What is an ENERGY WAVE? Surface waves, SCALAR waves, SOLOTONIC waves, and more. Energetic WAVES containing ENERGY being TRANSFERRED. Science about waves, beam forming, and more. a work in progress…

What is an ENERGY WAVE? Surface waves, SCALAR waves, SOLOTONIC waves, and more. Energetic WAVES containing ENERGY being TRANSFERRED. Science about waves, beam forming, and more.
A work in progress…

Authors Note: since I am attempting to understand the ways in which no-touch torture, synthetic telepathy, remote sensing and control of nano-biologic-machines, mind reading, remote neural inter-connectivity, voice-skull, and many other NEW WORLD ORDER technologies actually work in the physical world, I thought some information about waves and energy transfer would be a useful thing to understand.

  • What scientific principles do they operate using?
  • How do they operate?
  • Can the COMPLEX be made SIMPLE?
  • How can people use the scientific understanding of these same principles and in order to protect ourselves against such technology and targeting by such technology.

Because there is little ‘REAL’ information available about the exact technologies being used, it is up to us as compassionate, loving beings, to discover what is being done, ow it works, and how we can stop it from being used against anyone.

The information I paste into this entry has been copied from academic research and scientific understanding.

I will attempt to make it clear when I am giving my opinion, or SCIENCE FACT or THEORY.

(from: http://www.ursi.org/files/RSBissues/RSB_343_2012_12.pdf)

1. What is a Surface Wave?
As explained by Barlow and Cullen [49], a surface wave is a wave that propagates without radiating energy along an interface between two different media.
If both media have finite losses, the energy directed along the interface will be required to supply the losses in the media.
This does not invalidate the description of the surface wave if radiation is construed to mean that energy is absorbed from the wave independently of the media supporting it.
The surface-wave phenomenon arises primarily from its unique non-radiating characteristic.
This enables high-frequency energy to be transferred intact from one point to another, except in so far as demands are made upon that energy to compensate for the losses in the two media.
Ionospheric Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves 

(from: http://umlcar.uml.edu/DPS.htm )

An ionospheric sounder uses basic radar techniques to detect the electron density (equal to the ion density since the bulk plasma is neutral) of ionospheric plasma as a function of height.

The ionospheric plasma is created by energy from the sun transferred by particles in the solar wind as well as direct radiation (especially ultra-violet and x-rays). Each component of the solar emissions tends to be deposited at a particular altitude or range of altitudes and therefore creates a horizontally stratified medium where each layer has a peak density and to some degree, a definable width, or profile.

The shape of the ionized layer is often referred to as a Chapman function [Davies, 1989] which is a roughly parabolic shape somewhat elongated on the top side. The peaks of these layers usually form between 70 and 300 km altitude and are identified by the letters D, E, F1 and F2, in order of their altitude.

By scanning the transmitted frequency from 1 MHz to as high as 40 MHz and measuring the time delay of any echoes (i.e., apparent or virtual height of the reflecting medium) a vertically transmitting sounder can provide a profile of electron density vs. height. This is possible because the relative refractive index of the ionospheric plasma is dependent on the density of the free electrons (Ne), as shown in Equation 1-1 (neglecting the geomagnetic field):

    m2(h)= 1 – k (Ne/f2) 

where k = 80.5, Ne is electrons/m3, and f is in Hz [Davies, 1989; Chen, 1987].

The behavior of the plasma changes significantly in the presence of the Earth’s magnetic field. An exhaustive derivation of m [Davies, 1989] results in the Appleton Equation for the refractive index, which is one of the fundamental equations used in the field of ionospheric propagation. This equation clearly shows that there are two values for refractive index, resulting in the splitting of a linearly polarized wave incident upon the ionosphere, into two components, known as the ordinary and extraordinary waves. These propagate with a different wave velocity and therefore appear as two distinct echoes. They also exhibit two distinct polarizations, approximately right hand circular and left hand circular, which aid in distinguishing the two waves.

When the transmitted frequency is sufficient to drive the plasma at its resonant frequency there is a total internal reflection. The plasma resonance frequency (fp) is defined by several constants, e – the charge of an electron, m – the mass of an electron, eo – the permittivity of free space, but only one variable, Ne – electron density in electrons/m3 [Chen, 1987]:

fp2 = (Ne e2/4peom) = kNe                        (1-2)

A typical number for the F-region (200 to 400 km altitude) is 1012 electrons/m3, so the plasma resonance frequency would be 9 MHz. The value of m in Equation 1–1 approaches 0 as the operating frequency, f, approaches the plasma frequency. The group velocity of a propagating wave is proportional to m, so m = 0 implies that the wave slows down to zero which is obviously required at some point in the process of reflection since the propagation velocity reverses.

The total internal reflection from the ionosphere is similar to reflection of radio frequency (RF) energy from a metal surface in that the re-radiation of the incident energy is caused by the free electrons in the medium. In both cases the wave penetrates to some depth. In a plasma the skin depth (the depth into the medium at which the electric field is 36.8% of its incident amplitude) is defined by:

    d =  ----------	(1-3)
where l0 is the free space wavelength.

The major difference between ionospheric reflection and reflection from a metallic surface is that the latter has a uniform electron density while the ionospheric density increases roughly parabolically with altitude, with densities starting at essentially zero at stratospheric altitudes and rising to a peak at about 200 to 400 km.

In the case of a metal there is no region where the wave propagates below the resonance frequency, while in the ionosphere the refractive index and therefore the wave velocity change with altitude until the plasma resonance frequency is reached.

Of course if the RF frequency is above the maximum plasma resonance frequency the wave is never reflected and can penetrate the ionosphere and propagate into outer space. Otherwise what happens on a microscopic scale at the surface of a metal and on a macroscopic scale at the plasma resonance in the ionosphere is very similar in that energy is re-radiated by electrons which are responding to the incident electric field.

If a passing scalar waves does not induce Eddy currents in a conductor,
it will not couple to either shielding, bifilar or conventional coils.

However, a SCALAR WAVE will alter the phase of an electron wave, according to the
Aharnov-Bohm effect, so it can be detected in second order effects.


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