We get swept back and forth in the great stormy sea of life…

We get swept back and forth in the great stormy sea of life by our tormentors and we pray that God will look down on us with mercy and compassion and grant us the strength and hope and health and grace to make sense of it all and not hurt any one and not hate anyone and all the things we struggle with as we are getting sicker and dying from the torture applied to us by some unnamed evil force.

We do our best to tell our truth and offer our story and our prayers to all who suffer under tyranny.

We pray that our suffering will not be in vain in that possibly others will gain understanding and hope and the world will begin to awaken to the TRUTH when EVERYONE begins to realize this world is NOT WHAT WE DESIRE and we have the power to ALL REFUSE TO PARTICIPATE in the EVIL new world failure. Once we stop giving it credit the evil system will begin to loose its power.

Are not the leaders of this country put into office by us?no? oh well. anyway.

I hope that you are  holding up as well. May God bless you.

Oh, and I forgot to say we are hoping and praying and visualizing things getting better so we will see.

It seems so far, that God is with us, because we surely wouldn’t have made it this far if he wasn’t. Petra feels this way for sure.


Just recently some good people have helped us and many others in need as well. They work within the system, but they care for their fellowmen and have helped clear up a “software” accounting error, that had put them further in need. So it looks like we have been blessed for once.

But this help came almost too late.

Petra is extremely exhausted from the recent onslaught of some really negative energy both from people and also spiritually, the kind created when people are pushed near the and almost over the economic brink repeatedly and landlords flash a little money around and get otherwise honest people to do what they otherwise wouldn’t like break a rental agreement with people (us) who paid on time and were respectful with them.

We are now being sent on our ninth move in 3 years and Petra doesn’t know if she has the physical strength to handle it.

All this was about to come down on us, too and make us the culprit. Because even the tiniest bit of a raised voice or even colloquial sarcasm now supposedly scares people…?

Timothy is always the one who gets the bad news.

Petra is the one who pays the rent and carries most of the burden and even now as I am writing this (hello!) every muscle in my neck is CRAMPING UP AND HURTING TERRIBLY.

I, Petra, am also the shrewder one who detects financial inconsistencies instantly. When the nice guy who told us we could stay as long as we needed to and assured us his lease wasn’t up for a long time told Timothy he wasn’t renewing his lease even though the landlord was asking only 100$ more. It’s too much trouble and the downstairs neighbor calls all the time because of a small and fixable leak. He also said that there was a high phone bill, but didn’t seem particularly upset by it. He said electricity had risen in price over the years and this was another reason, why he couldn’t afford to stay. Then he asked if Timothy wanted to use a $700 room finding service. He was flabbergasted.

I would have instantly asked: “How can you afford it? You just said you couldn’t afford the $100 rent increase.” That’s why they never come to me.

Timothy said he had tears in his eyes and looked as if he had been forced to make a decision he didn’t want to make and we can forgive him. However what happened two days later nearly created a needless tragedy.

It seemed as if the  Jezebel spirit was going around jumping from person to person.

I had,in vain, attempted to advise the family we lived with not to give up their lease, their residential stability, and not to place themselves in the same position we are in, renting rooms always being at the mercy of the prime tenant’s decision, potentially having to move every few months with his wife and kid. I offered help with the increased rent, offered to fix the leak.

They don’t speak English too well. A family member translated (??) how accurate I don’t know.

At first the guy thought I was arguing about the security deposit. I meant to warn them not to give up their security, their home. The family member said: “It is nice of you to care, don’t worry about them, they are going to live with a family, their decision has been made.

Why did I forget to mention us and the breech of the agreement he had made with us I don’t know. I thought he would realize the big mistake he was about to make and keep the lease out of self interest as well and all would work out.

Two days later he pounded on the door demanded to speak with us about the big problem with the telephone bill.

He brought his wife and kid, too, neighbor kids in the hall were laughing, started taunting, our cat, growling before he even knocked had to be brought back into the room constantly.

I suggested that we go into the kitchen and talk (without the cat, who they claim to be scared of). When we checked the bill it turned out it had not been as high as he said every month and that the highest amount was for a 63 day period.

I also told him, that our previous landlord/prime tenant had received a high bill as well and it turned out, that his meter had been zapped, it was hooked up to another apartment as well. The landlord had to pay it for 120 days after this was discovered.

He kept saying “No, no, no!” and didn’t listen. Finally Tim said: “You’re screwing us! We can’t move and pay for this phone bill too. Moving alone costs $400, you said we could stay as long as we needed. This isn’t right”

I suggested, that Tim go next door, because he was too upset over this and I would speak for the both of us.

They were in his way and while I tried to usher him out he said one more “This is not right!” and was about to panic.

The man of the house threatened to call the police on him for his misbehavior.

In fact, he is much stronger than Tim and could easily beat him up if he wanted to.

I said: “He is very upset. Let him pass.” They barred his way out. Then finally they let him go.

The kids in the hall kept laughing at him and taunting.

The other guy still wanted to call the police.

I said:”You don’t know what we’ve been through. You did tell us we could stay as long as we needed to, when we moved in. This was the most important thing to us, because we have been driven from place to place. That’s why he is so upset. Have I not paid you on time?”

I proceeded to tell him about the SRO in Midtown, how we were discredited, tortured and taunted and still received 14 months rent-free in housing court, because the landlord did not want our very graphic picture evidence of the conditions and how we almost died because of them to be presented to the public.

How we then moved to the Wongs, who managed to steal half of my belongings, my business, the studio I once owned.

How we were driven from place to place afterwards, how we moved into a small room, that turned out to be bedbug-infested, how I suffered 700 bites in 3 weeks, that this now will be our ninth move in 3 years.

I’m not entirely sure, but I think He then said he would give me until April 30th to move and return my security money as well, angrily and turned away from me.

I pleaded with the wife and kid and told them that neither me or Timothy want to hurt anyone, that we have been hurt terribly and that all we wish for is a place where we can find some peace.

I neglected to tell them how sick he is and that he may not live much longer.

His red blood cells look scary under the microscope.

I said finally: “You don’t have to take my advice, but even if you have to move someone else in here to pay the rent, DON’T GIVE UP YOUR LEASE! I don’t want to see what happened to us happen to anyone else. It is too stressful.”

The little girl is the most sensible of the three it seems, she really looks worried, she is the only one who takes our warning seriously. She said: “Tell Timothy to be calm.”

When Timothy was told, that we are now being sent on our 9th move I was out shopping for new $2.50 glasses and a cake hoping to have a nice weekend for once.

I have worked like a mule for at least 4 months. The move here from the last house took up the first two months, the cleaning up of another massive and placed (by who we don’t know, but locks seemed tampered with!) infestation with nano-bugs or fibers whilst undergoing electronic torture creating some kind of static field, that makes every particle in the room move around, sort of like a reversed magnetic field, that causes the repulsion of conductive elements lasted another two month.

Finally this had stopped, I cleaned up most of the fibers.

The neighbor dog keeps pissing by our door on average three days out of seven, we didn’t complain and kept cleaning it up.

One evening the neighbor family and our prime tenant pounded on the door, they tried to accuse our cat of shitting in the hall, too.

Timothy and I were just remaking the bed after I had spent hours cleaning up nano-bugs wiping down the floors, walls, ceiling even and spraying down what we could.

This, by comparison seemed minor.

We said, no, he (Max our cat) has been in here the whole time and he goes in the litter-box right here, we clean it every day. He doesn’t have to go in the hall. If necessary, we could have made a shit comparison in order to prove it. Our landlord/prime tenant believed us and they all left.

One weekend night I got so fed up with doing nothing but hard labor housework, cleaning up infestations, getting covered in bugs, that would burn my face and skin, my hands, fingers began to crack and hurt from all the washing and bugs, they were red and swollen.

I had just paid the rent had been warned to watch our cat, supposedly he had behaved aggressively and broken a shopping bag, to watch the leak in the bathroom, to try and work in the daytime and not to shower too late at night.

Of course I had not told them anything about the infestation in order not to frighten them and made painstakingly sure not to leave a trace in the bathroom so they wouldn’t get it too.

Some days I started cleaning at say 1:00 PM and was not finished until the early morning hours just to keep the infestation at bay and needed the shower desperately so I could relax.

From then on I tiptoed into the bathroom and back to my room.

That night I heard the music coming from the neighbor house (they have frequent parties often with very loud music and no one ever complains about it including me) and I was drawn to it. I danced with them, drank with them, talked to them.

I needed a break desperately and being a dancer and former performer still at heart I enjoyed myself tremendously that night. Some of the young women danced for me and I enjoyed watching them. I danced with the lady of the house an older Puerto-Rican lady.

I thought we were making friends.

They served me a delicious Tapas dish. One of the women kept asking if I could bring certain other things to the party. Even though I believe people should have a right to enjoy certain things, that make them feel good especially since life all around is so depressingly hard, cruelly so for some of us because certain others have decided to push them especially hard I retreated quietly back to my room when most of them had left the room.

I continued to clean the room, showered and finally collapsed on the loft bed.

The animosity seemed to have lifted and we were friendly with our neighbors from now on. They introduced me to all their kids, I gave their little boy who likes me a gift I knew he would love a remote control car. Timothy had given the kids Christmas presents also.

There were days when everybody was friendly, smiling at us genuinely it seemed and everything seemed wonderful, hopeful.

Then there were other days when I had to do the 60 pound laundry, and the kids were playing in the hall jumping up and down, the dog was pissing by the door repeatedly and nobody apologized for it even. We kept cleaning it up, talking out loud abut it then maneuvered the heavy laundry bags past the kids.

The dirty clothes were all flitting with nano-bugs so badly, that I had to seal them in plastic immediately.

At the laundromat I had to fling them into the machines fast and coordinate everything including letting people pass by with their laundries every few minutes, politely wait for machines as long as it took all without ever forgetting to smile and stay humble, polite and of course to never ever, ever loose my temper, because of course I knew my fate was nobodies fault here, they were just doing regular laundry and couldn’t understand what I was going through.

I had the patience of a saint!

One time I was yelled at mercilessly by the lady who works in the laundromat for taking too long folding the laundry.

I was yelled at by her for a full hour and a half every step of the way.

I took until the original time I was told the laundromat was open to, maybe a few minutes longer, but they wanted to go home early.

I don’t go there anymore. I was chased out the door like a beggar.

“You fold at the house!” she yelled. I responded: “You can’t fold at my house!” Of course it was pointless to explain why. All the clothes had to be folded, packed in a bag organized so I could later get to them, the bag had to be covered in double plastic, that had to be closed up quickly so that the still pristinely clean clothes wouldn’t be exposed to the still flitting environment.

This gradually improved over two months and spending hundreds of dollars on all kinds of cleaners, trial and error stuff that didn’t work, laundering all clothes and bedding every five days, then every seven, then ten days, cleaning every corner of the room repeatedly, wiping walls and ceiling sometimes daily making my way around the room until it finally stopped.

My laundry cart had been stolen also, our neighbors had one that looked just like it, that they said I could borrow anytime???? I said o.k.

One day it was not available, loaned out to someone else, the kid suggested I buy a new one for $28. I said I couldn’t afford it because I had spent almost all my money on the rent, no money until the 12th of the month.

They complained to Timothy about me, dragged him out of bed made him come into the kitchen while I was in the bathroom. All three were wagging fingers at them, said I sounded angry….. I didn’t think so at all, perhaps a little frustrated and pressed for time. I came out of the bathroom asked what was going on, said that they must have misunderstood me, sometimes the language barrier is an issue, but I don’t think quite to the extent they are claiming.

Then Timothy’s family (who has money) forced us to clear out the storage locker or loose all the rest of my art and music equipment. Doing this we were exposed to even more of this hellish nano-bug stuff. It all went inside of us.

Timothy has seen a shadowy being out of the corner of his eye for a while in the kitchen. The day after the big fight he saw a dark being running towards our room, sort of like a mischievous kid trying to get into our room before I returned from the bathroom. It came right through the wall, it came from the direction of the noisy neighbors’ place across the hall, the people I had been dancing with that night. He told me so. He managed to keep the spirit from entering him by forbidding him to do so by the AUTHORITY OF JESUS CHRIST.

I backed him up in this by saying that We need our bodies and all our strength right now in order to move to another place, because the landlord – “You know what a landlord is, right?” – had asked us to leave and we are very weak from all the previous moves we’ve been forced to make. I had begun to ask this spirit questions. Tim had felt the cold sensation one feels in the presence of one but successfully managed to keep him from taking him over. He said it looked dark and hairy about the size of a child or adult, seemed local to this area. What he had noticed previously in the kitchen was about cat-sized. I said;”What do you want?” Answer:”Become physical again.” That was the moment when Timothy felt the cold sensation, but managed to keep the spirit from entering him by the AUTHORITY OF JESUS CHRIST. I kept asking questions: “What is your name.” “I don’t know,” I said:”That’s very sad, that you don’t even know your name anymore. I don’t really know how we can help you, because we need our bodies. Maybe you need to move on. There is a better place than this.” Timothy said also, that he would like to help the spirit move on, to ask for Jesus, that perhaps he could help him, to repent for misdeeds for sins in his life and pray… I commented on the dark furry, woolly hairiness of the being, that maybe he or she is on the animal level more than on the human level when it comes to spiritual development, someone who fell behind, didn’t evolve as he should have. The spirit answered as if to prove himself eagerly: “I was human, I was human!” He or she was? human but is not anymore.

Well, he or she is a spirit now, which answers that question. “Are you a man or a woman?” I asked. Answer: “A man.” “That’s what I thought,” I said. It also explains why he wanted to enter Timothy and not me. “Have you been following us around?” “No.”

“Is your name Bruce?” I asked the name of my very controlling Ex who had gone off the deep end with his narcissism  turned malignant, arrogant and hurtful. After he received a disability pension including SSI of $8000 tax free monthly he moved to Miami Beach and thought himself to be some kind of Mick Jagger type superstar.

He had asked me what he should do with his money, I said make yourself happy.

He had claimed he loved me but kept our finances separate, even made me pay more than I should have for a long time, even though I had much less money than he did. Sharing his money meant living under his complete and sometimes abusive control. I said “No Thank you!”

He paid back what he once took from me over time, then separated from me, grew more and more cold, abusive, bossy and insulting, didn’t pay the money he promised me for a Graphic Design job I did for him.

He called me on Xmas Eve to borrow $300 so he wouldn’t be embarrassed in front of his friends coming to visit for a week.

He had spent the $8000 and maxed out all his credit cards. The friends said they hardly recognized him, bands were greeting him from the bandstands, last he told me was he was making new friends every day.

His favorite book: “Making friends and influencing people.”

The last few times I saw him he abused me cruelly in public, mostly stressing the point that he considered me worthless because I didn’t have money, that HE COULD SUPPORT ME IF HE WANTED TO, BUT THEN OF COURSE I WOULD BE DEPENDENT. I said I would never do that.

The dental insurance we once shared had been cancelled and I dreamt about him frequently, so I thought, that maybe he had passed on. But it wasn’t him.

The floodgates are open.

We must guard ourselves of the forces of evil. They are dangerous.

When it comes to the OCCULT TEACHINGS people routinely overlook the second and the third “LAW”:     LOVE IS THE LAW – LOVE UNDER WILL.
If one loves and respects ones fellow human beings one can DO ONE’S WILL and find ones proper path in life and ONE’S WILL will be synonymous with GOD’S WILL.

Love one another before it is too late!!!!!

Thank you for caring!

Timothy Trespas & Petra Schiller, Targeted Individuals, morgellons mk-ultra new world order human experimentation mind control victims, 3-2013 usa

Petra and Timothy love one another despite being targeted individuals

tortured, drugged and bugged! Petra and Timothy love one another despite being targeted individuals

About Timothytrespas

I am a victim of human experimentation MK-ultra mind control Morgellons nanotechnology syndrome & remote neural connectivity. I am an artist, inventor, musician, thinker, lover, human being who cares for all humanity & all life. I believe people should endeavor to live in peaceful cooperation rather than brutal waring survival of the most brutal. We live in a forced false-paradigm and I desire to wake people up from the 'trance hypnotic mind control programming' to the 'TRUTH of light and love'! Blessing and peace. Justice to all who suffer under tyranny. Compassion for all beings. May GOD have mercy on us all.
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