the government is setting up a torture and mind control matrix around the world- Welcome to the NEW WORLD ORDER by Timothy Trespas

the government is setting up a torture and mind control matrix around the world- Welcome to the NEW WORLD ORDER

Welcome to the NEW WORLD ORDER!

An order where I, Timothy Trespas, and my girlfriend, Petra Schiller, became victims of gang-stalking, microwave weapons, covert drugging with LSD, horrible insects, break ins, gas lighting , torture, electrocution, irradiation, remote neural monitoring, and continual mind control.
This illegal and extrajudicial torture has gone on for years and years.
Who else but our government could afford to be setting up a torture and mind control matrix across the world.
Millions spent on HOMELAND SECURITY while the U.S.A. is in a (govt controlled) recession.
These are the New World Order people setting up for the future.  A future in which we will be almost totally controlled and monitored.

Welcome to a world where the new SECRET POLICE are, as we speak:

  • Tracking people by their DNA
  • Remote Neural Monitoring of your thoughts and brain waves
  • Clear-Channel Subliminal Mind Control,
  • Brainwave Entrainment, Feedback, and Amplification. 
  • This is the Highest Top-Secret Military Weapons, Drugs, and Technology being tested on uninformed, innocent citizens. 
  • Slow kill statistics are being gathered as we sit at home, slowly being cooked and killed with “non-lethal”  microwave directed energy weapons that leave no evidence.
  • This is the New World Order.

An order where information about everyone is collected and disseminated around the country in fusion centers.

An order where the new SECRET POLICE can spy on you, search your home, record your calls, open and read your mail, monitor your internet use, monitor what you buy, monitor where you shop, where you work, or where you travel.

We are being blacklisted, called terrorists and insurgents by or own government.
Our brains are being copied onto computerized neural networks.
And they may use these new neural network super computers to do predictive computing to determine a human beings decisions, thoughts and actions in advance, and then to control them.

  • You can not hide from a machine that tracks you by your DNA from a satellite in space.


  • You can not LIE to a machine that can read your thoughts and can read your brainwaves.
  • You can not KNOW THE TRUTH if a machine is being used to put thoughts into your head that you believe are your own thoughts, or, if a machine can influence and create emotions and even deliver artificially induced vision, sound, smell, and taste, directly to your brain.


If the torture and human rights violations we have endured is just the beginning of what is to come, then we are all screwed!

What are we going to do about a top secret program, run and funded from the highest levels of government, killing innocent people while testing new weaponized science that leaves no evidence?

  • The police will not help, they may be involved.

  • The F.B.I. will not help, the may be involved.

  • Hospitals and doctors refuse to help, they may be involved.

  • Courts and LAW refuse to help, they have been rewritten to make YOU the criminal.

About Timothytrespas

I am a victim of human experimentation MK-ultra mind control Morgellons nanotechnology syndrome & remote neural connectivity. I am an artist, inventor, musician, thinker, lover, human being who cares for all humanity & all life. I believe people should endeavor to live in peaceful cooperation rather than brutal waring survival of the most brutal. We live in a forced false-paradigm and I desire to wake people up from the 'trance hypnotic mind control programming' to the 'TRUTH of light and love'! Blessing and peace. Justice to all who suffer under tyranny. Compassion for all beings. May GOD have mercy on us all.
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18 Responses to the government is setting up a torture and mind control matrix around the world- Welcome to the NEW WORLD ORDER by Timothy Trespas

  1. Anita says:

    They are imprinting on your retinas/neurons data to go to your brain. Don’t look directly into the computer when online or you must wear pindot glasses that they can’t penetrate so easily. Turn the computer away from you also, if possible, like with a laptop. They are zapping people with radiation also. Satan is the prince and power of the air, the Bible says. He is directing all this evil towards us because we are made in the image of God, and he hates God, and therefore hates us humans. He/Satan is the ruler in high places, aka governments, banks, media, etc.. He is insidious and has more and more control. The people in power are puppets of his and do his bedding. They are getting ready to take complete control of humanity for the Anti-Christ and are making chaos all over the world that are consecutive events and designed to one purpose- Take over!! They will kill us if we don’t take the mark of the beast, but do not take it ever!!! You will go to Hell!! They are very tricky and we cannot fight them with out Jesus!! He warned us in the Holy Bible!! Many so called Christians will fall away and turn True Christians in to them. The persecution has started and it is going to get worse!! Jesus said worse time in history!! Every horrible thing you can imagine and then some you cannot!! Pray, and pray more, and seek the Lord Jesus for help to make it thru 7 years of Hell on Earth!! 3 1/2 yrs. being the worse! Believe in Jesus and read the Bible and pray!! It will happen soon and suddenly! That is what these devils like to do to us!! Most all the leaders of our government are Satanist and possessed of demons, and are of lineage from back in the times the Bible tells, that the demons mated with some human women! They are bloodlines of evil and they stick together against us. They are devoid of love and caring! The think they are better than the rest of us and they hate us!! The aliens are alien alright! They are from outer space alright! They are demons!! They are fast as light and powerful! With the power of Jesus and His angels we are more powerful!!! We fight them with the Word of God!! They are attacking us Christians, and the world, but we believers of Jesus will win in the End!!! Jesus is coming again and He will put them in Hell!! Satan will make a hologram in the image of the Beast and force all to put it in their homes and worship it and take the mark of the beast 666. The head religious person will be in with him and the heads of the governments. He will talk like a lamb, nice meaning, but be a devil in action! People will be fooled by him, the Bible says he will almost fool the elect of God!! Pray you are not fooled! Remember! Jesus will return the way He left the first time, by the air! He will come back the same way! Jesus is the Messiah of the World!! Also, do not take the mark, no matter what!! If they cut off your head, let them, or you will spend eternity in Hell!! Pray, believe in Jesus, read your Bible, and be aware/watch! Jesus commands us to watch!! God protect and bless you!!! In Jesus Holy Name!!!


  2. Melissa says:

    What have u people been smoking??? Crazy shit!!😄!


  3. Kodi says:

    I have what I believe are “Super Natural Beings” torturing me now for a year and a 1/2. I am a 39 year old woman. I can here them and they can here my every thought. They talk to me constantly. I can see them in my mind too. They control my feelings. They can make me feel scared, frightened, worried etc… They’ve made me feel tall, short, fat, skinny, old, young etc… It seems that they can do anything they want. They can touch me and I can feel them. I see purple when I close my eyes. When my eyes are open, I can see little brown dots in my peripheral vision. When I look up, they go up with my eyes. Oh My GOD there is just so much stuff I could write my head is spinning. I ask them why me and they say because U are U. And I say what do you want and they say to torture you. There’s just too much, I got to stop. If anyone is interested in hearing the rest, let me know. I don’t think it’s the same thing that is happening to all the TI’s with the electromagnetic field and such. I believe these beings are from a different universe. They are very advanced. They know EVERYTHING about me from when I was a kid. I’m waiting for this HELL to end! And just like everyone else, I know I’m not imagining these things and I know I’m not crazy. I need help of some sort. NOT A PSYCHIATRIST PLEASE!


    • You should pray to Jesus Christ. yeshua. our savior. This is the only thing that helped me n case ike this.
      please consider that this MAY be mind control with technology and LSD, attempting to get you to believe what they say. technology can read your thoughts and see your memories pulled from subconscious while asleep. either way, Jesus saves. pray with all your heart and soul for him to come intro your heart and to save your from this torment. also, see what you can learn about yourself. it is the most difficult to be able to create something positive out of such an evil situation/action. mind control/remote neural monitoring has been available for over 20 years I think so depending on your age, they could know your childhood. mk-ultra is a powerful program. we are victims. may god have mercy on us all.


    • Lee says:

      It’s an online internet Gov. Darpa Wifi microwave retina eye implant from a Gov. Computer Howard Raymond 72310 Blueridge Ct. Palm Desert, CA. 92260

      I am Lee I have reports everywhere and have spent thousands in a court case.
      Howard Raymond 72310 Blueridge Ct. Palm Desert, CA. 92260 has all personal info, bank accounts, cc, ss, drivers license and passwords when I used them on my computer! Computer Porn Hijacked!
      I have reported this everywhere. He has implanted me and millions and said the US Darpa Gov. Won’t acknowledge nor remove it. This unknown implant invisible like a Internet program download in your eye. Gov. Darpa (Defense Advanced Research Projects Projects Agency) Wifi Dept. Retina Eye Implant.
      Howard uses a Gov. Darpa microwave retina eye implant and Gov. Computer. They wifi’s your house with Darpa advanced alien tech. that can project a view like a real cam with none of your own.
      Raymond / Thornton own gay married lovers with stage wives can view and sell porn members sex at their thousands of Darpa Wifi porn sites. This nano program implant is installed from the Internet then from your computer’s monitor into the retina of your eye.


    • Anita says:

      I know anyone that hasn’t had anything happen to them will think we are crazy here, but many know we are not! You must pray and ask the Lord Jesus to send mighty strong angels to fight them off! You may have to do this daily until the Lord Jesus returns. We are under attack, and if we believe and try to follow the Lord, the demons/Satan hates us and the rulers of this NWO, and they know everything about us, as they listen, watch and follow us all the time! They are so evil and sick! They have attacked me many times and I have seen many things I will not go into here, but with Jesus we are not to be afraid, but to Fear God only, who has ALL power! He will come to your aid and help you! I and other Christians pray for you, and we must pray for one another!! We are under attack because we are His children and chosen before time to be heirs of God Almighty!! Praise the Lord Jesus if we are attacked and persecuted! The Lord says we are blessed!!


  4. seth says:

    Fuck em. Be more independent from govt and one day we’re gonna hit them back


  5. Lee says:

    No joke. It’s happening to me now and these people say they are Totem Entertainment Howard Raymond Film Porn Crew a black gay group
    with racial hate for whites. They said they were a secret Government affiliated Obama expeimental Darpa, Rfid, wifi dept. immune to law suits.
    They said they are from Totem County, Anaheim, Bakersfield, or Tuvall State California a film porn crew. They are masters of torture, deceit and hate.
    For over a year now this US Government affiliated Co – using a Darpa Alien tech. rfid wifi brain control brain program or virtual implanted chip with Gov. Wifi
    expert – H. Raymond. Virtual or real son of late Paul Raymond. (Porn King of Soho) Club Mag manager, CEO J. Leno or D. Jay Thornton, using Cyndi L. virtual voice and songs with a girl Bobbie J. Lee voice on their software I know from Victoria, Tx.

    H. Raymond – Gov. Wifi virtual or real Negro voice told me they installed an online brain control wifi program
    or virtual chip without mine or other members knowledge from mine and your computer monitor from their site into the retina of your eye or brain
    then a program downloaded then controlled by wifi from your house electricity, silently with no computer on nor cam of your own but have an invisible program cam
    used to record and project anything they desire at any angle or degree in complete darkness if nessecary, with an an unannounced Darpa Gv. Adv. Alien X-ray tech to
    view or sell anything you do anywhere you go to their site invisibly without a sound 24 hours a day. They threaten you with it and use Wifi brain and pressure point pain.
    They said they used me and my family in virtualized incest porn and revirtualized my dead father to torture me with then told me my mother and brother
    are dead or dying in a wreck or something else every day to call 911 then laughed.

    Article on WIFI RFID-Radio Freq. ID invisible secretly implanted mind programs.

    RFID Chips fuse with Brain Cells, then controlled via WiFi
    Cameras installed into the retina allows vision for the blind!
    This technology is quite fascinating, these chips literally allow data to be transferred directly into the brain from a WiFi connection.
    Literally downloading information from the Internet or electronic source to the physical brain. This same technology will allow the monitoring
    Real time 24 hours a day 7 days a week of the individuals chipped with the RFID. These chips relay the electronic impulses of the brain to the
    Host for deciphering, whether its what the individual is seeing, feeling, tasting, hearing, thinking, etc… Each thought has a unique signature that
    Computer programs can decipher. So full time spying through the eyes of the individual, either animal, human, or insect. This technology is an
    Alphabet agencies wet dream. Think about it for a minute, everything you experience can be recorded, stored, translated into a VR reality.
    Remember the saying, “Be careful what you think, they can read your mind”?

    RFID Chips fuse with Brain Cells, then controlled via WiFi
    “We here at inhabitant love DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) — they are the people behind plans for a transforming
    Flying car, batteries that are smaller than grains of salt, and oh, they invented the Internet. Now, in partnership with IBM, DARPA is investing
    $21 million in a project to develop a series of experimental computer chips that will be designed to replicate the human brain’s perceptive,
    Active and cognitive abilities.

    All this materialism – like Gov. incentive for overpopulation, unwed mothers to have more children for more Gov. tax.
    Overpopulation (more tax collection) causing global warming with high Co2 and methane levels from automobiles and refineries with depletion
    of our natural resources water, oxygen, trees and animals, then us.
    The Antarctic melting at 10% a year.
    How long do we have?
    Who cares?


    • i have found that you can not believe anything these evil operators tell you. it is all lies designed to send you after a target like a crazy person. some of what you say is clearly true. remember that morgellons electromagnetic targeting includes drugging with long acting (years) LSD like hypnotic drugs to allow for programming control and possession of you as an avatar. this opens you up for evil entities as well so wear the full armor of god. don’t let them run you down the rabbit hole of misdirection. focus on the truth, love, light, god and never allow them to make you do anything violent or crazy. be strong. take vitamin c and try niacin. i pray that you are ok.


    • Lee says:

      I am Lee I have reports everywhere and have spent thousands in a court case.
      Howard Raymond 72310 Blueridge Ct. Palm Desert, CA. 92260 has all personal info, bank accounts, cc, ss, drivers license and passwords when I used them on my computer! Computer Porn Hijacked!

      Where is the Invasion of Pivacy Act, Freedom of Speech, legalization
      of wifi demonic posession and selling of innocent civilians sex and life?

      Members,,, members your sex is being sold with this Darpa invisible eye implant and gov. Computer wifi’s your house so they can implant, view and sell your sex from your monitor with no cam of your own!!! They are viewing, talking to by wifi and selling me now and I can’t stop them because they are Darpa Wifi Certified Gov. Officals and are immune to laws under their U.S. Global mind control exe.
      So if you feel you are being harassed by ear and mind microwave sound waves or tortured or computer porn hijacked, It is probably this US Gov. Darpa Wifi Expert Warfare Research King of Porn Billionaire from London


  6. 25 yrs with me of being a remote neural monitering victim.


  7. charlene adams says:


    General Enquiries: 01455 883300
    Mailing address
    British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy
    BACP House, 15 St John’s Business Park, Lutterworth, Leicestershire LE17 4HB, United Kingdom
    Registered Charity 298361, VAT Registration 443 854 436
    Company limited by guarantee 2175320 registered in England & Wales


  8. charlene adams says:

    Psychodynamic Ppsychotherapeutic CounsellorS, British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO DO MIND CONTROL FOR THE GOV !!


  9. charlene adams says:



  10. Michael says:

    hey, I understand that it is very logical to assume that its the secret government of ours but that is where most people gets it wrong….this shits been going on for not just a few decades but for thousands of years…one well documented case attesting to the fact that this shit existed at the minimum 200 hundred years ago is the case of James Tilly Matthews….he was a guy who claimed being victim of electronic mind control more than 200 years ago…if you consider all the voice hearers recorded in history i.e. religious, spirits, ghost, etc. etc and their efforts to block the evil so called spirits by using talismans, charms, stupas, totem poles etc…when you consider the possibility that this electromagnetic mind control existed for thousands of years, many ancient customs, and traditions as well as religious experiences starts to make sense…it is not a known human organization that is doing this…it is the same assholes who came down during the tower of Babel to confuse our tongues (no longer able to get along) to destroy our civilization from reaching the stars….you see, our solar system is already considered to be their domain by the assholes and they have been using this electromagnetic shit to keep the human race fighting each other, they infiltrated religions, caused physical changes to create different races to be used to cause conflicts by manipulating and inputting emotions, thoughts, feelings, and impulses to create and amplify religious bigotry, racist tendencies, nationalism, etc etc. its purpose is to make us fight each other….as for the reason why we are more directly assaulted is because they want to make us into anti government individuals that can constantly try say negative things about our own government…that is why they allow you to say things against the government because that is what they want….as for the gang stalking that most notice…it is actually a delusion inputted by them…they do not have people that are really stalking you…it is just a very strong delusion capitalizing on your distrust of other human beings… have to understand that the asshole can input false visions, sounds, etc….all designed to give you a stalking delusion….do not fall for it and do not fall for their trick of making you into a anti government person….because that is what they want they want piss off enough of TIs into starting a social unrest…..yeah their is a part of our government that do some tests but not on a world wide scale as it is going on….and not the kind of program we are experiencing……There are some of us who know the ultimate secret and is trying to come up with a solution to save humanity….so hang on, don’t loose your sanity, don’t let them make you commit suicide or kill you with heart attack..(if they try heart attack; all you have to do is not believe that you will die then you wont because they have to make you believe that you will die in order for it to work…when you feel your heart pounding and a voice in your head trying to pretend it is you….whisper ” oh no, i am getting a heart attack and i will die” just pound your heart and say “fuck that bullshit” them it can’t affect you……hang on. keep your spirit up and be brave and do not be afraid….have hope…soon this ancient evil will be no more….


  11. Katari Rose says:

    I feel your pain, I tried to get help in three states and all I got was more electricity, sodomy, LSD and thrown into the nearest psych hospital to be labeled a psychotic in case anyone thinks about helping me one day. I have experienced what you are describing, all of it and I have MPD from experimentation. Stay strong and do not give into fear, you are being a brave soul to share your story, thank you:)


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