stories of torture in and by the U.S.A. intelligence community… By timothytrespas

My girlfriend Petra Schiller and I (Timothy Trespas) are both victims of torture, psychological and biological attacks, radiation electromagnetic mind control beams, remote neural monitoring, and covert drugging with hallucinogenic type drugs!

This has gone on for many years by a group we call ‘the watchers’.

This group has had us under constant surveillance by installing hidden cameras in our room. We were repeatedly drugged without our consent.

We were exposed to toxins, nanotechnology and molds. The watchers infested us and everything we own with horrible bugs (these included chiggers, fleas, as well as insects, that bore under ones skin, lay eggs, that later hatch and come out as worms).

This occurred in the hotel we lived at at 330 West 51st Street in Manhattan, NY, NY, 10019, as well as in the streets, in the hospital, as well as at each of the almost 10 places we have lived in the last few years. The bugs used by this super-secret torture unit are so resilient, that we still can’t seem to kill them despite thousands of dollars spent on poisons, sprays and cleaning products. People broke into our rooms repetedly and sprayed insects and insect eggs onto everything in the room. We also had perpatrators re-infest our just-washed laundry with more insects in an effort to torture use, as well as waste our time and money, and destroy our moral, all forms of torture.
These folks are determined to do an effective job. Not only do they do things in secret, but they also design the torture they use on people so that if the victim was to figure out that people were torturing them in secret, if they were to tell others about what they experienced, most folks would say they were crazy.

This gang went so far as to repeatedly electrocute us while we were in our SRO hotel room in New York City.
Simply by wetting the wood in and under the floor in our hotel room and applying electric current we were repeatedly shocked and electrocuted through the floor of our room. They also found a way to electrocute us in our bed, a futon mattress in a wooden loft, while we were trying to sleep..

We were fed worms cooked into the food we purchased at several of the local eateries. In fact, we recieved tainted food from so many of the local eateries and super markets that we had to try things like calling in an order from a payphone and telling them we would pick it up. we would try not to shop in the same place every time, nor to buy the same thing each time. We had to be careful as we were eating food as well, as there were many, many times where we had someone come by and drop drugs or poison into the food or drink we were ingesting. They played all kinds of games with food such as telling me that they had somehow “removed any nutrition” from the food. there were even times where we would go into the supermarket and there would be aprox 10-20 of these street theater actors would be taking foodstuffs off of the shelves and replacing them with like items they had in their baskets, this in an apparent attempt to make us believe that they had tampered with large amounts of “new” food.

We were victims of street theater and gangstalking.

The WATCHERS carried out a covert program of torture, psychological warfare and various mind-control techniques on us.

Petra and I have been forced to move close to 10 times in the last couple years. We were forced to move each month for the first year. This was done in an effort to wear us down and use up any saved resources we had, also as a way to steal all our possessions. This was accomplished by either threatening, lying to or paying off our various landlords.

We had over $20,000 worth of our possessions stolen by one landlord in Bushwick, Brooklyn by a man, who called himself Barrett Wong (or Kwong – his father, the building owner, is named Rodrick Kwong at 136 Stockholm Street in Brooklyn, NY).

When we went to the police, they REFUSED to even take a report even though GRAND LARCENY was committed against us. (We tried to file a report on 4 occasions with several police including detectives. They all refused to help!)

We now suffer serious health effects including hot flashes, depression, PTSD, weakness, vomiting, headaches etc.

Any actual hard evidence we managed to collect was stolen or destroyed as the WATCHERS were able to hack into our cellular phones and computers, thus allowing the redirection and interception of our phone calls, emails etc. There were many times where they simply deleted photos or videos I had recorded on my phone, or once they even put water in my brand new phone and stole the memory card from it.

The police, the FBI and the NY District Attorney’s office have all refused to help us. We have been told by doctors at several hospitals, that they “were told not to help us” despite repeated visits to emergency rooms and doctors.

We are currently doing the best we can to survive and go on with what is left of our lives, even though we have been put through hell and aged greatly. (My hair has turned white, I have become wrinkled and look sickly and old despite previously looking many years younger than I am.)

We are still being stalked and harassed by this group.

There is a high-pitched sound, that occurs in each place that we live. This is not our ears ringing, because other people have heard it. It follows us wherever we go and we believe it is part of the scalar wave stealth radar mind control system that is being used to remotly monitor the neural activity of human beings.

This energy beam is able to track a person based on their DNA, which means that there is no way to hide from this device. It is capable of transmitting your brainwaves to a computer network that can be used for several purposes. One would be to monitor what you see, hear, and think. This is a reality today with computers and remote neural monitoring.

This high-frequency energy beam is also being used to effect and destroy healthy bodily functions and can make the victims sick unto death.

It is also being used to attempt mind control programming such as brainwave entrainment programming or emotional feedback loops, as well as clear-channel programming, that which bypasses the normal senses and is decoded directly by the brains ‘subconscious’ mind.

Another use for this device is for the building of computer simulated neural networks. This is done by copying the neural network of the target onto a computer. The targets thought processes and memories are all included in this simulation, which, for all intensive purposes, can be thought of as a computer simulation of each of us, running inside the computer, and with the ability to take information in, processes it, and respond to it exactly as a human brain would. This is going to be used for predictive computing, to predict, in real time, exactly what each human being is going to do, because it is a working copy of the targets brain.

We were exposed to a strange black velvet-like dust or powder, which I believe to be some type of carbon nano-tubules or nano-technology. This dust seems to be able to be controlled by an electrostatic charge and has the ability to attach to objects and move them around. We witnessed (and still have video of ) the walls in our hotel room being moved back and forth by this “dust”. It is accompanied by a deep humming sound like a large motor or generator and when in the presence of this electrostatic field all the hair on your body begins to stand up. It also seems to have an effect on ones mood or emotions and leaves one feeling agitated, angry and ‘pumped-up’ or ‘energized’.

I know, that for most people these things may seem like science fiction or the result of a psychological disorder or perhaps even drug use, but rest assured, these are facts.

Please note, that it is rare for two people to suffer from the exact same ‘delusion’ or to witness the same things, that are mere figments of the imagination.

We have spoken with several other people who ;ioved at 330 west 51st street hotel in NYC, and they claim to have undergone much of they same treatment and torture that we we forced to endure.

My conclusion: That this SRO at 330 west 51st street in Manhattan is being used as some sort of SAFE HOUSE for these torturous and illegal human experimentation and testing of new microwave weapons on unsuspecting human targets.

This is being done to people who think for themselves, who do not need a crowd to validate them, who are highly intelligent, who are creative, and who have personal integrity, and who are not easily led to do evil.

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About Timothytrespas

I am a victim of human experimentation MK-ultra mind control Morgellons nanotechnology syndrome & remote neural connectivity. I am an artist, inventor, musician, thinker, lover, human being who cares for all humanity & all life. I believe people should endeavor to live in peaceful cooperation rather than brutal waring survival of the most brutal. We live in a forced false-paradigm and I desire to wake people up from the 'trance hypnotic mind control programming' to the 'TRUTH of light and love'! Blessing and peace. Justice to all who suffer under tyranny. Compassion for all beings. May GOD have mercy on us all.
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