IMHO: GMO everything will be the order of the day in the new world order..

IMHO: GMO everything will be the order of the day in the new world order.
After spraying he entire population with morgellons, a nano-assembling , genetics manipulating organism, we begin to see every other form of life being infected, changed, manipulated.

Using HAARP technology (scalar microwave resonance) , G.N.A., synthetic biology, toxins, etc, they will/are MURDER the BEES, and BREAK THE FOOD CHAIN!

In the ensuing death, war and panic for survival on a quickly non-life sustaining planet, evil corporations will ‘take charge’ and sell us GMO food crops, bees, and everything else required to sustain life again on earth.

Except that this time, it will NOT BE GODS CREATION!

It will all be patented, owned, controlled, and we will be forced TO PAY TO BREATH AIR, DRINK WATER and EAT or die.

The ultimate final solution for control and enslavement.

Infect everything, mutate it, kill it, then redesign it and sell it for a FORTUNE.
depopulation is in effect.
also, trans-humanism(techno-eugenics) is being fostered via same vehicle.

Most people have no idea they have been infected with a military designed genetics manipulating viral infection agent.

Most do not realize they have been implanted, are being monitored and controlled.

Most do not realize that a frequency controlled organism can infect them, life, dormant in their system for years, and then become ‘activated’ via radio signals.

once activated, the organism can follow the synthetic G.N.A. genetic instruction set and/or modified D.N.A. instructions and achieve almost any desired outcome within the target population.

Sickness. death. obesity, insanity, violence, depression, whatever.

Now we can be controlled from an external technology

Most people have no idea it even exists so why should they recognize anything wrong as they change?

Timothy Trespas

11:43 AM

Johnathan gross: dear “SMARTYPANTS”, please get yourself a sterile Petrie dish, some agar, and put a sample of your saliva (spit in it) cover it up put in in a dark cool place and wait a few. If your sample does not produce “fibers” along with other slime molds candida and other bacteria after a while, I will publicly claim the title “smarty pants” which has been awarded to you. And if you would video it and post it for all to see. Then we can resolve the question of depopulation and forced mutation once and for all
My belief based on experience is that what military and intelligence agency science did to me and my wife is also what is being done to the general population.
Please prove me wrong. Blessings and peace

Timothy Trespas

11:47 AM

Genetic engineering is why strawberry’s are no longer red inside. They have been crossed with the greens from a tougher fruit so that they will ripen slower and bruise less.
Cows have been modified to produces spider web silk in the milk. How about the mouse modified to grow a human genetic ear on its back?
Genetic manipulation is doable to an entire population via modified virus like flu.
Geneticist can insert greens from anything into anything
How does cloning work?
And what if you desire the clones to all have blond hair or blue eyes or be male or female? Manipulate the genetics.

Timothy Trespas

11:56 AM

Why is no one referring to research done on genetics concerning the discovery that genes produce coherent biophotonic emissions (laser like light energy) as well as scalar ‘radio’ waves? Also the same research found that to change entire genetics of an organism only one cells genes need by changed and the organism changes all cellular genetics to follow suite .
Also discovers that the scalar energy waves create a ‘biofield’ around the organism several layers deep. This field seems to hold the patterns together and influence the organism. It has been posited that the ‘information’ contained in our genes may be ‘non local’ in quantum physics terms. Exo-genetics? That means genetics are not the bottom line to who we are
There is a possibility this information contains an inter or other dimensional origin.


1:51 PM

+Timothy Trespas i hope you aren’t being serious
because it’s like “oh the government wants to kill us all because they will earn a lot of money doing… oh no, they wont”
but anyway if you are being serious there is no point arguing with you, you could damage my brain



Unfortunately for all of humanity, I AM SERIOUS! DEADLY SERIOUS about what I say and what I believe.
My position and ideas are based on my personal experience, reading peer reviewed published articles, thinking, listening to others, intuition, and keeping an open mind.
I believe we are at a point in history where governments are a lower layer in the control hierarchy.
Multinational corporations, secret societies, groups of rich & powerful who band together to bring forward their vision of the future for humanity. Putting the spin on news, creating news, media, movies, books, etc.
The ways information is feed to the population segments. geography, economy, resources, geopolitics, global manipulation of the thoughts, ideas, and available realities humanity is ‘allowed’.
Encouraged in some places, discouraged in others.
War, development, manufacture, and sale of the technology and weapons of war. parts of the world are kept in turmoil while others are allowed to prosper, some safe havens, some lawless zones.
Drugs, manufacture, distribution, advertising, public sentiment regarding drugs. religion, politics, education.
subliminal programming in all languages and medias.
Do you recall hearing the term “NEW WORLD ORDER”?
IF you are not one of THEM, and you may well be, then who are you?
Have you decided what side you are on in life? do you stand for GOOD or do you stand for EVIL? In your heart you know.
I know from personal experience that it can be extremely difficult for most people to undergo the paradigm shifts in thought and understanding necessary for one to  begin to awaken from a lifetime of programmed and reenforced belief structures, socialization, accepted thought forms and behaviors.
Do you watch any television or movies?
If so, do you recognize the programing techniques used to embed he underlying subliminal information watching exposes you too?
Do you see the multilayered subliminal information being programmed into your mind via hypnotic techniques and emotional anchor/triggering, neural linguistic, neural symbolic, cognitive behavioral programing techniques?
Do you hear the embedded speech information disguised as music or sound effects,  being transferred to your brain below you conscious level of recognition?
There are SILENT SOUND SPREAD SPECTRUM TECHNIQUES that process vocal hypnotic induction and programming commands by using the vocal waveform to modulate tamber, frequency, and phase of the ‘normal’ soundtrack so the content is recognized by your brain but not ‘heard’ by the conscious mind, which is kept busy with the ‘show’, in a sate of quantum hypnosis, while information if poured into your sub-conscious mind.
many beliefs and behaviors come from the subconscious mind, which is always remembering everything it takes in, but lives in a constant state of ‘now’ When the conscious mind is busy elsewhere, the subconscious takes over.
do you know that human beings are being implanted with organic nano-scale synthetic biological ‘microchips’, quantum dots tuned to respond only to precise frequencies, sensors, transducers, crystals, bio-electronics wires into the biology directly through the nerves and brain. A nano-assembling unkillable (nonliving but alive) organism developed by DARPA ad friends, assembled from various parts of several organisms, some from each branch of biological life. Able to rewrite human genetic programming so as to allow itself to continue inside the host organism. scavaging our cells at a sub-atomic level, it takes tha materials it requires for self-repication, as well as following the G.N.A. program to assemble specific electronic configurations from our biological storehouse of building supplies.
Bio-geneses, or, the creation of a living adult organism directly from DNA/GNA in a genetic scalar bio-field is now possible and demonstrated daily in morgellons patients.

Why is it so hard for you to believe that a group of beings who think differently from you or I, would spend tremendous resources and set out on a path to depopulated large percentages of the population?
Is it so hard to realize that humanity has been enslaved by lies and control through energy and economics forever?
When powerful American groups decided to fund Hitler and the Nazi party, they had god reason.
and at the end of that war, many of those same Nazi scientists and thinkers were secretly taken to the USA given new identities and went to work on our most sensitive and important projects.
The world has long been run by and manipulated by people and beings who have no problems murdering large populations.
Many sacrifices of human life to evil powers are the norm and we are the animals, the sheep who are being sacrificed.
If you really look around, and put away your fear and your programming and your cognitive dissonance and your automatic dissbelief and open up your mind and your heart to what you ALREADY KNOW TO BE TRUE, do some looking around with an open mind and you will find a reality that, although we may not understand it, may not agree with it, may not believe it, it is still true and believed and acted upon by many who do.
and that is the reality most people flee from, deny the existence of.
I used to think that way myself.
Until I discovered that I have been/am part of a trauma based mind control  experiment that has been going on since before my birth and has cost someone  more than 14 million dollars. I speak from experience, from intuition, from being a targeted individual.
Please do not hide from this reality
That is just what they want
People must wake up and turn off the TV and work together to make this world the place it could be with justice and value and home and food and education, healthcare, power, medicine, love, community, friends, etc, that a healthy humanity requires.
Please do not simply say “oh, just another crazy!” because in your heat there is a feeling an small voice that KNOWS this truth and wants us to awaken from the induced trance, the drugging the food chemistry the induced fear, the war on freedom, all of it.
we do not desire a world of enslavement and control
but we have one now and it is only getting worse if we do not take personal responsibility for our selves and each other.
We must find a way to break the hold ‘they’ have on our minds our bodies and our souls and take back our intrinsic power to love and create under GOD who created this ‘reality’ simulation for some reason.
do you think it was so we could be slaves to debt and fear and only think we are free?
Blessings and peace to all!

About Timothytrespas

I am a victim of human experimentation MK-ultra mind control Morgellons nanotechnology syndrome & remote neural connectivity. I am an artist, inventor, musician, thinker, lover, human being who cares for all humanity & all life. I believe people should endeavor to live in peaceful cooperation rather than brutal waring survival of the most brutal. We live in a forced false-paradigm and I desire to wake people up from the 'trance hypnotic mind control programming' to the 'TRUTH of light and love'! Blessing and peace. Justice to all who suffer under tyranny. Compassion for all beings. May GOD have mercy on us all.
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  1. jessica says:

    Hi…I’m a targeted individual also and fought back since I first noticed two years ago. To the girl that needs help because no one will help…you must get video survellence everywhere…and maje sure its night vision because it can see not only humans but the alien like or spirit kinds…also record everywhere you go and make sure its recording in real time…make sure everyone knows you are too…gps locating n recording every day is essential because they set people up n if they do try you can prove you didnt do it by your gps n videos. Use their own game on them. Like i mean…start exposing they..get proactive and use yourself as a distraction while you get evidence on them. They use these entities or spirt like to rape you…i have see these things…i guess im gifted with sixth sense or something. I always knew i was because i get fast flashes in my mind and it comes to past and i didnt know when i see people i was seeing them different until 2 years ago. I see peoples energy or ora as a liner or tracer on them. Its colored and every person is different but similar. So i believe it’s how I see these spirits…God is my savior dear…pray because he is helping no matter if you don’t think he is and he has chosen people and we got gifts that he has given us. We must find each others gifts because we all got a gift or gifts. I communicate with these tree likes…there are tree people for 1000 of years natives have communicated with them. They are aware of what’s happening and I believe they are essential to our fight….I need help and people’s experiences…I would love if as many Targeted Individuals could email me their stories must stick together. We need to organize ASAP. Something must be done….all who are actual victims must watch out because they are not gonna stop. They have no intention of stopping. I’m very interested in organizing groups but it’s hard to tell people apart whom you can trust. Any ideas.


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