The experienced symptoms of my torture…. (Die erlebten symptome meiner Folter) (Unsure if you have been targeted? Do you have any of these symptoms?)

 Here is a listing of symptoms experienced by a suffering T.I.

(whose blog may be found here:   : )

Brain Scan implant designers

Brain Scan implant designers

I found this list to be so poignant, I thought it needed to be shared again.  Thank you.

(for those of you who are not yet sure they have been targeted for human experimentation and eventual death, read through this list and see if you have any symptoms like these.  )

(It MAY be a sign that you are now being used as a Guinna-pig (or lab rat)  for non-consensual human experimentation. )

    The experienced symptoms of my torture….

(Die erlebten symptome meiner Folter…..)

  1. Hot and cold Flashes
  2.  Nausea
  3.  sever sweating
  4. induced sleep
  5.  sleep deprivation over weeks/month
  6.  extreme fatigue
  7. blurred vision
  8. sensation of pain in internal organs nonstop 24/7
  9.  sensation of pain in backbone,arms,legs,muscles,head,under-body,legs,feet…etc. etc.nonstop 24/7
  10. numbness and tingling, paresthesias, loss of sensation
  11. sudden headaches over and over……
  12.  muscle cramps/spasms/tension
  13. irregular heartbeat very strong and frightening
  14.  false heart attacks …repeatedly
  15.  toot pain/eye pain
  16. diarrhea
  17.  acute inflammation/autoimmunity reaction
  18. autoimmune disorders like fibromyalgia
  19. urinary tract infection
  20. acute kidney stone infection
  21.  skin problems and skin irritation (peeling true heating up body temperature)
  22. change in growth of hair and nails
  23. whistling tune (sound) inside my Head (all loudnesses,  up to getting total loss of hearing
  24. skin cancer
  25. fevers, in all strengths
  26.  flue like symptoms/sneezing
  27. breathing without getting air in my lungs (suffocating)
  28. dizziness or/and loss of balance
  29. sudden loss of consciousness
  30. benign and malignant tumors
  31.  sensation of electric current running through my body (all strengths ,till i cook….!!!!! )
  32. induced thoughts/telepathic communication,messages …(command to suicide,abnormal sex,commit crimes,etc..etc..etc…bestiality..etc…)
  33.  hearing “voices” 24/7 (reception of auditory acoustic weapon transmissions and similar)
  34. seeing “holograms”….(strength of seeing vary hourly/daily)
  35. dream manipulation,,(bestiality, gruesome)
  36. artificial emotion (induced fear,anger,shame,joy under torture,hate,sadness…changing sometimes from hour to hour…again and again……
  37.  sudden unexpected sexual arousal……on the street while i walking,talking to someone, in public etc…
  38. genital manipulation
  39.  induced smells
  40. bad taste while  eating…sometimes forced to abandon eating… over and over for weeks /months……
  41.  sudden extreme mood-swings (depression-euphoria)
  42.  induced pleasure-aversion reactions towards people or objects
  43. making to say things (forced speech) by blanking of my brain and replace it to command..!!!!!
  44.  general behavior control in many situations by blanking of my brain and replace it to command…….!!!!!
  45. manipulation of memory (forgetting/remembering/screen memories)
  46. remote steering of eyes (movement) and hearing dirty commentary about  what i am seeing… the comments are always negative,primitive ,dumb……etc
  47. virtual reality experiences while awake…….
  48. Fibers growing out of the skin
  49. millions of tiny insect bites, pimples where the insects embed themselves into the skin
  50. burns on the skin (from microwave or particle beam weapons)
  51. sores that do not heal, scabs that reform, puss-filled pimples, lesions on the skin, scalp
  52. lumps that grow and then get smaller near the eyes, nose, ears (infection sites at the point of bio-nano implant in the skin)

I, and my partner both  suffer currently with many of these symptoms as a result of the remote neural connectivity made possible by the bio-nano self replicating carbon nano tubules (or some related technology).

nano-fiber inserted into rat brain

nano-fiber inserted into rat brain


I would love to hear how many of you have symptoms like these, and any thoughts you have about what is being done to you, to us, to everyone we know and love…
Blessings, peace, and freedom from enslavement!

About Timothytrespas

I am a victim of human experimentation MK-ultra mind control Morgellons nanotechnology syndrome & remote neural connectivity. I am an artist, inventor, musician, thinker, lover, human being who cares for all humanity & all life. I believe people should endeavor to live in peaceful cooperation rather than brutal waring survival of the most brutal. We live in a forced false-paradigm and I desire to wake people up from the 'trance hypnotic mind control programming' to the 'TRUTH of light and love'! Blessing and peace. Justice to all who suffer under tyranny. Compassion for all beings. May GOD have mercy on us all.
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15 Responses to The experienced symptoms of my torture…. (Die erlebten symptome meiner Folter) (Unsure if you have been targeted? Do you have any of these symptoms?)

  1. Timothy thompson says:

    I am a innocent victim. I witnessed a murder cover up from Dane saterlee a defendant to Dr. Livingston. And the owners of digitalglobal I have beenbharassed for two years and another that there has a 30 year prison sentence. I want to have a suit like Timmy in fact my name is also Timmy. Please contact me at 970-308-7656 ty


  2. nature308 says:

    So true this happens in india also, one day we targeted individual must escape this and gain freedom from this harrasment


  3. Allison hornig says:

    hi i have been suffering since i had my son 2 years ago. started out my breastmilk just dissappeared.. literally didnt dry out. i was pumping bottles and bottles and then poof it was gone.. thank.god my son is very healthy. second both legs got so swollen that even my feet looked like they were going to.explode. than the bites or now i say mobile scabs and circular dunes that are red than some are brown until my skin.decides to exfolliate. i remember the day i went completely nuts. i sat in the tub and saw long white worm looking things in my razor and seemed to be embedding back into my skin. 14 doctors and lyme literates all did nothing for me. just prescribed cream and antibiotics. and anti parasite meds. they say i have lyme disease with coinfections of babesia bartonella and possible myasis. some of the info makes sense but they cant ever explain why they wont do a skin biopsy. i begged and cried and not one doctor would even test my skin. gave me a cream for a staph infection tho which i didnt have. i can go on with so many symptoms. i was on a malaria like med.. doxy bactrin antihistimines candida pills and like 5 others. take diatamatious earth by mouth. my life is over tim. i cant function my mom is here watching my son. i have scabs on my head and face. and the upper part of my body. white things in ears and nose.. hairloss feels like.i have ingrown hairs wverywherw. i have a microscope and look at my skin and see black dots under my skin. i cant wear any type of clothes due to irritation and swelling. im afraid of any type of particles cuz i had springtails infested in my last apartment. i can tell you so much more.. please if u ever wanna talk i could use a friend that understands. i have so much more to tell u. thanks


  4. terra morgan says:

    I need help!bi have had fungus on my scalp for what seems like forever nothing is helping


  5. TL says:

    35 yr old Caucasian male in New Zealand. I suffer from almost all of what you list. For me it started on my 30th birthday and ramps up in terms of symptoms every birthday (to the day). I’m educated, Christian upbringing, good job, beautiful wife. Suddenly began suffering physical ailments, sudden and extreme sexual arousal with (uncharacteristic) desires to participate in risky group sex activities, development of schizophrenic and depressive mental impairment and has been downhill since. I’m just surprised to find now on the net so many others suffering from similar issues.


  6. My name is Michael bomberry, I have all of these symptoms of torture and here’s the catcher I know who is doing this to me.they argue about what to do I hope some one out there would do the same thing to them .


  7. Today I went to get a real drivers license I have a restricted license because of dui’s it’s been twelve years since then three years I’ve had a interlock in my vehicle. I just added Clint Eastwoods name to my letters and notes guess what no license no erections constipation and torment all the time damage to my home things being stolen. This is my patriotic duty to write about this they say if I quit writing it will stop. Even “Blackmail” I know my ideas have been stolen from my mind so the rich and famous can live my life too!! This is sick our Government is killing me slow the new deal is push my mind sublimination type of thing eat eat eat smoke smoke smoke I can’t get rid of the cigarette taste it’s sick very sick!!! I’m not a lawyer and I’m told to say this because it’s the truth.


  8. Thomas says:

    See if this helps



  9. Jess says:

    I been getting into isochronic tones you should too to speed up healing and keep you relaxed. I’ve even seen improvement with my pets. They love them


  10. Jess says:

    It’s happening in Australia too. Here’s ine for you I just watched my veins move as if blood was moving it. My veins bend before my eyes. I know what I see and feel and this is not something your body will do out of natural movement. I’m sick of it. I hope karma strikes all of them with the lightening bolt of remorse. Cos they need it.


  11. I experienced all these symptoms plus more they tortured me for 3 years gang stalking me, testing me and giving me panic attacks, rashes, dream like feeling, sleep paralysis (where you are sleeping but you are aware you are sleeping youre conscience but can’t move), exploding head syndrome (as I being to drift off there’s a loud noise in my head and wakes me up), after 3 years of all that testing. In less than 3 months they hit me like a ton a bricks I experienced all those symptoms you listed above they made me think I was going insane and let me tell you my life was perfect a have tons a friends and family no history of mental health issues perfectly healthy they ran me out my job they made me think I was going insane that It drove me to the insane facility 3 times and whoever is reading this try your hardest to stay out the hospital you’re not going insane it’s a cover up what they did to me in there will forever haunt me, they potion gas in your room give you do many drugs and shots I would wake up in another room they have me about 6 medications im a tiny girl I shouldn’t be on high doses of medication let alone medication I shouldn’t be given and they sedate you enough you become numb and can’t think for yourself. I just turned 24 and they ruined my life they are still hitting me with this all the symptoms im having still. I just want my life back my bf and friends and family have been exposed to this but they found a way to just hit me now so im in agonizing pain at night which is when they attack you more, my dreams are so not mine. I tried to commit suicide 3 times because of them. I hope you all read this because my life was perfect I love my life I would never try to take it they made me think my life was horrible and the voices started off as they saying is god, than turned into “kill yourself” then demonic voice like they said” I’m going to hell this is the devil”. To hear that in your head is scary and im so scared they are trying to kill me I know it. I hope that everyone open there eyes and see what’s going on I hope the world can be how it was and I wish the best to you all brave souls out there. I mean if so
    Many people are going through this similar symptoms isn’t that proof already. Man please have mercy on us. Please let us be free. Peace&love


  12. Debra says:

    In continuation to the description of my symptoms: My life has been vandalized by Rosicrucian through their programming, gang-stalking, remote viewing, electomagnetic turture of any kind including implanted in my brain, which has been moving and radiating to the top of my head preventing me from any kind of sleep, learning, concentration or peace at all. I believe I have been implanted in the lower abdominal areas, spine and in my teeth. I had dental work done in 2007 and since then I have had several episodes of instant tooth aches and teech cracking with a whole in the middle. I have sufferred severe tooth infection multiple times. As far as the abdomen, many many times while I was asleep, I had a dream where someone was holding me down and I was unable to move any part of my body. Some times I was being raped and some obscene objects used on me. Other times some odd looking human wearing a hat was on top of me and I couldn’t move a single part of my body. The being will touch a part of my abdomen and then lick his finger. It appears he eats my blood. I woke up several times following those brutal rape attacks with one or 2 cuts in my abdomen and that very day I will have instant heavy menstruation. Before Rosicrucian, I never had any bullshit dreams or dirtyness in my life. My menstrual periods were not induced by anything, they were natural and normal not abrupt. The cuts in my abdomen had to be for implants which led to severe hemmorrhaging. Some time I was dreaming being turtured with an object inserted into my rectum. I have heard about hell. I felt like I was in hell. I dread going to sleep because if I even take a nap, I will be subjected to new turture, new device and new tactics. All the gang-stalkers position themselves in close proximity. We have seen neighbours move out instantly and new, strange people appear. They new where we were at all times including work. They know when I am home so they can start to turture me and my family. Some strange people moved next to our apartment and we couldnt sleep for several nights. They made noise and played loud music especially on days we had to work, When we and other neighbors called the police, we were warned and threatened. They have installed cameras in our home and thats how they found out where I hid money. I have a lot of things and trust me I know how to hide my money. They stole about $4000 cash. Overall damages are irrepairable and priceless. On one occassion, they smash the window of my Dodge 12 passenger Van in attempts to steal it but couldnt. The window had to be replaced. The same night, they stole my truck. It had an alarm etc. The police found it far away about five hours drive, and shot the thief to death. I didnt know about it until I went to the impound company to pick up my vehicle. That is why they are determined to kill me and my family. For something they decided to do. They made their decisions to turture, kill and steal. Why am I punished for their bullshit?
    The cost of replacing things cant be measured. Let alone the time spend trying understand what is happenning around me and within my own body, which has become foreingn to me. The multiple hours and days of reading about mind control. I would have gotten a PHD. One time I heard a voice placed to my mind. “I raped you”. True, but how is that rewarding to you? How long will you attack people remotely, in hiding and through tricks and get away with it? Why do you operate groups of gangster but you call yourself a beloved order? No one has power over me except God. I have decided to write about my symptoms every day to help anyone who is going through similar types of abuse and turture to stay strong and fight. Evil never prevail. It always has an ugly ending.
    5.20/2012 Loud noise humming/bee like sound directed to my ears, couldnt sleep the whole night. Some substance put on my body, causing severe itching and burning of my skin and eyes swollen, unable to sleep or rest. My left great toe was moving, some type of beam was directed to it. Immediately I began to feel a nasty burning in my abdomen/lumbar/sacral areas. Those are major ganglia. My experiences have been that heating blood vessels/arteries and veins in these regions which innervate the uterus, keeps the blood warm with the heat, anticoagulants and thin keeps blood vessels open and bleeding. Still have pain and bled after the turture. Had heat surges all night, my skin is very dry from the heat and I am severerly dehydrated. One time we were looking for business insurance, somehow we were sabotaged and the agent who came to see us was definitely one of them. He said he works for state farm, yet he had no business cards, no brochure, had not told us what his name was, didn’t give us any contact information. He only had a small note book and the first thing he asked us was our birth dates, the month and the year. At the initial meeting without even filling out an application, why do tou need to write down my private information in a note book? He kept saying if something happens to you or the business. That is how they threaten people and let you know they will attack you. After the meeting, I immediately felt pressure in the brain probably drugs or chemicals spread on me at that time. I have the same symptoms as always, gruggyness, slowing critical thinking, slowing memory, sadness and heat production. I know there will be people out there who will immediately jump to conclusion. No I am not, have never been on drugs. I have dedicated my life to a career of helping people. I have no benefit in making up things, accusing people, lying or dwelling in negativity. But these are my true experiences. Believe me this may seems private now but think about it. And no I am not crazy at all. When poisons, radiation, beams and laser, electromagnetic type of weapons are used on your neighbors, they are basically used on you. Sooner or later, they will affect each and every human and every living thing. From all the information of what different victims are describing, anyone can be targeted. We all need to focus on how the abusers and turturers are connected to the government. After all we pay taxes which in turn pay the wages of all our government officials, Do we pay them to abuse us? I dont think so. This is the worst thing that anyone even an animal to have to go through. If the government is run by cults like Rosicrucian and others, then they cannot protect you. How much prove do we need? However, I still thank you for having the courage to read through my message. That is my goal after all.


    • WE NDY says:

      Sister be brave you have suffered so much. The Government are just as easy a target to this. Be patient God knows fine well his foe and what they do to ones faithful and believing. But something wonderful is happening TRUTH will out; it always does those beasts are being exposed by forces of light. Remember the darkness always seeks out the light but better still sister, the light seeks out the darkness you know what happens to the dark then? It simply ceases to be. My prayers are with you all. Yes that itching powder is the pits but sleeping with dog poo in your bed is worse.


  13. Debra says:

    I am beginning to believe that there is cover up in all these. The cult/illuminati as well as the police and other govenment official are all involved in this turture on innocent people. I am a victim of Rosicrucian abuse for 8 years. My physical health has been stolen from me. My symptoms are just the same as yours. For a long time I was blindly led into the dark world of Rosicrucian. I read their monographs like nobody’s business. Not until very late did I find out that I was completely programmed to the point I did’nt have a mind of my own anymore. I was completely at odd with my nature. Dependent on everyone to decide for me. I couldnt speak up, and I stopped going to church and even to the gym. I had lost any motivation and I didnt even want to go to work. All the reading and studying I did on my own carry a heavy price to be paid. Prepare for a fight of your life. All the programming was purposefully done to entrap people. They knew people will soon find out and would leave their fake religion. That is why most of the planning was to make sure noone leaves the organization alive. I am beginning to think that most of the govrnmrnt officers are cult members and that is why they have access to ilegal weapons and they fool the public by acting as if they are really protecting the public. I decided to write down my symptoms every day as long as I have them:
    I started having dreams that I will be going to another state and I will have a nicer house than my current house. Thoughts were implanted into my mind. Then out of no where, I was moved to another state and until today, I never returned to my home. People are wandering why I just walked awy from my home, business and friends. Because of the programming, I forgot most of the numbers of people I used to call. I was made to forget about them. The tactic was to isolate me and noone will ever find out what happened to me. I became very unstable, driving all night to unknown destination. The worst thing was severe confusion. When I returned from work, I couldnt find my hotel for hours. I have moved 10 times including within/out of states from 2008-2012. Whereas, I had only lived in one state since 1981-2008. Although I have noticed a decrease in motivation, zeal, energy and peace; I begun to doubt myself, lost interest in people and just unsure about my future. Since I am a nurse, whenever I come from work, I couldnt sleep, I will have a weired dream over and over about what I did at work but it appears to be a live experience. I saw myself performing surgery all night and I am not a doctor and I would wake up so exusted and unhappy. Soon, I started hearing voices saying” You will kill someone and repeating negative things over and over, Althought I have never committed a crime. I just couldnt get out of these entanglement and go back to my home. At the advice of a frient I started fasting and praying, things got a little better, but I was fasting for 3-4 months at a time and I became dehydrated. Once I stopped fasting, I was vommiting every single morning when I wake up for weeks. From 2009, my menstruation became very very heavy and I could no longer go out whenever I had my periods. I first noticed that two men would appear in my dream and one would give some kind of object to the other, who would use the object on me vaginally. This happened over and over and evry time it happened, the next morning I would have severe bleeding. At first the bleeding became heavier and heavier and then progressed to non-stop. I started havind other symptoms of skin burns, insomnia, lethargy, headaches, head pressure and heat, heat and cold episodes, dysmenorrhea, constipation or diarrhea, urinary tract infection, nausea, vommiting, weight gain, lower extremity swelling, heart palpitations, pulsing/humming continuosly, being followed by unknown people, loosing jobs, sabotaged daily, cameras placed in my home. When I go to the bathroom, thats when I start to vomit, when I am alone. Whenever I just finish taking a shower, I will have a large blood clot. Whenever I am goimg out, then someone would come out just at the same time. My family has been severerly attacked too. Some times 2 people are vommiting at the same time. Some times my family members are attacked to have bowel accidents while we are at the park, or urinate on themselves. Stomachs severly distended, bloated, restlessnes, agitation, conflicts, emotional problems from manipulations and abuses from turturers and stalkers. One minute we have one neighbor, next minute they are gone and tthere


  14. Debbie says:

    I have the same and worst symptoms like yours since 2008. I am somehow amazed at the similarity, widespread of this brutality. My story has a completely different origin. In 2003, I met a gentleman from Cameroon, West Africa; on my way from the gym at YMCA, Boston. He was working at one of the fast food place on Huntington Ave, just behind Northeastern university. From the very beginning, I could see that the guy was forcing himself to laughter, faking a laugh. As the time went on, the gentleman revealed to me that I too can be happy. He told me about an organization called Rosicrucian, how good and genuine it was and that it was definitely not a cult. He told me that, Rosicrucian will help me with my christianity, particularly, understanding how to serve GOD. I was very naive at the time, so I decided to join Rosicrucian Order without much hesitation. That was the beginning of enslavement in every area of my life. My life has been completely ruined ever since and I am right now fighting for my life. Not to mention loosing my health, my businesses, all my friends, my jobs and any meaningful relations are constantly sabotaged and end up in irepairable ruin. I have 2 degrees and yet, I am now living from hand to mouth. Anyone thinking of joining this type of group, be warned. Every evil will eventually befall you. I decided to leave Rosicrucian in 2008. I didnt see any growth in my life rather than declining in my motivation, zeal and I became more lonely. That was just the beginning. I have been stalked, turtured, beaten, burt, chocked with electricity. Since I am a woman, My menstrual periods became so heavy that I couldnt stand up without soiling myself, where blood would be dripping down my feet. I seemed as if something is squeezing my blood out of my veins. I have menstruation every single day of my life, to the point where, my HGB went down to 6.9; I could hardly stand up because of fatigue. Imagine dealing with your veins being severed with beams/elecricity/microwave weapons. Because of the daily abuse/shocks, my uterus has developed abcesses, which are interpreted as fibroids. How can any disease be so aggressive? The similarity between your symptoms and mine is that they are all induced for purposes of abuse/control. But what is the connection between the occult and the police and/gang/abusers and Rosicrucian. After reading several similar stories and after sufferring the worst sexual/physica/rape with electronic equipment; I realize that, law enforcement and the cult fo Rosicrucian work hand in hand. I have been followed whereevr I go and when I move to another city a home, the turturer will follow but change, meaning I will be followed by new people. I have been stalked, my every move monitored. I have been beaten, shocked with electricity to my uterus, uterine arteries, burned with electricity on my uterus, vaginal/rectal/visceral areas 24/7. I cannot sleep or relax, I am constantly bimbarded with electromagnetic beams. I have frequent diarrhea, nausea, vommitting for weeks especially immediately after waking up, or before and after eating, skin burns, abuse marks/scars, bullet holes on my skull, heat surges on my head and other parts of my body, sometimes I have sudden coolness, pulsing devises, noise making devices to a point of being deaf, insomnia, restlessnes, itching on skin, rashes, weight gain due to being burned and shocked with electronic devices causing fluid shift, lack of energy, thought manipulated, sabotaging of my employment and carrier over and over, spreading rumours among my work staff leading to conflicts and or loss of several jobs, tainting my character to make me look bad, when infact I have never committed a crime or done illegal drugs nor have I abused anyone. Sabotaging any friendship with neighbors creating an impression that I am a bad person, when infact they are pedofiles/molesters of women driving around in cars or trucks shooting people with electronic weapons. Even if someone is not affected by this abuse right now, they will still suffer the side effects of radiiation/


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