Renting Without a Written Lease • Real Property Law § 232

Renting Without a Written Lease
• Real Property Law § 232
When two parties enter into a landlord-tenant relationship without a written lease, this arrangement is known as a “month-to-month tenancy.” In this type of tenancy, the tenant continues to maintain possession of the property for successive monthly periods, beginning on a specific calendar day.

If either the landlord or the tenant gives one calendar months notice of termination of the arrangement on the day beginning the arrangement, the arrangement will terminate at the beginning of the next monthly period.

If, however, notice of termination is given to the tenant less than one calendar month before the beginning of the next “month to month” period, the tenant may remain in the apartment for an additional month.

For example, if a landlord terminates a month to month tenancy on May 15, the tenant may remain on the premises until July 1.

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