‘live blood’ examination would reveal morgellons organisms, material, and damaged blood cells. Self replicating synthetic biology aerial spraying human depopulation and profit through sickness murder and spreading a man made disease covertly infecting entire populations

I thought I would share my thoughts and experience regarding an aspect of morgellons:
Our blood!

I have a friend who claims they went to see a “live blood” specialist.

This is a DR. who takes a sample of the patients blood and looks at it under the microscope, among other tests.

IMHO I feel this may be the one main way to prove to doctors who doubt reality, that our condition is real.
(unfortunately, doctors are seriously programmed to believe they know it all. This attitude can make it difficult to even discuss the reality of our condition)

Why is it so hard to get doctors to take morgellons patients seriously, to get them to run the proper tests and even LOOK at our blood themselves?

I need to find a ‘live blood’ specialist to look at my blood as well.

I am looking for any dr who is not afraid to help save my life!

And who is not afraid to look at the sample under a microscope.

And one who is capable of dealing with the many difficult questions that arise for anyone who endeavors to examine, observe, understand, and possibly even treat, morgellons disease.
Caused by infection in the human body by man made, nano-scale organisms that are GNA/DNA programably driven micro-machines capable of atomic scavenging of our bodies precious resources in order to do what?

Self replication- like a virus
Nano assembly: to Build semiconductor radio parts, crystals, sensors and transducers into each human body using biological material and synthetic biology nano-assembly methods.

The establishment conspirators, the evil ones who desire to keep morgellons ‘non-existent’ for the time being, keep on telling us we are either crazy or not sick, yet anyone can clearly see We are dying from this.

When you look at my blood under magnification you clearly see burst cells, black goo, various strange geometrically shaped ‘objects’ that refract light like a prism, small clear round cells, hemoglobin, and other strange stuff.

My blood LOOKS sick, dirty, filled with science fiction creatures, and something is breaking open my hemoglobin cells to extract the iron 2 from them.

Then the hemoglobin is broken open and dies and floats around my blood like sludge.

Memory loss, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, migraines, pain, neuropathy, and a bevy of scary painful and unpleasant neurological symptoms leading to tonic clonic seizures, blackouts, dizziness, confusion, loss of train if thought, loss of short term memory, loss of sone long term memory, tremors, insomnia( I am NOT able to sleep any more without medication) and more.

Getting anyone who does not experience the pain and sickness of the progressive and fatal ‘disease’ to recognize reality should not be so difficult.

It makes one wonder if these ‘doctors’ who go along with the centre for disease controls claims that ‘after testing it was determined that morgellons does not exist’, must be either part of the problem, fools, or, yet another one of the perpetrators of global depopulation and mind control.

If you and I can clearly see something wrong, and know it is morgellons, why does the CDC keep denying morgellons exists?

Because they created it and sprayed it all over the planet?

About Timothytrespas

I am a victim of human experimentation MK-ultra mind control Morgellons nanotechnology syndrome & remote neural connectivity. I am an artist, inventor, musician, thinker, lover, human being who cares for all humanity & all life. I believe people should endeavor to live in peaceful cooperation rather than brutal waring survival of the most brutal. We live in a forced false-paradigm and I desire to wake people up from the 'trance hypnotic mind control programming' to the 'TRUTH of light and love'! Blessing and peace. Justice to all who suffer under tyranny. Compassion for all beings. May GOD have mercy on us all.
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3 Responses to ‘live blood’ examination would reveal morgellons organisms, material, and damaged blood cells. Self replicating synthetic biology aerial spraying human depopulation and profit through sickness murder and spreading a man made disease covertly infecting entire populations

  1. David Sulouff says:

    I have been going threw this same thing for the last 7 years after seeing a spacecraft bidding behind clouds in Florida I have not been able to get threw to anyone I currently suffer from heart failure and have also witnessed all the activitys you have mentioned including being followed my is David if anyone gets this and has also gone threw this please contact me at 7177122540


  2. Estuve investigando en la web al menos mas
    de 8 horas al dia, y jamas he encontrado un comentaeio tan importate
    como el suyo. Es bastante interesante. Desde mi punto de vista,
    si cada uno artculistas y webmasters realizaran tan excelente
    contenido web asi como ell que creas, el contenido web seia mucho mas agradable quee lo que es hoy en dia.


  3. This is @STAR from Norway- the cleanest and riches country in the world calling out: You are all victims of SCIENTHOLOGY, (including myself) They are predators, scammers and vigilants- they do not care abouth poor People, as of my knowledge (which is not big at the matter) they actually want the world to collaps so they can og to another planet called Xenu. They have “agents”/ employees in every brances of life- they have slavecamps all over the world, they are masters of fearmongering, fooling innocents, “advising” and manipulation. They OWN Public media. They are in every main “protection” like police and army worldwide. They will do anything for Money.

    I hope you are not “in it yourself” Mr Trespass, but I doubt it…
    My bellygut says you are not the type, like “the winners in the game called life” are. But they are preying on you because of Your restilliance…. It`s just like that With those people- they are so wired into theire sucsess- stories, I Guess most of them even do not know what they are involved in.

    Belive me- I am a minus- 8- variation captured in a “set- up” for a “the survival of the fittets”- game. Restrained, fooled, made a fool of- chained in false economic debt- restrained from my loved ones. All over the world they do the same. IT MIGHT BE BECAUSE THEY DO NOT WANT US TO FOCUS ON THE REALITY OF THE STATE OF THE WORLD: tepco accident/ japan/ isotop in atmosfere/ dying Pacific Ocean/ bad-impossible clean- up in japan. Victims in JAPAN need everybodys attention. Same for Phillipines that has been sacrificed. What did the typhoon do regarding spreading radioaktive materials globally? YOU DO THE MATH!

    Wake Up, World.

    All my love-

    Linda West/ Avmakten/ Norway/
    Victim/ Surviver/ just another regular person

    I can NOT be reaced by e- mail (restrained) by real or set-up- facebook- account, by Telephone (restrained/ redirected/ by any means it looks like. PRAYES FOR ALL VICTIMS OF EVERY RELIGION AND ALL OVER THE WORLD- IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST.


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