using an algorithm published by two scientists named Sharp and Grove from research they did at Walter Reed Army Institute in 1974, it turned the pink noise into a continuous pulse which when transmitted at high power through the system I am building will synchronize your nervous system with the computer.

I received this :

Here is a list of parts for the machine I am building to rid us of this ugly harassment: A computer with functioning USB port, Signalink USB, Yaesu 897d transceiver, 1 kilowatt amplifier for 70 cm amateur band, A270-10S Cushcraft Dual Band Yagi antenna.
My computer is a Pro Audio 2600i, the signalink plugs into the usb port on the computer and acts as a soundcard.

The other side of the signalink plugs into the microphone port on my Yaesu 897d transceiver which in turn is plugged into the amplifier and the amplifier sends everything out through the Cushcraft antenna.

So on my computer I have a music program called Adobe Audition (you may be able to download something similar for free on-line) I have two tracks loaded into the multi-track view on the software.

One is a loop of pink noise which has been processed using an algorithm published by two scientists named Sharp and Grove from research they did at Walter Reed Army Institute in 1974, it turned the pink noise into a continuous pulse which when transmitted at high power through the system I am building will synchronize your nervous system with the computer.

The second track is a 7.83 Hz tone beat frequency embedded in pink noise. 7.83 hz is the fundamental resonance of planet earths magnetic field and it will generate an internal cavity resonance inside of your body.

The signal which is being used to hurt you has a high frequency lock on your body which is pinching or damping your body tissues, this is how the lock is maintained on your body and how you are being tracked and harassed everywhere you go ( it is coupled or hooked into your tissues like the couplings on railroad cars).

The significance of the 7.83 Hz beat frequency is that the internal cavity resonance it will build inside your body will release the stress being induced by the signal being used to track and hurt you.

Basically if you have this machine and you play this music into yourself whoever is hurting you will lose track of your body and not be able to hurt you anymore! If you plan on building this machine I will help you in anyway that I can including sending the sound files you need to play.

I am still waiting to buy the amplifier for my system until August when I will have enough money. The amplifier I am buying will cost about 5000 us dollars and I had to take out a loan to fund it. When all is said and done this machine will have cost me about 8000 us dollars to build. I know this is outside of most peoples ability to afford and I am still working on other ways to get this done for everyone.

    • interesting.

      what makes you believe that a transmitter in the 420mhtz to 450 mhtz frequency range will overpower the remote neural signal?
      how do you determine at what frequency(ies) the remote neural signal is at?
      have you tried any Faraday shielding cages?
      any effect? (mine has little to no effect…)
      I would love more info about HOW and WHY you chose 70cm band.
      perhaps a wide band all mode transceiver would give you more bandwidth to test frequencies.
      I like your thoughts. please tell me more about the frequencies and how and why you came to the conclusion you did.

      In answer to your question on frequency, You need to get up into the microwave range to get the water in your body tissues to resonate with the antenna.
      The phenomena is called sympathetic resonance and here is a good way to understand it: Imagine two tuning forks, now if you hit one on the table and get it to vibrate it will settle into a resonance who’s frequency is according to its structure.
      If the second tuning fork has the same structure you don’t even need to hit it on anything all you have to do is move the first one, ( which is still vibrating) near to the second one and it will couple into the vibratory field being generated by the first.
      After a moment the two tuning forks will attain a sympathetic resonance with each other.
      This is how the perpetrators machine works.
      They use microwave frequencies with high enough energy to get the water in your body tissues up to resonance and once it is, now they have you in a phase locked loop with their radio.
      It is just like the tuning forks only much more powerful and in this case instead of tuning forks you have a human body and a radio antenna, your body is being tuned(Into).
      Once resonance is achieved the pink or white noise in the signal potentiates your nerves and whatever is sent over the airwaves will be perceived by the body in the loop as long as what is being sent is processed properly.
      You have to process your audio and video being sent into the body just like is done with binaural beat music.
      simply transmit two copies of the information with a time delay difference within the range of o to 30hzbetween the two signals .
      This range has a direct correspondence to the diameter of the human cranium.
      when the two signals cross in the head they interfere with each other and  cancel out except for the frequency difference between the two.
      The difference is called a beat frequency and this is what is perceived by the mind.
      by changing the difference frequency you can make sound seem like it is coming from different places around the head.
      So the carrier frequency has to be high enough to set up a resonance in the water inside of your body tissues and everything else gets dumped into your system.
      The pulse which is being sent to your body is inductive and induces eddy currents in your body.
      Inductive pulses will not be stopped by a Faraday cage and therefore it is a waste of your time and money.
      I do not plan on overpowering the perp signal with the carrier frequency.
      I plan on doing it with the 7.83hz beat frequency I am sending on that carrier.
      Read some of Allan Freys papers and also any papers on this subject published by Sharp and Grove and they will verify the range of carrier frequencies I am using and why they work.
      The yaesu 897d is actually an all mode all band transceiver but as far as amateur radio goes the 70cm band is the only one high enough to excite resonance in your bodily fluids. Let me know if that answered your questions. Ian

    • Timothy Trespas several questions:1.why 440-450 mhtz? why not the 23 or 33 cm band at 1.2ghtz?
      is not the frequency used in microwave oven to excite the water molecule 2.45 gigahertz (GHz)—a wavelength of 122 millimeters (4.80 cm band)?
      I have a transmitter covering 10-12 meters @ 25 watts fm,am,ssb u&l, would this be usable?
      also why the 1000 watt amp?
      do you need such power to do this?
      also: please explain ‘inductively coupled”?
      you are saying that the carier signal is magnetic in nature, not electromagnetic (as in a standard radio wave) and therefore producing eddy currents?
      if so, how is a magnetic signal produced and how is it focused on me as I move about?
      do you feel this is a remote technology (satellite or harp type)or a local system ( cellular system or a box located nearby trained on me?)
      exciting the molecules of water to resonance(would everyones cells resonate differently?)
      if sympathetic resonance, how does it focus on ME and not someone next to me?
      I know it is a lot to ask and a great deal to type, BUT:
      could you please explain your ENTIRE understanding of how you believe this functions?
      can you email me the sound files you are using and any other information.
      I almost understand you
      . thanks again.

About Timothytrespas

I am a victim of human experimentation MK-ultra mind control Morgellons nanotechnology syndrome & remote neural connectivity. I am an artist, inventor, musician, thinker, lover, human being who cares for all humanity & all life. I believe people should endeavor to live in peaceful cooperation rather than brutal waring survival of the most brutal. We live in a forced false-paradigm and I desire to wake people up from the 'trance hypnotic mind control programming' to the 'TRUTH of light and love'! Blessing and peace. Justice to all who suffer under tyranny. Compassion for all beings. May GOD have mercy on us all.
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15 Responses to using an algorithm published by two scientists named Sharp and Grove from research they did at Walter Reed Army Institute in 1974, it turned the pink noise into a continuous pulse which when transmitted at high power through the system I am building will synchronize your nervous system with the computer.

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