I am being murdered by secret government mind control program! Timothytrespas: targeted individual

Timothytrespas: targeted individual: murdered by secret government mind control program!
If it takes 3 years for someone to die from things you are doing to them, is it STILL MURDER?     YES IT IS MURDER!


Just Look at me. I am a wreck from years of torture, morgellons, covert drugging (LSD etc), mind control, radiation, remote neural connection, targeting, etc.

I look a mess, many steps closer to death.
I have been murdered by my own government, a victim of secret Mk-ultra style mind control.
The population may have been been infected with nano-machines and biological weapons causing morgellons syndrome and allowing mind control technology to function properly.

We have witnessed, and will continue to see, much new sickness and “unexplained” illness over time due to the government secret spraying of chem-trails.

Alzheimer’s, genetic problems, illness and death. This has been going on for years. Simply look at the rise in deaths from these things.

This is our government spraying us with biological weapons and nanotechnology that enables remote neural monitoring and MIND CONTROL!
I know I have no proof except for my own experience.
Too many people can not see beyond their programming to find the TRUTH.

I was one of those people before they did this to me. Now I am beginning to see the truth.

the program is designed to protect itself from the truth.
I know this because so many people respond with anger when presented with these facts.

cognitive dissonance is used to control our thinking boundaries.
YOU MUST GAIN CONTROL OVER YOUR SUB-CONSCIENCE PROGRAMMING and thus begin to gain control over YOUR MIND. (YOUR ENTIRE MIND, not just the parts THEY want you to have access to.)

Government sanctioned murder of innocent victims is a crime against humanity.
In an age where technology allows governments to depopulate (murder) its citizens without leaving evidence, humanity has no way to protect itself. If this ‘murder’ is done over several years, it should look like ‘natural causes‘ upon inquest.

It is my assertion that this technology is being tested NOW, on myself and on thousands of innocent victims worldwide.

In an age where mind reading and mind control by machine exists, but is still held as a secret weapon, how can humanity create a safe world in which to live?

How will you exist in a world where you have no secrets and your thoughts are used against you?
May god have mercy on our souls.

I am an innocent victim of secret government human experimentation into mind control, nanotechnology, information warfare, MK-ULTRA style covert drugging with LSD like drug(daily for years) irradiation, foreign DNA implantation, gang-stalking, remote neural connectivity, embedded smart dust, surveillance, counter intelligence program, poisoning, torture, etc. Subliminal suicide programming, torment, slander, and general destruction of all friendships, jobs, relationships housing, health, money, communications, etc, everything. this is a sophisticated, well funded operation with ties to the highest levels of government. I am an innocent victim of the new world order and it’s evil desire to control and enslave the human population forever! Wake up fellow humans, this is REALITY. so what if the messenger looks insane, you would too after trying to survive an operation like this. put away your prejudice and programming and wake up to the TRUTH i am so desperately attempting to offer you. The world in which your thoughts are not free, your thoughts are not even your own and you will not be able to tell the difference. THIS is the world we are entering now. Is there any way to stop it? ONLY IF EVERYONE wakes up to the truth. the secrets they are keeping from us will be used to control and kill us. I do not desire a world in which even our thoughts are not free.

YOUTUBE VIDEO LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46_L4Scqxe0

About Timothytrespas

I am a victim of human experimentation MK-ultra mind control Morgellons nanotechnology syndrome & remote neural connectivity. I am an artist, inventor, musician, thinker, lover, human being who cares for all humanity & all life. I believe people should endeavor to live in peaceful cooperation rather than brutal waring survival of the most brutal. We live in a forced false-paradigm and I desire to wake people up from the 'trance hypnotic mind control programming' to the 'TRUTH of light and love'! Blessing and peace. Justice to all who suffer under tyranny. Compassion for all beings. May GOD have mercy on us all.
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22 Responses to I am being murdered by secret government mind control program! Timothytrespas: targeted individual

  1. Star falls says:

    Unfortunately such behaviours are very real!


  2. Kelly Landau says:

    hello my name is Kelly Landau and I’m looking for targeted individuals like yourself to write an Affidavit for my lawsuit and any additional documents or support you would like to contribute, if you’d like to be a part of it, please email me at Kelly.Landau99@gmail.com or message me on Facebook. These weapons are extremely dangerous and painful, and your support can help make the difference thank you and look forward to hearing from you.☺


    • David Sulouff says:

      Hello my name is David I’m also currently suffering from this as well I have had several death threats after witnessing a spacecraft hidding behind clouds in Florida please contact me or follow me so these people don’t get away with murder …


  3. Ketrelle says:

    Please help me they put something in my heart to make it bust . I to am being tortured and they bugged my ears the mess with my thoughts and they bother my dreams they doing these things for real and I need help fast


    • Kelly Landau says:

      hello my name is Kelly Landau and I’m looking for targeted individuals like yourself to write an Affidavit for my lawsuit and any additional documents or support you would like to contribute, if you’d like to be a part of it, please email me at Kelly.Landau99@gmail.com or message me on Facebook. These weapons are extremely dangerous and painful, and your support can help make the difference thank you and look forward to hearing from you.☺


  4. Marisa says:

    Criminal organization uses psychotronic weapons to torture brazilians

    My name is Marisa i am Target individual in Brazil need help


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  5. could someone please contact me I have been tortured now for years but now I am being electrocuted 247 over entire body. I cant hold on.. my mind is breaking.. please help me..
    I now have morgellans, and the electrocution is horrific like living in an electric chair 247. Heart and anxiety. please write me at rykerjem860@outlook.com


  6. phillip says:

    try Michael Chapala’s website


  7. Jerry bowlin says:

    So i’ve been battling this crap for seventy two months straight , by state double/second life state doc informants


  8. L H says:

    I have wondered the same thing. Is it better to suffer quietly and “pretend” that nothing is happening so as not to call attention to onself or to speak out. When I have tried to express my experiences to even the most intelligent of people who have known me for decades, they still think I am not right in the head. They are in total disbelief that something like this could be happening. In their own back yards. (literally) However, connecting with others who have stuff going on is a bit of a sanity check. Yes, the rest of the world is insane. But keep trying to stay calm. Try not to panic. I tell myself. It is challenging. This is a test of will, courage and faith. I believe others around me have been programmed to harm me. I believe the medical establishment is in on the plan. It’s entirely possible that myself and my family have been victims of the program for years, perhaps all the panic and trauma cues were programmed in from an early age. Or is it just a pattern. Parents who have ill parents are never quite right. They don’t behave as nurturing as we would like them to be. This has renewed my faith in a Father God and a Mother Mary who can provide me with all the nurturing that I need now as an adult. And I count Christ and his archangels as my brothers and sisters. Archangel Michael is my BIG BROTHER who I can call on for help.

    I also believe it is important to communicate our experiences in a calm and methodical manner so that people who are sane and rational and perhaps even scientific will listen to us. I do have a few “professionals” that I have spoken to who do not think I am crazy. They believe something systematically bad is happening to me. I am sad to think that people who love and care about me, may unwittingly be a part of this terrible programming that is very pervasive.


    • L H says:

      I believe we can over come this as we move forward with faith and courage. This is very challenging personal journey for all who are affected. Have courage.


    • Hi my name is Domingo I moved to San Francisco CA about 1 year and a few months ago after about 4 months I started to hear voices at first I was in denial, I thought here and there maybe I hear voices because there is something wrong with my brain but then I started to hear them on different levels like frequencies in the brain; Not really they tortured me until I broke down into 9 different pieces, I never once lied to myself because in the end all you have is your word. This is how I really feel unfiltered: I AM BEING MIND CONTROL every single day voices are trying to control my 24 year old body, everyone around me can’t even process what goes on with me. I can’t believe that there are people who don’t even believe this technology exist and if they were expose to it they would be in denial for months. I am already USED TO THIS TECHNOLOGY this technology is OLD TO ME. Not only are you alone inside, but you have to pretend everything is ok just to keep friends. Why is the world so blind? Why does everyone want to sleep? I am a master of my subconscious! Do you really think the government can go inside a 24 year old head and battle me in my mental world without ME picking up a few tricks. I am a warrior inside my head but a scared and angry young man on the outside and outside that I am a very nice person and everyone loves me. I can learn anything and everything I want the brain really is most high tech technology IN THE UNIVERSE. I can’t even describe how awesome the brain is, In order to beat mind control you have to be mind controlled yourself and be able to analyze yourself. Pause! Did you here what I said, that doesn’t include staying sane, pretending to be living a normal life, not being depressed and watching everyone and everything around you fall because it will! Sometimes I do feel better than a lot of other people because they don’t know how strong I am and how much more of a survivor I am but as they always say Ignorance is bliss and Knowledge is misery! That doesn’t include all the HATE I have for these people or even my pride because I am the most intelligent person among my friends. This technology is very real, I will tell you a secret: Before I even read about the technology RNM I already knew what it did based off on my torture. They knew what I was imagining, they can even help you see your image that your imagining. They can move your arms. They can talk through you. They can give you pain or twitch any bodies of your body. All they do all day is analyze me by forcing me into conversation and twitch my body in different places even my private areas. That is the single most absolute proof I have that they are real besides them telling information I couldn’t possibly know. There’s so much information they give you that its really hard for me to explain but I will try. They train your brain to always know they are there, they only stop talking when you are doing what they want you to do! Everything you do can help them. People enter in survival mode when they feel trapped. In survival mode the brain can do amazing things<<<This is what they are after. I am a visual learner for example I single handedly created many buildings in my head with detailed structures in my mental world. The only reason I separated myself into different personalities is because I began to become so intelligent that I would sit in one spot most of the day by myself and THINK all day. They try to CORRUPT you to your core so you have to separate yourself If you truly LOVE YOURSELF and hide inside yourself until other parts of you are strong enough. In the beginning they followed me to my deepest thoughts that controlled my heart rate, once they follow you there you will get an panic attack and they will scare you away from that area because that is where they will make their base in you. Then they will help you get very intelligent and make a base there so THEY NOW KNOW HOW DEEP YOU WILL GO AND HOW INTELLIGENT you will get AKA: YOUR TRAPPED. The entire time they have a frequency in your brain a high pitch gamma so you can learn and think at a faster pace. Also I have learn how to metacognition wow its all coming back even now I don't know everything but I do. The information is too big for my conscious so it falls in my subconscious. Continuing: I have meta-memory when I get a little sleepy from talking and thinking with them which I have no choice I talk to them even when I don't know I am. Meta-memory allows you to face your whole life all your sins all your dreams everything that you are. The question is HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE YOURSELF! My own brain will tell on me if I say something IMPORTANT to them so the person in the background can analyze it. Their secret is they value the very tiny details that makes the brain act the way it acts no one cares about this, pause! These are very tiny details that is so hard to remember that the only way you can know them is to be mind controlled; Thats the case because your survival mode will wonder for months WHY ME, AND WHY ARE THEY HERE and that's why they will always be ahead. All in all I don't hate my tortures I mean how can they know their boss is Satan and their only programmed to program mankind. I wish this was only a dream but hey everyday is never boring something I forget how happy I am. I have hidden my intelligence I stole from them and my happiness in the core of my brain when I was there. So I would have something if I was destroyed.
      Anyone who has been mind controlled knows true pain, its a memory of a time where you disappeared inside yourself and died while the outside person is waiting on itself to be saved. I remember my arm being on fire laying in bed on my side trying to tough it out and saying to myself from within "Don't try to find me or they will find me too".
      What happens when apart yourself sacrifices itself, the best of you runs and hide to not be corrupted by evil, apart of you is pure HATE its very seductive raging at night in bed here and there uncontrollably, apart of you still has hope and draws on the windows "love is all you have", and likes small lights in the distance, and lastly apart of you becomes them…this is the part that tells on you.

      They will break you down into the smallest pieces until you have no emotions, I don't feel anything anymore. I used to..but my emotions became too strong: I began to Love someone I never wanted to. I felt true Hate for the first time. I was so Open Minded I saw how things that we see go into our subconscious. I felt so much fear that I had an anxiety attack and kept telling myself "Im under attack by the government" and they tried to finish the job by almost giving me a heart attack. Just to show that I am telling the truth look up the dimensions in the mind they is were they will take you. The mind is a completely different world that you can only go to from a limited amount of time. Its like a story book that you start in the middle to the beginning then the end over and over until all the details are filled in this is what they do. The talking in my head is the program itself fitting in the gaps of my history to make itself important so I could be their eyes and ears. No more privacy!

      God is with us all, I mean lets be honest I almost died a few times, they ask me to put my left leg out the window when I was being mind controlled deepy and I wake up at the last minute and finally realize they were trying to kill me.

      I just turned 24. Its been 7 months exactly, 24/7 torture, I have no family, or friends smart enough to care and yet I still mentally fight them with my warrior everyday.

      Be happy you know this and your not..me.


  9. isis2012 says:

    OOHHH Timothy I know How you feel … I’ve been targeted via the medical profession … one experiment after another … and now they seemed to be done with the experiments and just want me out of here … they are targeting my blood pressure now .. I really believe they are assisting their work with signals of some kind …

    But until the CREATOR says I’m done … I’m still on my journey …

    I just wrote someone else on this matter and said that I’m held together by Spiritual-glue and faith-tape … and I add a lot of God’s staples of Positive Love …


  10. Kris says:

    Tim… i think i got the same thing… may i ask why you think they targeted you?


    • no idea. perhaps we are intelligent, self-directed, do not listen to nor believe the lies told by the media and government and corporations. Perhaps we have psychic powers, or they looked into the future and saw we would have changed the world somehow and they wanted to stop us. perhaps we have been in some secret mind control program since birth, possibly because of genetics. genetics? because we are christian? because they could do it and we could not stop them? I only wish they would tell me, but I wouldn’t believe them if they did because they always lie. does it even matter why?


  11. Rjb says:

    The lord Jesus will see you through dear sir. God didn’t promise he would get us out of a situation,as it is written, the just suffer with the unjust. He will see you through. Trust God, seek the truth in the word. Every bit of this is the frame work to the mark of the beast system.


  12. calmdownbro says:

    you have a right to be angry.
    consider this though, a notice in your breach of personal privacy only makes it worse for yourself and the people around you
    think for a second, what could you have done to draw so much attention to yourself? how did you react to worsen it? think about the people who have to watch you now to ensure you do not spread panic or possible misinformation based on your observations (which are not enough). be strong dont say any more

    i know it is hard


    • WHAT? “a notice in your breach of personal privacy” means what? anyway, they have murdered me. I just have not yet fallen down dead. but it WILL HAPPEN SOON. would I not be a fool to ignore such an opportunity to tell my story, to point fingers at those who murdered me, to share hope and truth with those suffering who do not yet understand what is being done to them. Tell me, as they do this to you, will YOU SIT QUIET until they murder you? Your statements make me wonder, either you sound like you are working for the people who are torturing everyone, or you have bought into and accepted the programming mind control that tells you to be quiet about it.
      FOR EVIL TO TRIUMPH, ALL IT TAKES IS FOR GOOD MEN TO DO NOTHING (and SAY NOTHING)! are you a GOOD man? do you condone evil and the pain and suffering it causes good people? if not then it is your duty to speak up to change things. what do you believe Jesus Christ would have done? what would he have wanted YOU to do? I feel THIS is what he wants ME to do. Blessings and peace.


      • Nithya says:

        Yes,you are right brother,cowards do not enter heaven.I praise God for all the knowledge,courage and the generosity He has given you to share to brethren in the world.Now let’s pray that their eyes may open!


      • Eric B. says:

        All you people are not crazy You are not being targeted by the government. You are being targeted by demons or evil spirits. All of these symptoms you guys are having comes from attacks by evil spirits not the government. Somehow you got involved with the fallen angels or demons who call themselves spirit guides. They mascarade as angels of light but they are devils or demons. If you believe Meditation, spirit guides, and ascended masters you open yourself up to demonic oppression. You need to worship for all the stuff you need to know about dangers of new age movement and devil worshipping. Your only way out of this demonic deception is to find the Lord Jesus Christ.


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