I have been a victim and target.Can you please help me, I have been sexually assaulted, tortured!I have reported rape to police, nothing has been done, they call me crazy…

an email I got from a targeted individual looking for help and answers.

I have been a victim and target of this for at least 8 months and have no clue who to contact.

Can you please help me, I have been sexually assaulted, tortured, am told it is a hysterectomy and cervadil …but I hear them and feel pain, they seem to have a wiretap in my basement and say I have a microchip and FBI earpiece.

They talk to me and I have reported rape to police, nothing has been done, they call me crazy.

help me help me


What could I tell her?

I sent her this email.

I was feeling sick and under attack so I couldn’t really go into it but that is my advice.

I know there is more but I am to tired…

(I wish and pray that I can help people somehow, and glorify GOD in the process)

(READERS, Please comment here with your good advice please:)

Dear Angela,
I only wish I could make it stop for you and everyone!
Please pray to God and Christ and any good entities to assist and protect you.
Try to be grateful for everything.
Try to remain calm and rational as best you can. Medication can be helpful.
Record/video everyone who fucks with you and post it for all to see.
They are fucking with your mind and body and you are likely being drugged with various things including LSD like stuff over time so it builds up.
Make peace with yourself, with your creator, with whoever.
Accept the fact that you may well die eventually as a result of what is being done.
Do your best not to allow FEAR to control you.
Remember WHO YOU ARE!
Choose sides. are you evil or are you for God/good/love?
Reach out to other targets/victims.
Be careful of the perps who pose as victims and attempt to make helping yourself harder.
Post your story and feelings and evidence whereever you are able.
Try not to be completely isolated
Be careful when driving, walking, eating, etc.
Get a legal weapon for self defense. (if you have a GUN license and are trained to use it great) Mace/pepper spray a personal siren alarm with blinding light even a personal taser/shocker.

If you go to any doctors or psychs, DO NOT TELL THEM ABOUT HEARING VOICES IN YOUR HEAD as they will mark you as schizophrenic and that will be that.

Tell them only about your symptoms not how you got that way (unless you find someone who KNOWS, cares and is NOT involved)

(If you have a therapist, you can decide to speak with them or not. speaking to others who understand helps.)

You are being TRAUMATIZED and must work to heal yourself whenever possible.

(I was told that due to an old law, all HOSPITALS are legally considered MILITARY BASES. If true, keep it in mind)
If I am correct, you may have been implanted with tracking and remote neural monitoring technology either microchip, morgellons or other (quantum dots?)
If this is true (and I feel it is) then they (your tormentors) may well be receiving bio-telemetry that would allow them to:
They seem to be able to read your thoughts and respond to them before you finish.
Remember all this and do your best not to let them fool you.
Try to get a small secret  video surveillance thingy to monitor your home and you as you sleep, etc.
They sometimes use knockout gas and knockout electromagnetics.
They may have vibrational changing stealth technology so they can be out of phase with our dimension able to move about and interact with us in the normal vibration world as invisible beings.
It may be military.
They use terrorist cell structure to their assets.
Also, there may be “interdimentional” beings involved, satanists, black magic, possession by spirits, curses, and the like.
It may be real, theater, or both.
(Again remember who you are and what you stand for.)
There may be an “alien” aspect to this. You may see things and beings most people do not believe exist.
Try to have witness/video if possible.
Keep in mind that it may be real or it may be in your mind or it may be a trick,
Again, witnesses and video evidence can help.
If you can find any law enforcement to listen to your story, keep trying…
Remain calm, document everything you can and tell them a story they can understand. (Sometimes better to present this outrageous monstrosity in little bite-size pieces easy to digest for a sceptical public.)
Some police are part of this, some are not.
I had one police tell me he knew about this and told me he believes powerful people are working to collapse this country.
Again, information warfare is the order of the day, so remember everything you see hear or read is there to confuse everyone and lead them away from the reality and into fighting with each other.
Keep in touch.
God bless you.
I am sorry if this does not really help you much.
I wish I had  more.
Blessings and Peace.

Some added information from Petra:

Most of us have been aware for quite some time that we are living in a surveillance World. There are cameras everywhere, some admitted to, others are not.

When I revealed to an acquaintance of mine who was like me a regular – well more or less – in a popular New York City hang with a history that was especially worth experiencing in what is known to those in the Bar and Restaurant business and the Music, Club and Entertainment industry as the “After Hours” or more clearly to them the “After Work Hours” that I had been thinking for some time about taking the readout of a brainwave encephallo graph, connecting it to a synthesizer and to thus directly transpose the vibrations of a human being’s thought and emotional energy into music he responded very matter-of-factly: “Sorry to have to tell you this, Petra, but the CIA is way ahead of you!” He had like me a special interest in sound and sound engineering and over the years  we had many wonderful conversations about the subject, which have inspired me a great deal.

Some time ago I had some ambitions in sound engineering, recording, arranging, composing, also film making and post production a.k.a. video editing, special fx, animation otherwise known as multimedia. I went to Parsons, where they put me through their most affordable program, Graphic Design w electives, which got me in a lot of debt. It took me double the time to complete the program, mostly due to financing and substandard  living related reasons most privileged folks would not quite understand. As soon as I began walking through the hallowed halls of the most prestigious of the design colleges associated no less with the “New School of Social Research” I could feel viscerally in every pore of my being that I didn’t quite belong here. I decided I would stay anyway and get the best out of it because it was better than working for Corporate helping other people make money while wasting my life away. All the “we are like a big family in this company” talk I ever heard was basically bullshit. That was just to get you motivated while you were of use to them. Even though I was working in the advertising industry as an Executive Assistant I might have as well worked for a bank. It wasn’t any better, more progressive or colorful there. I didn’t believe in the buying and selling of air time nor did I ever enjoy watching or listening to commercials. To this day I find redundancy abhorrent. It creates what one of the advertising people themselves told me “Negative Rememberance”.

While at Parsons I repeatedly received comments that I probably would never get anywhere with my Art or Design work because I insisted too much on doing my own thing and didn’t show enough reverence to the already currently established designers or artists. Of course this wasn’t so. I was simply trying to be the best possible designer / artist I could be. One professor was especially tough with me and delighted in ripping me down in front of the entire class while everyone else was quivering in anxious silence while secretly being so glad that at least it was me who received the public reaming and not them. My mistake: I had shown him my work, which was good, but not of his discipline or field, it was epic and, well, film. He said: “Well that’s what happens when people from other disciplines enter our (Graphic Design) program…” What he meant by that was unclear. Another one of his comments: “Well, you already know how to do everything, don’t you, Petra, you just need the degree…” Equally as direct I would now answer back to him in retrospect: “No, just a really good excuse to dedicate a few years of my life to nothing other than art.” He did, however, give me a veiled compliment even while in the middle of a hateful rant against me. He called me the “Halo Queen” because I used a picture of myself in my work, that indicated that I was “inspired”… a Russian photographer had taken it in the 1980s.

One sympathetic professor asked what had happened when I missed a few classes. I said: “A major bedbug infestation, full time job to exterminate it is what made me fall behind in my course work.” He asked: “Do you have some of those bites on you right now?” I rolled up my sleeves and showed him a bunch of juicy red and very swollen welts. “They itch terribly, they flare back up sometimes when you only graze against them and of course whenever you get bitten anew, it sets off the whole histamine reaction all over again.” “May I touch?” he said to make sure I didn’t just paint them on to clamor for attention… The bites passed inspection. He was convinced that they were real. I continued to describe all that was necessary to fight those damn things, all clothes in plastic, garment bags, endless washing, spraying, everything that’s books or paper, too. Maybe closing up all the holes in the walls would help, but there are just too many. He smiled warmly and said: “At first I thought you needed counseling, but don’t worry, I won’t send you there, they would never understand  something like that, they just wouldn’t.”

And this is also how I feel regarding the medical profession as a whole and especially the field of psychiatry, the “scientists of the soul” who oftentimes are too academic, too clinically detached and theoretical in their approach to even understand what such a thing actually is… The days of Dr. Freud (Dr. Joy) were quite different in that regard. Do not expect much help from them. They can be useful only as witnesses and perhaps for insurance claim information. Under any circumstances stay away from a diagnosis that could be used to hurt you such as “Schizophrenia”, “Paranoid Schizophrenia” or anything that labels you as a “Psychotic”. When you talk to them stay as bare bones Newtonian Physics as possible. (Just because they’ve diagnosed you “paranoid” doesn’t mean that they’re not following you, or better even “stalking” you, “gang-stalking” you for Christ’s sakes, believe me, he would understand! In a detached, compartmentalized society that as such could easily be called “schizophrenic” in itself someone could be called “Psychotic” for screaming out after being hit, and a “Sociopath” for showing no response whatsoever, or was that the “Borderline Personality.” I must familiarize myself with the latest version of the DSM, they keep changing and updating it constantly.

Given the current political climate and the “no nonsense” pragmatism of some of our administrators you never know what could happen to you a few years down the road. They may deem you incompetent which is an easy way to get rid of anyone they consider a “problem”. Once you’re sick enough from enduring their tortures they may tell you that you will never get any Disability benefits without the diagnosis that gives them the insurance policy of not having to admit to their involvement because after all you are “crazy” now and therefore must not be taken seriously – and case closed.

They have taken the “Jungian” idea of the “collective unconsciousness” to an extreme, that makes any individual who cherishes their independence, their personal space and – hmmm – their privacy and relative freedom of choice regarding their own body, mind and soul shudder!!!

The “Mysterious” as Albert Einstein called it, the source of so many wonderful inspirations and ideas has been turned profane and made annoyingly invasive ever since we have all been hive-minded together with the help of technology, secret technology of course known only to those privileged or rich enough to have been entrusted with it, the “self-appointed Gods and Godesses” as I call them.

Imagine now for a second you were one of those privileged people equipped with such surveillance technology even if only the regular kind, audio and video. Whom would you rather watch, the average Johns and Janes who get up in the morning, shower, shave, make breakfast, rush off to work to return in the evening for an easy dinner, a little television and then off to sleep – well what’s to watch there, really? – or those more interesting people who actually are worth watching and who might even have some interesting things to say. You guessed it. You are in the latter category. I think you are for real because you have that genuine “What the fuck is going on?” perplexed look on your face that reminds me  of myself during the induction phase. Rejoice, at least you’re among the more interesting people!!!

Question: What kind of Doctors are you seeing? They don’t consider a remotely performed hysterectomy RAPE? How is that even done? That would be RAPE as well as Mutilation. Are they remotely sexually stimulating you? I’ have experienced such things as well, however I was delighted when someone, a real man like Timothy, finally came forward and proposed to me face to face rather than just secretly fantasizing about me. I had picked him and he answered. I had some issues to work out at first and so did he.

There was this other guy who hung out in front of people’s doors at the SRO to eavesdrop because he had no life. I noticed the attention I was getting, and not from him alone. As a performer I can always tell when someone is watching me even remotely. He was extremely programmed and only partially aware of it. After a while I was wondering what was going on here on a larger scale. I was pissed my best friend and confidante had not warned me that this guy had “problems” before I became infatuated with him – showed how well she was paying attention… Obviously this thing wasn’t going anywhere. I began thinking that perhaps he was being used like a “Manchurian Candidate” to get to me so we could both be kept eternally frustrated, only to get together sometime after we were both properly rehabilitated, which would of course never happen, because look who was doing the rehabilitating: People who prefer to stay clinically distant and unavailable so they can maintain a “Power Differential”.

I wish you love, I wish you peace. It’s a lot easier to face this “Targetting” if you have someone you can A) be intimate with (of course with them watching….) and B) laugh at the Watchers together with. Even when I was alone facing this I knew I was being loved, but having someone physically there makes it easier. Don’t allow them to walk all over you, stand up to them! It’s like a dance. Traditionally one would ask: “Do you wanna dance?” Then the other one could say either “Yes” or “No”. These people are saying: “I wanna dance and I’m dancing all over you whether you like it or not.  Don’t let them! Practice meditation, control your thoughts and states of consciousness. When you’re focused they can’t do anything!

I’ve always been able to rip myself out of an oncoming “dream state” if I didn’t like the content. “Hypnotists” who tried to forcibly put me under have failed. They were used to working with a willing audience at a staged event. “I can hypnotize anyone!” he said menacingly, the guy who called himself “Daniel Dante”. “Well try me, you can’t hypnotize me!” I replied. He tried long and hard, he really tried. After a five minute staring match his eyes crossed over themselves and I forced him to look within. Twenty minutes passed. Next he tried MONEY. “Do you want to make 300 bucks?”he boasted while flashing three brand-new crisp Benjamin Franklins. “I have a great loft space right around the corner from here…” I politely declined.

Why do all these people stay hidden? Perhaps they’re so afraid of possible rejection that they prefer to not even try or they have other shortcomings, maybe guilt that makes them feel unlovable. Point is: It’s you they want, but of course you can’t accommodate them all… Be aware of this though, it should empower you. Don’t let the Doctors fool you either. They can’t tell you what it means to be a woman. Hey, it’s not easy. I wasn’t happy about it. If I’ve lived before – and I think I have – this is the first time in a long time that I haven’t been a man. A lot of people had a difficult time figuring that one out since I prefer men just as I have before, however, my favorite kind is the kind with more than a little femininity in them. That’s the perfect match.

My neck hurts now from doing all this writing unsupported by my ergonomically perfect chair (which is downstairs below the loft bed in which I am now sitting) one of the few remainders of my former life, the audio video studio I once owned… So I’m saying Good Night and Be Well!

About Timothytrespas

I am a victim of human experimentation MK-ultra mind control Morgellons nanotechnology syndrome & remote neural connectivity. I am an artist, inventor, musician, thinker, lover, human being who cares for all humanity & all life. I believe people should endeavor to live in peaceful cooperation rather than brutal waring survival of the most brutal. We live in a forced false-paradigm and I desire to wake people up from the 'trance hypnotic mind control programming' to the 'TRUTH of light and love'! Blessing and peace. Justice to all who suffer under tyranny. Compassion for all beings. May GOD have mercy on us all.
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19 Responses to I have been a victim and target.Can you please help me, I have been sexually assaulted, tortured!I have reported rape to police, nothing has been done, they call me crazy…

  1. Zazreil says:

    You see- they tried to typeO my previous message to through you off. Read closer- there was no typeOs when I pressed submitt 😉


  2. Zazreil says:

    Angela- honey, some of us are targeted when we are very young. Chances are you don’t recall the first time they came to you. Try to think back to awkward thoughts that stood out as a child….. You need to get into the bible, weather you are religious or not. Notice that in the Garden Eve had sex with the Devil and then showed this to Adam. The sun was creating on there on will and that was not the plan. Eve had 3 sons/ only two were Adams. Able and Cain were twins but of different seeds. When Cain killed Able – Seth was needed. Bloodlines have a lot to do with this. Now to present day we see 13 families ruling most of everything. The four horns used for the Devils agenda are as follows- finance, political, education and religion. In revelations we see the seven headed beast with ten crowns- seven land masses and 10 of the elite- this is explaining a political monster. Now- on to mind control. MK ultra is working with the governments of the world in alliance with the fallen Angels or some would notice as Aliens. No- not little green ppl- those things are droids – think of the concept of a smart phone and you controlling it. The Aliens I speak of look a lot like us- they are already here. The leader is the Devil and he will show up in a press conference in Isreal looking perfect and coming in peacefully. This will happen after a catastrophe- most likely the earthquake to break off Western USA in the Ocean and effect many more land masses. Making it easier for us to buy that this “Alien” can save us. How do you protect yourself from the programming you are facing? You must program yourself with the word of God- fully understand this plan and prepare yourself. You can’t undo this damage but you can’t defend yourself armed with the only thing that they can’t unprogram- which is truth. In short- get sealed – it’s your only defense- good luck . Love- God’s Election 😉


  3. Webster says:

    Heya just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a
    few of the pictures aren’t loading properly.

    I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both show the same results.


    • Andrea Krist says:

      Hello my name is Andrea,
      this has been attacking me and my family since 2007 i wanted to know if there is a law suit going on that i could be part of i know who is responsible for this zhang shoucheng , laing xiao from stanford lauren schenkman ,theryn ellington


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  5. Rita Roads says:

    One cannot possibly be sexually satisfied with this type of sex. It’s insane anyone that has had normal sex knows the difference. But maybe these animals that are raping us never had normal sex.So, this is something exciting for them.however it is physically painful for us,well for me anyway.Well, this can prove to you the type people that are torturing us. They are unable to have normal sex. They have also used every tactic they could to scare me to death, or make me scream like crazy to make me look crazy and put into a hospital.


  6. cathy says:

    Angela, can you add me as a friend please! I will tell you I was just sexually assualted again tonite out of my sleep. I will go into detail, They think that we are stupid and they put dreams into our head they put a sex dream into my head. The mother fuckers no nothing about me! I am not a Lesbian. But they made the dream like I was with a Lesbian but I am a strong heterosexual so they put a guy behind me pulling on my vagina from behind from front to back untill I had a orgasm. Mind you I was in a deep sleep. First they burn your vagina with the Microwave until it is hot and believe me it burns for days and I have to use ICE to try to stop the burning. Oh and then you pass lots of blood the mother fuckers burn you so much you pass blood. And your vagina is so hot you cannot stop having orgasms at this point it is painful and burning, it is not enjoyable. And I am swelled my vagina is swelled and painful.. My Doctor thinks I have cancer, I cannot tell him the truth, he will think that I am crazy.So, I he ave to have a number of painful and uncomfortable tests for my bladder because I am passing lots of blood from the microwave being placed on my bladder and vulva.
    In the meantime this sick bastard and his girl had intercourse while doing this to me. I could hear the pig above me washing off his penis in the bathroom.Right now I wish I had a gun, I would kill them both. Oh of course they know everything that I am typing they put something into my eye so that they know what I am typing or writing and they knew when I contacted the FBI that is why the FBI did not come this time to arrest them. So, it’s ok for them to painfully sexually assault an old lady that is a mother of 2 and a grandmother. and it is obvious that they know nothing about me especially if they think I am a Lesbian. WHICH I AM NOT A LESBIAN. I wonder what stories they have given to my neighbors about me! Please telll me how does the government allow all of this torture and make these bastards think it is ok. How can they be watching me there must be cameras in this apartment. I cannot take much more of this,I am too old and tired. someone should cut that man’ s penis off ! I will do it I will castrate him. And that stupid girl goes along with he sadistic behavior. Angela, you need help, I need help too in securing a gun.Monday nite I put this building on Twitter and police helicopters were all around my building. I will do it again until they do something.


    • cathy says:

      Now the bastard is nice and satisfied watching TV and his girlfriend went to sleep. He is watching me type on my computer. And, I cannot sleep and Im wide awake! because I have been assaulted sexually. And he is pumping down some kind of drugs.


    • sophia says:

      For Cathy and Angella

      Yes, Microwave energy or laser energy rape is real. I am a registered nurse in Ontario, Canada. One of the worst places for targetting on the planet. I have been targetted for 10 years in total but it has been most notable over that past 7 years immediately after took a dark career path into nursing edcation as a teacher – the worse life decision I have ever made. Even since leaving teaching, the targetting and horror has only gotten worse. For the past 4 years I have been tortured with pressurized air, suffocatio techniques, horrible odors and much more and for that past 11 months non-stop 24/7 targetted eergy rape. Yes they burn my vagina and rip and tear at me and yes – IT HURTS LIKE HELL AND IT NEVER STOPS. They do it at work – making it impossible to keep a job and in myu vehicles, and my home and taxis, while I walk – on the toilet, anywhere and everywhere – it never stops when I use the toilet, when I shower, when I walk – IT NEVER STOPS – IT IS WORSE THAN HELL. Canadians are all aware of it and they condone it and encourage it. I may not last much longer, so I take every opportunity to document it on any sit I can. The targetting started because I did not “make eye contact” with and was “not friendly” enough to a Jewish suurgeon, who felt he was Gods gift to women and all women whould respond the same way to him. For not flirting with him, they destroyed my life. This is why the rape started. At first they spread all sorts of rumors that I was gay and mentally ill and had a problem with men and sex. they compromised my saftety and have men literlly stalk me and circlearound me like rapists. I dont even go tothe supermarket, because it is that bad. Canadians are pigs! I wish there was some material or something that could stop the vaginal penetration, but my searches and contacts have come up empty. I wish you the best. At this point in my life, the only people I have pity for are other targetted citizens, because much of the general populus is aware of this horror, and condone and endorse it. I have had women, giggle and laugh at me at work and say things like “open yur legs” take off your clothes”. WOMEN are every bit as much rapists as men. Canada is a despicable country. Good luck to you. My name is Sophia!!!


      • seth says:

        the mind control is for the zionist world order (apostate jews).

        gangstalking will be punished by God.

        but we must suffer the next few decades.

        it is worldwide – i have seen it in the us, europe and uk.

        do not kill yourself. Pray for your enemies – the vast majority of perps are mind controlled by a supercomputer AI, as part of a ‘hive mind’ society. They are cut off from God. Strange, but true.


  7. cathy says:

    Oh and I know they are torturing the SUPER in my building he is extremely sick has the same symptoms I have and he keeps saying he is going to die soon! Just so you know you are not alone in any of this, and please do not discuss it with anyone they will say you are crazy. But soon they will get everyone and we will have war.


  8. cathy says:

    Will you believe it the perps watch me from the above apartment all nite long. This must be the same girl from 51st street she thinks she is at a broadway show or that she is so intelligent that she has to dress for the occasion. The bitch she wears heels. So, that I can hear her walking, I guess she wants me to think that she is highly educated. Educated? In what watching me eat, on my computer, taking a shit, cleaning my ass, peeing, taking a shower. Say, what the hell is this all about anyway?And that guy with her, omg they were talking all nite, I let them talk, and he is a black man with a loud voice. He sounds like the news man, maybe it’s him. I just do not know anymore. They did something to my left rib cage. I am in extreme pain. The pain goes from my rib cage around my heart. Well, I guess soon they will kill me.
    well, they have been torturing me for at least 10 years. I am sick and tired of it all.


    • cathy says:

      Oh and the FBI are definitely involved. I have tried several times to get them to come here but they do not respond. So, don’t even bother to contact them. Oh and I have been raped they do it with some sort of computer and they have sex while they are doing it to you. You are not the only one. And, I am old I am a grandmother. These people are
      pigs. They get children to rape you too. Anyone they feel like they talk them into sexually assaulting you or raping you. And yes, they come right into my room when I am sleeping and put there hand up through my bed. I hit one with a pot, they other guy I cut his fucking hand. So, you know what he did, he burned my vagina really bad he actually came up the side of my bed to see what I was using to protect my vulva . A pot I used a steel pot. And the burning is so bad I have to put ice on my entire sex organs. And my feet. Oh you said they have wires in your basement. OK, then I guess a house is no good. but you should get a pit bull. And, if that’s your house put cameras all over the dam place. But take in mind that they know everything we are doing. They are bitches! Take care be well and think about me. 10 years, of torture, and i’m an old lady.


  9. mstmha says:

    There is an “alien” aspect to their program. They are using something similar to holograms from what another writer called “beam me-up” technology. I have been touched, fondled, screwed (literally) by these perverts. Sometimes they move my fingers when I am using my computer keyboard. Their technology is absolutely amazing but it is hardly suitable if the only thing that they want to do with it is scare the sh*t out of people. I have also gathered that this particular technology is used in lieu of their Transhumanization agenda. Check out Natasha Vita-More for more information about their ideas behind transhumanism and what they hope to see for the future (including sex without being subjected to diseases). I have attached a video link below entitled #51 Transhumanism, Technology, & The Future with Natash Vita-More. She also has a website http://www.natasha.cc/


    • I am posting your comment with the authors note that “the video people do not seem to really fully grasp the depth and issues at stake here under forced evolution and transhuminism=genocide. murder of a genetic type. depopulation and destruction of GODS creation. it is an evil, in my opinion, despite its many ‘cool’ aspects. we have been sold a lie. humans a a miraculous powerful group who have been cursed, poisoned, programed, enslaved, controlled defrauded since birth for years in an effort to keep us from our true nature our true strengths and our true destiny.
      THERE ARE MANY BETTER VIDEOS ON THIS SUBJECT I FOUND THESE TWO SOMEWHAT ‘FLAKY” and not really describing the true nature of this evil plan. IMHO


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