Timothytrespas:Attack pain! Late night neurological unpleasantness! Targeted Individual suffering.the end of the world as we know it and the New world order attempting to control humanity forever in an inescapable matrix of mind control and information warfare cointel programs

Timothytrespas:Attack pain! Late night neurological unpleasantness! Targeted Individual suffering. The story of the end of the world as we know it and the New world order attempting to control humanity forever in an inescapable matrix of mind control and information warfare cointel programs.
Hello. Here is yet another video of myself suffering under an attack late at night.
I assume these attacks are electromagnetic in nature perhaps from a space based satellite MASER weapon or microwave device of some sort.

Unfortunately, I have no test equipment to measure and tell for sure. Just a strong feeling… and they told me so.
It feels like one would expect a demonic attack to feel, as described in movies and bible. It feels like an unpleasant almost painful energy zapping about as it scans my body from area to area. I can feel the energy focus on various body parts, brain organs heart stomach intestines eyes liver kidneys glands etc. The sweeping energy pain is accompanied by heat occasionally and can cause extreme overheating and sweating.
It causes nausea and a flu like feeling with pain and Soreness everywhere.
I am left with a minor fever headache pain dizziness blurred vision unbalanced confused thinking memory loss fear panic anxiety anger frustration sadness diarrhea stomach pain intestinal pain back pain and more.
Even more frightening is when I feel my brain being attacked by radio waves. This leaves me stupefied with small early seizure like activity.

As every Morgellons mind control target learns, the suffering is REAL and it SUCKS!

The fact the most people have been so severely mind programmed by television and media brainwashing that even when you tell them the facts, your experience, plain as the nose on ones face, they end up getting ANGRY at the victim!
Angry at the victim? yes, because our reality so completely destroys the ‘paradigm of lies’ most people believe.because for them to fully accept what we tell them is true AS TRUTH, they MUST FIRST REALIZE EVERYTHING THEY HAVE LEARNED IS LIES! THAT most peoples MINDS are IN A SELF-CREATED PRISON!
And to ADMIT to a reality as screwed up as ours is is a difficult concept to accept.

As an Mk-ultra type morgellons LSD cointellpro mind control victim, I have had to undergo SEVERAL COMPLETE PARADIGM SHIFTS in MY UNDERSTANDING OF REALITY in order to ACCEPT  and to function in the new reality I have been (forcefully, without choice) awakened to.
The Targeting of individuals is like a study in SHTF SATANIC/theosophist/MASONIC  INITIATION RITUAL and FEAR and TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL all rolled into one.
This is only one of the tools that is being used to bring ‘humanity’ into the New World Order.

Whether we like it or not!

Trust me when I tell you that many of the same things that are being done to targeted individuals today are slowly being done to the entire population as well.

This includes the covert drugging with LSD and HYPNOTIC TRANCE inducing medications, MORGELLONS nanotechnology/bio-film delivery system sprayed in the sky for years to ensure it infects each human being on earth, thus allowing connection to and tracking by the remote neural monitoring system.

These systems are being deployed and tested globally as you read this.

The technology exists now to give each human being a personal “end of days’ theater show, complete with the voice of GOD, pestilence, visions, miracles, and HELL, right here on earth.
Whether we we have realized it or not, regardless of if we care to admit it or not, a global secret society that exists in plain sight has slowly acquired the money and power to take over the united states from inside out. These are americans in the employ of Satan. However, possibly 90% or so of them do not yet realize they have been conscripted into Satan’s’ end times army.

Many people have not yet noticed that there are people walking around that may not have the same full human genetic set. hybrid humanoid beings.  And do we have an over the counter test that we could even use to tell the difference if I am correct?

Technology that reads human thoughts and technology that is able to plant thoughts and emotions into a persons brain, frequently fooling them into believing it was their own thought and their own action.

Magic and demonic forces are at work here as well.

All those ‘aliens‘ flying around are more than likely beings from right here.
Fallen angels?
Beings from hollow earth?
Experimental humanoid beings created in a lab and released/escaped and freaking out the public?  How about programmable biological entities created as vessels for disembodied souls of other beings?

All of the above?

well, clearly, something is going on here!

So let us pray for the full armor of GOD, YHWH, and the savior son, king, YASHUA, or Christ, as we go forward each moment in our lives to love one another and to battle evil wherever we may find it.
Pray for strength, enlightenment, love, peace, patience, health, freedom, answers, hope, support, community, knowledge, safety, and for everyone else in the world who is being murdered and kept down.

Only though the love of the spirit and the work of our hands and hearts together will we be able to make a world of peace and love.
But HOW, if we have an evil cult in control?
BIG question! But answering this question in a way that works for everyone is the most important thing humanity needs to do, in my humble opinion!

Hey, I could be totally off my rocker, a few sandwiches short of a pick-nick, if you know what I mean.

Then again, I could be perfectly, totally, exactly 100% correct!

Only time will tell.

Thank you for your time and interest in my life, death and thoughts.
I pray for all those who suffer under evil and tyranny!

About Timothytrespas

I am a victim of human experimentation MK-ultra mind control Morgellons nanotechnology syndrome & remote neural connectivity. I am an artist, inventor, musician, thinker, lover, human being who cares for all humanity & all life. I believe people should endeavor to live in peaceful cooperation rather than brutal waring survival of the most brutal. We live in a forced false-paradigm and I desire to wake people up from the 'trance hypnotic mind control programming' to the 'TRUTH of light and love'! Blessing and peace. Justice to all who suffer under tyranny. Compassion for all beings. May GOD have mercy on us all.
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2 Responses to Timothytrespas:Attack pain! Late night neurological unpleasantness! Targeted Individual suffering.the end of the world as we know it and the New world order attempting to control humanity forever in an inescapable matrix of mind control and information warfare cointel programs

  1. jeff says:

    I have been TI victim for 11 months and counting……..everything holds true to the symptoms and occurrences associated with this torture……..every part of my body has been harassed…….and accompanied v2k has made it possible for these idiots to track me and manipulate and harass me to no end……..I work basically 6 12 hour shifts and sleep is important…..but this is a 24-7 assault……I have some idea as to who and where this is coming from…….I have gotten no help from law enforcement…….I cry out to victims of this 24-7 torture and offer my experience or inexperience to this horrible crime……If there is help to be had with me….I would love to know how to prove that the perps of interest could be tracked and brought down…..


  2. My name is Joyce Mondejar
    I am a a targeted individual/it started in 2008 after resigning from the Mormon cult/this is far beyond any experiment it is satanic demonic Freemason/these cults has all bonded as one Jehovah witness/seven day adventist/church of Christ/presbyterians/Lutherans/Scientology/ the have infiltrated every homeless shelter/domestic violence shelters/county jails/prisons/drug rehab centers/etc recruiting these souls for evi purposes. They have every profession known to man on their payroll. I know for a fact that bishop Edwin Edmund put this hit on me because when I went to tell him I was resigning from the cult his assistant snap three photo of me I asked her why are you taking my photo without my permission the bishop said you will
    Know in time shortly afterwards doors were slamming/people knocking on my door continuously and no one would be there/clothe/shoes came up missing/my car was relied when I had purchase postal money orders to pay my car note/they had spyware in my television/smoke detector hooked to a DVR/VCR this is Freemason/illuminati satanic evil being perpetrated against
    Anyone who serve GOD/this is more than an experiment/ it is criminal/and terror against innocent people/in order to make a person conform to what they want he or she to believed and the God they serve . This is in revelations in the bible/the book of Daniels/also the book of Luke cpapter 21 speak about how we would be persecuted for the sake of us serving GOD/I know for a fact if I did not plead for GOD to cover me from the tip of my toes to the crown of my head with the blood of JESUS/I notice that on Good Friday the harassment is 100% worst/also on Halloween/Friday the 13th they harass
    More so on blood sacrifice days. Satan obtain his energy from taking of souls. I have a master degree can not get a job/I have been arrested for NSF check I never wrote/it is never ending every place I move to the hotel room is wired with motion sensors with all kind of recordings/motion sensors in the refrigerator/washer/dryer/dishwasher/ this is sheer evil. This is done by those people who has sold their soles for a job/house/car etc.
    This is sheer terror against GOD’S CHILDREN but GOD SON JESUS BLOOD WILL PROTECT US. Victory is ours through CHRIST JESUS HOLY BLOOD.
    I am 66 never used drugs or alcohol/nor smoked cigarettes I believe the
    ones who fall are those who has used illegal/or legal drugs. The Mormons are big on mental health I feel if you are not crazy when you start popping their mind altering pills you will be insane. I have done extensive research since 2009 when I put in Google search engine satanic Mormons and came across Saints Alive Mr. Ed Decker /when I spoke to Mr. Decker he explained that I was a TI I had no idea what a TI was./Mr. Decker has passed non but I would advise everyone to watch his videos on YouTube. This is coming from a wide spectrum /via government/ cult churches/in hopes of making this a one world government/one world religion. This is SATANIC/DEVIL WORSHIPING EVIL/no matter how you look at it.All I own has been stollen
    So if this is just an experiment to see who can survive this terror/why would they steal all my household goods/intercept my mail/steal my money order receipts/ so my car is relied/put anti freeze in my food/beverage/ Walmart has a list of TI’s they will reseal/repackage certain foods that a TI purchase/
    That is loaded with mind altering drugs/there is not a lock they can not pick when you exit/they enter/they will spray chlorophform under your door/if you use gas appliances they will have them leaking carbon monoxide. I am
    speaking from experience. I would advise anyone who is a targeted individual not to eat or drink anything left in your home buy as you go/they know every move a TI make/you can not hide from this evil/ their objective is to make you isolated/homeless/ suicidal/ deem mentally unstable/or worst
    hope that the TI will retaliate against the bishop or someone who you hold responsible for the terror so you will end up in the prison system forever.
    I am going to try and e publish a book/also try to build a network so we can share a home together/because two is better than one/three is better than two I am Afro Cuban who is alone/the Mormon has turned my son and daughter against me so I get harassed more than people who has friend and
    family to turn to. If anyone want to contact me I am living with a friend in
    North Las Vegas at 1200 w Cheyenne ave#2151 89030 phone7028263544
    Email me @ wish4agoodlife577@gmail.com/ every phone/PC I have own has been hacked they have your bank account password/ I live off 736.00
    SS widows pensions/so I am limited as to what I can do because I have no money when this started I had 65000.00 in my savings now I have nothing I keep praying that I can get a used car if that happen the car will be my home.


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