating her in an effort to evict us because of a long and complicated landlord fight I got made a scapegoat victim of.

Timothytrespas:Warning! Graphic human suffering depicted. Real video of a human being suffering from Microwave attack/morgellons sickness and effects of poisoning/ radiation electromagnetic radio microwave no-touch torture technology vomiting pain mucus moaning. Record and post myself suffering and dying from new world order murderers treatment.
i am being tortured to death over time via no-touch electromagnetic torture and morgellons. targeting. slow kill/slow cook. thank you for you time, and for you compassion! my the creator bless us and keep us all! Please pray for me and the victims of this torture. then we will begin to pray for those who have devoted themselves to doing this. prayer is about all I have left and it can make a difference!
the world has changed and we will change along with it by force, unfortunately.

Timothytrespas: Magnethead! Microwave attack attempted mitigation: 2x 20lb magnets on my head! Magnet-head 2 x 20lb speaker magnets by my head 4 attack! as I am being murdered and vomiting and migraine and pain and sickness of death and fever and everything cause by morgellons and microwave weapon used to torture! No-touch electromagnetic torture is being tested on me 24/7/365. varying degrees of death and pain. my attempt at stopping the energy based weapons by diverting or disrupting the signal with large heavey duty speaker magnets from 14″ woofers. they are so strong if the magnet together they are hard to break apart. however, although it works to mitigate attacks at LOIW LEVELS at HIGH LEVELS it does little to help!
Blessings and peace to those being murdered by the New world order evil technology you are in my prayers. Please pray for me, petra, and all humans and animals and plants who suffer and die because of the secret takeover of humanity.
May Yeashua come back to help us all. at this point if this lovely world ended., It would not shock me at all!

Timothytrespas:Desperate measures NOT STOPPING MICROWAVE ATTACKS YET!
When I do anything to try to stop these attacks of torture sickness and eventual death,
(I spent yesterday building my FARADAY CAGE around the bed)
it seems that THE WATCHERS torture me more.
Nausea headache loud high frequency sound in my head sickness.
Morgellons stuff jumping all over me.
Shaking sucks poor suffering & tormented tortured
What do they want?
Will they ever stop before I am dead?
How many others are being murdered as well?
Why? Who? For what?
Who will help us?
Why is American doing this to innocent civilians?
Why does the FBI do nothing?
Please hear our prayers and moans and screams!
I beg you (god, angels, spirits, fellow human beings, aliens, anyone!) who can help-‘PLEASE care and help’…
it is still torture, murder and is WRONG no matter what anyone else believes.
Please help the victims stop the suffering
remake our world in the image of LOVE.
free energy will end greedy money – empower the people not the banks!
there will come a time where GOVERNMENT NOR CORPORATE will NO LONGER BE REQUIRED and will therefore restructure for true benefits to humanity and all life.
stop the mind war
stop the mind rape
the new world order has failed. too evil to balance out so it simply stopped existing and NO-ONE could even remember what it was all about so the choose peace and harmony in a global community based on LOVE
Blessings and peace!


OH GOD OH GOD. so sick from microwave high frequency sound in my head. attacked by microwave weapons. remote neural monitoring torture. satellite based microwave particle beam SCALAR weapons. suck the life out of me. innocent civilian victims. NAZI HOLOCAUST but in SECRET by REMOTE! same story as before.
are we EVER going to stop this bullshit and get a clue?
How many are related to famous political blue blood genetics?
we need to discover who is being targeted and why
who is doing it for what and how
what will happen after enough people understand that chemtrails being sprayed on use daily contains morgellons nano-machine mind control? how will the government deny it?
what is their plan?
sorry if I was a bit of a PRICK in this one, I was so sick!
blessings and peace

Timothytrespas:Puking lessons. Forgive w love!
Always remember to hold your nose when your vomiting to keep the acid and food from coming out of it!

Next: medicinal cannabis is required reading for nausea vomiting headaches depression and many other results of morgellons mind control infection and energy microwave weapons beaming sickness and destruction into our homes by secret crazies who wish they ran the world.
God reminded me of something I learned recently: that love puts your cells into growth mode and anger/fear puts cells in protection mode.
Too long in protection is bad for you.
Growth is required.
This torture is attempting to change thoughts and ideas and beliefs in order to exploit our ability to create reality via consciousness.
They seem to desire a negative polarity universe.
We like it a loving universe.
Our thoughts are power to them.
By stealing our thoughts and manipulation our bodies minds lives emotions they attempt to breed hate fear anger.
Let’s stop this with conscious directed human love and will.
Together all we can change anything!
Blessings and peace
PS: I always feel a tiny bit better after I vomit.


timothytrespas: targeted individual under attack microwave murder
this video was made while I was under horrible attack ro space based microwave system. the symptoms include loud static ringing in the head (not the ears), nausea, vomiting and migraine cluster headaches like death, shaking, sweating, chills, fever, diarrhea, anxiety, fear, discomfort, agony, pain in all muscles, and, after vomiting, a LOUD BELL RINGING INSIDE OF THE HEAD, SO LOUD IT DROWNS OUT ALL SOUND. VISION NARROWS TO A SMALL GREYISH TUNNEL. weakness, takes a while to recover only after they turn it off. feels like electric energy via coupling from R.F, effecting the nervous system and brain as well as biological function until acute toxicity occurs from the bodies relation to high power high frequency electromagnetic radiation, resonating in harmonic frequency with your human D.N.A. and possibly, the synthetic biological implants created throughout the human body by the ‘morgellons’ organism technology that uses synthetic G.N.A. to rewrite code in human d.n.a. as well as ‘bio-genesis’, the creation, in adult form, of almost any biological organism (insects, molds, fungus, parasitic,etc) creatures, all without going through the egg, larval, adult stages of growth. Only the people who are running this program know for sure what hey have exposed and continue to subject us to. I am only theorizing based on my feelings, intuition, information/disinformation available to everyone, patents, my understanding of science and physics, and observations of others and myself.
there are many stories about what is really going on.
All I know is that I have been subjected to unusual treatment with morgellons, insects, drugs, chemicals, radiation, poison, stalking, mind control, genetics, etc. I feel I may be a victim of a life long program like MK-ULTRA and the PHOENIX project and  montauk long isle project. all mind control programming and manipulation programs. this technology will be used on everyone eventually, if it has not been used on you already. how would you even know? It has taken me years of deep searching to uncover the few facts I have about my TRUE experience growing up.

Timothytrespas: God, oh God! Suffering sickness after major high frequency remote neural microwave ultra-sonic morgellons activation brain pain coercive technology active denial nonlethal weapons testing on my brain body mind and spirit.
ATTENTION: This video contains documented human suffering and may contain language or images that some may find difficult to watch.
I am sick and suffering as a direct result of the electromagnetic microwave remote neural torture I am subject to 24/7/365!.
I get these attack episodes in the MAJOR ATTACK category several times a month it seems. I am subject to this high frequency attack all the time in the ‘this really sucks’ category, with out any relief.
I pray beg hope wish scream plead whimper cajole ask insist plead insist ask my tormentors to stop my torture.
How do you stop a sound that is not coming through your ears? A sound that is coming directly from a remote radio connection to the hearing center in your brain?
Shielding has not worked because I cannot afford any material to use because I cant know what frequency the signal is broadcast on. aluminum mesh screen Faraday cage grounded did not work. if it works in the subway it MUST be a signal with a wavelength smaller than Gama rays, in order to pass through solid matter like concrete and steel.
magnetic energy may be a solution, high Gauss magnetic energy or even PLASMA as a magnetic shield, but either of these solutions a.) are expensive! b.) again we do not know the frequency so we would e guessing based on evidence. I may be wrong and with no way to measure the signal shielding is either a.) a guess, or b.) expensive if you try to shield all FREQUENCIES from dc magnetic energy up to above gamma rays.
I watch myself dying because of this abuse and trauma and torture and I am fearful of when it finally causes stroke or cancer or seizures or whatever serious illnesses repeated abuse of a human body with morgellons stress abuse radiation electromagnetic pollution chemicals toxins genetic manipulation GMO foods hepatitis c virus bacteria parasites insects nanotechnology, and, because I was never ALLOWED to work my entire life to save money ( I have no savings no DISABILITY and no income) set up retirement health care housing support networks or even a doctor who has followed my health for years ( they scared my doctor off and he quit his job as director of one place to go work elsewhere for less after the perps threatened him and forbade him from treating me or even speaking to me) and other things one needs to be secure and safe during the declining years.
In fact I should not even BE sick now if it was not for this secret targeting torture and slow depopulation morgellons murder final solution.
We all may be exposed to morgellons so my future my be everyone’s future under Obama-care.   And the CDC claims it is not real!

Thank you for watching this painful video.
I am attempting to document my life, torture, suffering, sickness and, yes, if possible and with help, my eventual death online on YouTube showing the world the effect of the new world order final solution until such time as I am dead or people realize the truth here that were are being put in danger by spraying chemtrails weather modification spraying containing the morgellons organism nano/bio-weapon to infect all life, human animal, plant, as well as water, earth, and food with morgellons.
That is the reality.

May god have mercy on our souls.
May we awake to the truth and reclaim the power we have had stolen from us to make the world in our image for all with peace and equality!
Not a criminal evil club cult slave master world we are forced to live in by the ultra rich ruling elite who are no one to trust.
Perhaps they found a way to make more money off of our suffering and death than by enslaving us all for life.
It is genocidal depopulation murder for profit by the ruling money elite.
We are the Jews in this holocaust burnt offering to their dark lord.
Light love and justice peace compassion harmony love will win out in the long run but why wait? Why allow these evil rulers to kill us all?
Time for a change for good for live for creation and our creator we rejoice and thank you for our bounty.
Now let us take back control and live once more in the ‘breast of Abraham’ the ‘garden’ of love.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
I pray that one day soon people will wake up to the truth and be able to CHANGE the system we have forced on us to one that works for ALL PEOPLE.
I pray for all who suffer under tyranny and all who suffer sickness of any form.
suffering must be removed from our experience. there is no need for so MUCH human suffering, is there? I believe MOST suffering is caused by evil people and their uncaring greed. That needs to be stopped. we CAN make a world based on love and justice rather than evil and its many sins.
Thank you.
timothy trespas





About Timothytrespas

I am a victim of human experimentation MK-ultra mind control Morgellons nanotechnology syndrome & remote neural connectivity. I am an artist, inventor, musician, thinker, lover, human being who cares for all humanity & all life. I believe people should endeavor to live in peaceful cooperation rather than brutal waring survival of the most brutal. We live in a forced false-paradigm and I desire to wake people up from the 'trance hypnotic mind control programming' to the 'TRUTH of light and love'! Blessing and peace. Justice to all who suffer under tyranny. Compassion for all beings. May GOD have mercy on us all.
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7 Responses to BRAIN PAIN TO DRIVE ANYONE INSANE! or Remote Neural Monitoring microwave quantum dot resonance brain/cellular attack via energy based non-kinetic weapons- or what it looks and feels like to be murdered by new microwave weapons, a victims viewpoint.

  1. Kimberly Thomakos says:

    I’m a victim of Voice 2 skull and neutral montering. I’m going through hell physically, mentally!! I’m at the breaking point they want me dead they will not give up until I committ suicide..My body is deterating I’ve lost everything Pls help


  2. Stef says:

    The ringing in my ears is getting worse and worse. I’m trapped alone, they’ve tarnished my life, reputation, made a tv show about me, continue to give Hollywood my thoughts, mistakes, etc. they told me to “be good” my life is destroyed I have a brain injury. They manipulate my mother, my grandmother, anyone I talk to, manipulate my emails, effected my jobs, bosses, bank account, stolen credit card. Abduction, ovary harvesting.

    They say I will die on my birthday June 14 2017

    They have given me warnings about age 29

    I feel like I’m in the fucking twilight zone, I read stuff like this online but never really took it seriously now I just really am acting up so they do kill me because to do this and expect a human to let alone live or try and get back to a regular life, sorry folks if your a victim then you get it, I don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel.


  3. john laco says:

    free masons have victimized me,i was also a 32 degree member.the mind control secrets are nano the eyes they use intra ocular surgical replacement nano electronic live video camera lenses to see what the t.i. or brain washed mason member is viewing.the brain they use nano electrodes for reading brain waves/mind reading in real time knowing your exact thoughts,also to electrode shock various areas of the t.i. body via nano electrodes in the brains fluid.the ears /audio,they use nano electronics implanted to communicate secretly with the brain washed mason ,or subliminally to attempt to alter the t.i. thought process ie.mind control. any questions


  4. Ana Machado says:

    What happened to this men?


  5. anetia says:

    Please check your facebook page 🙂


  6. mstmha says:

    Reblogged this on mstmha and commented:
    There has never been any good excuse on how they force such trauma onto any one human being. It sickens me to think that they actually ‘get off’ while watching our suffering. They can’t possibly be humans at all.


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