Loud High Frequency sound ringing INSIDE my head! do YOU hear a sound that does not go away? NOT tinnitus!

high frequency loud ringing in my head!

High Frequency Loud Ringing Inside of my head.

It is there whenever I am at home.

At every home I have lived in, and there have been 10 since this high frequency sound inside my head began, I hear it ringing in my head. (not when we look at the room, after we rent it and move it, then it starts.)

When I go outside and walk about, I hear it, although at times, outside, it can be much less loud.

The sound seems to come from INSIDE of my head rather than from OUTSIDE and into my head via my ears.

Normal human hearing,   (in those without age, or damage from loud sounds or injury)   ranges from 20 hertz to 20,000 hertz  (or 20 Kilohertz).

Hertz is a measurement of frequency. Frequency is counting vibrations or oscillations.

Like a string stretched and plucked. It makes a twang sound. The tighter the string is strung (taught) the HIGHER the sound. The less tense the string the lower the sound.

The length of the string also determines the frequency. A LONG string makes a low frequency and a short string would make a high frequency.

Wavelength is equal to string length.

as we get older, the highest frequency sound we can hear drops off to 10-12-14 khz.

The sound I ‘hear’ inside my head is similar to hearing the subtractive (lower) frequency sound produced when two ultrasonic (above 20k hertz) oscillators (sound producers) outputs are set at differing frequencies and combined.

Example: one oscillator is set to create and output a signal at 20,000 htz.

The second oscillator is set to create and output a signal at 19,000 htz

The two outputs are mixed together (combined) and he result is 4 different waveforms.

1=20,000 Htz (ultrasonic- above human hearing-but you will feel it)

2=19,000 Htz (basically ultrasonic -above human hearing-but you will feel it)

3=39,000 Htz (ultrasonic above human hearing-but you will feel it)

4=1,000 Htz (Sonic: within human hearing)

The 1khz tone produced us the subharmonic result of mixing the ultrasonic signals WILL BE HEARD, although it will sound as though it came from inside of the listeners head

Also: keep in mind that the ultrasonic signals, when amplified and sent out of a ‘speaker’ or transduction system to broadcast them through the air, when ‘received’ by humans will have an effect

ultrasonic sound can cause diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, temp reduction in IQ points, confusion, seizures, panic, fear, dizziness, reduction in hearing, and other problems.

If you have ever heard a LOUD ALARM or SIREN going off near you you have some idea of the possible effects!

Ultrasonic weapons have been developed and tested and used for over 40 years. They are again gaining favor as tools of torture and disruption used by perpetrators against targeted individuals ad the public at large.

Ultrasonic circuits are inexpensive and fairly simple to build, and the output speakers or transducers are not expensive (ceramic-peizeo) and may be made from high performance high output tweeters (rated at over 20,000htz output at high power) and may be wired together in multi-tweeter units to increase output.
The output wold not be heard but felt depending on the output frequencies.

All of the above is published for example.

An example so that readers could compare the ringing in their ears to one method of producing sound that appears to originate inside the head.

It is my personal belief that these ringing sounds are not tinnitus nor are they from a local ultrasonic device.

It is my belief that these sounds are, in fact, part of a new GLOBAL ELECTROMAGNETIC SCALAR MIND CONTROL and REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING SYSTEM.

A system with the ability to monitor and manipulate the brainwave/DNA scalar radio frequency energy that the body produces, and therefor, the ability to TRACK US ANYWHERE WE GO, to READ OUR THOUGHTS, in REAL TIME, the ability to INJECT THOUGHTS and SPEECH INTO OUR MINDS so that we either think it is our own thoughts or it appears as what ever voice it is.

Combined with areal spraying of the nano-assembling organism that infects hat human population and builds in the appropriate synthetic biology meta-materials to act as a RADIO or TRANSDUCTION system

Complete with OPTIC SENSORS, speech, hearing, taste, and a full complement of bio-telemetry data, sensor outputs and more, this system of self-installing implants through organism infection allows the dark powers controlling it to enslave mankind completely

The ringing in the ears is only the FIRST part of the targeting program many find themselves part of.

There are ore and more people around the globe reporting this symptom each day.

no one is addressing it in any real way.

It has to be a radio signal being beamed at everyone and at individuals as well

each new ringing in the ear complain means one more poor human victim has been infected and is now online with the supercomputer

My ringing can be turned up so loud that it KILLS ME I vomit, migraine headaches, pain, inability to do anything bu lay in bed and moan and cry and scream and puke until they turn it off

no touch microwave torture














Here are photos of what I pulled out of my right ear!




























About Timothytrespas

I am a victim of human experimentation MK-ultra mind control Morgellons nanotechnology syndrome & remote neural connectivity. I am an artist, inventor, musician, thinker, lover, human being who cares for all humanity & all life. I believe people should endeavor to live in peaceful cooperation rather than brutal waring survival of the most brutal. We live in a forced false-paradigm and I desire to wake people up from the 'trance hypnotic mind control programming' to the 'TRUTH of light and love'! Blessing and peace. Justice to all who suffer under tyranny. Compassion for all beings. May GOD have mercy on us all.
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  1. Lorrie George says:

    I think this may be the culprit driving certain people to kill, I have had them off and on for years. I know it’s not my ears because I feel it coming from inside my brain, it’s like the high pitch sound or signal that came from the old school tvs. That how I know.


  2. Olivia says:

    Ive had ringing in my right ear my whole life. Sometimes its louder than other times. Its loudest when I’m trying to sleep. I always thought it was normal til a few years ago. Now I’m reading more on mind control and I’m scaring myself. I’m scared it will get worse if I talk about it or research it, if that’s even what it is. I have been nauseated for the past few years and had pressure in my head but I never thought to connect the issues until now.


  3. Anthony Arellano says:

    Hello, my name is Anthony Arellano, my family and I are hearing the same sound that was being transmitted in China and Havana Cuba Hello, my name Is Anthony Arellano and I am located at Deborah Dr. CA 92201 My almost 80-year-old father and I are being attacked by what we believe to be masers, (microwave laser) and a buzzing noise that tortures us every day it is a hi pitched dream and we believe it is our neighbors. I came across this news post about the “Havana, Cuba, China audio weapon” and my dad and i have the same symptoms of being dizzy, nauseous, and extremely tried we have been going through this for years and i am fearfull that we may be going through the same thing as Cuba, and China. We are having this done by multiple people in our neighborhood I also have a sister. At first we thought it was some kind of dog whistle but we don’t believe that now they will also yell things from their yard at us like “I’m going to kill your dog” and “you’re gonna pay” the verbal harassment is constant to make us believe we are hearing voices at least that’s what I’ve come to believe. We have been tortured for years. I would try and catch them thinking they were right outside the window and no one was there…I have been to many doctors to check for tinnitus, mental, health, MRI, and all of them have come back with no problems that would cause these symptoms. They have also gotten into the car I don’t know how, but the buzzing continues in the car. We have had people outside of our family hear the buzzing sound in our car (security guard, and a doctor)which is the same in our house. We have also had to take our dog to the vet for burn symptoms and we also have multiple burn marks on our window screens and curtains although it leaves little to almost no marks on the body it hurts something awful. WE NEED, HELP WE ARE BEING BRUTALIZED! WE ARE NOT USING DRUGS! None of us even smoke a cigarette thanks so much! also anytime we open the door the neighborhood dogs go nuts barking. Also, look https://youtu.be/pOdXVye-4X0 this video describes what is happening to us. we really need help and the police we do not know what to do but we need help. Thank you
    Anthony Arellano


  4. Ron says:

    HOW CAN I MAKE IT STOP ?! Idk how much more I can take


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  7. Islandgirl says:

    These symptoms in me started onlyvafter a visit by fire Dept to inspect fire sprinklers in my apartment. The same thing happened at two prior apartments only after the same fire inspection of sprinklers. I do not have headaches or tinnitus anywhere but in my apartment.


    • MICHAEL says:

      antioxidants kill Fungus/Nano?
      Start the day with lots of water and antioxidants (I used olive leaf extract, turmeric, and cinnamon pills). Get ramped-up/energized. when you feel the attacks peaking, run bathtub with 3-6 inches of VERY hot water. Put cocoa or cinnamon powder all over and under your tongue. Shakeup dark chocolate (high orac level) half filled container. inhale cocoa dust through mouth and nose 2 or three times. Just seconds before stepping (not laying) into hot water nude– (or the fungus/nano? will enter your clothing) pour or squeeze chocolate syrup on top of scalp or head. STEP INTO THE HOT WATER AND WATCH what leaves and enters that warm moist water. It has no choice but to leave you. do not touch anything floating in the water or it will re-enter your body rapidly. Leave and drain the tub, QUICKLY dress in clean clothes and socks and remain moving until your energy or the attacks subside. You will realize immediately or in a few days that there is no-more ringing ears, popping ears, constantly clearing your throat, thrush on your tongue, blood in your stool, glands that are sore from fighting. Continue taking any antioxidants you can for the next several weeks or months to help kill the residual fungus/nano?
      May GOD bless you all.HI MY NAME IS MICHAEL
      antioxidants kill Fungus/Nano?
      Start the day with lots of water and antioxidants (I used olive leaf extract, turmeric, and cinnamon pills). Get ramped-up/energized. when you feel the attacks peaking, run bathtub with 3-6 inches of VERY hot water. Put cocoa or cinnamon powder all over and under your tongue. Shakeup dark chocolate (high orac level) half filled container. inhale cocoa dust through mouth and nose 2 or three times. Just seconds before stepping (not laying) into hot water nude– (or the fungus/nano? will enter your clothing) pour or squeeze chocolate syrup on top of scalp or head. STEP INTO THE HOT WATER AND WATCH what leaves and enters that warm moist water. It has no choice but to leave you. do not touch anything floating in the water or it will re-enter your body rapidly. Leave and drain the tub, QUICKLY dress in clean clothes and socks and remain moving until your energy or the attacks subside. You will realize immediately or in a few days that there is no-more ringing ears, popping ears, constantly clearing your throat, thrush on your tongue, blood in your stool, glands that are sore from fighting. Continue taking any antioxidants you can for the next several weeks or months to help kill the residual fungus/nano?
      may GOD bless you all.


  8. Jerry says:

    I am going through the same thing at the present moment what can you do to stop it or find the people that are actually doing it I need some help please


  9. Albert says:

    I found your site doing research concerning the constant high pitch metallic sound in my head. I am middle aged now but remember as a young child when it started as I sat in a quiet room. I can see how some temperaments could find it somewhat maddening. I chose to accept it and pretty much ignore it aside from moments like this, when it crosses my mind to look it up again and see current thoughts on the subject. I do not have anything to contribute but I find your insights thought provoking.

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    • OK.. here goes – I can only speak for me and my own observations and experiences. I too have the high frequency buzzing in my head. Here is what I have found. One night in the bathroom, standing on front of my magnifying mirror pulling fibers out of my skin (I am heavily infested with “morgellons”- actually a bio-weapon) and I accidentally bump the inside flap of one of my ears.. to my surprise a ton of ultra small, white looking “things” came streaming out of my ears. I got my Kleen Green (and enzyme based cleanser that WORKS) and misted my ears.. I used a bit of cloth to wipe them out and low and behold the buzzing went away… albeit temporarily anyways.. It returned the next morning. See the problem is even of we had a cure for this insidious bio-weapon we would be reinfected the moment we breathed some of the air full of aerosoled pathogens…


      • I have seen and heard of others with similar experiences
        There are protocols one could follow to reduce the rate of reinfection.
        But yes, apparently without a vaccine, this nanobiotechnology is designed to infect and reinfect all humans
        Blessings-and peace


  10. Lesa Morale says:

    Hello I’m a victim of mind control microwave. Its been 4 Yeats now and no way of making them turn it off and let me be free. Placed on me bye boyfriend and his friends while I was slkeeping on Dr metal given by them. I woke up and felt like my world was over and its worse every day. The harassing and mind control is coming from Collinsville Tx. Is there any way of getting that place metered for high voltage where they are made to turn off of us. I’m not the only victim their are others . all by same people. They are also guilty of Human Trafficing. Child prom said to be a big deal to them. Like rapping your people age 12 to 18 and its filmed and sold by a production company that pays and supplies the equipment. The head can’t take any more of all this loudness in my head. My family daughter and grandsons need help also. We have been told we will die from this. Some address are 316 Boatwright. 944 Hwy 902. highs street. 387 Poole rd Gainsville Tx 76240 has basement in home bed room under carpet by back door..help 911


  11. Terry Adams says:

    OK… here is what I have found regarding the high frequency buzz in my ears. One night as I was standing in front of a face magnifying mirror with a very bright flashlight, I accidentally brushed the flap of one of my ears.. I saw what seemed to be small white flying “things” streaming out.. Knowing that Kleen Green (organic cleanser) can dissolve the bio-film, I took a paper towel, soaked it with KG, and cleaned every surface of both ears.. the flaps, both inside and outside, and as much of the canal as a rolled up paper towel would allow. (q-tips are full of the bad fibers – can’t use them) The buzzing stopped… WHY? because whatever these damned things are, they live and breed and lay eggs in our skin – IN the bio-film. ALL OVER YOUR BODY… However, it’s the ones that reside in our ears that we can actually HEAR… JMHO


  12. diannes says:

    “Kitty cat” spy implant ( Updated cheater type bugs also, like they use to cheat in universities tests!)!)used during the war in animals and cats for spying and listening to enemy, when they are done the military tells the cat to return and that’s what they do…Cat Magazine article!! or wire implant or cell phone tooth hidden below tooth cap or lower in jaw for better hiding…. ALL the same but different ask military about their telepathic /internet they now are putting in their people and police are also gong telepathic for safety and security!
    Put in search box tiniest voice 2-way spy implant ever and it will bring t you to a security store who sells them and they are smaller then a pencil e-racer they hide then internally in the body or mouth area near the ear drum for amplified service and read mind reading apps also OH!! so much out there no way to be denied anymore,,, and they had a show in over seas showing how they work! and there is a web site that sells electronic harassment items to many to think of!
    There is hundreds of stuff but those are military stuff and I don’t know a thing about them! Oh yes and hacking the brain mind and medical stuff internally can all do this to all depending on what’s is in you! Mind games,com and read everything through books at your local store or even amozon.com! Don’t be spoofed! It’s all about set ups
    If it is not authorized by your doctor, and your CLOSE family….. police, military, physiatrists or medical group or top authority for some real reason it might be a set up or revenge activity! All patents are on the internet it says 1 out of I thought every 10(?) people have this, but those are legal, so be careful as to saying stuff about any (and of other countries it’s their stuff we have no say on that, except the top authority might !?) I dedicate this to the USA security!
    Some facts might be changed and some are opinion but some facts are real so read to find out yourself!


  13. Erin says:

    So I too pulled some crazy little critters out of my ear that look exactly like yours. Over the past few years, I have experienced gang stalking, morgellons, V2K, over 100 alien visitations and half a dozen abductions (my spiritual body been taken into different realm), my TV plays up alot, lights flicker, plus I have footage of alien like and reptilian beings in my car, loungeroom, and just in all my photos, I’ve heard the voice of God chanting JESUS, I then became a born again, now I have come to the conclusion, YES we live amongst a satanic world AND government, NASA is a fraud, but ALL OF MY EXPERIENCES are DEMON related, especially the gang stalking. .. now I’m not saying the government aren’t involved, they are but it’s mainly demonic forces that we are dealing with, all this ringing in my ears are demons. I believe that the government use occult practices and liaise with spiritual beings (aliens which are simply demons) to illegally study us and alter our DNAs etc.. I believe that the negative bloodlines are extra special and are primarily targeted because we share the blood of Jesus… with the power of Jesus’s blood is the most powerful way someone can seal a prayer! Turn to God, repent your sins, study God’s Word. We are in battle! ! Prayer up and put on the full armour of GOD!! God bless you all!!


  14. franty says:

    Someone is trying to use you for sex assault stalking and harassment siltation toward you for revenge and stealing you computer, bank accounts and TV signals for free entertainment! and we found the patents and they have been doing this for years! But now it’s updated big time!


  15. Sandy says:

    I hope you still monitor this page! I met someone very dark who has an entity inside him that gives him magical powers. He did some terrible things to me and since I left him
    I have constant electronic frequencies in my
    Ear, weird, dense energy raining into my crown, my chakras are not spinning as the should be, mad tastes in my mouth, some loss of ability to control my emotions, something at my feel which prevents me from drawing in earth energy, and a constant ringing in my ears that is different electronic frequencies, sometimes beeping noises, sometimes up to 6 different frequencies can be heard in each ear at a time. When you pulled that out of your ear, did the noises go away?


    • lilyofthevalley777 says:

      Sandy, please see above contact from Lilyofthevalley777.


    • Anon says:

      Part demons from gvt, CIA, FBI, police, or any authourity related. They are part of accults. They do this to us to steal our works, projects or money. They put curses and do rituals on us through implants.fake illusions . You guys ever heard of esotoric astology, i cant remember the exact name for it at the moment. that they claim turning lead, metal into gold? Thats a medafore, example of them making and stealing from us of our works. Hermetic rituals as we are the metals and are very valuable as gold. Im starting to see we all got something in common. Like the original op said he’s a musician, producer, artist and etc. Well so am i. And all my beats have been stolen from me by them all above and families participation and last 10 years been hacked by them stealing them. And they been selling them behind my back online. They even try to claim as they are theirs taking credit for my work. also lately ive been hearing all them play on the radio, tv commercils, and youtube ch. The ringing and other stuff started after my brother poked me with a needle. And drugged me with hallucigens which had a feeling of it and was right.


      • Anon says:

        im sure every tageted individuals all have some kind of talent, mainly a musical ive been seeing so far. Hey op has anything of yours been stolen from you? Like beats ? Or etc related?


  16. Alex says:

    We are being tormented by demons.
    This phenomena (usually accompanied by scary visions and sleep paralysis) only occurs for me when I have been using drugs or messing around with astral projection/meditation.
    In other words through engaging in these types of sins I am giving these disembodied spirits (demons) permission to torment me.
    They are able to do this because through engaging in these practices I have raised my frequency (illegally) to match the frequency of the dimension in which they are held in chains of darkness.
    This dimension is a tesseract -the perfect prison in which time and space are inversed.
    We know this because the fallen angels have been communicating with man from their dark prison through paranormal means since the flood (in which they were killed and became the disembodied spirits which we call demons today,)
    So there are no such things as ghosts or spirit guides -only demons masquerading as dead family members and angels of light.
    They want nothing more than to escape the prison in which they are held and so they have finally after thousands of years managed to teach man through paranornal communication how to manufacture a technology capable of unlocking their prison from our side.
    This technology is called CERN (they key to the abyss according to the Bible.)
    The main dipoles generate powerful 8.3 tesla magnetic fields – more than 100,000 times more powerful than the Earth’s magnetic field -which just so happens to be the amount of power you would need to ‘open’ a black hole.
    And indeed that is where the fallen angels are bound -in a black hole.
    It is no coincidence that since CERN first powered up there has been an increase in this type of paranormal activity.
    And yes we are being monitored and tracked by our government too.
    They answer to their handlers and their handlers answer directly to satan.
    But do not fear for you must remember that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood (men) but against the rulers of the darkness of this age (demons,) against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. (Ephesians 2:2)
    This the key to understanding how to overcome this evil.
    The Bible says that the perfect love casts out all fear from the heart of men.
    And the Bible says that God is perfect love, so ask him into your heart and pray for forgiveness of your sins and he will protect you from this.
    But if you engage in any activities (meditation, astral projection, crystal healing etc.) which raise your frequency outside of God’s will (illegally) then you have effectively given these demons permission to torment you.
    Also if you have had a traumatic experience in your past which you have not reconciled then demons will continue tormenting you until you have resolved the issue through lifting it up to God in prayer.
    We are living in the last days my friends.
    The blood of Christ cleanses us from all our sin.
    Hope this helps and God bless.


    • lilyofthevalley777 says:

      Please see Lilyofthevalley777 comment above. At least check it out. You have nothing to lose.


    • grrammmpa s. says:

      You (the post above, I believe) mentioned (briefly) Drugs. They can’t be underestimated in the strange case of Timothy Trespas, IMO. Frankly, he looks ALOT (eyes, expression) like someone who uses meth. He seems like a highly intelligent guy and Im not calling him a liar or a charlatan, but meth and other drugs (if he so indulges) will probably make all his problems and challenges much worse. I have the high pitched ringing in my ears and I have many times become convinced of a “secret network” that subconsciously and consciously “control” us. I have also done alot of drugs in my life and made myself very unhealthy physically and mentally as well as extremely paranoid. ANYWAYS, I just wanted to be honest and throw my two cents in. :} I can’t be the only one thinking along these lines, can I? thank you all, peAce.


  17. Lizbeth says:

    My brother has a lot of exact same thing on his head that you got from your ear. (Have pictures) He suffers greatly with very loud white noise & severe pain. Recently I had what Drs call “exploding head”. When falling asleep or awaking, you hear very LOUD sounds. My 1st sound was an AM radio being tuned in. I awoke screaming with my hands over my ears (which doesn’t help, as it’s in your head) and digging my head into my pillow as hard as I could. I’ve had cancer, my baby died, but THIS was the most terrifying event ever. It’s happened three more times since then, with different sounds. But the radio one was, how should I say, “out of this world”! I have other strange stuff, but not willing to talk about it. So, what do you think? “Exploding head syndrome” or..another “victim”? Thx


  18. Kelly says:

    HI there, I been a t.i. all my life, started at age 3 with getting raped by my step dad then the bullying started in school by my peers and teachers, abusive best and lousy abusive ex husband plus some horrific things that made me mentally ill. They used to attack my shins and give me the worst Charlie horses, they attacked my gullet bladder where I was urinating dark green-brownish smelly good then they have moved to my ears. I too get a high pitched not tendinitis but loud pulsating sound in my right ear. The Charlie horses hurt like feck but the ear stuff doesn’t bother me, it’s mostly annoying.

    Are you OK?


  19. theywillburninhell@gmail.com says:

    They have gone mad with power, they forgot that we are all humans. I curse their lives and souls. In ancient religions, the g-ds had granted power to common beings, who then went mad with power, this is happening right now, these people are so paranoid they have gone insane.


  20. Bill says:

    I think your being laughed at by most of the world man. This happens to me on an everyday basis. Every symptom has brought Billy to the point of getting slightly educated in this topic. The question is, how do I stop the perps from their weapon effect on my body and brain. Obviously I can’t physically tell where the perps are or who they are and where their located for certin. I spend alot of quality time getting rapeI like that part but the after all weirdness that I feel when finished isn’t normal.


  21. Joe fuct says:

    Osceola sheriff’s dept, Orlando naval research center. Happening everywhere in central florida.


  22. Eileen Martinez Carey says:

    I started getting a subtle ringing in my Head a couple of months ago…it is very different from ringing sound in Ears…i live in Sonoma County CA which is heavily “chemtrailed”..yesterday I started getting a REALLY BAD Facial Headache with incredibly intense Joint pain & Lymph pain throughout my Body….my Beloved Father was ordered to be in 6 nuke tests starting with Bikini Island & I have a gov. Paper that actually calls Him a “Human Guinea Pig” ..i know FOR a fact that ALL Govs. Use us as ” fodder & Guinea Pigs …sadly I do know it’s getting worse..the vile elites do these things all the time. Bless Infinite


  23. Don says:

    This information is 100 % true!
    “This is probably someone snuck an implant in your jaw during a root canal during a dental operation or under a tooth cap and the sound is emitting into the ear drum from the inside! See it is in the ear drum area making sound excetra, bouncing reversed internally on the inside of the ear drum, so the sound is only for you to hear and not anyone else on the outside ~~!
    This is what is called: Internal Reversed COVERT SPY or Harassment Hearing or Listening!”
    Might be a Spy Wire , Cell Phone Implant, Bug Like what was used during the wars in animals, and other such devices used for hearing or spying or even voiced harassments! No opinions needed all the data is out there to find and now they use internal playing machines like phones under your skin inside the body all over the world! USA has had this stuff for a long time they just don’t talk about them, However now they will have to because people are starting to use them like regular listening devices just like they do in other countries ( Non hand held, and good for when driving and pretty much same as TELEPATHY and others could have it also for talking back and forth if on the same frequency!) So don’t be fooled anymore ….You are not crazy… you are now updated where you should be! and if you read on the subject the information is everywhere so no one can screw you over if you to the cops about this covert harassment situation!
    This is it folks!


  24. Tenner says:

    This information is 100 % true!
    “This is probably someone snuck an implant in your jaw during a root canal during a dental operation or under a tooth cap and the sound is emitting into the ear drum from the inside! See it is in the ear drum area making sound excetra, bouncing reversed internally on the inside of the ear drum, so the sound is only for you to hear and not anyone else on the outside ~~!
    This is what is called: Internal Reversed COVERT SPY or Harassment Hearing or Listening!”
    Might be a Spy Wire , Cell Phone Implant, Bug Like what was used during the wars in animals, and other such devices used for hearing or spying or even voiced harassments! No opinions needed all the data is out there to find and now they use internal playing machines like phones under your skin inside the body all over the world! USA has had this stuff for a long time they just don’t talk about them, However now they will have to because people are string to use them like regular listening devices just like they do in other countries! So don’t be fooled anymore ….You are not crazy… you are now updated where you should be! and if you read on the subject the information is everywhere so no one can screw you over if you to the cops about this covert harassment situation!


  25. elena says:

    I had tinnitus in both ears for six years with a high pitched two tone sound, the noises are constant and have learned to ignore the ringing. Later, another sound was added, a deep tone that has a sporadic rhythm, that mimics human speech. It varies from soft and muted, to painfully clear, and loud. Have try sound machines, ear plugs, my hearing aid, and medication all to no avail rather I have a difficult time sleeping. Lately I was directed to a Doctor called Andrew WEIL on internet who provided solution to the problem. Do not be discourage, there is hope for you, it is a permanent cure to Tinnitus. Contact him with this email tinnitusresearchclinic@gmail.com


  26. Mick says:


    I’ve been getting gang stalked for the better part of a year now and the constant ringing in my ears.

    Why are they gang stalking me ?

    No one believes me.

    What do I do?


  27. layna says:

    I’m having the same thing happening and I did a search to find a answer on how I can stop the sounds in my head, now I know it cannot be done . God bless you for posting
    It would be nice to have someone who knows how to combat this to step forward.

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    • A concerned person says:

      It’s difficult to do this in any comfortable way. But to give some mild relief, you should try getting some electronic toothbrushes. If you grip them between your jaw and on your tongue, it breaks up the voice to skull and the auditory pathway that the V2K travels along. It should begin to break up and help clear out the voices and the associated pain.

      Not only that, if you say try get an electric head massager and direct it at your face to break up any incoming waves, that too can provide some relief.

      A cold wet compress on the forehead can also provide some relief from the chronic migraines that they inflict on people as well painkillers like aspirin.

      There are military signal jammers out there that can or should potentially break up the waves. However, they’re meant to be illegal to own. Nevertheless what is being done is illegal to you. The frequencies most commonly used are between 20 MHz (megahertz) to 6 GHz (gigahertz). There are vendors on the net if you just google signal jammer. V2K is around 100 MHz to 500 MHz especially. Maybe you know someone in electronics who could make one up for you. It would potentially affect mobile phone signals and wifi. But if you’re free of the targeting, that’s a small price to pay.

      Also very, very thick wall padding, like sound proof foam, I believe can absorb the microwave frequencies that are used to target people.

      It would need to be thickness of about 8 average brick walls!

      God Bless. Fight back. Fight hard and expose them. A spectrum analyser, say from Aaronia AG from Germany, will prove your targeting.


      • layna says:

        Thank you so much I will follow your advice and will post the results
        God bless you

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      • Ari Aristotelis Zoumbos Ari Aristotelis zoumbos says:



  28. John Wilson says:

    Very intetesting and my research confirms what you have discovered. However and although I have exactly the same symptoms, the cause is different. It is almost certainly caused by an extra or intra-terrestrial brain implant which monitors the senses and sight, sound, smell, touch and brainwaves! I woke one morning in a self-induced psychological response to wake up whenever the presence of strong electromagnetic fields approached by body or brain. I woke up and heard the distinct sound of a technological device powering down or switching off within a fraction of a second. The sound was totally unusual for an apartment and originated behind my head where the wall was. I surmise that the device which was probably extraterrestria in origin had the capability to penetrate through matter using powerful electromagnetic waves which are calibrated at the precise frequency of the nucleonic field that bind protons and neutrons in atoms to tender the atomic or molecular structure of the wall above my bed more flexible and viscous. Why would extra or intraterrestrials monitor my activities? Because I am trying to reveal secrets of the New World Order!


  29. Victim xoxo says:

    It is appropriate to launch an anti satellite missile right now. ASATs can be launched either by the US Air Force or the US Navy, or both. This is a wmd that is called scalar warfare, and is a threat to the health and well being to all citizens of the United States. Failure to identify necessary targets and comply will result in court martial for treason as explained in the UCMJ.


  30. Oliver Botz says:

    Read my blog and destroy all of your illegally implanted microchips using strong neodymium magnets and/or holding a 9 Volt battery over any muscle twitches until it burns trough the nerves and fries the microchip. After you locate and destroy most of the chips, the ringing is not as strong and easier to manage. Good luck



  31. Ooo says:

    Destroy all of your illegal implants using neodymium magnets and fry then out with a 9 Volt battery, good luck


  32. Dean says:

    I had that fucking noise since I was a kid….and alway questioned myself only cause if i asked anyone else I was afraid they would think I was crazy…..I’m 33 now and it has got louder and is a trigger to my anxiety…when it’s on I think about bad things to make it go away….I couldn’t describe the noise until I read this post and he said “high frequency ring” and I knew someone was in the same boat as i….I feel like a robot or some shit like this can’t be natural. …anyways let me know if anyone has a cure besides a shotgun


    • khi says:

      try zeolite 40 microns from ebay to clean the body of morgellons etc.. spirulina and chlorella tablets. supplement. Also get some magnets neodymium magnets for the ears to disable the ringing. back of ears for 24/48 hours. north side facing. also hulda clark zapper or terminator 2 zapper.


    • Oliver Botz says:

      Read my blog and destroy all of your illegally implanted microchips using strong neodymium magnets and/or holding a 9 Volt battery over any muscle twitches until it burns trough the nerves and fries the microchip.



  33. Kim west says:

    Hi … I am experiencing tones played much like a synthesizer in my head constantly … I believe I have morgellons as does my partner .. She does not have the tones though … I would love to speak with you concerning this issue to see if what I have going on resonates with you .. We have bn to five doctors only to b painted crazy and delusional or to have scabies or mrsa or delusional parasitism . If you could email me at your convenience I will b forever grateful. All that you have stated in this blog post resonates with my own experience and as well my research in the current state of humanity and those who believe they are in charge and the direction of this planet and who lives and dies..!thank you in advance for your time – Kim W


  34. talynia says:

    what you guys actually are experiencing, is a rise in your very own frequency, we are multi dimensional beings (a soul that vibrates on a certain frequency) And through the extreme amounts of plasma and gamma pulses from the galactic heart center and sun CME’s we are rising our frequency along with the planet earth! The Schumann resonance is changing and getting more Hz as well! I started hearing the white noise, ringing, clicking and buzzing tones in my left ear and right at random times in august 2014 when I had my unexpected Kundalini Awakening. Since then I came to know a lot of people who experienced the same thing. We feel electric currents traveling our bodies, working on our energy system and transforming the chakras which are our energy drawing sources inside the etheric layers of our aura and energy bodies! Research Kundalini and Ascension symptoms and you may find your long looked for answers! There comes a threshold when the scream of the waking soul becomes soo loud that ego cannot handle it anymore and THEN you will also be ready to look for the real source of all these experiences! PS. Ascension energies are literally ramped up ten thousand folds since March 2016 and do not get lower any time soon! So you may experience roller coasters of total weird experiences, weird body aches, without any source or reason etc!


    • sorry, but I have found this to be possible MISINFORMATION designed to keep people from the truth. scalar wave energy is produced by the DNA. this scalar energy solotonic waves are point to point and are super-luminal in nature. scalar energy is the energy that CREATION uses. and it is the energy being created via HAARP locations around the globe.
      IMHO and personal experience, this is nothing short of global quantum computer run artificial intelligence interface to the human species, via a bio-nano-interface *morgellons infection) being sprayed on us via chemtrails and through food cosmetics medicine, etc
      once infected, the self assembling devices allow transformation of brain and bioenergetic waveforms to be read and written by radar like installations, cellular phone network, and global GPS/tracking technology. we are all available to the monitoring network. there are multiple films discussing this technology. as we know, those that do evil show us their plans and when we do not resist we have agreed by not resisting.
      this is a conflict between evil people and entities and humanity, a spiritual being in a 3-d experience.
      have you met anyone who has “ascended”?
      In my mind, ascension is simply a euphemism for DEATH, caused by those who desire to depopulate us.
      Blessings and peace.
      \may we find the answer and live in peace.


      • talynia says:

        Then I suppose you have not heard about Kundalini Awakenings yet. It may be possible that there are other things going on at the same time, but I for myself had an eye opening energetic awakening experience in 2014 and before that I was closed down, my perceptions changed and I see, feel and hear so much more since then. Awakenings are real and many will go through more of it as time passes. Since 2014 I found a lot of people who went through the same experiences. There is a deep source knowingness inside of me that tells me that I am truly experiencing Ascension! This is nothing that can be done in one day! You are misinformed if you believe that! Ascension is a long process that forces the individual to go through layers of suppressed emotions, energetic blocks etc. All these happen globally. It can happen spontaneously as it did for me! It can also happen during meditation! HAARp and all that stuff works on frequencies, we are able as beings to feel frequencies once we tap into the energetic aspect of it and we can block the bad frequencies out. We do not need to be the victims of those who want to do harm. We are creator beings and as such form our own reality with thoughts, actions and vibrational output! 😉 May you be blessed dear soul!


    • Rachel says:

      Exactly the same timings as mine


    • TheWhitestRabbit says:

      Kundalini… a force associated with the serpent. A force that rises up from the “sacred” center of the anus (your tail) until it reaches the point (your head) that was originally meant to be annointed and handled by the Father who bears man’s image. Serpents don’t bear much of man’s image, unless you wish to go back to the status of a sperm cell. Satan himself is referenced as a dragon and an old serpent who fell from heaven like lightning. I just find it odd how nobody really considers the depth of what could be leading people down a worse path.

      So you think this ringing in the ears is a great blessing? I hear the ringing. I did not perceive it to be a blessing when I started hearing it and other frequencies outside of me that made me shudder in terror. You do know that YHWH promises to sear the conscience of His enemies, yes? (1 Tim. 4:2)

      You say, “Ascension energies are literally ramped up ten thousand folds since March 2016 and do not get lower any time soon!” Wide and broad is the path that leads to destruction, and many there be that go therein. You do realize that Jesus warned that those who go to Sheol are thrown in with their whole body as is? They aren’t given some airy fairy “light body” to escape that dimension if they find it…inhospitable…when they arrive.

      This isn’t being spoken by some holier than thou preacher person either. This is being spoken by one who acknowledges himself to be a great fool and a sinner who has felt he couldn’t approach God for having shown so much hatred towards God in my own heart and in my behavior. A blasphemer, a loner, an adulterer. One who, from childhood, had a heart of anger fueled by feelings of isolation, fear, and lust, yet having no excuse seeing as I was born to a middle class Christian family in an age where technology has afforded me greater comforts than the greatest kings of old, though feelings of worthlessness and shyness and ineptitude did always weigh me down well into adulthood. I don’t feel those kinds of feelings in my core anymore, praise be to God, but I don’t consider them an excuse for my actions either. Evil is evil, and I find it abhorrent, and I find subtle deceiving evil to be worse than outright maliciousness. But I did ultimately receive this ringing that never stops, and along with it, I received more physical energy. Whether it be unto my salvation or damnation, I do not conclusively know. I would say the latter based on dreams where I have met what is clearly fallen angels/demons/nephilim, and I would say the former based on the great hope and love that I have seen in the words and higher logic hailing from the incredible Father-Son duo ever since I paid close enough attention to literally feel the words within my heart. I have even became lucid at times within dreams where demons were pursuing me, and I then used the name of Jesus to cast them away from me or end the dream. Unfortunately, casting out demons with His name isn’t a ticket to heaven, it’s just a courtesy He grants to every mortal. “Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!'” (Matthew 7:22-23)

      Yet everyone in this age who sees this raise in frequency as some free ticket to more pleasurable dimensions, then you have been greatly deluded. What’s more interesting is how people think of being raptured or “taken away” is presented as a good thing. Do they not know that scripture itself has declared that as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the last days? And don’t they know that also “…in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.” Obviously being taken away isn’t being presented as a good thing. It’s literally like being carried away by the flood of death itself. Why, in 1 Corinthians 5:2, Paul implies one should be mourning if they be “taken away” for the deed of fornication. Yet this concept is bandied about as though it is some great escape from the evils of the world. As always, featherweight Christians and fallow spiritual folk don’t consider the weight of scriptures they quote. If they did, and found themselves wanting, then they would be as terrified as I was when my eyes were opened to the truth. And, even having had my eyes opened and having had my heart struck with the conviction of the Holy Spirit and the terror of God, I have still made great enough errors to befit me being tormented by the ringing energy that feels/sounds like it is right where my pineal gland sits. It no longer bothers me, but I am no longer inclined to foolishly be filled with false joy about something that may very well be a negative sign, though believe you me, I do hope for the best, seeing as I am commanded to walk in faith, hope and love, even though I feel like such a failure at all three.

      “If your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat; if he is thirsty, give him water to drink.In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head, and the LORD will reward you.” (Prov. 25:21-22)

      The Lord is the only worthy judge, and all my thoughts could be made void in a nanosecond if He saw fit. Yet people don’t pay close attention to the details of the Lord’s righteous cursings that were written out to the vast majority of humanity, who have been practically predestined to believe a great lie reverberating from the fall of man incident that leads the majority to destruction. People don’t notice the little changes happening in reality. People don’t consider the great dangers of “ascension” or even the so-called Mandela Effect, which if my theory is correct, could result in much BIGGER changes at the quantum level than messing with some movie lines or adding letters to business names.

      Some think this ascension is the doing of Gaia, a feminine representation of the world, awakening for the betterment of her children. The world has never gotten along so well with God the Father, especially seeing as many of the ancient earthly religions practiced the one thing that pisses off God more than anything: child sacrifice. Therefore, He offered up His Son to this worthless whoring world so that there could be one child sacrifice that was worthy of separating the chaff from the wheat. Though He loved the world in John 3:16, He has promised to utterly destroy it with fire along with all the sinners who loved it more than the people around them, and with eternal destruction at that, “where the fire is never quenched and their worm does not die” and cast believers who don’t quite make the mark into the “outer darkness”. I dunno about you, but looking up at the night sky seems to convey there is plenty of outer darkness for a soul to be cast into. And I know in my heart that I have been that very sinner, so how can I ever judge? I tell you this because I know that flesh and blood aren’t the enemy. I am not your enemy and you are not my enemy. The true enemies are those waiting in a dimension where they have been bound. The true enemies are those who once saw the face of God and decided to go against Him and His children, like the cosmic child murderers/rapists that they are. They are the spiritual forces of evil in heavenly places. They are angels of light. They are vampiric in nature. They are not to be trusted at all.

      So as far as this raise in frequency being some sort of mass salvation, I’m willing to call bullshit. “They dress the wound of my people as though it were not serious. ‘Peace, peace,’ they say, when there is no peace.” (Jer. 6:14)

      That said, in my opinion, you probably deserve to enter heaven before I ever would. The devil in me has beaten me up pretty badly since I fed him so much from the inside, but the angel in me has seen the value of one human soul, and it is worth more to me than the riches of the earth, whether it is misguided or on the right track.

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  35. Margie says:

    I have the same thing. I pulled a similar hard rubbery plug out of my ear with hairs from my ear stuck on it , about6 months ago, and I have been ringing in my head, that side, ever since.it rings so loud it wakes me up.
    I’m getting a C.T. Scan soon. I can’t stand it. All I do is pray it goes away.I can’t imagine living like this for good.

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    • I have had 2 ct scans, an MRI and an F-MRI.
      all to no avail. no doctor is willing to touch this.
      My brin is damaged and dying due to micro-vascular ischemia, caused by the material/organisms put in my blood by those targeting myself and my wife.
      MORGELLONS is NOT taken seriously by mainstream medical despite so many reports.
      we are being depopulated. MURDERED. but no one will help us. it is up to us to aid one another
      Please be aware that voice to skull microwave hearing and remote neural monitoring are technologies used on me that correlate with the wringing in the ears..


      • LOLA says:

        cutting all sugar and eating as cleanly or raw as you can is a good place to start. increase vitamin c intake 10 fold, buy tea tree oil this is a must, you can spray it in your house and i would suggest rubbing it in your ear (not canal) and at the base of your hair line, any place that is infected , and your scalp is a biggy, don’t use tap water if you can help it, distilled only. but it attacks our immune system, oh magnesium helps a lot so does selenium, and coq12. there are tonz of forums to look up, dont loose hope! I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!


    • Oliver Botz says:

      Read my blog and destroy all of your illegally implanted microchips using strong neodymium magnets and/or holding a 9 Volt battery over any muscle twitches until it burns trough the nerves and fries the microchip.



  36. Mason says:

    started hearing a strange beeping frequency that would go on and of in increments. Now the only sound I hear is a high pitched ringing and it has taken over my hearing, thoughts, and what I say. I just want it to go away! Can anyone help!


  37. bud says:

    i got it too, efin consperacy


  38. Lady Jane says:


    I mentioned yelling about Jesus because being able to Hear and See in Christianity is a Constitutional Right, Freedom of Religion. Getting visions and hearing God’s audible voice is in the Torah and the Bible. It is part of our communication systems in everyday life and the prophetic to pray for and counsel others. It’s a gift, not a disease. What makes you diseased is living in FEAR because you do not understand your Spiritual Gifts God gives you. The Bible often says, “Do not be afraid”. While I understand how this technology may be used therapeutically, it’s also being abused. Not only do you need to discern between the Hell and God speaking to you, you need to discern if someone is using modern technology to manipulate you psychologically.


  39. Lady Jane says:

    Aaron Alexis, Military Contractor went nuts in 2012 because they were torturing him too in Washington DC with the same methods they used on me Guantanamo Bay interroogation phased torture techniques.
    Did anyone hear them speaking via wifi in pairs and 8 hour shifts before switching to hacked phones and television samples of people’s voices? They liked to sexually abuse and humiliate me when not forcing sleep deprivation. I think they found a therapy technique for the damage the torture technique caused. The same sounds played constantly or slightly EQ’d and white noise in wide places outside of your home helps. I think they perforated some areas of my sinuses. Don’t be a pussy and kill yourself to escape their torture, go down kicking and screaming the truth and yelling about Jesus.

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  40. Lady Jane says:

    You are right. I hear it everywhere all the time. I’m pretty sure I need surgery to fix my neck and ears from the damage they used. They stopped my heart from beating, but allowed me to live, so they could continue to torture me. My flesh in my neck started tearing from the inside out from the strain. The high pitched screeching and high sibilance sound instantly gives me impulse problems when it does not have proper EQ. Also, they had my nerves so raw and hot they were tasering me straight through my head. Pure torturous Hell. I wondered if they did it to the millitary veterans to get them to commit suicide 😦 I have several recordings of it. Some are nearly inaudible and can only be heard at your ear not on a device.


  41. Hurrah! At last I got a weblog from where I be capable of really get helpful data concerning my study and knowledge.


  42. MellyHatchet says:

    I woke up one morning shortly after having my baby 2 years ago, I was hearing a high pitched whistle that was annoying. We had just moved into this house a month before, so I attributed it to the proximity of the black lines on the poles outside being soooo close to this house as we live on top of a raised basement, it’s like living on the second floor, up in the air, closer to the power lines. So I tried going out in the country, far away from the lines & away from anything that connected with the power grids…yet I still heard it. NOBODY ELSE HEARS IT BUT ME! I MISS SILENCE!
    The buzzing sounds like millions of crickets & tree frogs singing in my head at the same time, the high pitch rising & falling in intensity like waves on the shore…the higher the pitch, the worse my ears ache, even to the point of feeling like my inner ears are about to burst, then I feel blood trickle out & my ears bleed a few drops then the sound drops off a bit but never ever stops, ever. It’s been a little over 2 years now & I am at my wits end. I don’t know what to do about it. In my search for a tinnitus cure, I stumbled across Planet X or Nibiru & now I am thoroughly confused, yet everything seems to be falling into place, all the questions & mysteries of the world just fit like a puzzle now when I factor in Extraterrestrials & Nibiru’s approach and well, I can’t wait for the Anunnaki to return so I can plead my case & they can end this infernal torturing signal I am receiving from them.


  43. ashley says:

    I also hear this and it disturbs me if anyone knows more please reply


  44. fantastic issues altogether, you just won a logo new reader.
    What may you recommend in regards to your submit that you made some
    days in the past? Any certain?


  45. Let’s exaggerate just a little more how do we know that this program is responsible for murder is there actual proof? Now if I were just browsing the Internet you know just surfing and I stumbled across this article, I would think you people were absolutely fucking insane nut jobs schizophrenics psychopaths weirdos get the picture? But fortunatelyand unfortunately I am a specimen to this project except I got over the loud buzzing sonic boom noises a long time ago now I communicate with These so called “entities ” literally telepathically, or out loud or in public people think I’m crazyanother was a bit of torture but admittedly it was for my own good they came across as demonic but only when I was fucking upand doing something that I shouldn’t have been doing maybe there’s different fields of study and they manipulate people differently depending on their situation but mine just happen to beaddiction and every time I would pick up the substance are you think about it I would hear the frequency almost sounded like it was coming from air conditioner or from my refrigerator my microwave my dishwasher whatever the case maybe I can never located in until one day I plug my earsand I could still hear the voices in my head and I also have visions but I have developed a personal relationship with whoever the scientist dude is in my head it’s fucking weird he knows everything about me but there’s nothing I can do about it so I live with itfor all of you newbie you should really start to take a look in the sky maybe you’ll see where the frequencies are coming from holla atcha boy


    • ozmarc says:

      Please contact me! it is really important to talk! I know the same dude and he’s not nice!


      • Stan says:

        I’ve been hearing this high pitch ring for almost a year now, if i’m some victim in an experiment what so called ‘stage’ would I be in? I need to talk to someone about it, all my friends an family would think i’m mental if i told them. And are they only doing this to people who can make a difference in the world? I’m 16 but at the age of 10 I was going through the streets and informing people of the FUCKED UP shit that goes on, people still didn’t think anything of it, even hearing it come from a fucking 10 year old. I say that we meet up, everyone who is affected by it and gather some information, what we all have in common, if we’re all a threat to the government ect. Anyway, please get in contact with me as soon as possible it’d really help, call the number in my email address
        please don’t leave it too late, I can feel something imminent…..


        • YOU HAVE TO GET IN CONTACT I’ve seen things that haven’t happened yet I’ve seen whats to come please someone has to get in contact we’re so close to humanities perpetuating doom I can feel it I’ve seen it I can’t talk to anyone close to me because they care about me too much for my own good, i’d probably be thrown into a looney bin I’m begging of you PLEASE call the number in my email address if it cost you money across seas i don’t give a shit i have to talk to someone, someone who understands someone who sees someones who can vision this fucked up shit like literally FUCKED UP to the point where its burnt itself onto my retinas i can’t stop thinking about it, all those poor, poor people…. please please for gods sake speak to me I can’t go on like this i’ve left my email as well


        • gkkk says:

          Ditto good idea count me in!


        • The truth, whether you want to accept it or not, is that you were abducted and implanted


          • It is used as mind control and their objective is also to create distractions so that you stray away from your purpose. You most likely have a very important role to play on earth. You must awaken the trance.

            I can give you guys more information if you like. I’ve been implanted too. I can tell you who did it exactly. Not sure if you guys are familiar with physics at all, but I’d have to give you quite a bit of info, in order to explain exactly what has happened to us.

            Have you guys explored your psychic talents yet? You are most likely clairvoyant, even if you have not fully developed it yet.

            I’m a clairvoyant, clairaudient, and other clair’s…

            If you hear anything coming out of your head, don’t pay attention. Ignore all thoughts and feelings it causes. Start meditating. Become more aware with your body. When you become in tuned with your body, you will notice that you can feel the object move in your head and body. You actually have implants in your stomach area as well.

            Message back if you want further information. There’s a lot more, and I can teach you how to get rid of it. You must find your power!


            • I cannot remember what silence sounds like, I have looked at hundreds of titled like this and NONE of them tell how to stop it , ever.

              The frequency of this noise is not steady but varies slightly normally, it can change, it will increase if i take asprin, it gets slightly louder if i grit what is left of my teeth. Everything i hear I have to hear AROUND This Loud noise. Doctors like to call it RING, but it’s not a Ring really, best I can describe it’s a high pitch constant hiss with a center noise that I imagine waves slightly A Stinging noise that would probably make a person that never heard it before wince , squint in pain. There is a large range I cannot hear and some of it blocked out by this noise, the rest is my hearing loss. This will sound a little strange but i feel like I can hear a lot of people. also I cannot even count the number of times i will be whistling, or even partially singing or thinking of a song and turn on the radio and its ON RIGHT THEN, not just on right then but right at the part of it playing that I was thinking of, the part I was on. This part is even more weird, i have tested it over and over on my family and strangers, I can project this. The people will sing that song I was thinking of, OUT LOUD, also they will crave that food, they will comment on that subject, they will say an odd sentence and they will think of that person.

              even more weird. I have noticed, if i think of a person, they will contact me. often they will not even have thought what to say, they just do.

              i sell things online. sometimes I font sell anything for a long while, but if I need something, or i get excited about selling a particular item or about Buying something that I need a little extra sale to get something else I need, i will get a group of sales from several different places that add up to what i needed or slightly less. i am sick a lot of the time, i do not sleep correctly, i have no hours to sleep I just do or don’t.. I never get rich but i have always thought i would be a great rich person, I have always thought that someday that will happen somehow. Certain people have cheated me in my days, of Large things, Things that feel like they have taken away from what I am, those people do not do well after that, some have had horrible things happen even though they have appeared to prosper. I have a lot of problems I cannot seem to solve, some internal and some external. i seem to be able to solve other peoples problems easily however. Also, it seems i can repair THINGS that everyone else has given up on. Old things, I have lots of old things and I really do not like new things very much. My sound in my head is awfully loud, it is centered mostly but I do feel its slightly off to the right. I have a very odd long term memory for some reason, i remember so far back for no reason it’s kind of ludicrous, for instance , i can remember being so short that the toilet rim was taller that my waist line. i remember all the floor plans of all the houses I ever lived in and my parents moved a lot. from before preschool.

              anyway. I just read your post and felt a need to write this.


            • Eyeamcoa says:

              I want to know more.


          • Rachel says:

            Yes, but by psychiatrists, not aliens.


  46. Elise Gingerich says:

    I have the ringing too! (but The Torture Trolls, Never Have To Go Too Far, To Find Me, Because I Am One Of Their Many Special Little Pets) Here They Come To Wreck Your Lives……pathetic little brats is What The Torture Trolls Are! You’re Pathetic, Torture Trolls, Deranged Master Keepers! All Of You Are Deranged Master Keepers, And Pathetic Torture Trolls Too! you little brats! (by the way: What’s So Smart, About Smart Meters Again, Anyways??) (All Smart Meters Do, Is Spin Around Stupidly, And Don’t Really Have Much Of A Purpose, Much Like The Torture Trolls Go Spinning Around Stupidly, Without Much Of A Purpose, Either!) ha, ha, ha, HA! The Purpose Of Torture Trolls, Is To Be Useless Torture Trolls! If You Torture Trolls Keep That Up, You’re All Going To Go Spinning Right Off Into Space, Along With Your Not So smart, Stupid Smart Meters, Idiots! Do Any Of You Torture Trolls, Even Have Any Goals In Life, Other Than The Goal, Of Being Torture Trolls??


  47. beastsaver says:

    One guy I know uses metal cans over his ears, he says it helps.
    My dad got this right around the time he was hit with cancer.
    Coincidence? I don’t think so.
    They want the great ones gone, disabled, destroyed…
    Our society is in such a freefall it is frightening.


  48. Olivia Sprague says:

    Why is this happening! I moved to Salt Lake City, and into a new home, everything seemed fine, until I started hearing the NONSTOP FREQUENCY coming from inside my head. EVERYONE THINKS IM CRAZY but I know it’s not normal. Something is not right.. And it’s fucking with me bad. It’s causing me fear and psychic pain up the ass, making me so physically sick.. I eat healthy, work out, and take care of my body as much as possible, practice yoga, meditation, and art… I’ve always been an intuitive and optimistic person.. Now trapped in fear… 8 hour panic attacks… Digestion issues… Nausea… Insomnia… Paranoia… Thoughts that Pop into my mind that I don’t WANT to think.. Horrible images… I feel ripped out of my natural state and plopped into someone else’s mind. It’s not fair.. My guides, and my own subconscious mind are literally SCREAMING to me that there is something wrong.. But there is nothing I can do.. And worse, so much worse.. Is that I can’t express this to anyone, without them looking at me like I should be in a loony bin. The love of my life hurting because he has even less of an idea of what’s going on than me… The more I fight it, the stronger it comes.. The last, and worst panic episode I had, lasted 8 and a half hours.. (Keep in mind I’ve never had any panic attacks in my life) but for some reason, I had this “memory” or so called, of there being a MICROCHIP planted in my brain! I don’t know how, or when.. But I could hear it’s frequency.. And I knew it was there. The Wifi, makes it worse, and I can even HEAR the modem now.. When it’s at its strongest, I have to shut the modem off and move away from any wifi signals.. (Sometimes putting myself in the basement) because it hurts my head so much… So much… I SAW myself being put into this “super computer” but for me it looked like I was lost in a sea of souls.. All tapped into a computer software, surfing a never ending database. I felt like my memories, thoughts, feelings, dreams, and ideas were being invaded and taken away from me.. replaced with an uncontrollable fear of EVERYTHING.. This is too unfair. I want my life back.. I am so young.. And have so many dreams and aspirations….. The more I fight this, the stronger it becomes and the more I feel taken over.. Please.. There has to be remedy out there. I’ve been disconnected from my soul.. And my body.. I want it back. Even now.. I hear it buzzing inside my mind with no relief.. With my ears plugged and all. Why me? Why now? Who else?


  49. Midwest says:


    I have more information, but am not sure who to contact.


  50. Tony Bruno says:

    Apparently my tinnitus through the administration of a powerful anti-biotic known as Garamycin that damaged the nerves in my middle. Life has become a challenge, that suicidal thoughts enter my mind from time to time. I have a form of catastrophic noise in my head. Is there anyway I can be rid of it ? Please help!
    I am a committed Christian believer and that’s all that keeps me going. The bible talks of DARK FORCES AND PRINCIPALITIES that influence our lives.


  51. Sandaura says:

    The modern day hum started when the AMI (automated metering infrastructure) turned on. It is a global, government (s) mandated and also generously funded by government to Modernize the Grid and what they so inappropriately named the smart grid. The ringing, buzzing, humming and low frequency drone fit the time line of when the Electric utilities turned on the communication layer of the smart grid. This changed the power lines from what it was originally designed for and that was delivering electricity one way, to our homes to two way communication of information, high speed data in order to read smart meters and manage the grid. This timeline fits when the hum and drone became ubiquitous across the United States. For me it started in September of 2006 when the utility came and replaced my meter with a wireless meter without our knowledge or consent. My family and I experienced, the tones immediately, but had no clue the source. We also experienced insomnia, nervous tension, migraine-like headaches, vertigo, heart palpitations and noise bleeds. We filed numerous complaints which initially preceded our knowledge of smart meters and smart grid technology. We are being bombarded by dirty electricity and Electromagnetic radiation from RF riding on the power lines and radiating in the air.

    We discovered the noise followed where the AMI infrastructure was turned on. This also holds true with others who discovered the noise issues started when they discovered their utility company installed a smart meter and the majority not knowing they replaced the meters. If you want to read more about our story and the forensic evidence we have documented, please go to http://www.sandaura.wordpress.com. We also have a petition circulating to Halt EMR Noise Pollution Harming Humans and Wildlife that you can link to.

    We must all network and continue to be vocal. The majority of the public are clueless.

    Thank you,


    • Judi says:

      Mine started when I moved into a new home,with a smart meter!!,
      But also seems connected to when the storms, and clouds ,I.e. Geoengineering are at their maximum.
      I can not stay in this new home!


      • Judi says:

        What do we have in common?
        Why do some hear this so loudly, when it is turned on and turned off…while most do not hear it at all
        What is the common denominator?


    • ozmarc says:

      Please contact me! i gort the same problem!


    • You are correct…it is mind control. The method they insert it into our brains, however, is incorrect. The truth is a bit scarier than that. I have one implanted in me too. Let me know if you want to know the truth. I don’t want to scare anyone but if we are going to stop being victims, we have to know the truth.

      Btw, ignore any message that comes through. It may be disguised as your own thoughts. You must practice meditation and master your own thoughts and energy to be able to decipher. This very advanced implant is integrated with our DNA coding. There are more pieces in our body. It is connected to various chakra systems and feeling centres. They can even make you feel certain ways or fall in love with certain people. Let me know if you want to know how it got in your head and other parts in the rest of your body. (You may also find that you are a bit low on energy).


      • They also use it to distract us. That is their purpose. Mind control and distraction


      • p.shilubane says:

        hi, I’m 29 now I have been experiencing this sound like an out of order machine in my head for about 10 years .Im still not sure what caused it ,it is so disturbing I can hardly sleep. please share with me the causes where does it come from. I’m hardly coping and what’s painful is the fact that no one understand when u tell them.


      • Ez D says:

        I need to know, I’m Seeing aliens in my TV and selfish and bright lights follow me in all the video footage. I see demonic photos I cannot work out if it’s actual demons pretending To be voice to skull and aliens or if it’s secret Government stuff but I have so much footage of being abducted and of these aliens and lights and noises and them tapping into my brain and I can visibly see one microchip in my big toenail and Sawa few others in photos one in my throat and stomach and I have seen weird ghostly figures around my head while I go out is it my third eye opening or alien abduction or demons and I need to give my life to Jesus or is it our government here in Australia, hellp. I don’t want mental health again. I did try whistleblowmorgello twelve months ago and now it feels likegangstalking and voice to skull


      • Peyton Cole says:

        Can you please explain, I need to know some things


        • Erin says:

          I just wrote another comment up the top dated June 2017.. Under erin. I ended up giving my life to Christ and receiving the gift of tongue.. I now pray in amazing tongues and am a born again. I have a crystal clear understanding of how the world operates. . I believe I received this prophecy through the Holy Spirit. I was told the earth is flat, NASA is a huge fraud and that we are living amongst the enemy. Satan is all around us! Jesus has shook me AWAKE! I can clearly see EVERYTHING. Even into different realms. The aliens are all around us everyday. They are just demonic entities! If you wanna be free from torture DO NOT BE AFRAID. As the bible says I HAVE GIVEN YOU AUTHORITY TO TRAMPLE ON THE SNAKES AND THE SCORPIONS TO OVERCOME ALL THE POWER OF THE ENEMY AND NOTHING WILL HARM YOU! If you’re reading this, God lead you here. Trust in the lord. I once was tortured terribly by demons and now I know that God is with me. They still attack me but I am not afraid and everything makes perfect sense. God bless xx


      • Peyton Cole says:

        Can you explain?


  52. Smithd307 says:

    Hey, you used to write amazing, but the last couple of posts have been kinda boring I miss your tremendous writings. Past couple of posts are just a little out of track! come on! eedeadbadk



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