Timothytrespas: Apparition or trick of the light? I see a face in light that looks like me. A targeted individual speaks.

Published on May 16, 2013

Timothytrespas: Apparition or trick of the light? I see a face in light that looks like me. A targeted individual speaks. (Annotations: ON for my notes)
What is going on here? Is it only a trick of the light?
Or is there something more going on here?
If we apply the principles of optics, light, photography, etc, we may arrive at one type of explanation.
If we apply the ideas of spirituality, of ghosts and of other dimensional beings, aliens, etc, we could come to an entirely different set of conclusions. What If we consider the working of the brain, the biological, electromagnetic and chemical functions of the brain, and include an understanding of human psychology, of sociology, of bio-mechanics, of the functions of the optic nerve, the retinal, the iris, the cornea, the pupil, etc, the FMRI data extracted from the brain over time as differing areas are excited and do their work and pas information about back and forth through billions of channels to arrive at what we would call one thing or another. Looking at it through the various lenses of science produce yet another set of ideas and conclusions.
Which one of these are correct?
Which discipline will allow us to ‘see’ our ‘reality’ with any more clarity, truth, or understanding than we had when we began the endeavor?
Perhaps some synthesis of disciplines will allow for a more complete understanding of what we face. Perhaps some mixture of subjective and objective thinking. Perhaps some mixture of dualistic and non-dualistic approaches will allow us to arrive a few steps closer to our goal.
Our goal of true understanding.
Understanding without mistakes. without opinions. without being forced through the lens of this thing or that thought or those customs.
Yes, we seek the foundational truth.
The truth upon which all the other perceptions and misconceptions are built.
The stone which, when removed, will allow the entire structure of systems of beliefs and ideals and perceptions to come crumbling down. never again to be rebuilt.
Somewhere, underneath all the lies and stories and ideals, and concepts, and thoughts, and dreams, and hopes, and everything else that obscures truth is the thing we are searching for.
We are searching for something more valuable than all the treasures of this world.
Searching for a vision that is true.
A seeing that involves more than the eyes.
A knowing that involves more than than thoughts.
A love that encompasses more than just the heart.
A light that does more than just illuminate the darkness.

An apparition or a trick of the light?
I saw a face in light that looked a little like me.

Thank you for watching.
Thank you for your time.
Thank you for your comments.
Thank you for helping me to exist.
I hope I have helped you to know your existence.
I hope I can help you to have a little bit more ‘good’ in your life.
Could we build a world where we all have value yet are not enslaved?
Can we envision the world we desire, and build it with our hearts, our minds, and our bodies, for all to exist in together in equality, under the love of our creator?
Shouldn’t we even try?
Regardless of what ‘they’ have planned for ‘us’?

Blessings and peace.
Timothy Trespas

About Timothytrespas

I am a victim of human experimentation MK-ultra mind control Morgellons nanotechnology syndrome & remote neural connectivity. I am an artist, inventor, musician, thinker, lover, human being who cares for all humanity & all life. I believe people should endeavor to live in peaceful cooperation rather than brutal waring survival of the most brutal. We live in a forced false-paradigm and I desire to wake people up from the 'trance hypnotic mind control programming' to the 'TRUTH of light and love'! Blessing and peace. Justice to all who suffer under tyranny. Compassion for all beings. May GOD have mercy on us all.
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