Pentagon report investigated lasers that put voices in your head! MICROWAVE HEATING, HEARING, REMOTE NEURAL CONNECTION, REMOTE MIND CONTROL, AND MIND READING TECHNOLOGY, DEPLOYED AND BEING USED ON YOU! Doubt it? Read the report…

Feb 18, 2008 by Lisa Zyga
Department of Defense

A recently unclassified report from the Pentagon from 1998 has revealed an investigation into using laser beams for a few intriguing potential methods of non-lethal torture. Some of the applications the report investigated include putting voices in people’s heads, using lasers to trigger uncontrolled neuron firing, and slowly heating the human body to a point of feverish confusion – all from hundreds of meters away.



A US citizen requested access to the document, entitled “Bioeffects of Selected Non-Lethal Weapons,” under the Freedom of Information Act a little over a year ago. There is no evidence that any of the technologies mentioned in the 10-year-old report have been developed since the time it was written.

(authors note: as a targeted individual, I can attest that this technology exists and has been perfected and is being used globally today.)


The report explained several types of non-lethal laser applications, including microwave hearing, disrupted neural control, and microwave heating.

  • For the first type, short pulses of RF energy (2450 MHz) can generate a pressure wave in solids and liquids. When exposed to pulsed RF energy, humans experience the immediate sensation of “microwave hearing” sounds that may include buzzing, ticking, hissing, or knocking that originate within the head.


Studies with guinea pigs and cats suggest that the mechanism responsible for the phenomenon is thermoelastic expansion.

Exposure to the RF pulses doesn’t cause any permanent effects, as all effects cease almost immediately after exposure ceases.

(authors note: BULLSHIT it is not permanent! It is!)

As the report explains, tuning microwave hearing could enable communicating with individuals from a distance of up to several hundred meters.


“The phenomenon is tunable in that the characteristic sounds and intensities of those sounds depend on the characteristics of the RF energy as delivered,” the report explains. “Because the frequency of the sound heard is dependent on the pulse characteristics of the RF energy, it seems possible that this technology could be developed to the point where words could be transmitted to be heard like the spoken word, except that it could only be heard within a person´s head. In one experiment, communication of the words from one to ten using ´speech modulated´ microwave energy was successfully demonstrated. Microphones next to the person experiencing the voice could not pick up these sounds. Additional development of this would open up a wide range of possibilities.”


The report predicts that communicating at longer distances would be possible with larger equipment, while shorter range signals could be generated with portable equipment. Putting voices in people´s heads could cause what the report calls “psychologically devastating” effects. The technology might even allow for communicating with an individual hostage surrounded by captors, although this would require “extreme directional specificity.”



  • With another weapon, electromagnetic pulses could be used to disrupt the brain´s functioning, although this technology was still in the theoretical stages at the time.(note: yeah, theoretical. ell it is real now!)


Under normal conditions, all brain structures function with specific rhythmic activity depending on incoming sensory information. Sometimes, the brain synchronizes neuronal activity in order to focus on a specific task, but the degree of neuronal synchronization is highly controlled. However, under certain conditions (such as physical stress or heat stroke), more areas of the brain can fire in a highly synchronized manner, and may begin firing uncontrollably.


The report describes a method for replicating this highly synchronized neuron firing across distances of several hundred meters. High-voltage (100 kV/m) electromagnetic pulses lasting for one nanosecond could trigger neurons to fire, disrupting the body´s controlled firing activity.

Short-term effects may include loss of consciousness, muscle spasms, muscle weakness, and seizures lasting for a couple minutes.

These high-voltage pulsed sources, which would require an estimated frequency of 15 Hz, exist today.


  • Another form of non-lethal torture described in the report is microwave heating. By raising the temperature of the body to 41°C (105.8°F), humans can experience sensations such as memory loss and disorientation, and exhibit reduced aggression. According to the report, humans can survive temperatures up to 42°C (107.6°F), at which time prolonged exposure can result in permanent brain damage or death.


The microwave heating technique was tested on a Rhesus monkey, where a 225 MHz beam caused an increase in the animal´s body temperature.

Depending on the dosage level, the temperature increase occurred within a time of 15 to 30 minutes. After the beam was removed, the animal´s body temperature decreased back to normal. The report suggests the technique could be useful for controlling crowds or in negotiations.


While the investigations reveal intriguing techniques for non-lethal torture, the report does not mention plans for carrying out specific experiments or studies in the future.

Bioeffects of Selected Non-Lethal Weapons from WIRED


Of all the crazy, bizarre less-than-lethal weapons that have been proposed, the use of microwaves to target the human mind remains the most disturbing. The question has always been: is this anything more than urban myth? We may not have the final answer to this question, but a newly declassified Pentagon report, Bioeffects of Selected Non-Lethal Weapons , obtained by a private citizen under the Freedom of Information Act, provides some fascinating tidbits on a variety of exotic weapons ideas.

Among those discussed are weapons that could disrupt the brain, as well as my longtime obsession, the “Voice of God” device, which creates voices in people’s heads.

As the report notes, “Application of the microwave hearing technology could facilitate a private message transmission.

It may be useful to provide a disruptive condition to a person not aware of the technology.

Not only might it be disruptive to the sense of hearing, it could be psychologically devastating if one suddenly heard ‘voices within one’s head.’”

(note: thus read the armies report on the uses of this technology)

Voices in your head disturbing? Heck, yeah, considering it’s something most people associate with schizophrenia.

The age-old question is whether such a weapon is possible. According to the report, it’s not only possible, it’s already been demonstrated in crude form:(in 1988)

Because the frequency of the sound heard is dependent on the pulse characteristics of the RF energy, it seems possible that this technology could be developed to the point where words could be transmitted to be heard like the spoken word, except hat it could only be heard within a person’s head.

In one experiment, communication of the words from one to ten using “speech modulated” microwave energy was successfully demonstrated. Microphones next to the person experiencing the voice could not pick up the sound. Additional development of this would open up a wide range of possibilities.

This technology requires no extrapolation to estimate its usefulness. Microwave energy can be applied at a distance, and the appropriate technology can be adapted from existing radar units.

Aiming devices likewise are available but for special circumstances which require extreme specificity, there may be a need for additional development.

Extreme directional specificity would be required to transmit a message to a single hostage surrounded by his captors.

Signals can be transmitted long distances (hundreds of meters) using current technology.

Longer distances and more sophisticated signal types will require more bulky equipment, but it seems possible to transmit some of the signals at closer ranges using man-portable equipment.


If voices in your head aren’t disturbing enough, the report also goes on to theorize about a microwave weapon that could use electromagnetic pulses to disrupt the brain’s functioning. It would work through “a rhythmic-activity synchronization of brain neurons that disrupts normal cortical control of the corticospinal and corticobulbar pathways that disrupts normal functioning of the spinal motor neurons which control muscle and body movements.”

This concept is still very theoretical, the report notes:

Application of electromagnetic pulses is also a conceptual nonlethal technology that uses electromagnetic energy to induce neural synchrony and disruption of voluntary muscle control. The effectiveness of this concept has not been demonstrated. However, from past work in evaluating the potential for electromagnetic pulse generator to affect humans, it is estimated that sufficiently strong internal fields can be generated within the brain to trigger neurons.

Sadly, there’s little context for the report, which is dated 1998, and no specific references to current programs or research, if any, about such weapons.

(Authors note: as a victim of these technologies for several years now, both my wife, Petra, and I, can testify at length to the effectiveness and effects of such weapons and the effect they have when used to TORTURE us at a distance. it is used for no touch torture or or electromagnetic harassment and it can be FATAL over time!)

Timothy trespas

About Timothytrespas

I am a victim of human experimentation MK-ultra mind control Morgellons nanotechnology syndrome & remote neural connectivity. I am an artist, inventor, musician, thinker, lover, human being who cares for all humanity & all life. I believe people should endeavor to live in peaceful cooperation rather than brutal waring survival of the most brutal. We live in a forced false-paradigm and I desire to wake people up from the 'trance hypnotic mind control programming' to the 'TRUTH of light and love'! Blessing and peace. Justice to all who suffer under tyranny. Compassion for all beings. May GOD have mercy on us all.
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  1. Dennis Thill says:

    I have solved my electromagnetic weapons torture issues by filling a report with the DoD.I still have the microwave auditory effect going on today yet,but it don’t bother me much.


  2. Elise Gingerich says:

    They Never Have To Go Too Far, To GIT Me, Because I Was Directly Dragged Into The Whole Conditioning Thing, To Begin With, And They Love To Torture Me Directly, Better, Anyways! It Mostly Started, In My Own State Of Iowa, At The University Of Iowa, Hospitals And Clinics Mental Ward, Many Years Ago. Better To Directly Torture Me, Than To Indirectly Torture Me, Anytime You All Need To, Hey?? I Am Like Their Little Direct Torture Pet! Isn’t That Special?? Way To Go, Torture Trolls, And happy Holidays To All Of You Torture Trolls! Like I Already Said: They Know Where To Find Their Special Little Pet, To Directly Torture Me, Because The Pain Of Direct Torture, Is Just More Fun To Do, Than Indirect Torture, Hey?? I’m Always happy To Provide Torture Amusement, For The Torture Trolls! Maybe I’ll Come To New York, And Take The Burden Of Torture Off Of You, Tim, And Let Them Just Spend The Rest Of Their Pathetic Little Torture Troll Lives, Amusing Themselves Directly, With Me! (But They Have To Be cute Torture Trolls, And They Have To Be Naked, And Sit Around And Watch More Than Ten Episodes, Of Law And Order TV Shows With Me, Forever!) And Then Go On Useless Money Wasting Trips, To Buy Junk Food, Just About Every Day, For No Good Reason, But To Waste Their Money, On Buying Junk Food, And Then Coming Home, And Watching More Brain Washing TV, With Me, While Being Naked!



  4. jtremaine says:

    Reblogged this on OCCUPY AMERICA and commented:
    Targeted individuals are tortured to death and Manchurian andidates are created, exploited, used for assassinations and false flag terror attacks, school shootings, etc and eliminated. This explains the phenomena known as ‘spontaneous combustion’. I wonder if political figures are blackmailed into promulgating and enforcing the protocolsa of the NWO agenda with fear of induced insanity and a slow agonizing death of self and family members ?


  5. loyaljr says:

    Im a victim of microwave electronic magnetic impulse torture and they told me they are going to kill me murder thats the only word for it and they said that they was above the law and cant be stopped i have tryed getting help from the gov of okla and our own president that stands up and lie about how he feel about americans. he would stop it if he cared but instead he deny it my life and others are being torture daily and they expect us to do nothing just let them do what they want to us they are fucking with my car and my health theres no way im going to not say something i havent done anything to deserve this like most of us theres alot of bad people out there child rapist terrorist they could be using this on if any body but you see they rape and murder they kill kids and adults so how they go after them selfs. nothing is being done to save my life i wrote the pentgon with no response after releasing papers that confirm these machines can will and do murder americans

    d lie but dupport the killing of americans they exspect us


  6. tyler says:

    excellent post, my partner and i certainly adore this website, carry on it


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