An email from a friend who obtained disability benefits because of schizophrenia

Here is a snippet from an email I got from an intelligent human being who shares similarities with me regarding targeting, survival,technology, situational. Requiring an income when you can’t work due to mental and physical health effects due to targeting. His message is included as follows:

“I’m on disability, have been for years now. My complaint is PTSD, but the doctor had to slap the label “schizophrenic” on me in order to get the SSDI benefits I need to live.

The only thing I had to do was sign over power-of-attorney to my father. But nobody knows that except Social Security. I’m still free to say and do whatever I please.”

Ok he managed to get benefits required to survive.
But loosing power of attorney makes one incompetent and without rights to decide for oneself.
I wish I had a father I could count on to protect me from evil…

HI TIM.. What your ‘friend’ told you about losing power of attorney is wrong.. I was diagnosed schiz due to targeting & you DO NOT lose POA .. you agree to having a temporary payee for monies etc if SS suggests it, but the payee can be any responsible adult..

About Timothytrespas

I am a victim of human experimentation MK-ultra mind control Morgellons nanotechnology syndrome & remote neural connectivity. I am an artist, inventor, musician, thinker, lover, human being who cares for all humanity & all life. I believe people should endeavor to live in peaceful cooperation rather than brutal waring survival of the most brutal. We live in a forced false-paradigm and I desire to wake people up from the 'trance hypnotic mind control programming' to the 'TRUTH of light and love'! Blessing and peace. Justice to all who suffer under tyranny. Compassion for all beings. May GOD have mercy on us all.
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2 Responses to An email from a friend who obtained disability benefits because of schizophrenia

  1. Ethan says:

    Hey it’s me again, a targeted mind control victim. It’s getting harder every day, sicker, but gaining weight, they put it in my mind that this is an military experiment done by a senator. My brother was prosecutor then FBI MAde him confess to things he didn’t do, it was all because the Judge got convicted. I am told I was targeted w a microchip in the eye and more thruout body…MK-ULTRA.

    On Thursday, March 6, 2014, Tortured, Drugged & Bugged! Targeting, Gang-Stalking, Morgellons and Mind Control in America and the World. LIGHTING UP the Dark Side – By Timothy Trespas, victim/survivor of the New


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