What to do when you are being told you will be admitted against your will to a psychiatric hospital. A guide for targeted individuals and others

Welcome to the NEW WORLD ORDER Title:What to do when you are being told you will be admitted against your will to a psychiatric hospital!

A guide for targeted individuals and others with mental health issues, either induced by Mk-ultra targeting or otherwise.

Many Targeted Individuals have developed:

  • Post Traumatic stress Disorder Or ONGOING traumatic Stress disorder (In extreme cases this can lead to SHOCK)
  • Depression,
  • Anger Management issues,
  • Paranoia,
  • Hopelessness,
  • Isolation,
  • FEAR, either rational or irrational
  • Anxiety
  • fits of  (uncontrollable) CRYING
  • Panic Attacks
  • Difficulty Thinking clearly
  • Problems Expressing oneself clearly,
  • Overwhelming and/or possibly inappropriate emotional reactions to common stimulus,
  • Loss of Memory,  Short and/or long term memory effected
  • Changes in belief structures, ideologies, motivations, and thought patterns.
  • Confusion regarding, or changes in, sexual identity, sexual preference, and/or sexual behaviors.
  • Intense feelings of shame, guilt, embarrassment, discomfort either about things that did not bother one before targeting or changes in the levels of these feelings.
  • Difficulty making decisions and/or inability to easily choose between things.
  • As well a host of other “mental health” related problems.

In addition to the mental health effects, we also see in the ever increasing population of humans claiming to be victims of this covert black funded program, many physical health problems (frequently ending in death after long suffering that doctors either refuse to believe or do not know what to do, or even what to look for in order to identify the problem and begin to develop treatment regimens that work to eliminate it)

At the very least doctors need to work together to find viable ways to  begin to eliminate some of the symptoms.

The sufferers of MORGELLONS, a nano-scale, genetic manipulating, bio-weaponized organism created via the hybridization of cellular and synthetic biology, a mixture of organisms from each of the three taxonomic branches of life,  have more to deal with than only the painful and harmful electromagnetic attacks by particle beam weapons, microwave weapons, psychotropic weapons, RADAR based weapons, surveillance of actions and thoughts, as well as the many other modes of attack and mind control being used on targets today!

Once activated in the human host, the MORGELLONS organism has the ability to not only build semiconductors, crystals, sensors, energy transducers, and other required parts.

In fact, almost any electrical or electronic part can now be synthesized using a DNA/GNA instruction set with which the MORGELLONS organism begins the self-Assembly process for the instruction set it has been programmed with.

The MORGELLONS reproduces rapidly and quickly gets to work reproducing and assembling the required devices and connections throughout our physical body using materials scavenged directly from your biological material.

In other words, MORGELLONS scavenges the human biology at a cellular and an atomic scale, and this is how morgellons is able to obtain the required materials to complete the self-assembly of the instructed devices withing the human body and the human genome.  ,

Innocent victims of Government controlledMIND CONTROLPSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE COINTELPRO GANG-STALKING, REMOTE NEURAL BRAIN MAPPING AND CONTROL programs (like MK-ULTRA) come from all walks of life.

This program is clearly claiming an ever increasing number of victims, globally, with each passing day.

Under the stress of constant attack, constant pain, voices speaking in your head that only you can hear, voices that are telling you everything from ‘what a loser you are’ to how you ‘need to kill everyone you see’, and many other horrible things that they can dream up!

With morgelons eating you alive, LSD being covertly pumped into your system daily for years, sleep deprivation, entrainment, harassment, and other attacks designed to make the target sound, look, and act INSANE, it is easy to imagine that every once and a while, even the strongest, most intelligent, kind, caring, considerate person can easily turn into an angry, screaming, upset person.

This can be especially true when one has their humanity denied, has their power taken away, and when one is told that they do not matter, etc. Reminds one of how NAZI Germany dehumanized and murdered millions in the death camps during the war.

Unfortunately for humanity, these behaviors DID NOT END NOR CHANGE after the war, nor after the Nuremberg trials, nor after many international laws banning torture of all types have passed and sit, unenforced, in the slowly rotting pages of the laws man forces fellow men to follow.

Keep in mind that there are so many ways that a targets person, after sensitizing to the torture, under stress, duress, drugs, etc, an snap, get angry, and then loudly attempt to defend the “human rights that we were all led to believe were GOD-GIVEN and INVIOLABLE rights to exist in peace

PLEASE CONSIDER the following advice given by lawyers for the disabled and mentally ill population, in a effort to assist them in  protecting their rights when in volatile situations, whether caused purposely by operatives, or in daily life situations.

If you find yourself in any situation where you are being baited, provoked, abused, treated like you have no rights, no choice, no freedom, no say, no value, no importance, etc, and, you find that you are getting angry and feel like you may loose control, here is a list of ADVICE to follow if you desire to protect yourself from further problems that can result from police involvement against you, involuntary hospitalization, etc.
  • Take a deep breath and count to 10.
  • Suggest, on your own, that you go upstairs to your room so you can calm down.
  • Tell the staff: “I was upset before, but now I am calm.”
  • If none of this works, it is ALWAYS a good idea  to do your best to remain calm, cool, and collected, regardless of the situation.
  • If you are taken to the hospital against your will, do not panic, do not yell, do not fight!
  • When you arrive at the hospital, show the doctor(s) that you are calm and in control of yourself and, therefore, not dangerous.
  • Remember: If you are hostile, guarded, or angry, the doctor is more likely to have you involuntarily admitted to the hospital.
  • Try to remember how long the doctor examines you. This may become a very important fact later
  • Always be polite, say please and thank you, and have patience, REMEMBER, sometimes they do things to try to get you to get upset so they can justify the hospitalization.
  • If you are not properly humble and wiling to obey, the doctors are able to use your “dangerous behavior” as a reason to inject you with powerful drugs that will incapacitate you. These drugs are used to control patients, as well as to humble them and to show them that the hospital/doctors can do whatever they wish to you under the excuse of helping you to not be a danger to yourself or others.
If you are admitted to the hospital under Emergency Admission. you have a right to a FREE ATTORNEY to challenge your
involuntary admission.
Access to an ATTORNEY will be provided by:
Mental Hygiene Legal Service (MHLS).
The hospital must give you the phone number of MHLS if you ask for it politely, although they may have to get the doctor to allow you to use the phone.
Once MHLS is notified, they will come to the hospital to represent you and they should explain to you the rights you do have..
At every step of the way you must show the doctor(s) that you are not a danger to yourself or to others.
legal information provided by: http://www.lawhelpny.org/issues/disability/mental-health-1?channel=know-your-rights&category=&location=11221&page=2

About Timothytrespas

I am a victim of human experimentation MK-ultra mind control Morgellons nanotechnology syndrome & remote neural connectivity. I am an artist, inventor, musician, thinker, lover, human being who cares for all humanity & all life. I believe people should endeavor to live in peaceful cooperation rather than brutal waring survival of the most brutal. We live in a forced false-paradigm and I desire to wake people up from the 'trance hypnotic mind control programming' to the 'TRUTH of light and love'! Blessing and peace. Justice to all who suffer under tyranny. Compassion for all beings. May GOD have mercy on us all.
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4 Responses to What to do when you are being told you will be admitted against your will to a psychiatric hospital. A guide for targeted individuals and others

  1. Nakia Bailey says:

    Can you help me!


  2. Shark David trinity bartolino says:

    Fuck off…


  3. sam says:

    I was tortured using mkultra programme for more than a year. Looking for a good lawyer experienced in such cases.do you know of a criminal lawyer


  4. I wouldn’t say it’s “covert black funded” experimentation. Actually, they are making a killing off it already. The conspiracy theorist are the ones doing it as they love to relive the past: WWII, Vietnam, etc. They invent these conspiracies to peddle drugs and try to make others believe they are mind controlled. They are everyday stalkers taking advantage of a lazy broken down police force that encourages the stalking because they feel it’s a necessary evil to keep us safe from harm.

    I have a neighbor in one of those conspiracy blogs and she is stalked as am I. Her husband came up with a marvelous idea to catch the stalkers: Install a camera on the front door that the stalker will push a button and it will photograph him/her. How he intends to get the stalker to push the button is beyond me, but hey….I’ll be as smart as these conspiracy people.


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