IMHO, we ALL may well be implanted with tracking & mind control nanotechnology via chemtrails spraying, food, air, water, even products we buy. Welcome to the new world order…

In my humble opinion, we all may well be “implanted” by now, and those who are not yet implanted will be “chipped” soon.
One by one we come “online”.
Using some variation on self-replicating carbon nano-tubules.
These amazing nano size tubes, among other things, can be an insolator, a conductor, a semi-conductor, and a super conductor. When stimulated with electrical energy, carbon nano tubules react by emitting high current density streams of electrons ( like the electron beam gun in a CRT monitor).
once inside you they replicate ( grow) throughout the bloodstream and through the blood/brain barrier ( they are very small) and then throughout every blood vessel/capillary in the brain where they can be excited via brainwave energy.
They can also be “lit up” externally from radiation like microwave “radar” beamed via satellite or phone system transponders, from HARP and GWEN like installations, or even from background radiation (elf rf through to microwaves).
Several radio signals are beamed across the country (Gwen / harp / CDMA/tdma gsm cell phone system) and their interferance pattern combines with the brainwaves.
To create a signal that is the result of brainwave patterns combined with the other signals.
This interference signal is then received and decoded via supercomputers and artificial intelligence.
Signals are sent to, received by, and transmited continually by the brain. Emotions are stimulated, but scarier still is that the system can decode and “read” your inner thoughts.
Your inner dialog is received and decoded and acted upon faster than the brains Speed, allowing a Response to be sent before one realizes one had a thought.
Even scarier still is that this system can put thoughts INTO your brain in several ways, one of which is to insert the thoughts and dialog into your mind in your own inner voice, thus you will believe the thought is your own, with little clue that the thought originated from outside of the self.
Thoughts may be implanted via electronic telepathy in any other voice as well, claiming to be god, Satan, dead lived ones or even bozo the clown.
This is a dynamic tracking system as well with the capability to lock on to your DNA resonated via microwave transponder system for identification & tracking.
The implants are “smart” nano particles and other nano machines in the air food water via chemtrail air sprying and even in products we buy.
Sounds insane, and I could be wrong on the exact technology, but I will swear on the bible and to god and all that is sacred that I am a test victim of this tech.
They read my thoughts( I have seen and heard them reading my thought via text message to each other out loud as I overheard.
The voices in my head started after we were exposed to the nano technology. It took me three years and a mistake on their part for me to discover some secrets of this technology.
I fully expect to be murdered by this shadow government because they know I know some secrets.
This is real and happening now. Spread the truth.
Awaken from forced ignorance and face the evil truth we are being lied to experimented on and murdered by our own shadow government/military industrial complex.
The new world order is real and here now.
May god have mercy on our souls.

About Timothytrespas

I am a victim of human experimentation MK-ultra mind control Morgellons nanotechnology syndrome & remote neural connectivity. I am an artist, inventor, musician, thinker, lover, human being who cares for all humanity & all life. I believe people should endeavor to live in peaceful cooperation rather than brutal waring survival of the most brutal. We live in a forced false-paradigm and I desire to wake people up from the 'trance hypnotic mind control programming' to the 'TRUTH of light and love'! Blessing and peace. Justice to all who suffer under tyranny. Compassion for all beings. May GOD have mercy on us all.
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3 Responses to IMHO, we ALL may well be implanted with tracking & mind control nanotechnology via chemtrails spraying, food, air, water, even products we buy. Welcome to the new world order…

  1. Hepzibah Beulah B says:

    Hi Deborah, This is Hepzibah Beulah B. living in India. I am one of the victim of covert operations. I have been tormented for the past 8 years as you. My name is in Bible (Isaiah 62:4) I am a victim because ofney Obama who has declared that I may get (or have control of) the black money that India has saved in swiss bank for all these years. I dont know the way out yet. All the tortures are same like you. No one could help me as everyone is on jealous of me. Please update me when you find a solution.

    Even I had the experience of a laser/electromagnetic field which could go down into my uterus and tear it apart until I bled. Eventualy, I was experiencing OBE and saw a white spirit blindfolded in black color. Please get in touch with if you know better than me.


  2. Anon says:

    Debra, I have experienced these things too and I sympathize. One of my “machines” (that’s what they call themselves) used to go down into my uterus and tear it apart until I bled. I went to the doctor but it’s hard to prove any blood coming from your uterus is not just a menstrual flow, I would scream in pain. He exploded all of my internal organs too, gave me a stroke, made me “eat my face” (hard to describe), zapped me, sensitized my teeth so I could not breathe when brushing my teeth, give me violent body jerks, raped me, put all kinds of strange sensations in my brains so it’ bubbling, dripping, pissing, bleeding, so forth…


  3. Debra says:

    I am also a living witness of abuse by Rosicrucian Order. I joined this cult in 2003, through their member who totally lied to me about the fate of Rosicrucian. I realized I had made the worst mistake of my life. This is a very dangerous group, into everything form wichtcraft to electromagnetic weapons. My worst enemy has been some type of implant/chip at my left fore head. I would say between the frontal and the parietal bones. This part of my head appear to have its own pulse, it pulsates constantly 24/7. It feels like a burn/tingling/moving sensation non stop. The area itself feels likea small circular deppression into the scalp which was never there before. This device must have been implanted to my hear follicle/between brain cells. The movement radiates towards the back of the head, but some times it feels like something is crawling on my cranium. Other times it feels like some fluid is dripping into the skull. It is annoying and I know it is dangerous. Some times the movement feels like a wave starting from left to right. This device has cause multiple symptoms including severing veins/arteries/capillaries resulting in constant hemorrhaging and constant menstruation. I could feel something squeezing by blood out of my veins. Most times I have to lay down but if I get up, blood will drip down to my feet. There are killers out there and they have learned to use these devices on innocent people and make it look like one has a genetic disease. I use to be an athlete, and was always in the gym. Rosicrucian not only rub me of the dues I paid, but my life/ my respect/dignity/my health/my carier /family and friends have been destroyed. Electrical weapons are forced into my uterus, vagina, rectum, my head and into any body orifices. Causinng constant bleeding, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, colds and allergies, stomach bloating and distention. My skin is dry and scaly. I am constantly dehydrated due to heat and electricity to my head and body. My uterus is also distended and distorted due to burning and electrical shocks. I have been raped day after day in dreams as well as with electronic weapons. Any man or woman was carried in his/her mother’s womb for 9 months. How can any human being take pleasure in mutilating womens wombs ? Someone has to be very sick and a serial killer to take pleasure in causing pain and death through humiliation? I have sufferred insomnia for months, pain by electricution all over the body, burns on the skin, scars and marks of abuse, sudden colds and allergies, sudden coughs, lethargy due to low blood volume, heat and cold surges, skin rash, skin break downs, hearing disturbances, visual problems, heart palpitations, pulsing and humming devices desturbing peace, headaches and heat to the head, electrical shocks to the brain, hair loss, family have been turtured as well, the main target being, emotional conflicts, mood changes, anger, fights, due to emotional manipulation, constant losses of jobs, financial loss, business losses, loss of status, attempting to keep me isolated and slowly kill, attempting to sabortage all around, disturbing peace any where I go, tresspassing in my home, work, business, stalking by various losers and low lifes, water and food poisoning, medications replased with poisons or perhaps one which contains implants, interference with cars and electrical devices, passing themeslves as city workers, police officers or plain business people attempting to manipulate electronics, harrassing phone calls, stealing money, monitored and stalked in home/car/school/and work. Disturbing your peace, yet acting like they are right for abusing you and acting as if they are part of the government. Bombarding my body/brain with radiation/elf/tasers/some electonic gun fired while I take shower resulting in a huge blood clot and blood dripping to the floor. Family members attacked, with colds and allergies, diarrhea/accidents, frequent urination, emotional distress, flat tires, engine problems, family memebers losing jobs, having hard luck even though there is evidence of being successful prio to stepping on wrong grounds. If anyone has so much money to pay losers to stalk a poor woman like me, what do they have to gain? They should be reprimanded and executed for using illegal weapons and practicing slavery all of which are against the law and human rights. This cult is full of lies and deception. They lie to people to join and then when you find out the bulshit, they threaten and kill you. I know their time is coming. God would arrest them in due time. These people are henius and hateful. Where is the governement? Where is the church? Now my legs and feet and breast are swollen. My stomach is distended and always full of gas. My vision was 20/20 but now I cant’ even read without bringing the object close. If you look on the internet, You will find all kinds of innocent ads, information about Rosicrucian. How true and genuine they claim to be. Yet, this is the same group of people retaliuating against majority of the members who left the cult. They are expert in abuse and murder in any form. If anyone is thinking or is stuck in this Cult or any others, please dont waste your life. As a matter of fact, anyone will be worst of in the cult than any where else. I am looking for any information on how to have the implant removed and shattered. I will keep you updated on my sysmptoms. So far my life has been vandalized by Rosicrutian. I have written a couple of letters to their office in San Jose California. Yet, they continue to sent vagabons to turture/abuse me. The leadership is still the same as when I used to be a member. The same people who use to instruct me on lies, who said they were good and would never hurt their members. Every time a member leaves this cult, they have been abused mercilessly. Look up “The prisoner of San Jose” as well as many others. Why must they make up a lie about Rosicrutian to the extent of writing books and blogs on the internet? This is how Rosicrucian gets away with murder. How could anyone who has children/brother/sister/wife/friend plant a moving devicein the brain/ shock/shoot/a womans uterus with lectronic or any weapon at all? How could anyone atach body organs as if they are animals? That is hate/crime/abuse/rape/molestation; all of which are against our constitution. I have not been able to sleep/learn/retain any knew knowledge for the past 8 years, I have become forgetful and blank out unable to express words I used to master in my vocabularry.


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